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The Revgear Premier Shin Guards are an affordable option for those that need protection during training. When you participate in mixed martial arts disciplines like Muay Thai and Taekwondo you need a fairly high level of protection. You will be practicing striking drills of every variety. When you are taking kicks over and over, obviously, protection is key. Wearing shin guards will help you avoid bruises, abrasions, and other fight-related injuries. This option gives you a good amount of coverage. Your feet, shins, and knees will all be covered. The thick layer of high-compression or high-density foam does a great job of absorbing impact.

The materials used in this item are of decent quality. They should hold up nicely to frequent abuse. They are more affordable than many other options that are available to you. Part of the reason for this is due to the fact that they use materials like synthetic leather rather than genuine. This could decrease the overall durability of this item but it is a decent alternative. The fighters wearing these guards are happy with the fit and the feel of them. They offer a good level of security. The fit offers a decent level of adjustment which, in turn, makes for more comfortable wear. Overall, wearing these for your daily training sessions will keep you performing well and avoiding injuries and unnecessary pain.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Good Impact Absorption
  • Offers Knee Coverage
  • Stay-Put Fit
  • Decent Adjustability
  • Great Overall Coverage
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Simple To Maintain
  • Sizing Runs Small
  • Thinner Straps
  • Bulky


Revgear takes pride in the fact that for the last twenty-three years they have been working with mixed martial artists of every discipline. They have worked together to come up with some of the leading equipment and gear options that are available on the market today. They are committed to providing their customers with options that will not only suit their needs but also their budgets. This does mean that some of the options are not using the very best materials, however, they all work well for their intended purpose. When you are looking for affordable options in protective gear, gloves, clothing, punching bags, and other fight-related items, Revgear is sure to have an option worth looking at. People across the world have been putting their trust and safety into the hands of this brand and have not been disappointed. They consistently have great feedback on their items and continue to research and develop new ones. In addition, they work to improve their current products to meet your wants and your needs.


This brand uses a decent group of materials in the construction and design of this item. It is important to note that they are not the highest quality materials, however, they will do their job. The outer material of this product is made from synthetic leather. The top brands use genuine leather as it provides better durability and improves the overall experience for the wearer. Synthetic leather, however, is easier to take care of and does offer a decent level of durability. This brand also uses what they call a high-compression foam this is simply a high-density foam that will do an excellent job of absorbing impact. This is what keeps you protected. There are two velcro straps that go through D-rings for a very simple closure system. There are also two fairly large elastic straps. One that goes behind your ankle and 1/2 that goes under the arch of your foot. This plays a role in the fit and the feel you'll experience while using this item.


People seem to be quite pleased with the fit this item provides. The two adjustable straps will allow you to loosen and tighten this item quite easily. They are held in place with velcro. It is important that on occasion you make sure that the velcro is free of debris to ensure you maintain a great level of sticking power. It has been noted by consumers that the straps are a bit thin. This could lead to them digging into your skin if you have them too tight. Obviously, you can simply loosen them up a bit for a better fit. Consumers have noted that the sizing runs a bit small. So if you have very wide feet or calves you may want to go a size up to ensure that you maintain a comfortable fit throughout all of your training activities. The elastic straps do offer a bit of stretch which will help to keep this item more comfortable during long use. Overall, we believe you'll be happy with the fit that you find when using this item.


As with most items in this category, this one is not very breathable. It offers a good level of coverage and an even better level of protection. Unfortunately, this means it's not going to breathe well. This item is structured to give you full coverage on the entire front of your lower leg. It is important to note that the back of your calf and the bottom of your feet will be exposed to, this will help to keep you cooler. Keep in mind, we don't wear pieces of equipment like this to stay cool. Instead, we wear them to stay well protected. So, the fact that this item does not breathe very well is more of an inconvenience than a disadvantage. Sweaty training sessions are common and while this item will play a role in it, that is not an unexpected thing. Especially for this level of protection. Overall, the fighters using them are not complaining about them being excessively hot. It is likely not something you need to worry about.


This product uses a fairly thick layer of high-density foam. It offers excellent impact absorption. Consumers have noted several times that when you take a kick you're barely going to feel it. More importantly, you won't have to worry about sustaining injuries while you are wearing this item. It not only offers a good level of protection to your shins but it also will help to keep your feet and knees protected. Obviously, when you are kicking you don't want to break the fragile bones in the top of your foot. So, the fact that this area will be protected all with one piece of equipment is an advantage. Wearing protective gear not only keeps you safe but it also keeps your sparring partner safe. If they land a heavy stick to your skin it could cause major damage to them. The layer of foam protecting you both will ensure that this does not happen. Some consumers do find this item to be a bit bulky and this is because of the thick layer of padding that it uses. This is going to mean you won't want to wear these during grappling practice as they may inhibit your movement.


Most people find this item to be fairly comfortable. As noted, may become a bit hot and some find them to be bulky. However, most people are satisfied with the level of comfort they experience even when they wear them for a long time. The level of comfort has a lot to do with the fit. The adjustable fit that this product offers will help to improve the comfort you feel. Obviously, another factor that is a major component is the padding. When you are working through drills the less pain you experienced the more comfortable you will be. Due to the fact that this item does a good job of absorbing impact, you will, naturally, be more comfortable. An area of frequent complaint in an item like this is the elastic strap that goes under your foot. They are known for digging in and becoming very uncomfortable. There have been no reports of this happening with this item.


We were unable to find the exact weight of this item. However, looking over the materials that are used this is going to be a very lightweight option. Due to the fact that it is made of synthetic leather rather than genuine leather, it will be a bit lighter. Synthetic leather is always a lesser weight than genuine leather. The foam padding they use is a typical foam padding so, it's not going to play a major role in the overall weight. Consumers have mentioned many times that this is an extremely lightweight option. With all of this information, it would be safe to assume that this item weighs in at just over a pound. You should not have to worry about it weighing you down and causing muscle fatigue. When you're wearing a lot of equipment your muscles can wear down more quickly and impact your performance in a negative way. You really should not need to worry about this while wearing this item as it is made to be a lightweight.


One of the biggest advantages in using this product over others in the same category as the excellent amount of coverage that it gives you. Many other options don't cover your knee and some don't even cover your feet. As you can see, this gives much better coverage than other options. This will provide a higher level of protection to not only you but also the person you are training with. In addition, this item offers a good level of durability. While the materials may not hold up as well as others you should get a great deal of use out of these before they start breaking down. You'll be able to take them on and off easily. This is an advantage to everyone as putting on protective gear can be frustrating and take up a lot of your training time. In addition to all of this, finding a great fit will not be a burden. These offer a decent level of adjustability and although the sizing runs a bit small most consumers are able to find a pair that work perfectly.


Considering the disadvantages of an item plays an important role in deciding whether or not this is the product you are looking for. Some customers have noted that they find this item to be a bit bulky. This is not necessarily a bad thing, considering, gives you such a high level of protection and excellent coverage. However, they may not be well suited toward mat work. Another area that consumers have made a note about is the fact that the sizing runs a bit small. If you have wide feet, ankles, or calves you may want to order a size up to ensure that you can find a secure and comfortable fit. The only other aspect that has been regarded negatively is the thickness of the straps. While there have been no reports of them breaking or tearing it could lead to strapped her ability issues. This is the key component that keeps these on your legs so if they fail your item will become useless.


This item is a great value. The price tag that is associated with it is extremely affordable. In fact, basically, any budget will be able to absorb this blow with relative ease. When you're investing in protective equipment it can become a financial burden so finding quality pieces for fordable prices is important. Especially, to those of you that are on a strict budget. This item will hold up fairly well, however, it is not made from the highest quality materials. In the long run, this is going to lead to this item breaking down more quickly than others. The fighters using this item are getting good longevity of use out of it so this is only a small concern. Looking at all of the positive features and the glowing reviews that fighters have in regards to this item make us trust the fact that it is a solid choice. If you invest your money into this item we do not believe that you will be disappointed.

Bottom Line

This brand has done a good job in the development of the shin guards. They offer an excellent level of protection and coverage. Not only will the person wearing them have a high level of safety so will the person that is training with them. Wearing this item will keep more of you protected than other options. In addition, it is quite affordable. Sometimes, putting on your protective gear can be a major burden and an even bigger frustration. The fact that this item will slide easily on is a convenience and an aspect that consumers love. You will get good we're out of these and your body will thank you for it. You won't be facing injuries whether they are small or large. Even simply avoiding bruises is appreciated when you are consistently taking abuse from another fighter. Overall, this is a solid option and shin guards that should last you a good amount of time.