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The RDX 14 Piece Set will give you everything you need to start a new fitness venture into boxing or a variety of other combat sports. Setting up a heavy bag in your home gym requires several pieces to ensure you have what you need to practice safely. This set offers not only everything you need for heavy bag work but some other extras that customers are happy about. The bag itself offers great versatility. It is waterproof which means you can use this bag outside or inside. This is an uncommon feature for a heavy bag but one that customers appreciate. If you have just started a boxing or Muay Thai routine this bag will be a great fit to help you along the road. It is also a great fit for fitness training and taking out pent-up aggression in a constructive way. It is important to note that this is not the highest quality bag or extras but it is a great place to start. It offers decent durability and materials. You may find that as your performance and strength improve that this bag is lacking. Overall, consumers are happy with this option by RDX. Fitting it into your budget is easy and it will give you a great place to start.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Everything Needed To Start
  • Double Stitched Seams
  • Exceptionally Affordable
  • Good Shock Absorption
  • Extras for Other Training Needs
  • Made With Maya Hide Leather
  • Decent Hanging Bar
  • Hooks Don't Clear Bag
  • Extras Not Best Quality


Closing in on twenty years of experience, RDX provides fighters what they need to succeed in their chosen discipline. This brand offers some of the most affordable options that are great quality. Across the globe, this brand has proven themselves time and again. Whether you are just setting up your home gym or you are an experienced fighter, years into training for you combat sport, they offer the products you need. Gear, protective equipment, sparring gear and more, they spend the time to develop and research their products so you will be getting well-thought out goods. This brand isn’t all just fighters they also make great options for those into fitness, strength training, and more. Overall, RDX has been around quite some time and has learned what it takes to succeed in the market today. By actually caring for their customers they have become well-trusted.


This bag is filled with shredded material. This is a typical filling option for punching bags. Fabric does a good job at absorbing impact and not causing injury to your hands. This bag includes a zipper at the top of it which will allow you to adjust the filling inside of it. So if you feel it needs more or less you'll be able to adjust this as necessary. Not all bags allow you to adjust the filling levels and it is a feature of this bag customers appreciate. You will simply be able to find some old clothes around your house and cut them up. another great thing about this type of filling is the fact that you don't end up with as many lumpy spots as you would with bags that contain sand. It also means that you are less subject to sustaining injuries.

Mounting Options

Not all bags come with what you need to hang them. The fact that this one does is pretty cool. What this means for you is that when you receive it you'll be able to start using it right away. It comes with a bracket so that you can mount this bag to a wall. This will work great for some people but for others not so much. If you want to be able to work all the way around your bag this bracket does not stick out far enough from the wall to make that possible. You would want to look for something that can be hung from your ceiling. The bracket comes with is fairly sturdy. Some reviews say that you may want ad side supports to ensure it stays securely in place. Where the chains attached to the bracket is solid and good quality. This is really a decent mounting option and a great way to get started with your new heavy bag.


The weight of this bag seems to be a bit difficult to find. It looks as if it ranges between 55 and 65 lb. As previously mentioned you will be able to add more material to it so you will be able to make it heavier if you need to. The weight of your bag if using it for heavy bag reasons should be about half of your body weight which means 60 pounds is not going to cover a large variety of people. This is a bit odd to us as most heavy bags come in several weight options. It may be because it is included in a set and you have the ability to add more filling to it if you need it to be a heavier weight. Due to the fact that it is not exceptionally heavy, it does keep the price more affordable.


This large kit will give you an option of two different bag sizes. It is available in a 4-foot and a 5-foot variety. Obviously, the forefoot is shorter and will weigh a bit less. The 5 foot will give you added room to include extra filling if you need to make it significantly heavier. The space available and what you're hanging your bag will play a role in this also. If you are in a room with shorter ceilings between the chains and the bag you have to take into consideration whether or not it will fit nicely. An advantage to a larger bag is that will allow you to work your legs a bit more easily. The diameter of this bag is standard at about a foot. Overall, the size of this bag is pretty typical and can suit a variety of needs.


The outer shell of this bag is made of Maya Hide Leather. This is a synthetic leather but it is higher quality than other synthetic blends. What this means is your bag will be able to seriously take a beating without the quality of the shell suffering. The seams are all double Stitch 2 enhance the durability. There are large metal hoops attached to the bag to hang it from. These are also double stitched and also riveted down. As previously mentioned, this bag is filled with a shredded textile material. There is a zipper that is covered towards the top. The other items included in this set are a variety of materials. The gloves, for example, are made of Maya Hide Leather and a gel foam. They also use a large piece of Velcro to secure them. There is also cotton hand wraps and chains in this set.


This product is an exceptional value. Basically, any budget will be able to afford this set. It will allow you to get started right away as it includes everything you need. When you're ready to start your combat sports training waiting for all the pieces to arrive can be frustrating and time-consuming. The fact that this all comes as one complete set is extremely appreciated among users. Not only is it very affordable it is very convenient. Obviously, this is an aspect of this product that customers love. Overall, it is easy to see why so many feel it is a great value and we have to agree. It is important to note you may not get the same durability with this set as others but it is a great place to start.


Having a heavy bag in your home comes with a lot of advantages. If you are just starting into a boxing class, fight sport, or just have some aggression you need to take out this can be a great solution. As previously mentioned, you will get all the pieces that you need to get started right away. This saves you time and is a very convenient way to get your home gym set up the way you want it. Training with this bag will also improve your overall fitness levels. So, if you're trying to lose weight or gain muscle this bag can help you along your journey. It is extremely affordable which means your bank account should be able to absorb the cost easily. While it may not be the biggest advantage this bag is also waterproof. So there's a time you feel like working outside you could easily move this bag to accommodate that. This product is also quite durable which means you should be able to use it for a long period of time to continue on with your training.


There are a couple of things that could be considered disadvantages with this bag set. You may not get the same durability with this that you would some higher and options. In addition, the bracket that they include is wall-mounted which will limit the range of working around your bag that you have. There is also the fact that the gloves they include may not offer enough protection for you to safely practice striking since they are not exactly the best heavy bag gloves. While they are not the worst gloves ever, if you are a heavy hitter, they may not give you the impact absorption you are looking for. This could lead to injury. The set is a good starter set but for more advanced fighters you may want to look into a different heavy bag of options. Lastly, there is the fact that this bag only weighs about 55 or 60 pounds. That means anyone over a hundred and twenty pounds in weight is going to need to add more filling to make this bag heavy enough to function as they need it to.


The quality of this set is pretty good. It will work very well for beginners. As previously mentioned, if you're very serious about your combat sport you may not find it this bag is the best suited for your needs. The bag itself is quite durable and will last through hours of punishment. If you are using it for Fitness classes it will suit you well for a long period of time. They spend a lot of time paying attention to the details of this heavy bag. The extra pieces that come with it are decent quality but may be lacking in some areas. This is especially true depending on what you plan to use it for. Overall, RDX gives you a great start into the world of fighting with this set. Whether you are into boxing, Muay Thai, or BJJ this bag will help get it all headed in the right direction.


You can use this bag for a variety of training purposes. You can use it indoors or outdoors. It will allow you to practice striking and some kicking exercises while at home. It does not take up an exceptional amount of room which means even if your home gym is small it should fit quite nicely. If you mount it to the wall with the bracket that it comes with you only be able to work part way around your bag and this can be difficult for those of you that are practicing Muay Thai. Many people use this bag for Fitness boxing exercises and strength training. Advanced fighters may want to look for a heavier and more durable option. As mentioned, if you are a beginner, this is a perfect set to get you started. Regardless of what you're planning on using it for it will suit your needs for quite some time. By the time you're ready to move to a heavier bag or a different set up, this one will be ready to be retired.

Bottom Line

There are very few heavy bags that are more affordable than this one. Especially, considering all of the extras that come along with it. It is quite durable and made of the material that is easy to maintain. This set is very convenient. It will allow you to set up your home gym and start using your bag immediately. You will have the pieces you need to get it hung up and the protection you need to start using it. RDX pays attention to the finer details and that is easy to see with this bag. Many people blocked this brand because their products are not only very affordable but also stand up to the test of time. Serious Fighters may not find that this is the best option for them but for most people it will exceed their expectations and needs.