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REDCON1 Total War Pre-Workout Reviewed Review Facts

REDCON1 Total War supplement uses a small amount of caffeine but packs a serious punch of energy. This supplement is suitable to use for morning or afternoon workouts as it may, if taken too late, give you some trouble while trying to fall asleep. You will get enough energy to last your entire workout and then some, however, be careful using this product late in the evening or it may give you trouble sleeping. It mixes up fairly easily meaning you won't lose half of your supplement due to it being stuck on the sides of your water bottle. The combination of ingredients is one that won't leave you lacking in focus, superior pumps, stamina, or energy.

The flavors of this brand are fairly well-received and will work quite well. Regardless of your chosen activity, be it a sport, weightlifting, wrestling, or Fencing you will notice an increase in your performance. Improved circulation Crushing goals like never before you can put the worry of plateaus away and hit it hard every time you decide to have a serving of this pre-workout supplement. This product is gathering a solid following because people are seeing fast results that are not only noticeable to them but also to everyone around them. Read our total war pre workout review and find out if this supplement is the one you need.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Perfect Length of Energy Increase
  • Limited Caffeine
  • Killer Pumps
  • Proven Formula
  • Decent Flavor
  • Exceptionally Fast Kick In Time
  • May Disrupt Sleep
  • Chalky
  • Bad Aftertaste


Redcon1 is very new to the supplement game but they are gaining a solid footing because of their core values and business practices. Giving real results to everyone from busy moms to trained sports professionals without the need to deceive like other brands is their goal. Aaron Singerman saw something happening in today's supplement market. So many new brands have started and learned how to cheat the system to make their product look fantastic and make a quick buck.

Other leaders were having a hard time keeping up because they were so focused on the old ways of doing things. He wanted to do something different and Redcon1 was born. Offering everything from supplements to stacks they have a product to fit your need. Give them a try and see why so many people are using this brand on a daily basis.


The taste of total war pre workout is very well-received. While some flavors are preferred over other overall people aren't doing much complaining about the taste. It has been noted that some flavors are very sweet and that pretty much all of them leave some sort of aftertaste in your mouth. Compared to other brands this is a great thing. Some options taste heavily of chemicals and can be impossible to drink a couple of times much less five days a week. There are a variety of flavors so even if you find you aren't really digging one flavor there are plenty more that you can choose from. Consumers agree that as far as pre-workouts go this one isn't the worst but there is room for at least some improvement.


The variety of pre-workout flavors usually offered is between three and six. When you decide to give Redcon1 Total War a try, you will have your choice of eleven different flavor options. Odds are you will find several that you really like. You will have your choice of some standard options like Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, and Grape. There are also several less common and more interesting flavors.

You can choose Raspberry Spyder, Blue Lemonade, Strawberry Kiwi, Sour Gummy Bear, Pineapple Juice, Tiger's Blood, or Aussie Autumn. This expansive variety should help keep you interested for quite some time and make buying new pre-workout something you look forward to.


To be honest about consistency we must say that not many reviews mention their opinion on it. It was noted on a couple occasions that it does leave your mouth with a chalky feel. A drink of water usually washes that away with ease. The real problem with these types of supplements is when they do not dissolve completely and you are left with a gritty drink and part of your serving stuck to the sides of your water bottle. Due to the fact that we are not seeing any issues with the product not dissolving completely, we don't believe you will have much trouble with this. With all the other great things being said about this option we are certain if consistency was an issue it would be well documented.


The general consensus about this product is that it is quite effective. You will feel it kick in quickly as you notice that typical pre-workout tingling sensation followed by a nice boost of energy. As you settle into your gym or home routine you will find that your focus has greatly improved and your stamina is better than ever before. You will see serious pumps if lifting and better performance while doing just about any activity. Increased circulation makes catching your breath between sets easier and your sets more powerful than the previous one. Your strength will increase and, naturally, so will your muscle mass.


Something we love about this brand is the fact that they do not use proprietary blends in this product. What this means is that each of the total war pre workout ingredients also has its value listed. This makes it much easier when deciding to stack supplements and transparency with what they are putting in it. The ingredients used in this formula are L-Citrulline DL-Malate, Beta-Alanine, Agmatine Sulfate, Taurine, Caffeine Anhydrous, Juniperus Berry, Di-Caffeine Malate, Theobroma cacao, Citrus Grandis, and Black Pepper Extract. The only other items listed are for flavor, sweetness, and consistency. This is a pretty basic ingredient list, however, sometimes simplicity is the key to perfection.


The caffeine content in this pre-workout supplement is not nearly as high as others currently available on today's market. You will get two hundred and fifty grams of caffeine per serving if you choose Total War for your pre-workout needs. This is a safe amount and most people handle it relatively easily. Their formula does not solely focus on caffeine to give you the boost you need in energy. This is awesome because you won't experience as many caffeine-related side effects. It is important to note, if you don't intake any caffeine in day to day life you may want to decrease your initial doses until you see how it will affect you.


Limiting sugar is exceptionally common in many diets today. When you give this product a try you won't have to worry about adding any sugar to your daily quota. This is because it is sweetened with the artificial sweetener Sucralose. Sucralose is known for a couple of things. Including, making not only pre-workouts but other flavored supplements like Protein powders overly sweet. There have been a few mentions of this in a variety of flavors and we are sure it is due to the use of Sucralose. Additionally, it is known for leaving a bad aftertaste in your mouth. This is also something that has been reported a few times and is more than likely because of the sweetener used.


Increasing circulation is a huge component of why pre-workout supplements actually work. Allowing added Oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, they will be able to perform better than without. You will recover between sets more quickly and you will push beyond your limits by adding not only extra reps but extra pounds on. Your stamina will be improved also. Allowing you to work through your entire workout and kill every minute of it instead of fatigue taking over at the end. This increased circulation is due to the use of L-Citrulline. This ingredient has proven itself time and again to be superior in making sure your muscles can perform at their full potential.


The fact that this product does not only rely on caffeine to give you energy and in fact carries a lower caffeine count than others, means you are much less likely to experience a crash. Any that are very sensitive or never drink caffeinated beverages may want to start with a smaller serving the first few uses. This will help you avoid any type of crash after using this product. If you are unfamiliar with the term, a crash is when your pre-workout supplement or caffeine pills wear off and you are completely drained of energy. This may be acceptable if heading home for a shower and bed after the gym but if you work out in the morning this could be devastating for the rest of your day.


It is very easy to see by looking at this brands supplement facts that this product does not contain filler ingredients. Part of why we love the lack of proprietary blends is because it is simple to see what and how much of each ingredient they are including. Sketchy brands use filler ingredients to try and make their product look as if it has more volume or to trick third-party testing into thinking they hold higher nutritional content than they actually do. By doing these things they can increase the price and earn extra money for an inferior product. Redcon1 dislikes this practice as much as you do and you really don't need to worry about fillers when relying on them.


Almost thirteen grams is equal to one scoop or one serving of this product. This is a bit higher than the average but not significantly. There is only one size container available and it yields about thirty servings. When thinking about a month's supply you will want to consider the potency of this product. Consumers agree it's quite potent and you may want to start with a slightly smaller first few servings. This would ensure one container would last an entire month before you need to repurchase. For those of you that are already using exceptionally potent pre-workout supplements, you may find yourself falling a bit shy if you use it every day and use the full serving size.

Side Effects

As with any pre-workout that contains Beta-Alanine, you may experience Paresthesia. This is the tingling sensation you feel in the beginning in your feet, hands, arms, legs, chest, and face. While there are no reports of it, this product does contain caffeine, which means you run the risk of the jitters, headaches, or an upset stomach. This is especially true if you are sensitive to caffeine. There have not been any reports of increased anxiety or elevated heart rate but they are also things that are commonly associated with these types of products and should be watched for until you know exactly how it will affect you.


The major advantage, of course, is how well this product works and how quickly you will start to see results not only in your performance but also in your physique. The super energy boost and focus make maintaining your diligence throughout your workout a simple thing to do. Lessened fatigue that allows you to go stronger and longer will help your results show more quickly. Add to this the huge variety of flavor options and you are basically guaranteed to find one that you really love and even look forward to on the days you decide to add it to your routine. This may be a growing brand but their following has exploded because of the proof this product has provided.


Some may say it is a disadvantage that this brand hasn't been around very long, however, we completely disagree. They are honest about making great products and their products prove how great they are with results. An exceptionally minor disadvantage is the overly sweet flavor of some options and the not so nice aftertaste of pretty much all of them. All supplements like this come with some side effects and while this one does not have many reported that does not mean they won't occur for some of you and not knowing is certainly a disadvantage. These are really the only things we can find that could be seen as a negative.


This brand was built because what they saw was poor quality among items that really need to be top-notch. In terms of quality, there are few better. They only use the best and most trusted ingredients to ensure you get the result from your pre-workout you expect and results from your workout that exceed what you expect. There is no doubt in our minds that you will be happy with the flavor quality and ecstatic over how well and how quickly it works. We look forward to finding out what else Redcon1 will have to offer as their company continues to grow and help shape the world of supplements.


This product is slightly more expensive than other products of the same variety. Pretty much anyone that is currently buying a pre-workout won't have any issue covering the cost of a monthly supply. Price is only a part of the overall value though. When thinking about the value we must consider the advantages and disadvantages as well as other aspects. Upon looking at it as a whole, we feel this product is an excellent value and that if you decide to give it a try you will agree. Current consumers have made a permanent switch to this brand's product and you may find yourself doing the same after just one day.

Key Features

250 Milligrams Caffeine/Serving
Does Not Contain Creatine
Absolutely No Fillers
Transparent Labeling

Bottom Line

When you want a great pre-workout sometimes going with the lesser-known varieties is better. While we know this can be scary, the research has been done and we are sure you won't be disappointed with your choice of switching. The huge amount of flavor variety will keep it interesting and you are sure to find several that you love. Additionally and more importantly, you will get real results and you will get them quickly. Putting your trust in a new company will not only help them succeed but they will better be able to help you succeed in your overall fitness and health-related goals.