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The Rebel Treadmill 1000 is the perfect option for use at work, in your home office, or in front of the TV. You won't have to worry about a difficult set-up process or a noisy motor that disturbs everyone around you. Customers have noted that while not in use if this product is running, you would simply have no idea because it's silent. There is a bit of noise while using it but even that is exceptionally minimal. It comes with a warranty that will cover parts, service and the frame. This warranty does not come with a lot of strings attached. The speed range is a bit limited, however, the transition between speeds is nice and smooth. This leads to less worry about misstepping or taking a nasty tumble while you are working. No matter what your goals are related to fitness and health this product can help you attain them. When you start logging miles you will find improvement in areas like weight loss, strength, endurance, and drive. From everyday active people to athletes and high-impact sports enthusiasts, benefits can be found when using a  walking treadmill on a daily basis. This sturdy option is very well-received by users. If you decide to go with this particular option, we do not believe you will be disappointed.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Smooth Speed Transition
  • Exceptionally Quiet
  • Excellent For Office Environment
  • Improves Daily Activity Levels
  • No Set-Up Required
  • Textured Belt
  • Slim Design
  • Easy To Relocate
  • Desk Not Included


The Rebel brand came to fruition just under ten years ago. The founder, Kathleen, spent way too many hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer and it was causing a negative impact in her whole life. Knowing that millions of people were suffering from the same weight gain, depression, and decreased energy levels, she decided to do something about it. That is when the Rebel Desk debuted. This brand specializes in under desk treadmill options. For those of you that work at home or even out in the real world but at a desk, this is a great solution to get you up and moving. The products this brand produces are made of durable and top-quality materials. Trusting them to help you boost a variety of aspects of your life including endurance, strength, and overall health is a safe bet.

Basic Features

This product all in itself is pretty basic. From the assembly process to using it there really is not a whole lot to it. Because it will sit under your desk it does not have a cup holder which is something we typically associate with treadmills. It does offer easy adjustment of speed. There are rollers located on it so that you can relocate it whenever you need to clear up some space or you decide that you don't want to use it for a day. Due to the fact that it's not exceptionally heavy, this is a pretty easy thing to do. It does use a whisper-quiet motor to ensure that you do not disturb anybody at home or in the workplace while using this treadmill. Overall, these are the only things we would consider basic features as again, it is a minimalist design.

Advanced Features

As we have stated, this product is not overly advanced. This means that you are not going to have access to a wide variety of advanced features. It does offer an Easy-to-Read display that will help you track some key pieces of information. The ability to control the speed is also located on this console that you can easily place on your desktop. You'll be able to see Information on How fast you are traveling, the distance you have gone, and the amount of time that you have been walking. It also has an emergency stop switch so that if you need to stop the belt quickly you can do this. This is basically all you get in the way of advanced features but customers are satisfied with the information they received. It has been noted by customers that getting an accurate step count from your Fitbit or another activity tracker, can be difficult and you may want to invest in a pedometer if you are looking to know an exact number of steps for the day.


Adding an incline to your treadmill routine can help burn extra calories and offer a much higher level of challenge. Unfortunately, with most under desk treadmills, you don't have the option of adding an incline. That is the same when talking about this product. It does not offer any sort of incline which will limit the level of challenge that this product can offer. You may find it difficult to work up a sweat. For most people, it's not a big deal that it does not offer an incline because they are using it while they are working and this could lead to some major distraction. This treadmill can do an excellent job at helping you improve your activity levels but if you are looking for something truly challenging you may want to look towards a different option.


You'll be getting a fairly decent level of comfort when you go for walks on this treadmill. The surface is textured so that you will get a better grip regardless of the type of shoes you are wearing. In fact, consumers have mentioned that you can even use this product in your socks or while barefoot. Some other comments have mentioned that it is a hard walking service. This belt does not offer much bounce nor does it absorb much impact. This could lead you too sore muscles and joints if you walk on it several miles a day. Due to the fact that this it's under the desk, there are no handlebars attached. you will notice that the transition between speeds is exceptionally smooth and this improves the level of security you feel while using it and in turn your comfort.


Under desk treadmills don't offer the same type of speed options that we see with standard treadmills. This product starts you off at a half a mile per hour which is exceptionally slow. This will be perfect while you are doing intricate mouse work or typing on your keyboard. You can crank it up and at its max, you will be walking at two miles per hour. Here again, this is not exceptionally fast. If you are looking for something that goes a bit quicker and can offer a higher level of a challenge there are under desk options that can go up to four miles per hour. So, depending on your level of fitness and how fast you intend on walking this may fit wonderful into your routine or you may find that it just simply doesn't offer enough. It is important to note, however, the transition and speeds when concerning this product is much smoother than many others. Most people find that two miles an hour are plenty while maintaining great productivity in their jobs.


When you are looking for a treadmill to go in your office space, obviously, you are wanted to be streamlined and sleep. Not many people have a plethora of room to accommodate a treadmill in their office. This one will fit nicely in most places. It is only 63 inches long and 24 inches wide. More often than not the height of your treadmill does not play a major role but in terms of an under desk option, it's actually quite important. At its very tallest this product is only 10 inches in height. this low to the ground option will give you peace of mind when stepping on or off of it and wearing shoes that are appropriate for the setting not appropriate for the gym. This treadmill may also be a good option for your home gym if you are seriously lacking in space. Overall, customers are very happy with the size of this treadmill and feel that it fits perfectly in their small spaces.


All of you that are challenged in the ways of assembly will absolutely adore this product. There is no assembly required. When you receive this item it will be in one box and it's already put together. You will simply have to plug the control panel in and you'll be ready to start walking your way to fitness. So many options available today require a ridiculous amount of assembly or you to hire somebody to get it to put together correctly. This can lead to major frustration and an increase in your fitness equipment budget. The fact that you don't have to worry about that with this item isn't an aspect that consumers truly love. When you lead a busy lifestyle the last thing you need is to have to spend hours trying to put your equipment together.


Obviously, using a treadmill on a daily basis is going to improve your overall health and wellness. Adding one to your home office takes those advantages and helps them grow by leaps and bounds. Typically, a person will spend eight or nine hours sitting at their desk. This decreases your energy levels and increases your waistline. When you have the ability to stand up and get moving throughout your entire day you will see that these things are no longer an issue. Not only will you have improved energy levels you will also be burning a plethora of calories throughout your entire day. Your leg muscles will be hard at work at the same time as your brain. You will notice that your endurance levels are improved and so is your strength. Overall, regardless of how many miles you log on this machine, it can help you attain a better state of well-being.


It was actually quite surprising to us how difficult it was to find disadvantages to this product. Customers have been giving it rave reviews. There are two small things that have been mentioned that could be seen as disadvantages. This exact model does not include a desk. They do offer options with desks, however, they cost more money. If your desk at home is relatively short it may make your walking treadmill unusable. The only other thing that we could find with this product that customers are not absolutely thrilled with is the rate of speed. This option only goes up to 2 miles per hour which is significantly less than other under desk options. As you can see, these are really more inconveniences than disadvantages and we are impressed that there are so few complaints regarding any item that is currently available.


Consumers feel as if this product is an outstanding value. The price tag it carries is not completely unreasonable. Your bank account will be taking a bit of a hit but most people will be able to save for this option more quickly than many others. The advantages that it gives you and your overall health and fitness routine are fantastic. It may not offer as much in the way of speed variation that others do but most people feel that it offers an adequate level of challenge. The structure and design are completely solid and will give you years of quiet use. This brand has chosen an exceptionally quiet motor so that you don't interrupt anybody's routine. Whether using this product early in the morning or while you were in a group office situation you won't have to worry about it disrupting the flow of the day. Overall, we agree that this product is an excellent value and well worth making the investment in if you are someone that needs to start logging some extra miles and extra steps on a daily basis.

Bottom Line

Adding an under desk treadmill to your life can play a major role in improving your health. Regardless of if you are already an active person or not this product comes with a good variety of advantages. When you start adding miles to your routine you will notice better performance in all of the activities that you participate in. This even goes for those of you that are into High Impact Sports like boxing and mixed martial arts all the way to those of you that love to do yoga after a stressful day. The investment that you have to make may take a bit of time to save up for but once you do you won't have to worry about replacing this item anytime soon. This brand stands behind their products and will work with you if you do run into trouble. In general, there are excellent reviews regarding this item and the positive impact it has had on the people using it. If you decide that you want to give it a try we do not believe that you will be disappointed.