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The RDX T7 shin guards are structured a bit differently than other options available in the market today. They have an hourglass design and offer better ankle protection than most others. Some find that the hourglass shape leaves parts of your legs less protected. The majority of the padding is right on the front of the shin. If you are just starting out in the world of combat sports these will work very well. In addition, they are well suited toward light sparring sessions and bag work. Many feel as if they are good for grappling practice. Keep in mind it has been stated frequently that these do shift more than others. While grappling this may be noticed even more so than training with them standing up.

RDX has done a nice job of making this item adjustable for a better fit. Not only did they include longer straps with larger pieces of velcro, but they also added material to the sides to add a bit of stretch. This is great news for those of you with thick calves. It can be exceptionally difficult to find a great fitting pair of shin guards if you have very skinny or very thick calves. The good adjustability of this option will suit both quite well. This set of guards is built to last with durable and high-quality material. Overall, this is a good and affordable choice in lower-leg protective gear.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Affordable
  • Long Straps
  • Good Ankle Protection
  • Versatile Use
  • Stylish Design
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Limited Coverage
  • Shifts More Than Average
  • Not Suited Toward Advanced Fighters


The RDX brand has been in the world of fitness, boxing, and mixed martial arts for twenty years. They offer good quality options for affordable prices. They saw the world of MMA blowing up and realized the equipment and gear being offered was not only expensive but it wasn't very good quality. After seeing this, they decided to do things a bit differently. They have developed products in their own manufacturing facilities to ensure you get great options for prices that won't blow your budget. When you are on the hunt for gloves, trunks, hand wraps, bags, protective gear, and other pieces of equipment you will be able to find it from RDX. Making the investment into all the pieces you need can be intimidating. Working with a brand like this one can make it a bit easier. They stand behind their products and will help you work through any problems you may have with a stellar customer service team.


This brand has done a good job of choosing the materials for this item. They are quite durable and provide a decent level of protection. The outer shell is made from synthetic leather. It is important to note that not all synthetic leather is created equal. They specifically use Maya hide leather which is more durable and better looking than most synthetic Leathers. The padding that they use is infused with gel. This offers better shock absorption and distribution as compared to standard high-density foam. There are two relatively small pieces of elastic located at the back of the ankle and under the foot. This is going to help keep the ankle and foot protection in place while in use. They also use two fairly large velcro straps that are used to secure these guards to your shins. They are longer than average which will give you more adjustability. To the sides of the padding, they have included a neoprene panel. This is quite stretchy and will help improve the overall fit and adjustability of this item. Lastly, it is lined with moisture-wicking neoprene material to help keep you cooler and more comfortable throughout all of your training sessions.


Overall, people are very pleased with the fit this item has to offer. It is quite adjustable and we'll work well whether you have thick calves, average ones, or skinny ones. This is a nice feature that we don't find with other options in the same category. It is important to note that some customers have said this product does shift quite a bit while using it. This is because they cannot find a secure enough fit. This should be taken into consideration when choosing what size you need. Going down can help ensure that you get the secure fit you need for great protection. If they are too large they'll move around way too much and leave you open to injuries that could take you away from your chosen discipline for an extended period of time. As long as you are careful when choosing your size you should be very happy with the fitness item provides. It does give you a decent amount of adjustability so a secure fit should not be insanely difficult to find.


Let's face it, no protective equipment is going to be exceptionally breathable. That is not what it is intended for. Protective equipment is made to provide coverage to areas that are susceptible to injury. The way this item is styled will give you better breathability than other options that are out there. For example, many shin guards use a sleeve that you slide your foot and leg into. These do not breathe very well at all and can be very hot and uncomfortable. This option only has two straps on the back of a calf which leaves most of it exposed are. This will keep you cooler throughout all of your training activities. With that being said that does not mean they are exceptionally breathable. One other aspect that works in your favor is that they use a moisture wicking liner. The less sweat that is sitting on your skin the more comfortable and cool you will be.


This set of guards is going to give you a decent level of protection in a lot of different activities. When sparring, if you are working with Heavy Hitters it may not provide you with the level of protection you are looking for. You could end up feeling just about every strike you take. However, if you were training through a light sparring session these will work very well. In addition, they are going to suit beginner and intermediate fighters nicely. Many people also like how the fit and feel of this product is while working with their heavy bag. You are always going to feel some impact but you shouldn't end up with major bruises or other injuries. It has been noted by consumers that the design of the shin pad may leave you open to some blows. This is because of The Hourglass shape. It is well suited for men people but some may not find that it gives them the coverage and protection that they are looking for. If you are searching for a highly protective pair of shin guards you may want to look toward a brand like Hayabusa or Venum.


You will more than likely be exceptionally satisfied with the level of comfort you experience while using this product. All of the reviews are consistently good and regards to comfort. A huge piece of why these are so comfortable is the fact that the fit is slightly adjustable. The neoprene sections they have built into the side help to keep you cooler and, in turn, more comfortable. The fact that you won't have to worry about whether or not they will strap around your calves is also pretty awesome. Their ability to remove moisture from your skin also plays a role in this aspect. A common point of contention with shin guards has to do with the straps that go behind your ankle and under your feet. If they are too thin or too tight they can be very uncomfortable. The fighters wearing this item seem to be very pleased with the strapping used in these areas. Overall, we are impressed with how good the reviews are in concerns to comfort.


This is a pretty lightweight option. It is not the lightest that is available to you, however, it is not even close to the heaviest. This pair of shin guards come in weighing right around one pound. It is important you keep your protective equipment light. If it is too heavy you were going to notice the difference in your movement speeds and your overall performance. This will not be in a positive way. In addition, wearing heavy gear can make your muscles fatigue more quickly. This can take away from how long you were able to train in the gym and at home. You will also notice a difference in your recovery times. The lighter the equipment is the last fatigue you experience and the faster you will recover even after arduous training sessions. Overall, this is a great option if you are looking for something that is exceptionally lightweight.


One of the advantages of using this item over other options that are available to you is the great level of ankle protection it gives you. This is an area that is typically lacking with shin guards. This item uses the same gel-infused foam to guarantee not only your shins and feet but also your ankles are well covered. Another aspect that customers truly love is the fact that these guards are extremely easy to put on and take off. When you use a sleeve styled guard it can be a major pain trying to get them off. This is especially true after a sweaty session with your coach or sparring partner. This item also offers a very stylish design. While what your guards look like is not the most important thing it is a nice aspect in something that Fighters are appreciative about with this item in particular.


Taking disadvantages into consideration before purchasing a product is always advantageous. There are a couple of downfalls associated with this item in particular. The first thing that would like to discuss is the fact that to the hourglass shape of the padding on the shin can leave you open to injuries and bruises. We say this because it does not give you the same level of coverage as others. This is especially true because people have noted that these guards shift around a bit more than others while they are using them. If your protective gear does not fit well and moves while you are using it it is likely you're going to end up taking some hard blows. Obviously, this is something you're going to want to avoid. The only other real thing to consider is the level of protection that it provides you. You are going to get a mid-level of protection that will work well for many fighters, however, if you are working with Heavy Hitters or you are advanced in your skill you may not find exactly what you're looking for in terms of protection with this option.


For many people, this item is going to be a very good value. You will get long lasting use out of this set of guards. It is going to provide you and your sparring partner with a decent level of protection. As long as you pay attention to the size chart finding a well fitting pair should be barely an inconvenience. The cost that is related to this item is fair. It is much more affordable than other options that are available but it is definitely not the cheapest pair around. Obviously, when you invest in the protective gear you want to know that it's going to hold up and this item well. Naturally, you will want to take into consideration all of the different aspects before you decide if this is going to be a good choice for you or not. Overall, people are very happy with the use they are getting out of this item and feel that it has a very good value.

Bottom Line

When you need an affordable option in protective equipment that is going to last through tough training sessions this is a solid Choice. The price tag that is associated with it is completely fair for what you are getting. The materials will hold up well and provide you with a decent level of protection. In fact, you will get better ankle protection with this item than you would with many other options. You also get a better level of adjustability when you go with this item from RDX instead of choosing something else. Putting these on and taking them off is a breeze which is an aspect customer truly appreciate. The last time you spend putting on your protective gear the more time you can spend training. This can actually make a difference in your overall performance. Every minute counts. Overall, customers pleased with a performance that they are getting out of this item and we are confident that you will too.