RDX Boxing Fight Shorts Review

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Finding the right shorts for your gym adventures can be difficult. Between the fit, sizing, styling, material, and other factors choosing can seem like an impossibility. The RDX Boxing Fight Shorts are a dream come true for boxers, as well as, other active people. They are lightweight and exceptionally well-rated among the fighters wearing them. Sparring, cardio, bag work, and practice will be more comfortable when you go with this pair of trunks by RDX. They are made of a material that moves with you so you won't have to worry about restricted kicks and movement. That's right, while these shorts are intended for boxers, they can be used by just about any combat sports discipline. You will be paying a bit more money for them but, in the end, they are well worth it. They offer a durable design that will give you years worth of use. A frequent complaint of athletic and boxing shorts is the fact that they don't stay put. In addition, if you are wearing groin protection, there is also typical complaints about the fit. There are no complaints about either of these common concerns. You will have a comfortable fit that stays securely in place, regardless of the protective gear you are wearing. Overall, consumers are raving about these shorts and how well they perform.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exceptionally Well-Rated
  • Knee Length
  • Good For Training & Competition
  • Loose Fit
  • Non-Restrictive
  • Quick Drying
  • Comfortable With Protective Gear
  • Large Stiff Decal
  • A Bit Pricey


For 20 years, RDX Sports has worked to provide Fighters with the clothing, gear, and protective equipment they need to easily reach their goals. Offering products of excellent quality for not only Fitness enthusiast but also those that love to box, wrestle, and participate in any mixed martial arts discipline. Watching other brands giving Fighters less than Stellar equipment for ridiculous prices is watch brought this brand to fruition. I understood that things needed to be done differently. Fighters needed to be well protected was items that wouldn't break the bank. Now, across the globe consumers are using these products because they are not only brought To Us by a brand that cares they're also typically, more affordable than others. Consumers are more than happy with customer service and the products that they get when choosing RDX.


While many trunks use the same type of materials in their construction the quality of those materials can be drastically different. These shorts use a high-performance polyester for the majority of their design. This material offers great flexibility. What this means is these shorts will truly move with you. Another great thing about them being 100% polyester, is the fact that they will do an excellent job at wicking moisture away from your body. This will give you a much more comfortable experience even if you spend long hours training in the gym. You will be cooler and drier. There are two other materials that are used in this option. They have a wide elastic waistband. There is also a drawstring so that you can easily adjust the fit. All of the material seen within the shorts are quite durable and offer a good deal of comfort. Overall, customers are exceptionally satisfied with the choice of materials used here.


The fit of these shorts is not exceptionally flowy yet they are not exceptionally tight either. They are slightly loose and will offer you great range of motion while you are wearing them. This is due to the fact that the material stretches in every direction easily. The traditional wide waistband plays a major role in the fit of these trunks. It truly helps to keep them in place and it also makes them more comfortable. Obviously, the elastic waist will give you extra room to accommodate equipment like groin protectors. They also have a drawstring on the inside. This will allow you to easily tighten or loosen them depending on the equipment you may or may not be using. People of average height will find that these shorts fall just above the knee. For some, this may seem a bit long. However, consumers have noted several times that the length does not seem to restrict their movement.


Consumers agree that these shorts offer excellent breathability. The material that they are made out of will allow for good airflow. This means that they will dry very quickly. As previously mentioned, polyester is excellent at wicking moisture away from the skin. This in itself leads to a cooler and more comfortable environment. Add to this, the fact that these shorts are a bit looser and you get a perfect pair of trunks to wear inside and outside of the Ring. Is important to know that if you are wearing protective gear along with these shorts you may experience less breathability. Overall, customers are very satisfied with the performance these shorts give. You will find yourself to be a bit less sweaty and then turn a bit more comfortable when you decide to go with this product.


Polyester is known for its excellent durability. If you have then in the world of high-impact sports for a while then you understand you need clothing, equipment, and gear that is going to withstand the nature of this type of training and competition. What it requires, is extreme durability. Polyester will not only hold up through your most grueling training sessions it will also stand up to a plethora of time in the washing machine. Gym clothes are probably in washers more frequently than almost anything else. This can lead to a lot of wear and tear on an item and if it is an inferior item it will show. You won't have to worry about this with these trunks. The stitching is also solid. You won't have to spend any time focusing on whether or not your shorts are going to bust at the seams. This can keep you more focused on your training.


These shorts are styled like traditional boxing shorts. They feature a large elastic waistband. This is very common to an old-school pair of trunks. They are also longer than Muay Thai shorts, for example. The longer style is more commonly seen among boxing trunks. While these are styled towards boxers they will also suit a variety of athletes very well. This actually has something to do with the styling. You will notice when looking at the side of these trunks that there are fairly large slits going up the side. This improves your overall range of motion while wearing these shorts. In addition to that, obviously, the stretchy style of the material will also play its role. These shorts are a bit flashy which gives you a unique style people are sure to comment on.


These shorts are going to be appropriate for just about every gym activity you decide to participate in. Not only will you be able to wear them inside the ring you can also wear them for any and all cardio routines. This is due to the fact that they will move with you as well as help to keep you cool and comfortable. You can also use them for pretty much all gym routines. Consumers have noted that during grappling practice they may not be the best choice. This is due to the fact that the closure is not as secure as with other types of mixed martial arts shorts. In general, you can use these shorts for basically any activity with these. You won't have to worry too much about them falling down as you work through your routine.


Finding these shorts in the perfect size is a breeze. Consumers have mentioned several times that you will get exactly what you expect in terms of size. Taking the time to peer at the size chart to ensure that you are actually the size that you think can save you a lot of time and frustration. Obviously, due to the fact that these shorts have an elastic waistband and a drawstring you will have some adjustability in the size. They are available in small, medium, large, extra large, and 2 XL. It has been noted from customers that if you are quite short you may find the length of these trunks on the long side. This is barely an inconvenience but it is something to be noted if you are going to be wearing these shorts for something other than boxing as it may make them uncomfortable during some movement. Overall, customers are very pleased with the fact that these shorts run true to size and they don't have to spend the time messing with returns.


One of the biggest advantages and wearing these shorts is the fact that they are exceptionally versatile. You'll be able to seamlessly transition them from your daily run to a quick session with a sparring partner and then onto the heavy bag. Another one of the major advantages of going with this product is the level of durability you get with them. These shorts can take a serious beating and keep on going. You will get years worth of wear out of them which is amazing. The materials used are all exceptional quality which makes these trunks very comfortable even during exceptionally Long training sessions. They look good and feel great. RDX has paid attention in the structure and design of these shorts to ensure that you have a superior range of motion. This can play a major role in helping you perform at your top level.


We were exceptionally surprised to find that there is really only one complaint in regards to this pair of trunks. Typically, there are several negative aspects about a product and oftentimes the bad outweighs the good. The fact that the only negative aspect that consumers have been discussing in regards to this item is the large decal on the back of them is amazing. The decal is a bit stiff and some consumers feel as if it takes away from the overall level of comfort. They also don't love the look of it. As you can see, this is barely an inconvenience and not exactly a major disadvantage. Overall, customers are more than pleased with the shorts and this minor annoyance can be overlooked with ease. It is quite impressive that this brand has created such an exceptional item.


You'll be getting an incredible value when you decide to invest in these boxing trunks. The price tag that they carry is a bit higher than others you may have been looking at in the same class. While most budgets will be able to afford them fairly easily it may be a bit difficult for others. When you take into consideration the Supreme durability that these shorts offer and the longevity of use that you are going to get the slightly inflated cost make sense. Determining the true value of an item can be difficult. Taking the time to look over and weigh all of the different aspects can help determine this more easily. When we do that in regards to this item, it can be easily seen why so many feel as if this is a solid investment and a truly great value.

Bottom Line

We believe that boxers, wrestlers, and fighters of all kinds will truly love these shorts if they give them a chance. They not only offer great style but also an excellent fit. They are a bit roomy but not too bulky. There is not a lot of variety in color but consumers seem to really like the style and look of these shorts. You will be able to use them for years to come. Not only will they work well during any type of training you can even wear them during competition. All of the reviews reflect the same thing, this is an excellent choice in athletic apparel. The structure and design are nicer than many other options and while the price is a bit higher it is also quite reasonable. Overall, you will not be disappointed when you decide to put your money into the RDX Boxing Fight Shorts.