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The Revgear Speed Bag is a great option for beginners or those fighters that want to work on strikes, like hooks. This option is not the fastest speed bag around. Due to the fact that the size of it is a bit larger, it is also heavier. This slows it down some. The fact that this bag is slower than others is not necessarily a disadvantage. When you are just starting out in a fight sport like Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Judo, or other MMA disciplines, training with a speed bag can be frustrating. Using one like this will allow you to develop your skill slowly. As with all things, slow and steady wins the race.  As you improve you may decide you need to upgrade. Eventually, a speedier bag will be needed but, this one will suit your needs for quite some time.

This speed bag does have nice bounce. This is due to the high-quality bladder on the interior. Consumers are very pleased with the overall construction of this option. It is made with a durable leather outer and triple stitching to ensure durability. Overall, fighters really like this speed bag. The bladder is simple to replace. If it starts leaking or goes flat you can simply purchase a new one and switch it out. Revgear has made this barely an inconvenience. This item is also quite affordable. Knowing you can get high-quality speed bags for a price that won't shock your bank account is an obvious advantage.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Large Striking Surface
  • Two Sizes Available
  • Old-School Style
  • Durable Leather Construction
  • Triple Stitched Seams
  • Best For Beginners
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Not The Fastest


Revgear is a California based company that has been offering goods to fighters for almost twenty-five years. As the popularity of mixed martial arts and fight sports started to explode, so did this brand's popularity. They continuously work with experts in the field of combat sports to ensure you have a good option for every one of your wants and needs. Whether looking for gloves, punching bags, deodorizers, or other gear and equipment you will be able to find it with Revgear.

This brand is also keen on listening to their customers. It plays a huge role in the overall success of this company. If you have questions, comments, or concerns they are always willing to listen and take what you have to say into consideration. Putting your trust into any brand in today's society can be difficult as they oftentimes let us down. People are very pleased with this brand as a whole and the products they produce. Deciding to trust their products will not leave you disappointed.


This brand uses fairly standard materials when putting this product together. The outer shell is made from genuine leather. This is the most common outer shell for a speed bag. It is used because it not only looks great but it offers excellent durability. It has been noted by consumers that it is not the highest quality leather yeah it is not of poor quality either. Inside of the leather shell is a rubber bladder.

This will be filled with air and it is what gives this item it's bounce. There is a lacing system at the top of the speed bag. You will use it to easily open and close the bag if you ever need to replace the bladder. It is important to note that this product does not come with the necessary equipment used for hanging. Many options that are currently available to you will come with the hardware that you need, however, that is simply not the case here. If you want to be able to use this as soon as you get it you'll want to acquire those pieces as well.


There are two different sizes available when purchasing this item. It is important to know that regardless of which size you choose the speed bag is a bit bigger than most others. One option that is available to you is the nine-inch variety. The other option is for an eleven-inch diameter. These are not the largest options available but they are a good size. Consumers are pleased with the striking surface. As noted, this option will likely be best for beginners as the bag moves slower due to the larger size.

Obviously, if you are looking to improve your speed to the fullest you will want to look toward a smaller bag that will offer more movement and a bigger challenge. If you have been training in boxing or MMA for some time it is likely this option is not going to give you the challenge you are looking for. Overall, it's a nice aspect that there is some size variety.

Hanging Style

There is a small leather Loop that is sewn to the top of the speed bag. Using this you will attach it to a swivel and a platform. There are other ways to hang a speed bag but this is the most common way. It will offer you good movement in every direction. Oftentimes the equipment you need is included with your bag. As noted, that is not the case here. It can be a bit annoying that you have to make this extra investment to be able to use your back.

It is important to note, that if you don't have the suggested hanging materials you could use a carabiner and a chain to hang this in a variety of locations. It is not going to give you the same type of movement that most fighters are looking for but it will enable you to use this product until you can purchase a more standard hanging option. In general, hanging this item is simple and there have been no reports of consumer struggling with it.


Obviously, speed bags are used to help you improve your speed. As mentioned, this is a bit heavier and doesn't move quite as quickly. So, it can help beginners improve their speeds, however, Advanced fighters may not find it truly challenging. The reduced movement and larger size of this product make it excellent for practicing strikes like hooks. Training with a speed bag is also a fantastic way to improve your hand-eye coordination. Due to the fact that you'll be striking a relatively small moving object, it's easy to see why it will help you in this area. This item is also useful in helping to improve your reflexes.

When you train with a speed bag your head will naturally move out of the way and this can help you avoid blows during competitions and sparring sessions. Some consumers have found that training with a speed bag is also excellent at improving cardiovascular health. Switching up your cardio routine can help you stay on track and focused. Adding this item will absolutely help to keep things interesting.


While most speed bags use a similar rubber bladder, they are not all created equal. This option uses a high-quality rubber bladder that you won't have to spend a lot of time worrying about it holding air There have not been reports that this product leaks are frequently. This is a major advantage as oftentimes leaking air is one of the biggest complaints about speed bags. Another common issue is that the bladder in this type of equipment pops with frequent use.

You won't have to worry about that either when using this product. The bladder is exceptionally high-quality and can stand up to some serious hits. It is important to note that over the course of time the bladder will wear out. This could mean that it is leaking air frequently or that it is popped all together. You will be able to purchase a replacement and switch it out easily to ensure continued use during your training sessions.


As with most other speed bags, the outer material of this item is made from genuine leather. Genuine leather does require a different type of care then let's say vinyl or synthetic leather. With vinyl and synthetic leather, you can basically use any disinfecting spray or cleaning product to keep it smelling and looking great. When dealing with genuine leather you will need to invest in leather cleaners and conditioners.

This will help to keep the material in the best condition possible. You won't have to do this every day. In fact, you only need to clean and condition it once every few months. So, while you will have to put a little more elbow grease into it you won't have to do it very frequently. Most people find it to be barely an inconvenience and are able to fit it into their routine with ease. The use of real leather does provide the best durability so we feel the extra care is acceptable.


Training with a speed bag comes with a variety of advantages. Not only will it help to improve your hand-eye coordination and your speed but it can also help to improve your reflexes. This option is particularly advantageous for beginners to use. It is a bit slower and will allow you to work on your form. This, in turn, will help to improve your speeds over the course of time. When you buy this product you will also be able to easily replace the bladder even though you shouldn't need to do it very frequently. It can be quite frustrating trying to swap out the rubber bladder inside of these items.

So, the fact that it's very simple with this one is a slight advantage. Another aspect that consumers are happy about is the fact that they have some option in size. We do not always see that with this type of product and it's nice that there are still some Brands out there that offer choices. When you train with a speed bag on a frequent basis you will absolutely notice the difference in your performance during sparring and competitions. It will be for the better.


The only real negative associated with this product is also considered an advantage to something. It has been stated by consumers they aren't truly satisfied with the speed of this bag. When you're making an investment into a speed bag, for many, they expect it's going to truly move quickly. This bag does have a nice bounce and it does move fairly fast, however, it may not be exactly what you're looking for.

This is especially true for those of you that have spent a lot of time training in boxing or mixed martial arts. If you are active in the world of combat sports you may want to look for a different option in speed bags. Honestly, this is not a real disadvantage unless you are a truly advanced fighter. Overall, the fact that this product has almost no disadvantages is a major bonus and something that should be thought about when deciding if it is the right product for you or not.


Consumers feel as if this product is a fantastic value. Revgear has done an excellent job in not only the design but also the construction of this product. The price tag that it carries aims to please. It is really quite affordable and pretty much every budget will be able to absorb the blow easily. You really shouldn't have to spend time-saving to call this item your own. Looking through the other aspects it is fairly easy to see why so many people do think that this product is an awesome value.

There are very few disadvantages associated with it and a plethora of advantages. It is a solid training tool that can help you become a better fighter when you pair it with other proven training methods. Overall, we believe you will be happy with the purchase of this item and the way it helps to improve your performance.

Bottom Line

When you are just starting out in the world of combat sports there is a ton to learn and even more pieces of training equipment that you need to acquire. This affordable speed bag will easily fit into not only your budget but also your routine. It offers versatile advantages in your training and can truly help you to become better in your chosen discipline. Consumers are more than happy with the design and construction of this product. It is made from durable materials that will allow for extensive longevity of use.

If the bladder does have issues after putting in serious training hours you will be able to easily switch it out and continue towards your training goals. The fact that this item is affordable is another great selling point. Not only will it last quite some time it won't break the bank.