Ring To Cage Traditional Boxing Trunks Review

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The Ring To Cage Traditional Boxing Trunks are not only great for a boxer but also for a variety of other combat sports disciplines. So, whether you are into boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts you will be able to transition these shorts into your routine with ease. They are exceptionally soft and consumers love the feel of them. The satin finish makes them flashy yet classy. These trunks are available for adults, as well as, children. Whether you need them for your next boxing class or your child needs them for Halloween, they will fit in nicely. The cut of these shorts is a bit wider than you may be expecting. This is to help ensure that these shorts do not detriment your range of motion. Due to the fact that your motion will be unrestricted, you will be able to use these shorts for just about any training. These shorts will also withstand the test of time and the abuse you put them trough. Whether you are looking for clothing to get you through a long gym routine or you are just trying to be a tiny bit more active these shorts will be a good choice. They will keep you cool and comfortable while performing the way you would expect. Ring To Cage is known for providing top quality, yet affordable, goods which are part of the reason their following is so huge.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great Style
  • Youth & Adult Sizes
  • Quite Versatile
  • Soft Feel
  • Satin Finish
  • Stretches Nicely
  • Sizing Runs Small
  • Not As Breathable


The brand, Ring To Cage, has been offering fighters of all disciplines the gear they need to truly succeed. Their equipment tends to be more affordable than most other options. They do offer good quality and decent durability. Whether you are looking for boxing gloves, MMA mitts, sparring gear, clothing, or other Jim related needs this brand has you covered. Paying attention to the details, ring to cage, always does a good job at making sure you get products that perform better than you will expect. When you use gear that is a step above the rest you will notice it in your performance. Consumers across the globe have trusted this brand for quite some time because of the versatile options that they provide. Investing in equipment that is made with them is a solid choice and won't leave you disappointed. Finding all of your training and competition needs in one place can be difficult yet this brand does it seamlessly.


The majority of these trunks are made from satin. Satin can be made from a variety of different materials which include polyester and nylon. This particular pair of trunks is made from polyester satin. This gives them a decent stretch but it also makes them a bit heavier. Consumers had noted that they are still fairly lightweight. You will also find a 4-inch elastic waistband on these trunks. This provides a better fit and structure design. There is a drawstring on the inside of these shorts which also helps with the fit and adjustability. The materials used here are accommodating to wearing protective gear under this pair of trunks. Overall, Ring To Cage uses a good set of materials that are all of great quality. They will provide you with excellent longevity of use and a comfortable fit and feel.


You will be getting a fairly roomy fit when you decide to go with these trunks. This is fantastic for those of you that need to wear groin protection or belly protection. The nature of the elastic waist will accommodate these pieces of protective gear easily all while keeping your trunks in position. Due to the fact that they are a fuller fit they will also provide you with a good deal of room in the legs. This will make it so that your movement is not restricted. For those of you that participate in disciplines like Muay Thai and kickboxing this is great news as you will be able to wear these trunks through all of your training needs. While these shorts are a bit roomy they are not bulky. They are a bit heavier than other shorts but it does not appear that this causes them to slide down. Overall, customers are very pleased with the fit that they experience when they try these trunks on each and every time.


While these kickboxing shorts offer a decent amount of airflow because of their design, they may not be the most breathable ever. Polyester is a decently breathable material, However, the fact that it is a satin polyester means they will not breathe as well. This is due to the fact that the weave of them is much tighter. You will experience better durability but at a crease in breathability. If you are an exceptionally hot person you may want to look for a different pair of trunks. These ones might increase the temperature not help you stay cool and dry. If you are wearing shorts that do not keep you cool and dry it may end your gym session earlier then you anticipate. In addition, you may end up having to combat annoying issues like jock itch or skin breakdown. Overall, these are not the most breathable shorts available.


Consumers are more than impressed with the durability that these shorts have to offer. The material that they are made of is built to last. Polyester satin not only washes very well but it offers insanely good longevity of use. Working in the ring, down on the mat, or with a partner can produce some major wear and tear on your apparel and Equipment. Knowing that these shorts will stay in the fight is obviously and asked back to that consumers appreciate. When you make an investment into something you want to make sure it is going to stand with you throughout the test of time. These trunks will succeed with ease. This brand has done an excellent job with not only the stitching but also the Construction and design of these trunks. All of these aspects play their role in The Fantastic durability that you will get when you invest in this item.


The style of these trunks is somewhere between a traditional pair of boxing Trunks and those used for disciplines like Kung Fu and Muay Thai. They are not quite as long as a traditional pair of boxing trunks which makes them more similar to the other types. The wide elastic waistband is styled after those more traditional trunks. This helps to improve the overall fit even when wearing protection underneath them. They do offer side slits at the bottom outside of the legs. You will notice that your range of motion is much less restricted while wearing the shorts. This makes them perfect for those of you that are into a variety of different mixed martial arts disciplines. There is not a wide variety of color options. You will, however, have a stylish look when wearing these shorts. The satin finish makes them a bit classier looking than others that are currently available to you.


These boxing trunks are quite a bit more versatile than many others. They will do an excellent job for you while inside the ring, working with your coach, or during sparring sessions. They are also a fantastic option for basically any mixed martial arts variety. It is important to know too that they may not be Stellar for grappling practice due to the way the waistband is. There have been no comments from consumers about them sliding down during grappling practice, however, this is a common complaint with trunks that use the same style of closure. Whether you are out for your daily run, working in your home gym, or doing a variety of other activities these shorts will suit you well. They look good and they feel great. Having the ability to transition them easily between routines is an aspect that consumers love about this product.


There's a pretty good list of advantages that come along with choosing this product. For many people, the best aspect is the true versatility that these shorts offer. The ability to wear them for any and all of the training environments you find yourself in is not only convenient but saves you money in the long run. Another advantage to these shorts is the fact that they will not restrict your movement and they allow you to comfortably wear protection when needed. When you are able to work on your footwork as well as your kicks in the same pair of shorts it is obviously going to help improve your overall performance. Consumers are also pleased with the fact that these shorts come in youth as well as adult sizes. This can make it very simple to streamline the ordering process. You will also get exceptional durability when you invest in this item. The fact that they will last you for years to come as an obvious advantage and something that is frequently mentioned by consumers.


As with all products, there are a few disadvantages that come along with this one Consumers have noted several times that the sizing of this pair of trunks runs a bit small. If you are not careful, and you don't pay attention to the size chart you may have the frustration of returns on your hands. Another disadvantage that comes along with this product is the fact that they are not as breathable as others. Most people want to wear items that help to keep them as cool and dry as possible. While these shorts will Wick moisture away from your body you may also find them to be quite hot. These are really the only two disadvantages that we have found in investing in this product. Overall, they are a bit inconvenient, however, most people can get past them for the beautiful styling and comfortable fit that they offer.


You'll be getting a pair of boxing trunks that are well above average in terms of value. Consumers are exceptionally pleased with the quality and the durability that they get with this pair of shorts. As for price, they are slightly more expensive than some options but realistically they are very affordable. Basically, every budget will be able to work these trunks in with very little effort. If you want multiple pairs that may take a bit of time to accomplish. We cannot determine the true value of an item on its price alone. So, and looking at all of the other aspects including the pros and cons of these shorts it is simple to see why so many feel that the value of them is very good. We have to agree that you'll be getting a solid pair of boxing trunks that will last you whether you are working through cardio routines, your footwork, with a partner, or in a variety of other Fitness situations.

Bottom Line

Finding the perfect pair of shorts does not have to be impossible. This brand understands that everybody's routine may vary drastically. They have provided a pair of athletic shorts that not only work exceptionally well for boxers but also a huge variety of other people. These shorts not only look great but they feel fantastic. With a shiny finish, they are very stylish and people are sure to notice. They are quite a bit more affordable than many other options and they also offer great durability. You will be able to rely on these shorts year in and year out. Some consumers, as previously mentioned, do you find them to be a bit hot but overall, they are satisfied. This brand works hard to give fighters exactly what they need inside and outside of the ring or the cage. Putting your trust, faith, and money into this brand will not leave you disappointed. Overall, we feel as if you will be exceptionally satisfied with your purchase when you decide that this is the item you are going to go with.