Ringside Air Max Headgear Review

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When you choose to wear the Ringside Air Max Headgear you will be impressed with its lightweight nature. When you are wearing shin guards, belly pads, elbow protection, and more protective gear it can seriously weight you down and make you hot. This product won't weight you down so bad and it will actually help you stay cool. There is perforation throughout it to improve airflow. It also uses a Cool Max liner to keep you cooler than ever. This can help to keep your head in the game and lead you to a win inside the ring or in the cage. When you participate in sports like boxing, wrestling, karate, and all other mixed martial arts you need stellar head protection. This option will give you a decent level of protection. Some customers are not thrilled with it in the chin area but that has a lot to do with personal opinion and the discipline they practice. It also has to do with skill level. An awesome aspect of this product is how quickly it dries. You will be able to use it for daily practice easily. It is also extremely easy to take care of. There are a good variety of sizes available so you will be able to find your perfect fit. Overall, consumers are really happy with this relatively affordable option by Ringside.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Breathability
  • Excellent Customer Reviews
  • Lightweight
  • Great Visibility
  • Fast Drying
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Limited Chin Protection
  • Chin Strap Durability Issues


When you are in need of trunks, gloves, wraps, protective equipment, and fight gear you can trust that Ringside has what you need. They strive to give affordable yet durable options. They do not only have options for fighters but also for coaches and fitness enthusiasts. You will be able to choose from a plethora of options to suit your particular needs. This brand has done a great job at growing and expanding their product lines. With continued research and innovation we are always excited to see what they come out with next. Available to consumers across the globe this brand really has become a leader in the world of fitness and in fight sports. The people using these products are very happy with the performance, fit, and feel that they get with them. so, when you need affordable options for every fighter whether just starting out or one that has been at it for years they have what you need. Overall, we feel as if the Ringside brand is one that is worth trusting.


More often than not the outer shell of a piece of headgear is made of synthetic or genuine leather. This item does things a bit different. The outer shell is made of breathable mesh fabric. As noted, this product is truly made to breath. The inside liner is made of Cool Max material. It helps to wick sweat away from your skin which will help to keep you cooler and more comfortable. The protective filler is made from foam. High-impact foam is a common material for impact absorption in this type of protective equipment. It is important to note that the foam is perforated. This, again, is to ensure you get a very cool and comfortable piece of headgear. There are also patches of synthetic leather to help provide support and structure to the overall design of this item. All of the materials are pretty durable and will withstand the test of time quite nicely. Overall, customers are happy with the materials they have chosen to use and feel they perform very nicely.


You will have a decent level of protection when you go with this item. It is important to note that it does not offer as much protection as others in the same category. We say this because the design is lacking in chin protection. They have redesigned it to offer a bit better protection in this area but it is still not stellar. If an opponent lands an uppercut you may end up taking some damage. They have put reinforced protection at the ears. This is an area that is oftentimes lacking in protection so it's nice to see they have covered this area. You will have excellent protection in the face and forehead. The foam they use is very good at absorbing impact and keeping you protected. Overall, this item will keep you from sustaining any major injuries while in the ring, working with a sparring partner, or heading into some type of competition. Obviously, if chin protection is imperative to you and your training needs you will want to look towards a different option and style.


The closure system on this project is a little bit odd. It is a strap that will go through a loop but it is not secured with velcro. This has led to customers having some complaints about it coming undone during use. There is also been quite a bit of mention about the durability of this type of closure style. Some consumers have noted that while using it and trying to tighten it, it breaks. Obviously, if the closure system to your headgear breaks it will become unusable. One Saving Grace about this is that ringside offer is stellar customer service. If you run into this type of issue you will simply need to contact them and they will help you sort it out and get it replaced. We do feel that ringside could spend a bit of time improving the closure system so that consumers would not have to worry about this. Overall, it is easy to use and most people don't have issues with the durability levels that it provides. You will be able to easily pull this piece of equipment on an off which is convenient and an aspect that consumers appreciate.


You will have a small amount of adjustability when you decide to purchase this product. More importantly, it does come in a plethora of different size options. As long as you measure correctly in order the correct size the limited adjustability should be no problem at all. Whether you are a youth fighter or a full grown fighting expert they will have a size to suit your needs. The area that you will have some adjustability is in the chin strap. They use a rather long strap so you'll be able to loosen or tighten it as you need to. Consumers have mentioned that it's extremely easy to adjust. The chin strap is really the only point of adjustability so, as you can see, it is quite limited. There are, absolutely, other options available to you with improved adjustability so you can find the perfect fit. In general, as noted, the lack of adjustability is more of an inconvenience than a problem as long as you're careful when measuring and ordering.


Breathability is truly where this product shines. Ringside has done an amazing job at making sure that this product will help to keep you cool and comfortable throughout all of your sweaty training sessions. The outer shell, as noted, is made of mesh which is extremely light and breathable. There are also holes throughout the entire piece of headgear to improve the airflow even more. Then, add to this, the fact that the interior is lined with a Cool Max liner and it is simple to see why this item breathes so well. Consumers are stoked over the fact that this product truly does help to keep them cool. Spending hours in the gym always equals a sweaty and hot experience. The fact that this item can help combat that is quite impressive. They truly have done an excellent job at providing a piece of headgear that is truly breathable. Overall, we know that you will be pleased with the airflow and breathability levels you get while using this item.


Taking care of this item is a bit different than your standard pieces of headgear. Typically have they are made of synthetic leather and you can wipe them down with a disinfecting spray or simple soap and water. Due to the fact that this product is made from a variety of different materials, it's not quite so easy. If you wipe it down with a disinfecting spray or soap and water you were going to make it exceptionally wet and you're going to need time to let it dry completely before you can use it. Many consumers have noted using glove deodorizers as a convenient and easy way to keep their headgear smelling fresh. Overall, you should not have to spend a plethora of time caring for this item and that is something that consumers can appreciate. We live in a very busy Society so a simple care routine is advantageous to everyone.


We believe the biggest advantage of this product is its lightweight and breathable nature. As noted, we wear a variety of protective gear while training for sports like karate, boxing, Muay Thai, and other mixed martial arts. All of this equipment can lead to an uncomfortable and very sweaty environment. The fact that this item breathes so well will help to ensure you stay cool and comfortable. This is an advantage everyone can appreciate. Obviously, wearing protective equipment comes with some basic advantages. Using top quality headgear is imperative and ensuring you do not sustain injuries like concussions. These can not only take you out of the sport for a long time but can have devastating after effects.


The biggest downfall of this item is probably the fact that it is seriously lacking in chin protection. Basically, all fight sports are going to involve strikes to your face. A well-placed uppercut could take you out of the game if you are wearing this piece of headgear. Another issue that consumers have mentioned is with the durability of the chinstrap. There have been several reports of it breaking upon the first session of trying to tighten it. Obviously, this is a pretty big disadvantage as a broken chin strap will make this piece of equipment unusable. It doesn't offer a velcro closure to ensure it stays put. This could lead to you losing your headgear at a critical moment. We wear protective equipment so we don't have to worry about sustaining injuries. The disadvantages associated with this item are a bit bigger than with other options available and should be seriously thought about before deciding to invest in this item.


Consumers feel as if you're getting pretty good bang for your buck when you decide to go with this item. The price tag that it carries is slightly loftier than others in the same category. This is a bit of a burden because the disadvantages that come along with it are pretty heavy. For the most part, people should not have to take much time to save up enough money to call this item their own. It will provide you with an excellent fit and adorable design. The way it is structured you will maintain a better level of comfort through the fact that you won't be nearly as hot while wearing it. When you take all of the pros, cons, aspects, advantages, and disadvantages into consideration it is easy to see why most people feel that this product is a decent value. The good longevity of use that you will likely get out of it does make the price tag a bit more understandable. In addition, the fact that it is truly lightweight and breathable are aspects that certainly play their role in consumers feeling that it is a decent item.

Bottom Line

This item does come with quite a few positive aspects. When you are looking for protection that is not only lightweight but provides an excellent level of airflow this may be the perfect fit. Consumers are happy with the way that it looks and it feels. There are a few aspects that are a bit of a disappointment, especially in regards to the level of protection you'll get all the way around. There are many sizes available so that this item can accommodate not only youth Fighters but adult fighters as well. You won't have to worry about your line of sight being obstructed because of the fact that this item has a fairly streamlined and slim build. Overall, customers are pleased with their purchase of this item by ringside.