RDX T9 Ace Gloves Reviewed

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RDX T9 Ace Gloves are made with real leather which provides you with an exceptionally durable and great looking glove. They are constructed in a supremely solid fashion that will leave your worries of busting seams in the middle of a training session, far in the past. As you pummel your heavy bag, sparring partner, or opponent you will be greatly protected by several layers of padding. This means you will feel less force when your glove makes a connection with whatever you are striking. You will experience decreased soreness and reduced risk of injury because of this. This glove also breaths quite a bit better than others you may have worn in the past. Everyone can appreciate the fact that their hands stay cooler and dryer while wearing these gloves. You will also have the luxury of an antimicrobial liner which will keep your hands in top form. There will be no worries about your hands sustaining infections or nasty fungal build-up. This glove also offers decent wrist support which helps in keeping you protected and in overall comfort levels. When you love fight sports, keeping yourself protected is imperative to ensure you can practice whenever you want to. Wearing a stellar glove like this will give you what you need to do exactly that.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Double Stitching
  • Gel Infused Padding
  • Great For Beginners
  • Superior Protection
  • Good Breathability
  • Strikingly Positive Reviews
  • Trusted Brand
  • Longer Break-In Period


RDX Sports Puts a lot of time into the technical side of their products. Their high quality and advanced options are great for those that are into a variety of different combat sports. For almost 20 years, this brand has been providing the protective gear and equipment fighters of all classes need. Whether you are into mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, boxing, or fitness training they have a variety of products that will help you along the way. Known across the globe they pride themselves on the durability and design in all the products they put forth. When you are just starting out a routine at the gym or you have been at it for years the right equipment plays a major role in your overall success. Trusting this brand will ensure that you have what you need and reaching your goals will be easier than ever before.


There are several layers of padding used in this glove. They do an exceptional job at working together and keeping your hands protected. Not only will your hands be protected by this padding but so will your knuckles, thumbs, and wrists. one of the layers that they used is made of foam which offers a good level of protection. They also use a gel-infused sheet for some of the best shock absorptions you could ask for. These are the most important pieces of padding in this glove. They work together so that you feel very little impact while you are striking. This allows your knuckle and wrist joints to feel better in addition to keeping you safe. This padding is quite stiff in the beginning and does require some time to be completely broken in. Some customers find that this is a bit of a downfall.


This glove uses a simple hook and loop style closure system. This is a very typical type of closure for this kind of training glove. It uses a large piece of velcro to secure the closure. Here again, this is very typical and gloves like these, nowadays. the advantage of a hook and loop style closures that you will not need a partner to take your gloves on and off. Many competition gloves use a lace-up style which is impossible to handle on your own. For those of you that like to work out at home or at odd hours, a hook and loop style is exactly what you need. You will want to make sure to keep the velcro clean so you maintain a secure closure but this is simple to do.


This glove offers a very high level of protection. The padding is made to do a stellar job at absorbing impact and dispersing it evenly. In addition, this glove helps you maintain proper punching position. Wrist injuries are common while participating in combat sport due to the fact that many new Fighters have poor punching structure which leads to bad wrist alignment. This can be devastating and take you out of your chosen discipline quite quickly. This love will help you maintain correct wrist alignment and lessen the chance of injury. Another common place that people have issues as with the thumb. This glove offers a good amount of padding and there for a good amount of protection for your phone. Overall customers are exceptionally satisfied with the level of protection that this love provides.


We commonly hear a variety of complaints about the fit when it comes to boxing gloves. Customers seem to be very satisfied with how these gloves fit right out of the package. You'll be able to wear your favorite hand wraps underneath these gloves from the beginning. Obviously, this will make them a bit snugger but there are no reports of people feeling as if they were overly tight while wearing wraps. The inside of the meant offers enough room that your hands will not be being pinched and squeezed. Consumers have noted that while the break-in time is longer the fit and proves even more as they do break in. They are not so roomy that you have to worry about your hands sliding around. In addition, the closure will allow for a bit of adjustability aiding in the overall fit of these gloves.


In the beginning, these are not the most comfortable gloves in the world. They are quite stiff and require a longer break in time than many others. Customers are not saying that they are terribly uncomfortable in the beginning just that it takes a while until they hit the maximum comfort zone. Once you do break these gloves in, you will have a very comfortable pair of gloves. They'll keep your hands well protected and patted. This adds to the comfort that they provide you. They are also built to breathe better, which helps overall comfort levels. RDX uses a lining that helps keep your hands dry. As you can imagine, this absolutely plays a role in keeping you feeling great regardless of the length of your training session.


When you first look at the price tag of these gloves you may feel that they are a bit pricey. However, once you start to look at all of the different aspects it is really quite reasonable. Depending on your budget there may be a bit difficult to afford. If you can you will be getting an incredible value. The materials and construction of this option are durable and of some of the best quality, you could ask for. These gloves are truly built to last. If you have ever worn cheap boxing gloves you may have experienced them splitting very easily. You won't run into that problem here. You, your trainer, and your sparring partner will all be well-protected while using them. They are an excellent option and consumers agree that they are an exceptional value.


As previously noted, this club is made up of exceptional materials. The outer shell is made with genuine leather. This offers you Advanced durability. It also gives the glove a great feel. The inside of it is made up of several layers of foam some of which are solid foam others are gel infused. In combination, they are excellent and provide you with superior protection and comfort. It does have a hook and loop style closure that is secured with a large piece of velcro. In addition, this glove has a mesh Palm which offers a bit of flexibility and improves the overall breathability in this glove. It is important to note that the double stitch the scenes. This also helps with the longevity of use that you will get out of this glove.


Gloves that offer full coverage protection are not known for being breathable. In fact, most would say the exact opposite about their favorite pair of boxing gloves. These, on the other hand, actually breathe quite well. They have a mesh panel in the palm which greatly increases the air flow to the inside of the glove. You may not notice this so much if you are a fighter that likes to wear wraps under their gloves. Those of you that don't, will absolutely notice the difference in how well these gloves breathe as compared to others you may have previously warned. The improved breathability will keep your hands cooler and dryer regardless of how long you're wearing your gloves.


This is a very versatile option that will cover a variety of needs. These gloves will work well whether you are participating in boxing, Muay Thai, Fitness classes, or other mixed martial arts disciplines that require a heavy bag or mitt practice. It is important to note these gloves will not work very well for grappling practice as you will not have freedom of movement for your fingers. When you are in the gym with your trainer these gloves will work well for almost everything they have you do. They will also work excellent when spending time on a speed or heavy bag. Finding yourself in the ring with a sparring partner is another great place to use these gloves. Basically, the only time you wouldn't want to use them as during competitions ordering grappling practice.


You can purchase these gloves in a 10, 12, 14, or 16 oz weight. When you are trying to figure out the weight of glove you should buy it is determined by your overall body weight. It is important that you understand that each brand offers a size chart and they are similar but they do vary. In addition, depending on what model of glove you buy within the same brand the sizing may also vary. Discussing with your coach what exactly you will be doing in your training sessions can help you decide how heavy of a glove you need. They can offer excellent guidance. It is also important that you check out all of the size charts for the gloves you're considering purchasing. It will greatly enhance the chances of you getting exactly what you need the first time you bye.


In terms of quality, you really can't ask for much more. There is a lot of technology that backs these gloves. In addition, they use some of the best materials available. These materials are exceptionally durable. Not only are they durable they also look and feel great. They will keep your hands comfortable and fit well from the beginning. The double stitched seems also add to the durability of this glove. Quality is not solely dependent on durability but it certainly plays its role. This brand also pays very close attention to the finer details of a boxing glove. This is seen throughout this glove. We, as well as customers, feel that this is one of the best gloves available in terms of quality.


Taking care of these gloves is going to be a bit more labor than others. Many gloves available today are made of synthetic leather which is exceptionally easy to take care of. However, you do not get the same durability out of synthetic leather as you do genuine leather. These gloves will require special cleaners and conditioners to ensure that the leather holds up. While some people don't need a genuine leather glove, if you're serious about fighting Sports it is likely advantageous that you make the investment. It doesn't take a horrible amount of time to keep them well cared for and you really will get much more use out of them. The antibacterial liner in these gloves will keep the odors down. You can also use glove deodorizers if you notice that they are smelling less than fresh.

Bottom Line

If you were looking for an exceptionally durable boxing glove this may be perfect for you. It looks and feels great. you'll be able to use it for a variety of training purposes. While it does take a bit more to maintain these gloves they will last exceptionally longer than many others that are at the same price point. They offer great protection and impact absorption. This will allow you to feel better and trained for more hours. Consumers have trusted this brand for quite some time. This is due to the fact that they continue to produce some of the most technologically sound and affordable options available in today's market. We are impressed with this glove by RDX and feel if you give it a chance that you will be too.