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The RDX Boxing Inner gloves do an excellent job at improving the safety of your hands. When you are into high-impact sports like Judo, boxing, Kung Fu, or other mixed martial arts disciplines, the way your hands feel can make or break a training session. This option from RDX offers great shock absorption which will protect the fragile bones in your hands. The gel used in them ensures this. They also have a nice long wrist strap to provide you stability and support. Another great advantage of this type of wrist strap is that it will keep you in good alignment which further helps you to avoid injury. Not only do they contain gel but they also have a layer of EVA foam padding. You will feel exceptionally less impact when you decide to go with this product. These are not your traditional hand wraps but the function just as well. In fact, they are much more versatile than others currently available to you. With the added aspect of a rubberized grip pattern on the palm, you will be able to use them as your everyday gym gloves as well as for extra protection under your boxing or mma gloves. These are only a few of the benefits and features that this option has to offer. When you take fighting seriously an item like this can help to keep you comfortable and protected. Overall, customers are quite pleased with this non-traditional wrap.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Simple On And Off
  • Fits Well Under Gloves
  • Great Shock Absorption
  • Stellar Customer Service
  • Moisture Wicking Material
  • Easy To Care For
  • Supports Wrist
  • Improves Allignment
  • A Bit Pricey
  • Irritating Seam
  • Tight Finger Holes
  • Not Very Breathable


RDX Sports has been a trusted brand for a variety of fighters, athletes, and physically active people for more than twenty years. If you are just starting out on your fitness venture or if you have been at it for years, you will need a variety of items. From gloves to protective gear, RDX has everything you need. They spend a lot of time working on their current products and developing new ones. This ensures you are going to get cutting edge options that will help you achieve even your most far off goals. Across the globe, people have been trusting this brand for their clothing, gear, and equipment because they offer durable yet affordable options. When this brand came to be it was due to the fact that there were tons of inferior brands making products that did not perform as expected. They wanted to do better and so far they have. Overall, consumers are very impressed with this brand, their devotion to their customers, and the products they produce.


The outside layer of this item is made from neoprene. This material is exceptional Aunt wicking moisture away from your skin. This will keep your hands, dryer and more comfortable throughout all of your sweaty routines. The wrist strap is secured with a hook and look style closure. There is a large piece of Velcro that will secure this product. The strap offers nice stretch and excellent stability. The materials that make up the inside of this product are really what are impressive. There is a layer of EVA foam which is stellar at absorbing shock. On top of this is a layer of gel. These two materials can find will make the impact that your body takes almost none. This will lead you to better feeling joints, hands, and wrists. It is important to note that all of the materials are quite durable and will give you good longevity of use. Consumers have mentioned that the seams on these gloves can be a bit troublesome. Where they are located across the knuckles can lead to discomfort and possible skin integrity issues. Overall, RDX has done a good job of choosing materials that will keep you well protected and comfortable during a variety of different training situations.


Traditional hand wraps are not the most versatile products. They are basically only used to add support and stability under a pair of mixed martial arts or boxing gloves. These non-traditional hand wraps offer excellent versatility in use. Not only will they slide easily under your gloves to give you the alignment, protection, and support that you need during strike training they will also do well in a variety of gym activities. Due to the fact that they have rubberized grips on the palms, they will be an excellent choice for activities like weightlifting. Some consumers find that they are protective enough that you don't even need to wear your gloves during light sparring sessions or while working with equipment like a speed bag. It is important to note that you will want to be careful as these are not actual boxing gloves or mixed martial arts gloves so they will not give you the same type of protection. Overall, there are a lot of different options for using these gloves which makes them and exceptional bang for your buck.


You will not be looking at a traditional design of hand wraps when you go with this option. They are structured very much like a pair of mixed martial arts gloves. They are fingerless and rather lightweight. You will get a decent amount of protection at the knuckles and on the back of your hands to ensure that the fragile bones their stay well protected. The long wrist strap is a very smart piece of this design. It will wrap around your wrist a couple of times which will ensure great stability and structure while you work on striking. It plays a major role in the alignment of your wrist and hand as well. Consumers are not overly satisfied with how the fingers of this glove fit. They have said they are exceptionally tight and this is a design flaw. RDX may need to do a bit of work in this aspect. Overall, consumers are more than pleased with the design of this glove.


RDX has built in a couple of features to try and improve the breathability of this glove. The material stretches in four different ways which are supposed to help improve airflow. After reading through what consumers have to say, unfortunately, these do not breathe very well at all. This may lead to a hot and sweaty environment that is quite uncomfortable for your hands. It is important to remember, that these gloves are made with neoprene. This will help to wick moisture away from your hands which will help. They also dry fairly quickly, which will also help to keep your hands comfortable throughout your entire routine. While there are complaints that these do not breathe very well consumers seem to be pleased with them and the way they help them perform. Overall, you'll have to give them a try to see if the level of breathability is adequate with what you expect.


Taking good care of these gloves is barely an inconvenience. Many people will put them through their washing machine on the delicate cycle. It may also be advantageous to throw them into a garment bag to offer Extra Protection. You'll want to avoid putting in the dryer as it could cause detriment to the foam and gel that are inside of this product. You can make it even easier on yourself if you don't want to handle it this way. Simply purchase a decent set of glove deodorizers and they will handle the job with ease. They come in a variety of different options including sprays, powders, and sticks. Overall, you won't have to spend much time at all taking care of these under glove wraps. The fact that they save you time and effort not only and taking them on and off but also in caring for them is a major advantage and an aspect that customers are truly impressed with.


To ensure you order the proper size you will want to measure the circumference of your hand around the knuckles. You will then want to take this measurement and compare it against this Brands sizing chart. If you do this you are certain to find a great fitting pair of under glove wraps. Consumers have mentioned more than once that the fingers on this option are exceptionally tight. This can lead to your circulation being cut off and a very uncomfortable fit. As long as you make sure to use an accurate measurement prior to ordering this should not be a problem at all. In fact, consumers have noted that ordering a size up seems to fix the problem altogether. The fit is rather slim and snug. This is exactly what you want out of this type of product. It will ensure that these will slide easily under your boxing gloves.


Probably the biggest advantage in choosing this option is the versatility that you get with them. Not only will you be able to wear them underneath your boxing or mixed martial arts gloves but you can also use them in a variety of gym related activities. Typically, we do not get to use our hand wraps for anything other than some added protection and support underneath our gloves. Another major advantage to using this product is the advanced protection that you'll get from them. Due to the fact that they not only use gel but also foam in this option, you will get more protection then you would for many others in the same category. This will ensure that you are ready to participate day in and day out with your favorite activity. When you don't have to worry about sustaining injuries you'll be able to work longer and harder than ever which will help you to perform better in the long run.


There have been a few comments from consumers discussing aspects of this product that are less than Stellar. There is a seam that runs on the inside of the glove that can cause some major irritation to your knuckles. Consumers have also mentioned that it has caused some breakdown issues in their skin. Another problem with these gloves is the tightness of the finger openings. They do not loosen up with time and may end up cutting off your circulation which is obviously going to be very uncomfortable. The only other issue that consumers are having has to do with the level of breathability. These gloves are not very breathable at all. They can lead to a hot and sweaty environment for your hands that can be less than comfortable. Overall, this is not a huge list of disadvantages but you may want to take them into consideration before deciding whether or not these are the perfect match for you.


This option is slightly more pricey than a pair of traditional hand wraps. It makes sense due to the fact you will get better longevity of you sand a higher level of protection from them. While they may be a bit pricier they are not an affordable pet. In fact, most budgets will be able to buy multiple pairs if they so choose to. Consumers feel as if this product is a great value. It offers an excellent level of structure and support to those of you that are into high impact sports. Determining the true value of a product takes a bit of time and research. It is simple to see why so many feel that this one is a great value. You'll be able to use them for more than just protection under your gloves. We do not always find items that will work for a variety of different situations as this one will. Overall, we believe that if you give this product a chance you'll be very satisfied with the value it adds to your fitness routine and performance.

Bottom Line

If you are tired of purchasing wrist wraps that end up fraying and falling apart after a few uses this may be the perfect alternative. You gain the comfort, structure, stability, and protection you need when you decide to go with this option. They are quite a bit more versatile than other wraps you may have looked into in the past. There are a couple of downfalls that come along with them but this is to be expected in pretty much any product we decide to purchase in today's world. This brand works hard to make sure that their consumers are happy. If you were to run into any trouble with the gloves that you buy simply contact them and they'll do their best to make it right. Overall, this is a solid option that will keep your hands and wrists feeling great so that you can continue to strive towards becoming a better fighter.