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Raw Barrel Pure BCAA Reviewed Review Facts

Raw Barrel Pure BCAA is a seriously potent Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement that is easy to swallow and will give your muscles what they need to grow faster, maintain themselves better, and increase your recovery time. When you are working hard at the gym every day you want to see results, by adding this supplement to your routine you will start to see better results within as little as a weeks time. The reduction of soreness after endurance exercise or heavy lifting will be the first thing you really notice but as time goes on and you start to pack on the lean muscle you will know for sure that this product is doing its job.  This product is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. If for any reason, at any point, you are unsatisfied with your purchase you can contact them and get a full refund. This goes to show how much faith they have put into this product. You will be getting a clean product that has been tested for quality to ensure you are only taking the best ingredients that are available.  We know that finding a supplement to boost your BCAAs can be difficult and so many brands are dishonest about what they put in their products, know that with Raw Barrel you don't have to worry about this and you will be getting a truly stellar product.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • No GMOs
  • BCAAs in a 2:1:1 Ratio
  • No Added Ingredients
  • No Proprietary Blends
  • Gain Serious Muscle Mass
  • Superior Recovery Times
  • Proven Formula
  • Large Pill Size


Raw Barrel is a smaller company that wants to do things right by their customers. They focus on a handful of supplements rather than a plethora to ensure you are getting the very best of the best available on the market today. By spending the time to perfect the products they have, their customer base has grown substantially. The reviews are pretty clear that the top quality products that are offered by Raw Barrel really are some of the very best that money can by. They believe in the clarity of labels and the avoidance of proprietary blends and unneeded filler ingredients. A true fitness journey needs support from clean products that will help you achieve optimal health, this brand knows that and does their best to make sure they are providing you with exactly that in the way of supplements.


Let's be real about something here, the taste of Branched Chain Amino Acid supplements is not something we often like or look forward to. This product comes in a pill form so you really don't have to worry about the taste at all. Some people have said that if you leave them in your mouth too long that they leave a bitter aftertaste but that is completely normal of BCAAs. Removing the flavor also removes a lot of unwanted ingredients like artificial flavorings and dyes that are in all reality not good for you at all. consumers agree that the lack of taste in this product is something that is appreciated and trying to choose which flavor will not be awful is not something that is missed.


Here again, because this product is in pill form, you don't really need to worry about flavor either. this is something that we can stand behind. So many products, such as pre-workouts, Protein powders, and BCAAs come in a ton of flavor varieties but they are all usually pretty terrible. They are either overly sweet and leave a terrible aftertaste in your mouth or they are bitter and almost impossible to swallow. You can take this supplement with whatever you like and not worry about bad flavoring making you feel like it is going to come back up. Simplifying the problem by turning to a pill is an aspect of this product that many people are starting to find to be the best solution.


Consistency can be a major downfall to a product like this. Again, because it is in pill form, consistency becomes a non-issue. We're sure you have all used a powdered supplement that no matter how good of a blender bottle you used it simply wouldn't dissolve. What you were left with was half of your supplement stuck to your bottle and what was in your liquid was chunky and almost impossible to drink because of the awful mouthfeel. Eliminating this risk is awesome. Simply swallow a few pills, take an extra drink, and move on about your day. It seems easy but for so many, the thought of using a non-powdered supplement simply never occurred to them. The time to make a switch is now and leave these common complaints as a thing of the past.


Using a Branched Chain Amino Acid booster is a very effective way to speed your recovery times along and this product will do this exceptionally well for you. It will also help reduce muscle deterioration that is caused by overusing them on a daily basis. This added maintenance will promote your body in adding and keeping lean muscle. Likewise, because Aminos are the building blocks of muscle your muscle mass will increase while using this product. It is exceptionally effective at all of these things and will make your body transform with extended use, a healthy diet, and a dedicated exercise routine.


Due to the fact that this product has no flavoring, it makes its ingredient list even easier to look at than most others. You will simply be getting the three Branched Chain Amino Acids, Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine. There are a few other ingredients that are used to put this into pill form, but they are minimal. You really can't go wrong with this list of ingredients. It is giving you exactly what your body needs to help your muscles work in top form. You aren't getting a bunch of bells and whistles but to be fair, most of us are using other supplements for our energy, pump, endurance, and strength boosting needs.


We don't naturally think of a Branched Chain Amino Acid product as being a performance enhancer, however, when you break down the effect that they have on your body you really will see yourself start to perform better. Your muscles will be less sore when you workout hard and take a BCAA boosting supplement. By reducing soreness you will be able to go longer and harder while training and muscle building. Once you start doing this your strength will naturally increase. Improved strength equals improved performance. There is also the fact that this product helps maintain your muscles. Through this maintenance, you will be able to add more lean muscle and this again helps lead to better performance regardless of your chosen activity.


It has become quite common for brands making BCAA products to add electrolytes and powdered Coconut water to them to enhance your hydration. This product is quite basic and doesn't contain any ingredients that are going to assist you with this. You will, however, need to use some sort of liquid to take these pills and if you aren't using one of your other supplements, it is the perfect time to add in an extra glass of water. Finding spots throughout your day that you can easily grab an extra glass of water can be difficult but splitting your daily pills up can help make it easier. Keeping yourself properly hydrated is essential to your overall health and your overall muscle health. It should be something you put focus on each and every day.

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are another things that we keep seeing pop up in Branched Chain Amino Acid supplements. Sometimes this has to do with trying to help you with hydration as electrolytes are minerals. For many of us, the addition of vitamins and minerals can cause some serious problems. Why you ask? Well, many vitamins like E, for example, can build in your system to toxic levels if you are taking to much on a daily basis. This can lead to major issues for a variety of organs in your body. If you are already taking a multi-vitamin adding a product with extra vitamins in it can lead to exactly this so, the lack of these ingredients in this brand is a good thing.


As we have mentioned before this is a very basic BCAA supplement, which means it does not contain any added caffeine or any caffeine at all for that matter. Caffeine is known for causing adverse effects for many people especially when it is consumed in large doses. The fact that most pre-workouts contain a lot of caffeine means that your Branched Chain Amino Acid booster lacking in it is a good thing. You will avoid things like jitters, heightened anxiety, nervousness, and a quickened heart rate. It is important to note that you could add a caffeinated drink or supplement to your routine and take this product without worry of having too much caffeine and consumers agree they like that they have one less thing to worry about when adding a new supplement to their routine.


Another really great thing about this very simple product is you don't need to worry at all about filler ingredients. Fillers were running rampant through nutritional supplements for quite some time as lesser brands figured out they could fool testing facilities as well as consumers into paying more money for a product that really wasn't very good. They did this by hiding unwanted and unneeded ingredients in proprietary blends. It was quickly found out what these brands were doing and the public rebelled against it. Nowadays you see less use of proprietary blends and brands that are still trying to use filler ingredients get called out quickly. It is nice to know that Raw Barrell doesn't use this type of ingredient in any of its products and you can rely on them for great products.


One serving of this product is equal to three tablets. There are forty servings in every container that you buy. This is plenty to last you more than a month which is something customers find convenient as they aren't running out as quickly as they may with other products in the same category. For some people who want to buy their supplements in bulk this can be a bit of a downfall but for most, it really isn't a big deal. A lack in size variety is common among this type of product and supplements in general. You will be getting plenty of servings to keep you supplied for well over a month and that we do not feel is too bad considering some brands only offer fifteen servings per container.

Side Effects

There have been a few reports of this product causing stomach upset and bloating. These are both quite common when taking a Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement. As far as supplements go, BCAAs carry fewer side effects than most others. A couple other things to watch out for while using a BCAA booster are muscle fatigue and decreased motor function. Decreased motor function should be paid attention to in particular. If you find this product is affecting you this way, you may want to discontinue use and contact your healthcare provider to see if it is safe for you to continue taking it. Additionally, you will want to discuss the use of this product with your doctor if you suffer from any medical conditions, are taking prescription medications, are pregnant, or if you plan on becoming pregnant.


There are quite a few advantages in using this particular Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement. You won't have to worry about an awful taste or terrible flavors because it comes in pill form. You will get plenty to last more than a single month which makes purchasing them a bit more convenient and less frequent. Then there is the fact that the BCAAs contained in this product will help your muscles function better than before and you will feel much better than before due to the lack of soreness that you will experience. Overall, this product has a lot of advantages for your overall health and muscular health. Consumers agree that you can't go wrong when you go with Raw Barrel Pure BCAA.


It could be argued that the lack of container size variety is a disadvantage, however, we feel that is a very minor thing. This product really does not come with any major disadvantages. It is very rare to find a product that doesn't have a ton of negative things to be said about it. There is also the fact that this product may produce negative side effects but we also don't feel like this is a disadvantage. Every BCAA supplement comes with the same list of side effects unless the brand adds extra ingredients for other purposes. We feel that the side effects list is very short and typically very minor so it really isn't a downfall for this product.


This product is very affordable, especially when you consider how many servings you are getting per container. Pretty much any budget will be able to fit this in without much issue and your bank will thank you for finding a great product that is actually affordable. The overall value is impacted by a number of factors and not just price. When you start to look at the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, and the key aspects you can clearly see what an exceptional value this product is. This brand is not as well-known as others but they do produce a great product that will work just exactly as you want it too. We feel like it is a great value and so do the people that are currently using this product.

Bottom Line

Raw Barrel is extremely focused on a few supplements and getting them perfectly right before adding new ones to their line. This is shown when we look at their Branched Chain Aminos product. You are going to get everything your muscles need and nothing extra. This makes adding it to your routine less frightening. There is a lifetime satisfaction guarantee backing your purchase and if that does not instill confidence we don't know what will. It is exceptionally affordable and contains pure ingredients. No matter what your current goals are you can add this product in and start to see some real results in muscle growth and how your body feels overall. We really don't think you can go wrong when you make this your BCAA boosting product on a daily basis.