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The Ring To Cage Pro Curved kick pads is a solid option for every fighter. Whether you are a trainer looking for a new pair of pads for your gym or you are a fighter looking for a set to put in your house, this option will likely work well for you. They are relatively affordable and offer great durability. In addition, they offer a comfortable fit that will last for hours.

Obviously, this is a pretty big bonus to trainers as they, typically, perform several training sessions in a day. The fit of this item is also well-regarded. Regardless of the size of your arm, you will be able to find the secure fit that is required of a piece of equipment like this one.

Ring To Cage has done a good job in choosing the materials for this item. They are high-quality and seriously built to last. When you participate in combat sports like Muay Thai, kickboxing, or Karate you need to know that the items you are purchasing can stand up to the challenge. If they break down quickly, it can leave you high and dry. In addition, it can truly inhibit your fighter's training. This item is not going to let you down. The design and construction will ensure this. Even with constant abuse, these will hold up nicely.

Overall, people are pretty happy with this item and the protection and training use it provides.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Good Impact Absorption
  • Curved For Comfort
  • Insanely Durable
  • Easy To Adjust
  • Suitable For All Skill Levels
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Exceptionally Hard
  • May Irritate Skin
  • Price Varies


Ring To Cage is a brand that is focused on the needs of fighters. From training to competition there are a plethora of items that you may want or need to help you become successful. You will be able to find it all within this one brand. They are constantly evolving their products so that they are better and better. This makes them more reliable to you. Every level of a fighter will require different options.

Whether you are just starting out or you have been at it for years you will be able to find the gear and equipment needed. They have options for gloves, clothing, footwear, bags, rings, protective gear, and more.

This brand truly does have it all. They have been making a huge name for themselves in the world of combat sports. This is because they stand behind their items and provide good quality options at a variety of price points. They truly do make shopping for your fight future easy.


The materials used in this product are all good quality. They are not necessarily the absolute most durable options but they are going to give you great longevity of use. The padding of this product is made from high-density foam. They use a thinner layer than most, however, it is exceptionally dense. This means it's going to do a good job of absorbing impact.

The padding is covered with synthetic leather. This will give you good durability, however, this is one of the areas that won't be quite as durable as other options. The highest quality options use genuine leather to cover the padding. There are two hook and loop style closures on the back that you will secure over your forearm. These are latched with velcro.

They do add a bit of padding here, as well. This is used to improve your overall level of comfort. There is a handle riveted on that is also quite comfortable for long use. It is padding covered in synthetic leather. It will provide a good grip.


Consumers have noted that this product is going to give you a good level of protection regardless of the skills your fighter is bringing to the table. This means whether you are working out with somebody brand new to mixed martial arts or somebody that has been going at it hard for years this pad will handle the impact.

It is important to note that many people have stated that the padding in this item is exceptionally hard. This could be a problem for your fighter if they are not wearing the correct protective equipment. If you are not wearing foot and shin protection while training with these pads you may end up with some nasty they have kept the lacing at the back to help avoid this being caused by accidentally hitting scenes. Overall, the trainer and the fighter are going to get a good level of protection that will keep them going strong for quite some time.


There are mixed reviews about the fit of this item. It does use a common configuration of a grip bar and to hook and loop styled velcro closures. What consumers are saying is that the bottom hook and loop closure is too large. If you are small in stature you may not be able to tighten it enough to get a secure fit. This could leave you open to injury as this protective Padme slide out of place.

Not everyone is having this trouble, however, it is definitely something to keep in mind if your arms are pretty small. For everyone else, the fit is easily adjusted because of the strapping system. It is also quite comfortable and secure. The ability to adjust both straps is going to provide a better fit. Ensuring that the velcro closure is free from debris well also helped to make sure this product holds tight during all of the arduous training sessions you'll be part of.


There are also some mixed reviews about the level of comfort you'll experience while using these pads. It is due to the fact that this item is not going to fit everyone very well. If you don't have a secure fit you may find that the straps are moving around and digging into your skin. Once you become sweaty, it could lead to some very ugly abrasions. Obviously, Skin Integrity is a major issue.

You want to make sure that you don't have any rubbing going on so that you stay comfortable and you can consistently train with your fighters. There are not an overabundance of complaints in this area and if you have an average or larger size arm the shouldn't be a problem at all. So, it really depends on your anatomy in whether you will find this product to be comfortable during use or not.


You are going to get a decent amount of striking area when you decide to purchase these pads from Ring To Cage. They are fifteen inches tall and seven and a half inches wide. This is a bit smaller than what is considered to be a professional size but not by much. keep in mind that this type of training equipment is used in pairs so, realistically, you will have double the striking surface.

These pads are only two and a half inches thick. this is significantly thinner than many other options that are currently available to you. However, because they use such a dense piece of padding they do offer a high level of protection. They are also extremely durable. In fact, takes a very long time for these to soften up at all. Most people are very pleased with the size of these pads and feel that they are perfect for a variety of different types of training.


Each one of these pads weights two and three-quarters pounds. The pair is, in turn, going to weigh five and a half pounds. This is not extremely heavy, however, it is not extremely light. There are many options out there that weigh significantly less than this pair of pads. Keep in mind, typically, the lighter the pads the less protection you're going to get.

These should not be too heavy for most users. What this means is you're not going to have to worry about them weighing you down. In addition, you won't suffer from longer recovery times or increased muscle fatigue.

You should be able to use these pads session after session without wearing down. They really are fairly light. Consumers have noted that they're very pleased with the weight of this item is especially when you consider the level of protection that they offer the user.


One aspect that people find to be truly advantageous about this item is the level of protection that it gives to you. Not only does it give the trainer a high level of protection but it will also keep the spider protected as long as they are wearing the correct protective equipment.

Obviously, avoiding injury during training sessions is imperative. So, it's easy to see why this feature is such an advantage. This product also offers a good level of adjustability. While it's not going to fit everyone perfectly it will suit most users needs. The design of this product is curved so that it is more comfortable. Buying products that are anatomically correct make sense. Considering the fact that you will likely be using these for many hours throughout all of your training sessions this feature is an advantage.


Whenever we are considering a product to purchase it's important that we look at the disadvantages as well as the advantages. This product does come with a few negatives that will need to be thought about. The padding used in this item is exceptionally hard. This means that if your fighter is not wearing shin guards they are leaving themselves open to some nasty bruises and possible injuries.

This may mean making an extra investment to make sure that everybody has the highest level of protection. Another problem with this item is that the fit is not perfect for everyone. It may slide around causing irritation to your skin. It could even cause abrasions which would require a light amount of first aid. Overall these are some of the more serious things to consider in regards to this item. Some also don't find it to be very comfortable to use as compared to others. This really depends on the user.


We feel as if this product is a good value. There are a few aspects that take away from it and knock down its value in some people's eyes. Obviously, there are negative aspects to consider and they do weigh this item down some. In terms of its cost, it really depends on where you buy them. The price can drastically very and this is a bit frustrating to Consumers.

Overall, they are pretty affordable regardless of where you buy them and most people will be able to work them into their budget with relative ease. If your budget is extremely restricted you may have to spend a bit of time-saving up to call these pads your own. When you look at this product as a whole the positive aspects definitely outweigh the negatives. It is a solid choice in a pair of kick pads. The reviews on this product are overall good and it is more than likely that you will be very happy with the performance that you get out of them.

Bottom Line

Ring To Cage has done an overall good job in the design and construction of these kick pads. We need to know that the equipment and gear we are buying for mixed martial arts training is going to last. They have chosen very durable materials that will do a good job and prove themselves over the course of time. Most people find that this item fits fairly well and offers a decent level of comfort. There are some that will not agree with this but for the most part, it is true.

These are also more affordable than many other options that are out there. Especially, when you consider the fact that they are going to give you a high level of protection. These pads are also fairly lightweight. You won't have to concern yourself with them weighing you down and impacting not only your performance but also your Fighters. We believe that if you make the investment into this set of pads you will not be disappointed with the way that they perform.