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The Reebok Boxing Boot is a very supportive option that can help take your footwork to the next level. They are built to offer your feet and ankles great support. There are features added to this option that ensure this. When you step off of the gym floor and into the ring you need the appropriate footwear. Wearing shoes made for boxers will ensure you get the grip and support you need to give a killer performance every time. The material of this option by Reebok is strategically designed to promote better comfort and a more secure fit. These really are a very nice pair of boxing shoes. You will be able to wear them frequently and for long periods of time with comfort and style. It is important to note that as with all shoes they will require some break-in time. Consumers have noted that these break in fairly quickly and once they do they maintain a great level of comfort for a very long time. While it may not be the most important thing, these boots are also very good looking. When you are wearing them in the gym people are sure to notice. Overall, these boots are being raved about by customers and are a good choice for any level of boxing training.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very Supportive
  • Great Grip
  • Good Price
  • Solid Construction
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Breathable
  • Stylish Look
  • Longer On & Off Time
  • Insole Durability
  • Longer Break-In Period


With more than thirty years in the fitness world, Reebok knows a thing or two about what beginner to advanced athletes needs. From clothing to equipment they cover a large variety of sports and fitness needs to help you perform at your very best. Known around the globe for their stellar products and good prices, Reebok has been and will continue to be a leader in this industry. Wanting you to be the best that you can be they spend the time to research and develop their items to fit into your active lifestyle with ease. Whether you love to run, lift, play soccer, or just try and stay active they will have what you need to improve your overall experience. Customers believe in this company and trust them for good reason. If you need high-quality items Reebok is a good place to start.


The insole of this boxing boot is made of EVA foam. This is a great material for absorbing shock and keeping your feet comfortable. It will easily mold to the shape of your foot. It has been noted by customers that the insole of this item does deteriorate quickly. It is possible that while taking your boot on and off that you will pull the insole completely out or that it will Bunch up underneath your foot. Both of these things are frustrating and an inconvenience. So, while the comfort level of the insole is really great the overall usability of it could be improved. The insole is also lacking in arch support. Some customers have mentioned using double-sided tape to ensure that the sole of their shoe stays in place easily.


The outsole of this boxing boot is made of rubber. It offers fantastic grip which can help you with your footwork inside the ring. The outsole is quite thin and flexible. This will allow your foot to move more naturally while still offering support and added grip to the canvas. One of the very nice things about a rubber outsole has to do with durability. It is a long-lasting material that can take a lot of abuse before breaking down. This means you'll be able to wear your favorite boxing shoes for a longer period of time. Overall, this is an excellent choice of material for the outsole of a boxing shoe and this one is structured perfectly to give you the grip you are looking for when in the ring.


A heavy boxing boot can really slow you down and add to overall fatigue in the muscles of your legs. You won't have to worry too much about that with this option. They weigh less than two pounds. They are not bulky and can keep the speed of your footwork lasting longer than ever. When your muscles start to get fatigued you obviously, slow down. So, if you are experiencing less fatigue, naturally, you will be able to work harder, longer, and faster than ever. The people wearing these boots are very pleased with the weight. Especially, considering the fact that they offer great support and a durable rubber sole. This very lightweight option is a good choice 4 boxers of all training levels.


You're going to come into contact with a variety of materials when you decide to make this option your own. The upper is made of a blend of synthetic leather and a mesh textile material. Both of these materials are easy to take care of and offer a great look. There is also a strap around the ankle that attaches with velcro. It is important to note if you noticed that the strap is not sticking you may need to clean the velcro to ensure a solid stick. As previously mentioned the insole of this product is made of foam and the outsole is made of rubber. The only other material comes into contact with is a standard shoelace material. All of the materials used in this product are very high quality and you'll be able to see this simply after you get them.


You will be getting an exceptionally well-fitting boxing boot when you decide to buy this one. It is very adjustable which helps the overall fit. You will be able to easily adjust the laces to loosen or tighten these throughout your training sessions. If your feet tend to swell this is very important to ensure you maintain proper circulation. They also have added an ankle strap to this shoe. It is also adjustable and helps to improve the overall fit. This aspect makes it easy to improve the tightness around the ankle which is not only good for fit but also for support. It is important to note that consumers have said that these boots are quite stiff when you first get them and will require a bit of time to completely break in.


The design of these boxing boots is built for durability. When you are working at the gym, in the rain, on a frequent basis and wearing the same boots it can really take its toll. The use of rubber for the outsole improves the durability of this item. The upper materials are double stitched to also improve the longevity of use you will get out of these shoes. They have put a lot of attention in the details to make sure you will be able to wear these boots for a very long time. As previously mentioned, the insole does not offer the best durability. In fact, consumers have noted that it breaks down rather quickly. Now, the insole is removable so you can replace it if you notice that yours are breaking down or you don't particularly care for the ones that are in them. Overall, this is a very durable option.


When looking at this boxing boot it is easy to see that they are excellent quality. The details speak for themselves. The way they are structured and stitched give consumers confidence in the quality of this product. You will get some serious long-term use out of them. This is, obviously, because they are designed with quality in mind. All of the materials used to put this item together are also excellent quality. They offer a stylish look and it is one that will last because of the quality and superior construction of this product. Keep in mind that the insole of the product is not super durable and in turn, not the best quality. It is supportive and comfortable but it may not last nearly as long as your actual boot does. Consumers are very happy with the overall quality of this boxing shoe option.


The fighters wearing these boots are more than happy with the comfort level they provide. Their adjustable features play a big part in how comfortable these boots are. The materials used are flexible enough to give you good range of motion but also firm enough to keep it structured. Consumers have noted that these shoes do take some time to break in and until then they are quite tight. They can be snug to the point of uncomfortable but if you continue to wear them they will break in fairly quickly. Once broken in you will truly love the way these feel on your feet. They are well worth the time and when they are comfortable you can take solace in the fact that they are going to stay that way for a good long time.


Many boxing boots are made of a full leather upper that doesn’t breath at all. This can lead to a hot and uncomfortable environment for your feet. These boots have mesh panels throughout them that seriously improve the overall level of breathability. In fact, it has been mentioned by customers that these are some of the most breathable boxing boots available in the market today. Keeping cool improves how comfortable you feel during long training sessions. It also plays a major role in keeping your feet healthy and free of fungal or bacterial problems. Here again, you can see the quality and thought behind this product with the great breathability that this offer. Customers are very pleased with how comfortable this feature helps to keep their feet.


You will get stellar ankle support when you are rocking this boxing boot. Not only will you be able to tighten and loosen the laces but you will also be able to customize the support and fit at the ankle. This is great when you are dancing around the ring. The insole and outsole also offer support. They give you decent shock absorption which plays a major part in keeping your feet feeling great. It is important to note that customers have stated that there is little to no arch support in this boot. If you are someone that has high arches you may want to remove the insoles that come with these shoes and put new ones in that will support your arches the way you need them to. Overall, consumers are pleased with the level of support they get from this option by Reebok.


This boxing boot is a fairly affordable choice among items in this category. They are not cheap but they will be able to be worked into most budgets. It really won’t take most people much time to save enough to afford them pretty easily. The price is not the only aspect to determine the value of a product. This item has so many positive reviews it is unreal. The people using them every day feel they have helped improve their form and footwork. They have said many times that they are well worth the money. You will own a great pair of boots to wear in the ring whether you are sparring, training with your coach, or head to about. Overall, we feel as if these are an exceptional value.

Bottom Line

Reebok has been providing consumers with some of the best gear and equipment you can find in the sports world. Whether you love to fight or you just maintain a healthy way of living which includes some boxing classes these shoes can be a major asset. They provide you with a great grip to keep your footwork clean. In addition, they are very comfortable and quite durable. You will be able to use this pair of boots for a very long time. Consumers are exceptionally satisfied with the way these boots perform and all of the adjustability they get from them. You will be getting great support as well. All in all, these are a great pair of boxing boots that will help you improve your footwork inside the ring.