Ring To Cage Mughals Belly Pad Review

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The Ring To Cage Mughals Belly Pad will stand up to punches, kicks, elbows, and knees beautifully. When you participate in combat sports like Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, or you train fighters, you need great protective equipment to keep you in the game. This belly pad offers excellent protection and a secure fit. Unlike many other options, you won't have to deal with Velcro that loses its sticking power over time. The closure of this item will hold fast and for an exceptional amount of time. When you are taking heavy blows this product with ensuring you don't feel much of it at all. They use specialized air technology to help provide fantastic protection to your abdomen and sides. Oftentimes, when wearing protective gear, your movement is restricted. This can lead to unreal training situations. You won't have to worry about that with this product. Due to the fact that it won't inhibit your movement, the fighter you are working with will be able to train more accurately. In turn, their performance will be better during all of their training and competitions. You will not have to spend a lot of time caring for this item. This is a major advantage to those of you that lead hectic lifestyles. Overall, consumers are really impressed with this item by Ring To Cage and they are exceptionally happy with the fit, feel, and protection they have while using it.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Won't Inhibit Mobility
  • Lightweight Design
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Simple Adjustments
  • Affordable
  • Exceptionally Secure Fit
  • Durable Materials
  • Phenomenal Customer Reviews
  • Hot While Wearing


Ring To Cage is a brand that truly listens to the consumers buying their products. Constantly working towards making their products better you are guaranteed to find new and cool aspects every time they update a line. This brand came to fruition because they were finding a ton of inferior products for fighters with astronomical prices. They work towards giving you quality gear at costs anyone can afford. When you participate in high-impact sports like boxing, wrestling, karate, and other mixed martial arts it is essential that you are wearing the correct gear. They offer good materials and excellent designs. All of the items that are available from this brand are good quality. So, whether you are looking for gloves, protective gear, punching bags or other fight related items this brand will have what you need. Not only will they have it it will be at a price that makes you and your bank account smile.


The outer shell on the front of this piece of equipment is made from durable synthetic leather. This is a very common material to be used in this type of item. The reason that so many people use it is because it is exceptionally easy to care for and will give the user great longevity of use. The piece that goes against your body is made of an absorbent piece of fabric. This sweat wicking material will help improve your level of comfort while wearing this item. It is important to note that consumers have stated they find it to be quite hot while wearing it. The piece of it that keeps you protected is made from foam. Not only does it include phone but there are also large air pockets that help to absorb and disperse shock quite nicely. Commonly we see a large piece of velcro that secures this type of item. That is not the case here. It uses a belt buckle style closure that offers you better security. Overall, the materials used in this item offer good durability and they also look great.


You will be getting a fairly good level of protection when you decide to go with this piece of equipment. It is important to note that it does not offer the full chest coverage that many other options offer. This does help in terms of mobility. This item will allow you great range of motion while you are wearing it. It will keep your abdomen and sides very well protected. You may need to invest in groin protection and leg protection to ensure you are ready to go for every training session. The high-density padding can stand up to a punch. It will give you excellent longevity of use and the way that it is structured and designed means that you won't feel much impact at all. This is even true when you are taking devastating knees and elbows. There are target areas located on this product to help your fighter hone in on their skills. They also offer better protection here to ensure that your organs do not take blows that could cause serious detriment and injuries. Overall, customers are very pleased with the level of protection they have while using this piece of equipment.


Often times when we purchase this type of equipment what we see is a velcro closure. This can be a straight piece of velcro or a hook and loop style. Another common way to keep your body protector secure is with a strapping system. This product is not use either of those things. They have gone with a belt buckle style closure. It has two teeth that will slide into holes quite easily. This gives you a good level of adjustability and a supremely secure fit. You won't have to worry about debris building up in your velcro and making your product unusable. This type of closure also makes it extremely easy to take this item on and off by yourself. It has been noted by consumers that if you can't find the perfect fit with the holes that are currently punched in it you can add extras to find the feel you are looking. Overall, the metal buckle is extremely durable and people are pleased with the closure style that Ring To Cage has chosen to use.


Adjusting this item is exceptionally easy. Many times when you are wearing a piece of protective gear like this when it will require a partner to make adjustments. It is a nice aspect to that this one won't require help when adjusting. Due to the fact that there is only this one strap you won't have to fuss with much adjustment. It is important to note that velcro closures are not nearly as secure as this type of closure and so once you find the perfect adjustment it is likely you won't have to mess with it afterwards. As noted, if you can't find the perfect that you can add holes to the strap to ensure that your protective gear will not be sliding around. Keeping it firmly in place is important in keeping you well protected. Overall, consumers are happy with the adjustability this item offers. In addition, they are very pleased with the fact that they can adjust it on their own and it doesn't require help.


Overall, this is a very comfortable piece of equipment. Consumers are very pleased with the look and the feel of it. The moisture wicking liner is there to help improve the level of comfort you experience while using this product. However, it has been mentioned by the consumer several times that this item is very hot. When you are training in a gym it is likely going to be sweaty as it is. Adding extra equipment on makes it even worse. So, the fact that consumers find this item to be quite hot is a bit of a letdown. The padding that they use inside of it is quite comfortable. It is important to note that while there have been some complaints about this item being hot people are, in general, very happy with the level of comfort they get from it. It offers a secure fit that won't slide around and this is, obviously, advantageous.


Taking care of this item is barely an inconvenience. Due to the fact that the outer shell is made from synthetic leather, you won't have to buy any special cleaners or conditioners like you would if it was made from genuine leather. You can simply wipe it down with soap and water if that's your preference. If not, you can use basically any disinfectant spray that you prefer. You'll want to be a bit more careful with the back of this item. Due to the fact that it does have material on it, you won't want to completely soak it. It will take much longer to dry this way and it's unnecessary. Keeping your equipment clean and fresh is something that everyone can appreciate. Especially, those around you at the gym. When you give your equipment enough time to completely dry between uses it will last longer and smell better than before. Overall, you will have to spend very little time maintaining this piece of equipment and it is an aspect that is imperative to some people.


One of the aspects that consumers appreciate the most about this item is it does not limit their Mobility. When you train in sports like Muay Thai, you need to be able to move with Grace and ease. Wearing protective gear can seriously slow you down and inhibit the way your body moves. This can give the person you are practicing with unrealistic expectations when they head into a competition. So, as you can see the fact that this product does not limit your Mobility is seriously important. Another advantage to this item is how easy it is to care for. We spend our days running around doing all sorts of things and finding the time to clean our gear maybe more than we can bear. The fact that you won't have to spend much time caring for this item is another great Advantage. You will also get great durability when you decide to go with it. You'll be able to use this item for years to come without were in about replacing it. There are so many advantages in choosing this item that we cannot list them all. However, once you start to use it we think you'll find more and more.


We were surprised to see that there is really only one negative aspect of this product. All the things that customers have to say are truly positive. This piece of equipment is not only affordable but it's better regarded than some of the top brands in fight goods. The one thing that people are talking about is the fact that this product is quite hot while you're wearing it. When you are in a gym session, obviously, you're already going to be sweaty. Adding a layer of protective gear can make this exponentially worse. It can detriment your overall comfort and lead you to shortening sessions because you feel overheated. Not everyone that is using this product feels that way but it is something to take into consideration before you decide if this is the perfect fit for your active lifestyle or not.


Consumers feel as if this product is a phenomenal value. Not only will it keep you very well protected but it also comes at a price point that aims to please. You will not be making a major investment when you decide to go with this item from Ring To Cage. Sometimes, seeing a price tag this low causes concern with aspects like durability, comfort, and protection. From what everybody is saying about this item you don't need to worry about any of those things. It offers great protection, a relatively comfortable fit, and it is exceptionally durable. When you look over all of the different aspects about this product and consider the fact that there are almost no disadvantages associated with it we feel it's simple to see why everyone feels like it's such a great value. When you decide to give it a try we are certain you're going to feel the same as everyone else that have decided to put their trust into this item.

Bottom Line

If you need affordable solutions to your fight gear looking towards this brand is a good place to start. This piece of protective equipment will not only easily fit into your budget but it will also provide you with excellent durability, adjustability, and ease-of-use. Oftentimes protective gear can be a burden to take off and put on. That again is not the case here. Consumers are very pleased with the Simplicity of the design used with this item. The materials used are of good quality and will give you years worth of style and use. All of the reviews, concerning this product, are positive. That is not something that we see very frequently. Overall, we do not think you will be disappointed with this product in any way, shape, or form.