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The RDX A701 Double Wrap ankle support offers a fairly high level of support. It will work great for those of you that are nursing a sprained ankle or are dealing with tendon issues. This option is very affordable and gives you a great deal of adjustability. Ankle injuries are exceptionally common in fight sports like boxing, Karate, wrestling, and other mixed martial arts disciplines. In addition, they happen frequently to those that love to run, climb, or simply stay active. If you sustain an ankle injury it can take you out of the game for quite some time. Adding support can help get you back in action faster without the worry of causing further damage to yourself.

The people that are using this item are pleased with the fit. It molds to the shape of your feet and ankles to ensure you get the support you are looking for. The material that is used is excellent for this and for helping to move moisture away from your foot. This will help to improve the level of comfort you experience while wearing it. In addition, you will get great compression when wearing this item. This is because of the combination of materials that RDX has chosen in this design. Overall, consumers are happy with the fit, feel, and level of support they get when training while wearing this support.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Great Adjustability
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Excellent Support
  • Great Compression
  • Contours Nicely
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Putting On Takes Time
  • Not Sold In Pairs


RDX is a brand that has not been around for a very long time but they are making a huge impact on the world of fitness and fight sports. They continuously bring out new items that will help to keep you comfortable and well protected during any and all of your activities. This brand strives to offer affordable prices for products that are better than average. When you are training in categories like boxing, Judo, karate, wrestling, or other mixed martial arts you will need a variety of different gear and equipment. This brand offers the gloves, clothes, supports, protective equipment, and other items needed to help you perform you're very best. In addition, customers are satisfied with their experience with this brand. If you run into any problems their customer service is outstanding and will be there to help you with any problems that you face. Overall, consumers are very happy with what this brand has to offer. We look forward to seeing what they decide to come up with next.


The materials that this brand has chosen to use offer exceptional durability and compression. This is going to give you a good level of support. They use a mixture of rubbers that are not only comfortable but stretchy to offer great adjustability. It is important to note that this item will be able to go through the washer with these but you will want to avoid putting it in the dryer. If you do you may detriment the quality of the materials. There is really only one other material associated with this product. That material is velcro. The strapping system of this product goes through a hook and loop style closure and will be secured with large pieces of velcro. It is important to note that they use a high-quality velcro that has great sticking power. You will want to make sure that it is free of debris before each and every use, to guarantee that it stays securely in place. Overall, the materials used in this product are excellent and will give you durable long-lasting wear.


You'll be getting a higher level of support with this item then you would as compared to a poem, sac-like ankle support. This item offers better adjustability which will allow you to find the perfect level of support for your current comfort level. Depending on what type of injury you have sustained and how long it has been healing this item may or may not give you the support that you need. If you are just starting out in the healing process you might want to look towards something more like an aircast rather than elastic ankle supports. With that being said, many people find that this offers plenty of support for those that are farther into their recovery or simply suffer from weak ankles. They also offer nice compression which gives good support to the arches of the feet and help to keep your body more comfortable overall.


Honestly, this is not going to be the most comfortable ankle support you've ever worn. It does give you a higher level of support but that does mean it's a little less comfortable. The wrap-around design can feel a bit bulky for some people. The tightness of it may need to be adjusted frequently to maintain an optimal level of comfort while wearing it. One feature that does work in its favor is the fact that the material will contour to the curves of your ankles and feet. The material that this item is made from will help to wick moisture away from your skin and this does help to improve the level of comfort you experience. However, it is also made to help keep heat in as this is good for soreness. For some people, this can lead to an uncomfortable environment while wearing this item. Adjusting it is a bit cumbersome and takes a bit of time so if you need to do that frequently it can be an annoyance. Making adjustments can, however, improve the level of comfort that you experience.

Sizes & Style

This product only comes in one size. It is quite adjustable and the strapping system offers a versatile fit for most people. It is not uncommon for ankle supports styled like this one to only come in one size. Keep in mind, if this does not fit well there are options available to you that are larger or smaller. It is important to note that if you have exceptionally large feet and ankles you may not be happy with the fit this provides. The strap that goes around the ankle is not nearly as long as the ones that wrap around your feet so the fit may not be good there. This item has a nice Nook that your heel will sit down in and then a piece of velcro that secures around the ankle. This is styled similar to a toll assoc. Then there are two long straps that will wrap in opposite directions around your foot and ankle. This style offers excellent compression as well as a secure fit.


Unfortunately, this item is not quite as breathable as other options. They do build in a couple of aspects to try to improve the overall level of breathability. As noted, the material is moisture wicking so this will help keep your foot and ankle dryer. In addition, there is a cut out where your heel will be placed. On top of that, there is no coverage on your toes. Both of these features will help to keep you cooler while you are wearing this item. Obviously, the cooler and drier your feet are the more comfortable you're going to be even when you're working through arduous training sessions. The materials that this actual product are made of don't breathe very well. What that means is that the area of your body that's covered by it may become fairly warm and in turn uncomfortable. Overall, there is not complaints surrounding the level of breathability that this item offers. However, it could be a problem for some people.


This item offers a great level of adjustability. This is an aspect that consumers are very happy about. Depending on how you're feeling well determine how much support you're going to require that day. The fact that this item is so adjustable will make it easy to find the perfect level. The long straps that wrap around your foot and ankle are what offer the fantastic adjustability of this item. It is simple and quick to make adjustments even though it does take a bit of time to get this item put on correctly. It is important to note that the strap that goes around the ankle is smaller in size and so this area lacks a bit in adjustability. Overall, the people that are using this item are happy with the level of adjustability that it offers. They are able to find the structured and firm fit that is required to keep your feet and ankles feeling great regardless of the activity you are participating in.


Using ankle support like this one can get you back to your favorite combat sport more quickly. When you sustained an ankle injury it can take weeks to completely heal and when you get back to it you may be more susceptible to injury. Adding ankle support it can not only get you back into the ring or cage more quickly it can also help you to avoid further damage and future injuries. This item offers excellent adjustability so you'll be able to tweak the level of support that you need. They are easy to maintain and can be thrown in the washer when they become a bit smelly. As noted, you want to avoid putting them in the dryer so you don't cause damage to the material. The excellent compression of this product is another advantage. Your feet and ankles will absolutely feel better when you're wearing this support of the device. Overall, if you have weak ankles or have had injuries in the past adding some support to your routine can help to improve your performance and the way that you feel.


There really aren't too many disadvantages that we found in regards to this item. Consumers have mentioned that it takes a bit of time putting this item on and taking it off. This is more of an inconvenience than a disadvantage. Making sure you put this item on correctly is important to ensure that you get the proper level of structure and support to keep yourself safe. The other disadvantage that consumers are discussing is the fact that you only get single support when you purchase it. What this means is that if you have weak ankles you'll need to buy a second one to make a pair. This again is more of an inconvenience than a disadvantage. It is actually quite common for an ankle brace styled like this one not to be sold in pairs. Overall, as you can see, these are not major disadvantages which can obviously be appreciated by consumers.


Consumers feel as if this product is a very good value. The cost that is associated with it is completely reasonable and most budgets will have no issue at all picking one of these items up. It is important to note that if you want to wear one of these supports on each ankle you will be doubling your investment. At this point, it is a bit pricier and may take a bit of saving depending on how tight your budget is. Price plays an important role in the value of an item, however, so does functionality. This product is going to work very well for those of you with weak ankles or people that are nursing older injuries back to health. The materials used are exceptionally durable so you will get excellent use out of this item. As long as you properly care for it you won't have to worry about it breaking down quickly. Overall, customers are very satisfied with the performance and support that this item gives to them.

Bottom Line

When you are looking for a bit more support than a compression sock can give this item is an excellent choice. It is quite affordable and will contour to the shape of your foot and ankle easily. This improves the level of support that you have. It does take a bit of time to put this item on and take it off, however, the more you do it the faster you'll get at it. Realistically, it is barely an inconvenience. While this item is one-size-fits-all it's going to accommodate most people. If you do have a very large Foot and Ankle you may want to look towards a different option that offers some size versatility. If you do have an average sized foot and ankle you will love this item and be impressed with the level of adjustability that it offers. Overall, this is a solid choice and Ankle supports that will help you to avoid injury and feel better over the course of time.