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The Revgear Motion Master is a grappling dummy that can truly help you improve your ground game. There are a ton of different training activities involved in combat sports. Whether you are into wrestling, Muay Thai, BJJ, or other mixed martial arts this tool can help you become your best.

The design is very realistic. While it does not have arms and legs it does have nubs where the knees and elbows would be. This helps you to learn where to strike and how to control what is happening down on the mat. The more realistic your training is, the better off you will be during actual sparring sessions and during competitions.

Training in fight sports requires your gear and equipment to be tough. All of the components of this option by Revgear are going to withstand the high-impact nature of this type of training. From the materials to the design, you won't have to worry about it falling apart.

You will get decent versatility out of this option. The ability to stand this dummy up to work on takedowns and standing drills is impossible. However, you will be able to use it for training in throws, groundwork, and even submission moves. It really can do quite a lot.

The fighters using this option find it impressive. Additionally, they feel as if their performance in their chosen discipline has truly been enhanced after training with this grappling dummy. In addition, adding this item to your training regimen will leave you truly satisfied.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Solid Construction
  • Comes With Training Drills
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Improves Movement
  • Excellent For All Skill Levels
  • Best For Groundwork
  • Helps Master Ground Control
  • Expensive
  • Not Free Standing
  • No Actual Arms Or Legs


For more than twenty years, Revgear has been helping fighters to become their best. They understand that your gear and equipment play a roll in your success. They strive to provide all of the options you need to succeed.

This brand does things a bit different than others and it is a huge part of the reason they are so successful. They not only work with leaders in the world of combat sports, but they also listen to what their customers have to say. Constantly changing and improving their lines you can always look forward to getting the latest and greatest from this brand.

When you are on the hunt for gloves, trunks, shin guards, punching bags, grappling dummies, and other pieces of gear and equipment they have what you are looking for. With great variety in each category, you are sure to find the items that suit your budget, wants, and needs. Overall, consumers are impressed with this brand and how they conduct their business.


Unfortunately, this brand does not offer information on the materials used for this product. Typically, it's pretty easy to figure out what is being used in the Construction and design. From what we have gathered customers are very impressed with the materials chosen for this product as they are quite durable.

From the looks of it, the outside material is made from nylon. This is going to offer excellent durability and it is also easy to maintain. Many options in this category use this type of coverage as it works well and holds up even better over the course of time.

This product comes to you filled. The materials used to fill them are not listed. However, if we were to guess we'd say it is filled with shredded fabric material. This is the most common filler for grappling dummies and punching bags.


This brand is focused on quality. They work with advanced mixed martial artists and other combat sports enthusiasts to ensure that they are providing you with high-quality options. The quality of the gear and Equipment you buy plays a major role in how long you are going to be able to use it.

The outer material has been said to be able to withstand constant abuse. If you take training seriously and participate in activities on a daily basis this is very important. Obviously, if it can't handle the high-impact nature of combat sports training it's no use to you.

As noted, this brand takes what their consumers have to say very seriously. They continue to research and develop their products to ensure that they are the best of the best. In addition, they expand lines frequently to replace their less-than-stellar options with better ones.


The size of your grappling dummy plays a pretty big role in how realistic it will be to train with. This item is not the size of a human, however, most people are pretty happy with it. It does offer plenty of space to practice a plethora of different training activities.

You will be looking at a length of four and a half feet. This is decent sized, but as you can see it is not as big as an average adult. Part of this is due to the fact that it does not have actual arms and legs. When you cut the legs off, the size of this item makes perfect sense.

The width, at the widest point, is twenty-one inches. While this is not as wide as many humans it does give you a relatively realistic feel during training sessions. It is important to note that when you are participating in a real sparring session or competition it is going to feel a bit different than working with your grappling dummy.

The thickness of this dummy comes in at about a foot. The fighters using it are happy with this as it mimics the thickness of a human quite nicely. It does help to provide a more realistic feel while training.


This product comes pre-filled. What this means is that you will not be able to adjust the weight to what you want it to be. However, customers seem to be very pleased with the way that this comes in it. It offers enough challenge but is not so much that it's impossible to move.

This grappling dummy weighs in at about 55 pounds. Keep in mind that when working with a grappling dummy you are working with dead weight. It is not going to move the same as your trainer or sparring partner would. This makes the weight of it more understandable even though it is not exceptionally heavy.

Some youth fighters may be able to train with this grappling dummy with ease. However, many will find that it is too heavy and suited more towards adults. On the other hand, some adults may not find that it is heavy enough. There are many other options out there if you're looking for something that is going to help improve your strength even more than this one can.


Figuring out exactly how to take care of this item is a bit difficult. We say this because the exact materials have not been listed. Without knowing exactly what it is made out of it can be difficult to find the proper cleaning method.

If, indeed, this product is lined with nylon the care process will be really easy. You will simply need to wipe it down between uses with your favorite deodorizing or disinfecting spray. You will need to give it time to dry between uses. This will ensure that you don't come into contact with any chemicals that could cause damage to your skin.

It is clear that this item is not made from genuine leather. This means that you won't have to worry about special cleaners and conditioners that are specifically made for those types of items. Overall, the care routine on this should be minimal and barely be an inconvenience in the long run.


Making sure that you buy combat sports related equipment and gear that is durable is imperative. Obviously, when your training in disciplines like wrestling, Aikido, or Muay Thai it is going to come with some serious abuse to the items you are training with. Knowing that they can stand up to the challenge helps to keep you focused on the task at hand.

This brand understands what a product needs to be able to withstand the grueling nature of these types of activities. They use aspects like reinforced stitching to ensure that you are going to get excellent longevity of use. They pay close attention to the fine details.

Consumers are very happy with the durability that this product offers. They are getting several years worth of use out of each unit. You won't have to worry about replacing it frequently which is a pretty big advantage considering that the price is a bit lofty.


One of the biggest advantages associated with this item is how much it can help to improve your ground game. Whether you are working on submission moves, striking drills, or other activities that happened down on the mat this product will truly help to improve your performance. You will notice the difference in your reactions very quickly once you start training with this on a daily basis.

While this item does not have actual arms and legs it does have nubs to imitate where the joints on a person's body would be. This will give you a realistic training session. The more realistic your training session with a grappling dummy is the better you will perform during competitions and sessions working with an actual partner.

Consumers are also very pleased with how long they're able to use this dummy without causing any detriment to it. It offers exceptional durability. It's nice knowing that this is going to hold up to the true challenge that comes along with training for mixed martial arts.


I'm pretty happy to see that there are not many disadvantages associated with this product. In fact, it was a bit of a challenge to find any true disadvantages. Obviously, all items come with at least a few downfalls that need to be considered before deciding if the purchase you are about to make is worth it or not.

One of the disadvantages that comes with this product is that it is not free standing. Many grappling dummies can be put in a position that will allow you to work on stand up exercises as well as ones that are down on the ground. This one is not going to accommodate any sort of standing drills.

The only other disadvantage in regards to this item that we can find is that some consumers wish it had actual arms and legs. Depending on the training activity that you are participating in the fact that this item does not have any arms or legs could be a disadvantage. Working with the small knobs located on the sides can be a bit difficult.


The people using this product on a daily basis feel as if it is a great value. You will have a fairly versatile training tool that is built to last. So, while it may be a bit of an investment it is one that is going to last you a very long time. In addition, it is going to help improve your performance in a variety of different areas.

Grappling dummies, on the whole, are not cheap. This one has a loftier price tag than many others. However, it also offers better durability than some in the same category and price range. You may have to spend a bit of time-saving up before you're going to be able to call this option your own.

We do need to take all of the different features into consideration before we decide what the true value of a product is. This item is going to help you become a better fighter if you train with it on a consistent basis. For this reason and a plethora of others, it is easy to see why so many feel as if it is such a great value.

Bottom Line

This brand has done a great job in the construction and design of this product. It truly shows that they understand what it takes to make excellent gear and Equipment. You will be able to rely on this training tool for years to come.

Making a fairly large investment in owning this item can seem intimidating. However, this product is better than many others in the same category. You will be able to successfully trained in a variety of different areas. In addition, you won't have to worry about the seams bursting or other common issues associated with grappling dummies.

All of the reviews surrounding this item are positive. People are very happy with all of the aspects that it offers. There are few downfalls but for the most part, people can get past them very easily. This is due to the fact that their performance improves while training with this product.