RDX F7 Ego Gloves Reviewed

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RDX Ego gloves are hand stitched and use the best quality materials available today. The attention to detail found in these gloves is unparalleled. They offer some unique technologies that make them an advanced option in boxing gloves. The shape they use for the hand cavity is superior for reducing shock to your hands and joints. You will have stellar resistance to even the most devastating blows. The gel padding is superior at keeping your hands protected and providing you with ultimate comfort. It also helps keep your wrists protected and supported. Consumers are also pleased with how this glove breathes as boxing gloves are not known for having great breathability. They include a grip inside the glove that promotes proper punching position and can help you avoid injury. Whether you want to annihilate a bag in your home gym or become a serious boxer while working with a trainer these gloves are a good choice. They are easy to take on and off which means you won’t need to have a partner to use them. RDX has done a great job with this product. If you decide to give them a try we are certain you will be more than satisfied with your purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Superior Construction
  • Fine Detail Work
  • Superior Shock Absorption
  • Tremendously Durable
  • Offers Supreme Comfort
  • Good Fit
  • Unique Technologies
  • High-Performance Level
  • Affordable

Synthetic Materials


RDX is a newer brand, however, they offer a plethora of items to help you with all of your training needs. Whether you are starting a new fitness class or you just signed your child up for their first boxing lessons, they offer gear that will help you every step of the way. They offer clothing, gloves, bags, and a variety of other high-impact sports-related equipment. This brand has really made a name for itself in recent years. They use proven methods and pay close attention to detail ensuring they offer you high-quality products that will stay strong as you continue to work hard. When you set goals for yourself, wearing the best gear can help you achieve them more easily. Trusting RDX, as many fighters have, will enable you to do just this. As you continue to work hard, so will this equipment.


This glove offers exceptional padding. Customers are overjoyed at the way the padding in this glove performs they use a variety of different types of foam to ensure that you are well protected and that the shock that occurs from heavy strikes is dissipated evenly. Not only does this glove contain several layers of foam they are of different varieties. In addition, it houses a layer of gel which helps the level of padding. There are three different types of foam used in the padding of this glove. Each one is a different density and they work well together to ensure that your hands, fingers, and wrists feel great regardless of how many hours you put in at the gym. This level of padding is not exceptionally bulky.


As with many other gloves available today, these close with a hook and loop style closure. This one is a bit different than others you may have worn in the past. They use an extra long strap which provides you with a better fit. In addition, it gives your wrist better support. This closure is very secure. Consumers have mentioned that they are pleased, even after extended use, at how well these stay closed. There is a velcro piece that is used to secure the closure. It is important that you make sure that this area of your glove stays clean. If build-up is stuck in the velcro, your glove may come loose and could cause injury to you or your sparring partner.


This boxing glove option provides you with full-coverage protection. They use technologies that give you more protection than most other gloves. They use several different layers of foam padding. It is structured in a different pattern than most gloves and it is superior at impact absorption and distribution. RDX calls this Quadro-Dome Technology. It helps you avoid pressure points by evenly distributing the shock that is caused when you strike a bag, partner, or mitt. These gloves not only protect your fingers and knuckles, but they also protect your thumb. Not only this they will also give a great level of protection to your wrists which are a vulnerable spot. Overall, you will be getting excellent protection when you wear these gloves in a variety of fight-related activities.


While there are a few bad reports from customers in terms of the fit of these gloves most people are quite satisfied with it. They are quite snug in the beginning and this is to be expected as boxing gloves do take time to break in. If you are somebody that wears hand wraps underneath your gloves this may be a bit difficult in the beginning. With continued use, your gloves will break in and form to your hands nicely. It will make it easier to fit wraps underneath them at this point. You don't have to worry about them stretching too much as once you've broken them and they will basically stay that way until they are no longer usable. The fit of this glove is also adjustable with the strapping closure system that it uses. Overall, there are many more people that feel these gloves fit perfectly then ones that are not so pleased about it.


When you first start using these gloves they are not going to be the most comfortable thing you ever put on your hands. This is due to the fact that boxing gloves take time to break in. You may find them quite stiff in the beginning, however, with continued use they will loosen up some. Once these gloves are broken in customers find them to be extremely comfortable. The materials you and it will be a pleasure to slide your hands into them on a daily basis. The high-quality materials play a large role in the comfort level of these gloves. In addition, so does the attention to detail. RDX put in the time and research to develop a truly comfortable pair of gloves.


These gloves are an all-around extremely good value. We were quite taken aback to see how affordable they are. They use high-end materials that are some of the best available in today's market. On top of this, the sport an innovative design and offer superior protection. Most budgets will be able to fit them in with ease and it will not leave you dreading looking at your bank statement. The affordable price is a great aspect and definitely plays its part in the value of this glove. When you add to that all of the positive aspects and reviews from customers it only increases the value even more. Customer satisfaction rates for this product are very high and we feel that if you decide to go with this option you will agree that they are an extremely good value.


The outer shell of this glove is made with hand-sewn Maya hide leather. You will be getting a very durable outer that can last through a serious beating. When you are striking something day in and day out you need a glove that can stand up to the challenge. This one can. As previously noted, they use a variety of different foams and a gel liner in this item. The padding is broken down into different sections which offer great protection and durability. There is also a large piece of velcro to help keep this product securely on your hands. There are also a few different Fabrics that are used in the padding and lining of this glove. They help in terms of durability, shock absorption, and overall comfort. They also include a material that helps dissipate excess heat.


Boxing gloves are not known for being breathable. Typically, it is quite the opposite. We were surprised to find out that customers are very impressed with the breathability found with this glove. They have added Ventilation to the palm of this glove to help it breathe better than most other options that are currently available to you. It does a decent job at promoting air flow which in turn helps to keep your hands cooler and drier even during long training sessions. Keeping your hands dry helps them stay in the best condition possible. When you continuously put your hands in a damp, warm, and dark environment it can lead to a variety of problems including skin breakdown and blisters. These gloves will help you avoid these unwanted side effects of poorly ventilated gloves.


You'll get a variety of uses when you decide to purchase this option by RDX. they offer plenty of protection to be used during heavy bag training. Whether you are working the bag at home or in the gym you will not have to worry about sustaining injuries due to inferior padding. They will also suit you well while working on the speed bag. In addition, you can wear these gloves for Fitness classes or while sparring with a partner. When you're spending time with your trainer working their mitts these gloves will also do a great job. If you are into mixed martial arts, these gloves may not be for you. Due to the fact that your fingers will have restricted movement, you will not be able to practice grappling while wearing them. There are a lot of great MMA style gloves out there that would be better suited for this purpose.


As with pretty much all boxing gloves you can buy these in 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, or 16 oz weights. When you are trying to decide what weight to order you need to base it on your body weight. There are a lot of sizing charts available and it is important that you pay attention to them as they vary slightly between brands and models. Typically, an 8 oz glove is used for youth fighters or very small people with small hands. On the other end of the spectrum, larger people and heavy hitters go for heavier gloves. It is important to note that the heavier the glove is the more fatigued you may experience while using it. If you are not spending a lot of time with a heavy bag or you are simply participating in classes a lighter-weight glove will suit you just fine.


All around, this glove is incredible quality. They use some of the best materials available on the market today. In addition, the technology behind these gloves is outstanding. They have spent the time to do Advanced research which ensures that you are getting a top quality glove. If you are serious about fighting and improving your Technique and skill these gloves can help you along the way. They are more durable than most gloves that fall in this price range. In fact, they're more durable than many options that are exceptionally more expensive. No one wants to invest money in their gear to find let it fall short of their expectation. Deciding to give these gloves a try won't leave you feeling that way. They are hand-sewn and this improves the quality as each glove is being made by an actual person. Consumers agree that the quality of this glove is better than they expected and they are very impressed with it overall.


Maya hide leather is a synthetic leather that is extremely durable. Not only is it durable it is much easier to care for than genuine leather. This is one of the nicest and best synthetic leathers that are available today. You won't have to worry about special cleaners or conditioners for this product. You'll be able to wipe them down quickly and easily. As for the inside of your glove, they make some excellent deodorizers that can help them continue to stay fresh. You will also want to give them plenty of time to dry between uses. Doing so will help cut down on odors. In addition, you can gently hand wash the inside of the glove but you will not want to completely soak it. If you do get it fairly wet, again, make sure you allow plenty of time for them to dry completely before using them again.

Bottom Line

You really can't go wrong when you decide to add these boxing gloves into your routine. They offer excellent protection for you and your sparring partner. The longevity of uses better than you will get out of many other options. They breathe better and fit more nicely than many others. We must also take into consideration how affordable they are. The fact that basically, anyone will be able to afford this top-quality pair of gloves is an excellent aspect. They are easy to maintain and offer a good variety of uses. Whether you want to use them at home or in your local spot they will suit a variety of your needs nicely. Overall, we are impressed with this boxing glove. When you decide to give them a chance we do not feel that you will be disappointed with your purchase. In fact, we expect that your expectations will be exceeded after a couple of uses.