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Everyone knows that if you have a sweaty gym routine, your clothing, gear, and equipment can become quite unpleasant smelling. The Revgear No Stink Deodorizers are a great option to combat these foul odors. They are great for items like boxing gloves, gym bags, shoes, and so much more. Many deodorizers rely on heavy fragrances to cover up the smell of your gear. This product does not. It uses non-toxic charcoal to remove the moisture, bacteria, and, in turn, odors. There are a couple of different sizes available so that you will be able to find the perfect fit for your intended use. This item has a very unique quality. You can set it outside in the sun and re-charge it. Doing this once a month for an hour or two will seriously extend the life that you get out of this product. You won't need to worry about chemicals, this hypoallergenic product is natural which means you won't have to worry about skin irritation or headaches being caused by using it. Using this item will improve the length of use you get out of your equipment as they won't experience as much breakdown for excess moisture. Overall, customers are very happy with the performance of this product. So, if you have an interest in boxing, fitness, MMA, or sports a product like this can keep things smelling great which is more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Non-Toxic
  • Kills Bacteria
  • Exceptionally Versatile
  • Great Longevity Of Use
  • No Chemicals Or Fragrances
  • Re-Charges In Sunlight
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Variety In Sizes
  • A Bit Pricey


Revgear has been a leader in providing mixed martial artists with the equipment they need for almost 25 years. They understand that if you are interested in Combat Sports like Kung Fu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, or even Krav Maga you need a variety of equipment to help you succeed. Whether you are looking for gloves, chest protectors, sparring gear, footwear, or other pieces of equipment you are sure to be able to find it with this brand. You'll be able to find all of the items you need not only for training but also for competition. This brand has been trusted by beginners as well as experts because the items they produce are exceptional quality. This friend takes the time to research and develop their products so that they will benefit fighters more than many others. When you want to brand that takes fighting as seriously as you do this is a great choice. As the world of Combat Sports changes so does the products that this brand provides. We are excited to see what products they come out with next.


So many deodorizers rely on heavy perfumes to mask the unpleasant odors that start to appear in our equipment. This item absolutely does not do that. In fact, it doesn't have any scent at all. Those of you that are easily irritated by overwhelming smells would be making a solid choice to go with this product. The charcoal inside of it is what helps to reduce the smell and eventually eliminate it. In addition to those of you that are sensitive to smell, those of you that have sensitive skin will also do well with this product. Deodorizers that are heavily scented can cause skin irritation and the fact that you won't have to worry about that with this item is fantastic. Burton to note that you may be looking at a bit of a longer. Of time before this product truly works as it is eliminating odors not just covering them up. From your favorite gloves to your gear bags, eliminating odors is pretty simple while using this unscented product.


The structure and design of these glove deodorizers make them exceptionally versatile. While many use an odd shape that makes them only suitable for a variety of different gloves these ones are shaped like bean bags. There are three different sizes that are available which makes it very convenient to find the perfect fit for the item you are trying to remove a foul odor from. You'll be able to use these in your boxing, MMA, hockey, or even your lacrosse gloves. In addition, they work very well for gym bags and if they don't take up much room. You will also be able to use this item in your shoes. Regardless of the size you'll find a good fit. Consumers have also noted that they have used these deodorizers in their gym lockers and around their homes. Due to the fact that they are not overly scented they are appropriate for just about anywhere you are trying to remove a smell from. Charcoal does a great job of absorbing odors.


This product is very simple and only contains a couple of materials. There is an outside pouch that holds bamboo charcoal. There is no information on what the outside pouches made of. This is not majorly important and it has been noted from consumers that the outside shell is very durable. You're not going to have to worry about these bursting open and making a mess. The inside is made from an all natural bamboo charcoal. This type of charcoal does an excellent job at removing moisture and odors from a variety of different items. It is important to note that this type of charcoal can be recharged in the sun. This will give you better lungevity of use and is part of the reason they chose this material over others. These are the only two materials that are used other than the thread used to stitch the pouches closed. Overall, the materials are smart and effective.


When you decide to go with this item you will have a choice of three different size options. The design is structured like that of a bean bag. The different sizes are shaped a bit differently so that they can accommodate many needs. The option that is yellow will work best for your gloves. If you are looking to remove odors from your protective gear like elbow pads and shin guards you will want to go with the green option. Finding that you have a bit of a bigger space that needs to be deodorized is no problem. This brand has used a very simple design that makes using this product convenient for consumers. It is important to note that you can buy them individually or in a variety pack so that you will have exactly what you need when you need it. You will simply want to choose the blue option as it is the largest one. Overall the design of this product is awesome and convenient to use in any and all of your needs.


There is no exact information on how long these deodorizers are going to last. It does appear as if the ability to recharge them will allow you to use them for a plethora of time. It is likely that you will get at least six months worth of use out of each pouch. There is also a great possibility that they will last much longer than this. It is unfortunate that the brand has not provided information regarding how long you can expect this item to work. This can lead to a bit of frustration when you're trying to make a decision for purchase and you are comparing it with other items. The natural charcoal being used does make us believe you will get a nice term of use out of this product. It is understandable if the fact that this piece of information not being available tutors you from purchasing it as people want to ensure they are getting the best bang for their buck.


When you invest in this product you'll be getting one that is very effective. Bamboo charcoal has proven itself time and again at being effective at eliminating odors. Add to this the fact that the brand did a good job and structuring the shape and size of this item to set a variety of needs and it becomes even more effective. It is important to note that this product does not rely on heavy fragrances and therefore you may have to wait a bit longer to completely remove odors. This is especially true if you have been using your gear for some time without deodorizing it in anyway. It is nice that you will be able to recharge the power of the charcoal Inside by simply placing it in the sun. This will allow you to use the item longer and it improves its overall effectiveness. So, if you are looking to make your gloves, protective equipment, bags, or other gear smell better this product will help you accomplish it with ease.


You'll be getting quite a few advantages when you decide to go with this item. First off, it is exceptionally versatile and you'll be able to work it into your daily life with ease. When you are able to maintain great smelling and dry equipment by simply throwing a bean bag inside of your gloves or in your gym bag it is a major convenience and can make training more enjoyable. Another advantage with this product is the option to buy it in different sizes. Typically, when you are buying a glove deodorizer it only is available in one size and this can make it difficult to fit it into the equipment that needs it the most. With different shapes and different sizes, you will never have to struggle to find the perfect fit for the gear you are trying to remove foul odors from. It is also important to note that this item will help to dry your products quicker. This improves the longevity of use that you will get out of your fight gear due to the fact that you won't have excess moisture breaking it down.


There are really no complaints about this product from the consumers that are using it. This can make it difficult to find the actual disadvantages. We must admit that the fact that there is no information on how long this product will last is a bit of a disadvantage. This is especially true if you are comparing several different options. It appears as if it will give you great longevity of use but that cannot be confirmed. The only other disadvantage that we can see is the lack of information on what the charcoal is wrapped in. It is not particularly important as it appears to be a durable material, however, some people do have allergies and without knowing exactly what it is made of it can be a bit of a gamble. Overall, it's pretty impressive that there are no major complaints in regards to this product.


The price tag that this product carries is a bit higher than others. While most budgets will be able to fit them in relatively easily it is a bit disconcerting that you don't know how long they're going to last. The brand makes it seem as if you will get great longevity of use due to the fact that this product is rechargeable. However, without exact information, this is hard to verify. This product is very effective at removing odors from your gloves, bags, protective gear, and even other things like your shoes. We feel as if this product is a very good value. We're fairly certain you'll get good longevity of use out of this product and the fact that it works exceptionally well without harsh chemicals or overpowering fragrances is a major plus. The people that are using them only have good things to say and we think that if given the chance you will be satisfied with the outcome of using this product.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it this is a good product that actually works. We understand that there is some important information that is lacking in regards to this item, however, it does not change the fact that if you are looking to get rid of unpleasant odors this product will be able to do it for you. Spending long day sweating in the gym can lead to terrible odors coming from your gym bag. This product will not only reduce and eliminate those odors they will also help your gear stay in better condition. It does this by removing moisture that can break down materials over time. All of the reviews on this product are positive and customers are very happy with their purchase. It can be a gamble to try a new product but this is one that we feel is worth the risk.