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The RDX Boxing Hand Wraps are a decent option to help you maintain great wrist alignment and absorb a bit of extra shock by giving you more padding between your gloves and the bag, sparring partner, or coach. They are nice and long to ensure you have enough length to wrap your hands easily and still have enough to get the stellar wrist support you need. You will have your choice of a plethora of vibrant colors. This makes it easy to match your wraps to your gear. Taking care of these boxing hand wraps is not as difficult as some others. This means you won't have to spend a lot of time caring for your gear which is advantageous to a busy and active lifestyle. The closure of this product is also convenient. It is a hook and loop style that also incorporates Velcro. You won't have to worry about them coming undone at a pivotal moment in your bout or match. The woven fabric is quite durable. You will get a good amount of use out of this item which is great because it is a bit more costly than others. Some customers have noted that the material is a bit stiff and this can make for difficult wrapping in the beginning. With continued use, they will soften up and provide a great fit. Overall, customers are very happy with the hand wraps provided by RDX.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Nice Color Options
  • Strong Velcro Closure
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Good Length
  • Machine Washable
  • Thumb Loop = Easy Wrapping
  • Supportive But Not Bulky
  • A Bit Pricey
  • Stiffer Than Some
  • Large Logo = Hard To Roll
  • Color May Bleed


RDX brand provides fighters with a large variety of equipment to help keep them safe and comfortable during training and competition. For roughly twenty years, this company has been producing items that are not only good quality but quite affordable. This is because the founders saw the world of boxing and MMA blowing up. It was followed by a plethora of unaffordable items that were not great quality. Today, this brand is trusted across the globe because of the time and effort they put into creating all of their gear. Whether you are looking for boxing gloves, MMA mitts, protective gear, clothing, or accessories they have an option for you. The gear you use won't make you the best, only hard work and dedication can do that. However, it can help you along the path and keep you feeling great as you work your way towards your goals. Overall, consumers have trusted this brand for quite some time and will continue to do so as they continue to provide stellar customer service and products.


These hand wraps are made from a blend of materials. They are 70% polyester and 30% cotton. This offers a decent amount of stretch as you use them. Consumers have noted that these are a bit stiff in the beginning and that is likely because of the blend of materials. Over the course of time, they will break in some and become softer and easier to handle. It also makes them excellent for wicking moisture away from your skin which improves your overall skin integrity. It will also help to keep your hands more comfortable during Long training sessions. There is a large piece of stiff material sporting the company's name and logo located at one end of each wrap. It is a bit cumbersome and customers have noted that it makes rolling up your wraps after use a little bit difficult. There is also a large piece of velcro used to secure your wraps in place and it goes through a hook and loop style closure.


These wraps are not quite as versatile as some others that are available to you nowadays you can buy Mitch style hand wraps that can be used throughout a variety of gym routines. These ones are going to work best when used underneath your boxing or mixed martial arts gloves Hi. They only provide a small amount of padding and are really used for support. You will not want to be using them to improve your grip as they are a bit slippery. Most traditional style hand wraps are only going to be used under gloves or when doing light sparring. They do not offer a great deal of protection nor do they offer high amounts of shock absorption so they will not keep you truly protected. They do offer a bit of protection to the sensitive bones in your hands but not enough to make them usable on their own.


This option is designed like a traditional hand wrap. This type of style will not only completely wrap your hands and wrists but it will also wrap between each finger. This is the most common style of hand wraps available. They are made to help protect the smaller bones in your hands during striking training. In addition, they are designed to keep your wrists in the proper alignment and give them a decent level of support. Some of the most common boxing injuries are due to a lack of support or improper form in the hands and wrists. These hand wraps also offer a thumb Loop to ensure that they stay securely in place. It also makes it much easier to put your raps on. It is important to note that consumers have mentioned in the beginning they are a bit slippery but as you break them in you will get a more secure fit. Overall, consumers are very happy with a design that this item provides.


The mixture of polyester and cotton offers a decent level of breathability. It is important to note that because you will wrap these several times over your hands they met cause a hot and sweaty environment. These raps will be able to handle the sweat with no problem. Polyester and cotton are both good at moving moisture away from your body. This will help cut down on abrasions and possible bacterial growth. In addition, it will help to keep you more comfortable throughout your entire routine. Overall, this is not the most breathable option available and once put underneath your boxing or mixed martial arts gloves it will be even warmer. If hot and sweaty hands are a major problem for you, you may want to look for wraps made of a neoprene material as it is even better at removing moisture from the skin.


Taking care of this item is relatively simple. You can throw them in the washer between uses. Many consumers choose to wash them on the delicate cycle or in a delicates bag. This will improve the durability of your item over the course of time. It truly is a good idea. You do not want to put these into the dryer. It can damage them and decrease the sticking power of the velcro. You'll want to lay them out to dry. This will help them maintain their overall shape. Many options in this type of item require hand-washing and the fact that you won't have to spend the time doing that is advantageous to a busy lifestyle. They do take a bit of time to dry completely so you may want to stock up an order a couple of pairs. Another important thing mentioned by consumers is that this item May bleeds upon the first couple of Washings. You'll want to be careful of what you put into the washer with them so that you don't end up standing other items.


In the beginning, customers have a few complaints about the fit of these wraps. They say that the material is quite slippery and it slides off of itself when trying to wrap your hands. This can be exceptionally frustrating and time-consuming. However, over the course of time, they will soften up and become easier to put on. When you are already in the gym and ready to go with your trainer, partner, cardio routine, or other work you definitely don't want to be held up spending a lot of time trying to get your hands wrapped correctly. The slightly stretchy material will allow you to loosen or tighten them with ease. You should be able to find your perfect level of comfort and support while wearing this item. Overall, while it does take a bit of time, customers are pleased with the way that this option Fitz and the way it is secured with a thumb Loop. Given a bit of time, we believe that you will also love the fit that they provide.


Obviously, adding a pair of hand wraps under your gloves will give you better padding and improved wrist alignment. This means that after a grueling workout with a punching bag, speed bag, or partner you will feel better than ever. Proper punching technique comes with time and in the beginning wearing, wraps can really make the difference. They helped keep you in the correct position to throw a good punch. These are also very easy to maintain as compared to other options that require hand washing. You will want to be careful to give them enough time to dry between uses. There are several colors available so that you'll be able to find the perfect match to go with your style. This option also has a great length. It is a standard length which will allow you to easily wrap not only your hands and wrists but also your fingers. You'll get good longevity of use out of this item which means you won't have to worry about replacing it frequently. Overall, customers are very pleased with the quality, style, and design of these wraps by RDX.


Most of the disadvantage is associated with this product or more of an inconvenience than an actual disadvantage. There have been complaints from customers over the large size of the logo on one end of each wrap. They have noted that it makes it difficult to roll them up after use. While this can be annoying it's really not a disadvantage. It has also been mentioned several times that the colors will bleed during the first several times through the washer. This is not uncommon of items that include vibrant colors as this product does. As long as you are careful this should not be a major problem. The only other thing that consumers have mentioned in a negative light is the fact that the fabric is quite stiff in the beginning. This can make them a bit difficult to put on. However, over the course of time they will loosen up and this is especially true after they have been washed. It may be advantageous to run them through your washing machine prior to using them for the first time.


This item is a very good value. The price tag that it carries is a bit higher than other options within the same category that are of similar quality. This does not mean that they are expensive. In fact, they will fit into basically any budget exceptionally easily. You will likely be able to order multiple pairs if you want to have a couple of backups for when one pair is drying. Consumers have noted that they feel that this product is a good bang for your buck. When you look over all of the different aspects of this set of wraps it is easy to see why so many feel that it is a very good value. We would have to agree with them. You'll be able to use these for quite some time and they will provide you with the structure and support you need to avoid injuries while working on your striking techniques for boxing, Judo, Muay Thai, and other mixed martial arts disciplines. Overall, we believe that once you give them a try and get them broken and you will truly love them and see that they are a great value.

Bottom Line

While this isn't the cheapest option available on the market today it is a solid option. Whether you are just starting out and learning how to throw a punch or if you are an advanced fighter wearing hand wraps can help keep you safe and comfortable throughout all of your training time. These ones are offered in a good variety of colors to suit everybody's style. They also offer plenty of length for a complete and secure fit. The velcro that is used is durable and long-lasting. Consumers are happy with the design and style of this traditional hand wrap. Your bank account won't suffer when you add these to your gear bag. Overall, customers are very pleased with this product given to us by RDX. They truly do pay attention to the details and try their best to provide exceptional options for everyday people.