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The RDX Double End Speed Ball is an awesome training tool for fighters. You can attach it to your floor and your ceiling, to your walls, or even to some fitness machines. Training with a speed ball will help you to improve precision in striking, as well as, reaction times. When your reflexes are amazing you will find crushing your opponent inside the ring becomes easier. Training with this tool can help in this area. So, whether you are into Karate, boxing, Kickboxing, or other mixed martial arts disciplines this can help you on the path to becoming your best. The outer shell is made of genuine leather to help improve the durability of this item.

It is hand stitched, however, it has been noted from several consumers that the durability of the stitching is nothing to write home about. In fact, some people said their product was splitting at the seams after only a few uses. Obviously, this is not a good thing. Keep in mind many users are getting a ton of use out of this item. The materials used are of good quality. It is also important to note that many consumers have had no difficulty in replacing their speed ball if there are durability issues. Overall, this is a decent option in this type of training tool and most of the customers who have bought it are pleased.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easy Set Up
  • Good For Cardio
  • Nice Size
  • Durable Genuine Leather
  • Adjustable
  • Improves Reaction Time
  • Attach to Ceiling Or Walls
  • Leaks Air
  • Seam Durability Issues


The RDX brand came to fruition twenty years ago. As combat sports became more and more popular the founders of this brand saw that the gear needed was being offered at high-prices and low-quality. They decided to do something different. You will be able to find gloves, bags, protective gear, and more. It is not only quite affordable but it is also of good quality. This brand ensures you get what you need to improve your performance and overall health when you continue to work hard in the gym.

So, whether you are a participant in mixed martial arts or boxing you will be able to find all of the gear and equipment you need to help you along the path towards becoming your best. Setting your goals is easy, achieving them is hard. Purchasing tough items that will hang with you through grueling training sessions and even tougher competitions doesn't have to be a challenge. You can trust this brand and the products they offer active people.


The interior of this ball is made up of a round rubber bladder. This is a pretty standard internal piece for this type of equipment. There are then two layers of textile material and over top of it, all is a layer of durable cowhide leather. The genuine leather construction of this item improves the overall durability. This product is hand-stitched. It is important to note that some customers have had issues with the durability near the seams.

Each end of the speed ball has straps with metal buckles to attach with the other pieces that come along with it. Included in this kit are a bungee cord and an adjustable nylon strap. These pieces will be used to secure your ball to the floor and ceiling or to the walls. In addition, you will get for S hooks which make setting this item up exceptionally easy. Overall, the materials used are good quality and as long as the stitching is cracked should last you an ample amount of time.


This training tool is decent-sized. The circumference of the ball is approximately 28 inches. This is about the same as the circumference of a basketball. The total length of this item including the straps at each end is approximately 17 inches. The large nylon strap that comes along with it is adjustable. It offers lengths up to 48 inches. In addition to the large nylon-based strap, this product also comes with a standard-sized bungee cord. It will offer a good amount of stretch.

The measurements of this product will accommodate a variety of different areas. Whether you are working with a tiny home gym or you have plenty of room to move this product will fit nicely. Overall, consumers are not only impressed with the size of the ball they are training with but also the ability to adjust it to easily fit into their active lifestyle and space.

Hanging Style

This product comes with everything you need to set it up. Keep in mind this is a speed ball, not a speed bag. This means that it will be secured at both ends. Now, you have a variety of ways that you can choose from to hang this training tool. There are hooks at the end of short straps that are secured to the ball. You will attach a bungee cord to one end with an S hook and a thick nylon strap to the other side. You will also do this with an S hook. From here, you can choose to secure it to the floor and the ceiling. This will allow you to work all the way around this product which can be very advantageous during training sessions as it is more realistic.

You can also choose to mount it to the walls, or in a horizontal fashion. This limits the training potential but works well for some people. It has been noted that some customers are mounting this speed ball to pieces of exercise equipment. This will ensure it doesn't take up much space in your home gym which can be a major plus for some patrons.


The most common use of a speed ball is for hand-eye coordination. You can easily adjust the amount of air in the bladder which will change the speed at which the ball reacts. This will allow you to amp it up as your hand-eye coordination improves. Training with this tool will also help to improve your reflexes. Due to the fact that this ball will move rather quickly, you will need to as well. Using an item like this one is also fantastic for conditioning. Not only will boxers and mixed martial artists be able to use this product to help them edge towards their goals, so will those that like to participate in circuit training and fitness boxing.

Really, it is a very versatile product that can help you improve in many ways. Some have noted that it also has helped them in terms of their defensive skills. As your reflexes and reaction times improve so will your ability to avoid being struck by an opponent. It can help you learn to move your body and your feet in the appropriate way. When you get that down you will also be able to deliver devastating blows due to proper body mechanics.


Underneath the exterior leather, there are a couple of layers of textile material. This helps with impact absorption and improves the overall durability of the bladder inside. The very interior of this product is a rubber bladder that is filled with air. As mentioned you can reduce the amount of air to slow this ball down. This is a great option for beginners that want to take things a bit slower. As your performance improves you can slowly add air to it. The more air that is in it, the faster it will move and the more rebound it will have.

This will offer a significant challenge, even to those that are advanced in their chosen discipline. It has been noted by consumers at this ball does leak air. You may find that you have to add air to it frequently. It could even be on a daily basis if you use it often. Overall, this is barely an inconvenience but something you should consider before deciding if this product is right for you or not.


The fact that this product is made from genuine cowhide leather does mean that it will take a special type of care. Unlike synthetic Leathers, that can be cleaned with any disinfectant spray, you will need special cleaners and conditioners to ensure this product stays looking and feeling great. It also plays a major role in the overall durability. Some people avoid genuine leather products because they don't want to have to maintain them. Keep in mind, you will only need to clean and condition this product every few months.

It will take a bit more of an effort but you won't have to do it very frequently. So, you can wipe down a synthetic product every day or you can clean this one once every few months and probably put in the same amount of time and effort. Overall, the materials of this product offer better durability which means more bang for your buck even if you do need to spend a bit more time taking care of it.


Training with this item can truly help your hand-eye coordination. Obviously, this is a major advantage to those of you that participate in fight sports like Muay Thai, karate, boxing, and other disciplines. The size of this ball is also an advantage. It will give you plenty of striking surface but it will move fast enough to challenge you. The materials that are used are all high-quality and rather durable. You should get exceptional longevity of use out of this item.

It is important to note that when you first receive it you'll want to check out the stitching to make sure that it's solid. If you notice any imperfections get ahold of the company right away so they can handle it for you. Once your hand-eye coordination gets better you will also find that your reflexes are better. This can help you achieve a win while at a competition. Using this product can also help put you in better condition to face tough challenges. It is truly a good workout.


One of the biggest complaints about this product is the fact that it does lose air. Basically, all punching bags that use an air bladder will leak air over the course of time. This is due to the fact that you will be repeatedly striking it. Some consumers have found they need to put air in this product on a daily basis. This can absolutely become frustrating. The other aspect that consumers are less than thrilled with has to do with the durability of the stitching.

All of these speedballs are hand-stitched which, typically, equals better durability. Unfortunately, with this item, some of the stitching is off and it may lead to your product bursting at the seams while you use it. Taking the time to look over this item when you first receive it can save you some trouble in the long run. If you noticed that the stitching is off at all contact the company for a replacement so that you won't have to worry about it in the future.


Consumers are stating that they feel this product is an excellent value. The price tag that it carries is a bit higher than your average speed bags, however, this is not your average speed bag. It is made of top-quality materials and as long as the stitching is solid you have a training tool that will last you for years to come. Combat sport participants that train with a speedball tend to have better performance than those who do not. This is, a piece of equipment, that is often overlooked. So, while it is a tad pricey it is worth fitting into your budget. Some budgets will be able to absorb it exceptionally easily While others may have a bit of difficulty. Overall, customers are impressed with the performance of not only this item but of themselves after training with it for some time.

Bottom Line

When you step into the world of boxing or mixed martial arts it will require a variety of gear and training equipment. Having the ability to train at home can positively impact your overall performance. In fact, the more often you are able to train the more likely you are to win those grueling competitions. This product is fairly durable and offers a wide variety of uses. It is not only good for Fighters but also for active people and fitness enthusiasts.

The price tag that it carries is reasonable and while some may need to spend a bit of time before making the investment most people will be able to afford it with relative ease. One aspect that consumers truly love is the fact that they are able to use this product as soon as they get it. It has all of the pieces needed to mount it and this is very convenient. Overall, if you decide to go with this product we're sure you will be satisfied with its ability to help you become a better fighter.