RDX FU Forearm Sleeve Review

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The RDX FU forearm only guards offer exceptionally versatile use. Not only will they handle sparring session, heavy bag work, and rounds with your trainer they can also be used under your shin guards for extra protection. Fighters have come up with all sorts of out of the box ideas in using this option. When you are training in sports like Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and Taekwondo keeping yourself well-protected is a must. No one wants to deal with nasty bruises or scraped up skin. These guards will help ensure you avoid these types of injuries. You really will be getting a good level of protection when you go with this option.

There are several size options available but you will need to be careful. Many consumers have stated that the sizing runs large. This could lead to your gear moving around while you are using it. You will want to avoid this if at all possible so that your protection stays in the correct place and you don't end up sustaining painful injuries. Most people are able to find a size that works well for them. In addition, fighters have said these are truly comfortable even during long hours spent training at home or in your local gym. Customers are very happy with the look, feel, and performance that this set of guards has to offer. Overall, this is a solid option that will last you quite some time. We are certain that you will be happy with this set of pads from RDX.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Moisture-Wicking Material
  • Nice Color Options
  • Low Profile
  • Very Affordable
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Versatile Use
  • Quite Comfortable
  • Tend To Rotate
  • Sizing Runs Large
  • Hot


The RDX brand has been around for 20 years. They came to fruition because the world of combat sports started to explode. In addition, the market had products with extremely high prices but was of poor quality. They knew that something needed to change. This is when they started with their first products. From the beginning, they have been offering fighters all of the gear and equipment they need to be successful in their chosen fights for. When you are on the search for gloves, clothing, punching bags, hand wraps, protective gear, or other pieces of combat sports related equipment you know that this brand is going to have what you need. They offer several options in each category. This will help you to find the items that are going to fit into your wants and needs, as well as, your budget. Overall, the people are very impressed with the products that this brand offers and the way that they stand behind them.


The materials this brand has chosen to use in this product make perfect sense. They are all going to last you a good amount of time even with the constant abuse that comes with combat sports training. The outer material is made from fabric. They have used a material that has sweat-wicking capabilities. With that being said, many consumers still find this product to be quite hot. The moisture wicking is going to keep you more comfortable but may not help to keep you cool. They use a high-density foam padding to keep you protected. This is pretty standard in this type of equipment. It is going to do a good job of absorbing and dispersing shock. The only other materials that you're going to see what this product is a velcro hook and loop style closure located at the top. Obviously, this is going to be used to help improve the fit.


The fit of this product is one of the areas that consumers debate. Many have stated that the sizing runs large and therefore you may be left with a poorly fitting piece of protective equipment. This item does offer a bit of adjustability in the velcro hook and loop closure located at the top. You will definitely be able to find a secure fit in this area, however, you may find that the rest of the sleeves slides around during use. This is going to be a problem as it could leave you open to injuries you wouldn't normally sustain. You will want to be careful when choosing your size and going a size down may be advantageous. You really do want your protective equipment to fit rather snuggly. One of the things that will work in this products favor and concerns to fit is the fact that it's going to mold to the shape of your arm. Over the course of time, as long as it's not too big, this item will feel as if it was made specifically for you.


The materials that they have chosen to use for this product do not offer a good level of breathability. Many customers have mentioned that they find it to be very hot when wearing this item. If extra heat is an issue for you there are other options in the same category that offer better breathability. This brand has tried to make these as cool and comfortable as possible. They've done this by using moisture wicking materials to help keep your skin dry. This does a really good job to help keep you comfortable, however, it has not done an excellent job at keeping people cool. When you were training hard, obviously, you are going to become hot and sweaty. The more protective gear you're wearing the hotter and less comfortable it's going to be. So, the fact that this product is pretty warm can be a deal-breaker for some users. You will get an excellent level of protection even though it's at the cost of added Heat.


Your forearms are going to get a very good level of protection when using this item. RDX has used a very high-quality piece of foam padding to keep you well protected. It offers excellent impact absorption. Regardless of the type of strike, you take to the forearm you shouldn't sustain any bruises or other injuries. That is not to say that you're not going to feel it. You will feel the impact of a devastating blow, however, it won't be nearly as bad as if you weren't wearing protection or if you were wearing a low level of protection. This item is going to offer protection to everyone. No matter what skill level you are training in, this item will be suitable. The only issue you may have is that these have been known to slide around during use. If you don't find a great fit you are leaving yourself open to injuries that should be able to be easily avoided. Overall, people are very happy with the level of protection they are getting when using this item.


From the beginning, most people find these to be pretty comfortable. Over the course of time, you're going to find them even more comfortable. Obviously, a lot of the level of comfort you experience is going to do with the fit. So, it's imperative that you find them well-fitting pair of forearm guards to experience an optimal level of comfort. The material they use for the sleeve feels nice against your skin. Many people are quite happy with this aspect. Yes, it is true, they are hot. However, the moisture wicking material does improve a level of comfort. The securing strap at the top of this item also helps to keep you comfortable. It will play a role in keeping this item in place and giving you the peace of mind and knowing you're not going to sustain any injuries. Overall, people are pretty happy with the level of comfort they are experiencing while they are using this item.


Caring for this product is barely an inconvenience. You won't have to worry about purchasing extra cleaners, deodorizers, or disinfecting sprays. You will simply be able to take this item off and throw it in the washer. It will handle your washing machine extremely well. You will need to give them time to dry completely before using them again. These guards are not suitable to be put in the dryer. If you do dry them they're going to shrink and then the fit is not going to be the same. You also run the risk of causing detriments to the foam padding if you put them in the dryer. So, you'll want to make sure to give them the time they need to dry. A positive aspect here is that this item is very affordable so you could buy a couple of pairs and know that you always have some ready to go for the training session.


Obviously, there are a lot of advantages in using protective gear. You won't have to worry about injuries and this can help to keep you focused on the training activity you are participating in. In addition, can help to build your confidence during sparring sessions people are exceptionally happy with how easy it is to put these guards on and take them off. Oftentimes, removing your protective equipment that is designed like this can be exceptionally hard. The material seriously wants to stick to your skin. There are no complaints about this in regards to this item. Another advantage is the fact that this item is very versatile. You'll be able to use them throughout all of your spite sports-related training activities. They will fit into your routine very nicely. Another factor that people truly love is how easy they are to take care of. Simply throwing them in the washer is what we wish we could do with all of our protective gear.


Basically, every product that is available today comes with its own set of disadvantages. There are a few that need to be discussed in regards to this item. However, many people find them to be more inconvenient than actual disadvantages. The first thing that people aren't happy with is how hot it is while you're wearing this item. Obviously, we want to stay as cool as possible but we also want to stay well protected. Another disadvantage associated with this item is the fact that they tend to rotate during the news. If this happens at a critical point you could end up sustaining injuries that you truly want to avoid. Finding a perfect fit can be a bit difficult and therefore sliding could become a big issue. You will definitely want to take into consideration that the sizing of this product runs a bit large. When you're looking for a secure fit and item that is too big simply won't work. You may want to order a size down from what you think you need to ensure you get the secure fit that is required for these types of training sessions.


When you decide to go with this set of guards you'll be getting an excellent value. They are going to give you a good level of protection and excellent longevity of use. You'll be able to rely on the time and again. The cost that is associated with this product is insanely affordable. In fact, you should be able to buy several pairs relatively easily. This will ensure that you always have a clean pair ready to go if one is still drying. Everybody will be able to absorb the blow of this product very easily. We were actually quite impressed that this brand was able to give such a high level of protection for such an affordable cost. There are a few disadvantages that are associated with this item and should be taken into consideration before you decide if this is the perfect fit for you and your routine.

Bottom Line

When you are participating in Impact Sports like karate, Taekwondo, or kickboxing keeping yourself while protected is crucial. Not only will your performance become better during training sessions in competitions but you also will have the peace of mind and knowing that you're not going to sustain any major injuries. This item is not only very easy to take care of it's all so quick to put on and take off. This can be a cumbersome process with other options that are currently available to you. When you are working on a limited budget this item is also going to work well. Basically, everyone can afford to order one or two pairs without it taking a big chunk out of their bank account. You will lie will be getting a good bang for your buck. The reviews on this product are consistently good and if you decide to give them a try you're going to be satisfied with them, overall.