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The RevGear Defender Gel shin guards offer an excellent level of protection and a great level of comfort. They have done a good job in adding aspects that will help keep you comfortable during arduous training sessions. This is aspects like padding under the straps. You won't have to worry about the straps digging into your skin and, as you can imagine, this is a pretty big advantage. When you spend a ton of hours training at home or in the gym, how comfortable you are will play a role in how long you can train and how quickly you will go back to it. This item will keep you feeling great and this can encourage you to step back into the cage day after day.

This option is going to suit every level of fighter. There are two layers of padding to keep you truly protected. One layer is gel and the other is a high-density EVA foam. This means that whether you are just starting out in the world of mixed martial arts or you have been at it for years you will be well-protected. You will have peace of mind when wearing these that you and your sparring partner will be protected. This is one of the best sets of shin guards that RevGear offers and it shows in the design and construction. Overall, fighters are very happy with this product and the way it performs while they are using it.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Gel-Infused Padding
  • Comfortable Closures
  • Suitable For All Levels
  • Excellent Durability
  • Great Impact Absorption
  • Secure Fit
  • Nice Level Of Adjustability
  • Bulky
  • Stiff Connection Between Shin & Instep


RevGear is a brand that has been around for almost twenty-five years. They offer a huge variety of items that will fit well into your fitness routine. You will be able to find things that you need when you participate in activities like boxing, fitness, Muay Thai, and other mixed martial arts. There is a range of styles and prices that will suit your budget and your needs. When you are looking for clothing, gloves, deodorizers, bags, or other pieces of gear or equipment you will be able to find it from this brand. If you run into any issues with their products they have a great customer service department that will be there to help you work through any issues. Overall, customers are very happy with this brand and the products that they put out into the world for your use. We believe you will be quite satisfied with the options that RevGear has to offer.


We were pretty impressed with materials that this brand has chosen in the creation of this item. They use a dual layer of padding to ensure that you get a great level of protection. You will find a layer of high-density EVA padding that will do an excellent job of absorbing impact. Even better than this is the layer of gel that is used to offer optimal protection and impact absorption. The Dual layers cover both to your shin and your foot. You will use a hook and loop style velcro strap to secure this product to the back of your calves. There are two of these and they are a bit better than others. This is due to the fact that there is a layer of padding behind each strap. You won't have to worry about it digging into your skin. There are also two strips of elastic that are used to secure the foot protection. One will go behind your ankle and the other under your foot. They use a wider piece of elastic so that this won't dig into your skin either. As with most items in this category they are lined with a moisture wicking material to help keep you cooler and more comfortable throughout your routine. It appears as if this product uses genuine leather is the outer, however, this information is unavailable and it may be made of synthetic leather.


There have been multiple comments from consumers that this option fits better than many others. The hook and loop straps are longer than most which give you better adjustability. In addition, because they are a bit longer, you will be able to easily loosen or tighten them throughout all of your activities. This is not only going to improve your level of comfort but obviously, it's going to improve the fit. As you continue to wear this item, you'll find that they start to mold to your exact shape and size. Given some time, they will feel as if they were made just for you. The combination of materials that this brand has chosen does an excellent job of conforming. In addition, they are pre-curved to naturally sit the way that they should. This will provide you with a decent fit from the word go. As noted, give him some extra time the fit will become made just for you.


Shin guards are not known for being the most breathable piece of equipment out there. This style is, however, much more breathable than a wraparound styled guard. Basically, your entire calf will be exposed and, obviously, this is going to help to keep you cooler. This product does have better coverage than others and this can limit some of the levels of breathability. This brand did a good job in choosing materials when they decided to add a sweat-wicking liner to the inside. This plays a major role in helping you stay cool and comfortable even when you're training for hours on end. It is important to note that they do use an extra layer of padding behind each of the straps. You may find that this makes them a bit hotter than other options that are styled in the same manner. Overall, people are pretty happy with the level of breathability they get from this item considering many options don't offer any at all.


You'll be getting a very high level of protection when you invest in this item. Not only do they use a layer of high-density foam padding but they also use a layer of gel protection. The combination of these two items will keep you better protected than other varieties. This is even true when comparing this item with better-known brands. You'll not only get a great level of protection through the shin but also through your foot and InStep. They use this double layer of padding in both areas. It is important to keep in mind that the level of protection you are getting for yourself you are also offering to your trainer or sparring partner. This item is going to keep everyone well protected even during the most arduous of routines. It's nice to know that there are products out there that will work exceptionally well for beginners as well as advanced mixed martial artists. Whether you are working with a partner, the heavy bag, or your trainer this product will do you well regardless of how hard you are hitting.


The people using this product on a daily basis find it to be exceptionally comfortable. This brand has done an excellent job of paying attention to the details that Fighters usually find to be uncomfortable. One of those aspects is the strap that goes underneath your foot. Often times, it digs in uncomfortably and can even cause damage to your skin. You won't have to worry about that here. This is because they use a wider piece of elastic. They have also added aspects like padding behind the straps. Typically, hook and loop style straps are seen on this type of item. They can be a major point of contention and become very uncomfortable during longer than usual training routines. This extra layer of padding helps to ensure that you will keep an optimal level of comfort regardless of how long you decide to spend training in the gym.


We were unable to find the exact weight on this pair of shin guards. Looking at all of the materials being used it is likely that they are going to be a bit heavier than what you are used to. The layer of gel padding, basically, guarantees this. Gel is a bit heavy and will weigh this item down some. Wearing gear that is heavier may lead you to fatigued muscles more quickly than you are used to. You may also notice that your recovery times have been lengthened. Obviously, these are not things that we want to happen when we are working through sessions. There have not been any complaints about this item weighing fighters down, however, it is a possibility. This is especially true for those that are just starting out as your muscles will not be as well developed as experienced Fighters. This may negatively impact your performance and is something that you should take into consideration before deciding if this is the perfect fit for your situation or not.


This item is truly well made and it is going to keep you more comfortable than others in the same category. Having protective gear that fits you exceptionally well and provides a high level of comfort can keep you in your training sessions longer. In turn, you may notice that your performance is getting better more quickly than ever. The materials used in this product are all exceptionally high-quality. They are going to last you for an exponential amount of time. When you are training on a daily basis it's good to know that you have reliable gear that is going to hold up to the challenge that is mixed martial arts activities. This item is also going to give you excellent coverage. Not only will your shins, feet, and in steps be covered but they are also long enough to protect your toes.


There are a few disadvantages that need to be considered before making your final decision. Some customers find that this option is quite bulky. This is due to the fact that it provides you with a high level of protection. In fact, we would be surprised to find a guard give you this level of protection and not be bulky. So, we really don't feel as if this is a major disadvantage. The other aspect that has been complained about fairly frequently is where the foot guard connects to the shin guard. The padding here does not thin out much and therefore it digs into your skin. This can become exceptionally uncomfortable when your feet are not in a flexed position. When looking at the two disadvantages the second one needs to be considered more so than the first. It could lead to skin degradation and uncomfortable training session.


We, as well as the fighters using this item, feel as if it is a fantastic value. Depending on what size you order the price may vary. The cost associated with all of the sizes is quite affordable. These are not the cheapest options out there, however, they are certainly not the most expensive. You will likely be able to fit them into your budget with relative ease. Obviously, the cost of an item only plays a role in what people consider its overall value. How well a piece of gear like this keeps you protected is just as important. This item is going to suit all fighters quite well and keep everyone well protected. So, this is definitely playing a role in why so many people find it to be a fantastic value. Overall, we are confident that if you give this set of guards a try you will be very happy with the overall performance, fit, feel, and level of protection.

Bottom Line

There are so many options available for shin guards that it can be very difficult to find a pair that are going to suit your needs. RevGear has offered us a solid choice at a relatively affordable price. They're going to hold up quite well to the constant abuse that is involved in mixed martial arts training. Participating in combat sports requires a variety of different pieces of protective gear. This is a stellar option that will not only keep you feeling great but it'll also keep your trainer and sparring partner feeling great. There are few downfalls that will absolutely need to be considered, however, for the most part, people are very satisfied with this item and all of the aspects surrounding it. You will get a great and comfortable fit while wearing them. Overall, we believe you'll be truly happy with your purchase.