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The RDX S3 shin guards also offer knee protection. This is not something we frequently see in shin guards. You will be able to practice every type of strike, regardless of discipline, without the worry of sustaining major injuries. Obviously, we wear protective gear to ensure we are avoiding as many injuries as possible. This option gives you a pretty good level of protection. It is, however, lacking coverage in some key areas. For example, there is a large gap in the padding when you flex your foot and this could leave your ankle open to injury. On the other hand, they do offer protection to your knees and your instep. Most fighters are happy with the padding in the shin area, however, there are a few that feel it isn't as good as it could be.

Finding gear that truly fits well and stays in place is also crucial when deciding what item is best suited for you. The structure and design of this set of shin guards guarantee they are going to stay in place. This does also make them a bit difficult to put on and take off. This is especially true after a sweaty sparring or training session. The materials are all strong and built to last. This is also very important due to the nature of fight sports training. Overall, whether you participate in Muay Thai, Judo, Karate, or other mixed martial arts disciplines this is a decent option in shin, knee, and foot protection.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • EVA Foam Padding
  • Includes Knee Padding
  • Versatile Use
  • Stay-Put Fit
  • Comfortable Design
  • Sweat-Wicking Material
  • Offers Some Compression
  • Difficult On & Off
  • Limited Ankle Protection


Twenty years ago the RDX brand was born. They know that when you are into fight sports you need a variety of items to help you along the way. As the world of mixed martial arts blew up, they found that all of the options were way over-priced, even when the quality was less than stellar. They decided to do it differently. Whether you are looking for wraps, trunks, headgear, gloves, bags, or other pieces of gear and equipment they have what you need. In addition, you will be able to get any and all options at a price point that aims to please. When you are investing in your fight future it can become exceptionally expensive very quickly. With brands like RDX, you will get good items for reasonable prices. Obviously, this is a major advantage to those of you on a strict budget. Overall, this brand is fairly well-regarded across the globe.


This item is constructed quite a bit differently than others you may have looked at or tried in the past. It is built from a full-length sleeve that will cover your leg from your knee to the tops of your toes. The outer material that holds the padding is made from thick and durable nylon. This material is quite durable and offers a decent level of breathability. More importantly, it does an excellent job at wicking away moisture. The foam they use is a little better than others. They use an EVA foam which is known for its ability to absorb and disperse shock better than other high-density foam paddings. This means less pain from strikes for not only you but also your coach, opponent, or sparring partner. They also include a hook and loop velcro closure at the top of this item. This is used to help improve the overall fit and to ensure they stay in place while you are using them.


This item offers an extremely secure fit. It is going to be very snug while putting it. This is not a bad thing. You won't have to worry about your protective gear sliding around. This will help to ensure that you aren't leaving yourself open to injuries. There is not much adjustability offered in this option. This is due to the structure and design of it. They do add a velcro closure at the top so that you can tighten them up a bit or loosen them. When compared to other options in the same category this style is more secure than the type that simply strapped behind your legs. The fact that these stay in place so well will allow you to use them not only during training while standing up but also while down on the mat. It's not every pair of shin guards that can transition from standing to grappling so easy. Overall, the fighters wearing this item are very happy with the fit and feel that they are experiencing.


RTX has chosen and outer material that offers some breathability, however, this item is not going to breathe as well as other designs. When you are wearing a pair of shin guards that leaves your calves completely exposed, it improves how cool and comfortable you stay. This item is going to completely cover your legs from basically the knee down. Regardless of the breathability of the material, it is going to be hotter. It is important to note that this item is made from nylon which is excellent at moving moisture. The last moisture sitting against your skin the cooler you will be. Realistically, we don't wear protective equipment for its level of breathability rather its level of protection. So, the fact that this is not the most breathable option is not a major hindrance nor is it unexpected.


This item offers a fairly decent level of protection. You will have EVA padding protecting your knees, shins, and insteps. Obviously, these are all critical areas that need to be covered during your training sessions whether you are in the gym working with your coach or at home working with the heavy bag. It is important to note that this item is lagging a bit in ankle protection. Due to the fabric sleeve, the gap between the foot padding and shin padding can leave you open to ankle injuries. Customers are very happy with the impact absorption that this item offers especially in the knee area. They say it is built up here more than any other section. In fact, it has been said a few times that Fighters feel the actual Shin padding is a bit thin. This may mean that you're going to feel a bit more when taking heavy strikes from your opponent.


More than likely you are going to find these to be very comfortable until you go to take them off. The nylon material stretches as well and offers a bit of compression. You will notice this after a long training session. Fighters have noted that their legs and ankles feel better than they ever have before when using these shin guards. The secure fit that this product offers also plays a role in the level of comfort you experience. When you're not needing to worry about your gear sliding around it is quite comforting and will allow you to stay focused on the task at hand. When your legs are exceptionally sweaty after a long training session, as noted, these are very difficult to take off. The material wants to stick to your skin and this can be a bit uncomfortable. One other aspect that may decrease the level of comfort you experience is the fact that this item is not exceptionally breathable. This can lead to discomfort and an exceptionally hot environment. Overall, the reviews surround and comfort is positive and we believe you'll be satisfied with the way this item fits and feels.


The exact weight of this item is not listed. We looked around for it, however, oh, we were unable to find it. With that being said, you're not going to have to worry about this item dragging you down. All of the materials used are very lightweight in nature. So, when put together we expect that you are looking at less than a pound and a half. Typically, items in this category way right around a pound and a half. At this weight, you won't have to worry about experiencing increased muscle fatigue or longer recovery times. Wearing a variety of protective gear can slow you down so, keeping everything lightweight is critical in performing your best. Overall, everyone using this item seems to be very happy with how light it is. There are no complaints about it being heavy at all and we believe you will be more than satisfied with this aspect.


One of the biggest bonuses in using this item as compared to others is the fact that it offers me protection. This is not a feature that we often see from items in this category. If you have sustained injuries to your knees before or you are finding that they are very sore after training sessions a product like this can help exponentially. Obviously, the less shock your body is taking the better you are going to feel. The padding that they use in this item is superior at absorbing and dispersing shock. Not only is this going to keep you feeling better it is also going to help keep your training partner feeling better. This item also offers a more secure fit than many other options. It is going to stay in place regardless of if you are working on standing drills or you are in a grappling session. People are also very happy with a secure closure at the top. They have found that it improves the fit and overall feel of this item.


Ants with pretty much all items there are a few disadvantages that you're going to need to think about before making your decision on this product. As noted, these are pretty difficult to put on and take off. Putting them on is not quite as difficult because your legs will be dry, however, the secure and tight fit can make it a bit of a challenge. Where you are really going to run into trouble is taking this item off. They really want to cling to sweaty legs and it can be quite burdensome trying to remove them. Obviously, this frustration can be gotten passed by most people. Another aspect that is less than Stellar is the fact that this product is really lacking and Ankle protection. Depending on the angle of your foot you could have a fairly large area that is open to strikes and possible injuries.


This item is a pretty stellar value. The price tag that is associated is exceptionally reasonable. Basically, any budget will be able to absorb this blow with relative ease. You shouldn't have to spend any time saving up before you are able to call this item your own. It does offer a decent level of durability and a fairly good amount of protection. You do get the added bonus of knee protection with this item. It does have a couple of areas that it is lacking, however, for the most part, people are truly satisfied with its performance. It will stay in place very nicely so you won't have to worry about a strike Landing somewhere unexpected. You will have a bit of trouble putting these on and taking them off but the fact that they don't move around, we feel, outweighs this difficulty. Overall, you are getting a solid option and shin protection from a brand that will stand behind their products. If you have any issues simply contact them and they'll do their best to help you work it out.

Bottom Line

RDX is a brand that offers good quality options at affordable prices. The set of shin guards fits into their scheme quite well. They are made from good materials that are going to last you for quite some time. This is even true if you use them on a daily basis. When you are into hard-hitting sports you need to know that you have a good level of protection during training and even sometimes during competition. This product will provide just that. It is lacking a bit when you compare it to other, much more expensive options, however, they really do a decent job of keeping not only you but also your sparring partner protected. I'll leave the reviews surrounding this product are mainly positive. People are very happy you with the overall level of protection, the fit, and a level of comfort they experience when using this product.