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The Ringside Diablo boxing shoes are specially made to improve your performance inside the ring. They are relatively low in terms of height, yet they still offer a decent amount of ankle support. The pattern of this shoe is made to breathe which is a great aspect when you are working hard at the gym. You will also maintain decent motion in the ankle because of the low-top design. This can make it much easier to dance around the ring as you work on pummeling your opponent. The style of this boxing shoe is a bit showy which goes perfectly for those of you that like to add a bit of flair to your ring ensemble. Ringside has also paid attention to the details. You will get great grip with the outsole that they use in this item. Your footwork plays a major role in your overall success inside of the ring. Investing in a great pair of boxing shoes will ensure your feet stay where you put them and allow you to put true power behind all of your punches. Consumers are very happy with this boxing boot. It is made of great materials and can absolutely help you to improve your footwork.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Very Stylish
  • Durable Design
  • Nice Grip
  • Simple To Care For
  • Versatile Use
  • Fast Break-In Time
  • Difficult Sizing
  • Limited Ankle Support


Ringside has been providing fighters of every level the equipment and gear they need for more than thirty years. A leader in their industry, this brand produces high-quality items that fit more easily into your budget than others of their class. So, whether you are looking for apparel, punching bags, sparring gear, or gloves they have what you need to keep yourself protected and working hard. Spending time training regardless of if it is for fitness or profession requires products that will stand strong and last through the test of time. You can count on this brand to give you durability, style, and versatility in all of their available options. This brand is not only for boxers but also for those of you that are into mixed martial arts, fitness, and other combat-related sports.


There is not a lot of information available on the insole of this boxing shoe. There is a padded area at the midsole and they do have a pretty wide fit. This roomy shoe may be great for some people but people with narrow feet beware. You may find them to be too loose. The fix to this is to invest in a decent insole for your shoes. This will tighten up the shoe and help give you added support through the arch if that is also something that you need. Due to the way the inside of this shoe is designed you won't have to worry about much break-in time. Bulky insoles can lead to extended time until you find your shoes comfortable. The insole is quite thin and some find that uncomfortable in general. Here again, you can absolutely slide a pair of inserts in to keep your feet feeling great.


The outsole of this boxing boot is made of rubber. Rubber is a typical outsole material for a boxing shoe as it does a great job at gripping the canvas. In addition to this, it is also very durable. You will be getting a decent tread pattern that actually makes this shoe quite versatile. It has been noted by customers that this option transitions nicely between the ring, the bag, and can even be worn during your lifting sessions comfortably. This is partly due to the fact that they are a lower top. The increased range of motion that you will have in your ankle will allow you to do a variety of gym tasks while wearing them. Overall, customers are exceptionally satisfied with the grip the outsole of this shoe gives them inside and outside of the ring.


When you decide to go with the Ringside Diablo you will be getting an extremely lightweight option. Coming in at under a pound an a half, you will barely even notice that you are wearing them. the low-profile of these boxing shoes help to keep the weight minimal. Add to this the materials that they are constructed of and it is easy to see why they are indeed so light. Consumers are thrilled with the weight of these boots, especially compared with those of a higher fit. When you wear a shoe this light you will experience less leg fatigue. The advantage to this is that you will be able to train longer and harder than before. This will help advance your skill and improve the speed of your footwork.


These shoes are constructed of pretty good materials. They consist of an upper made of good quality synthetic patent leather. This is what gives them their shiny appearance. There are also mesh panels strategically placed throughout the upper. As previously mentioned the outsole is made of rubber. It is not a very thick piece of rubber which helps with the overall flexibility of the shoe. The insole is basically non-existent and consists of a small foam piece in the mid-sole of each boot. There is also a bit of padding at the ankle of this option. The only other material is in the laces. They are made of standard shoelace material. Overall, the materials used in this shoe are durable and exceptionally easy to care for. They have made some solid choices when putting this item together.


You will be getting a roomy fit if you wear these shoes as they come. The lack of an insole provides the wearer more room and this is great if you have wider feet. Finding the need to tighten the fit up is barely an inconvenience. You will simply need to add a pair of insoles to your shoes and the fit will tighten up and improve. Obviously, you will have some control over how these fit from the bottom to the top. this is because they lace up. The adjustability in fit due to a lacing closure system is awesome and a major advantage as our feet tend to swell throughout the day. Consumers are very pleased with the fit that these offer and appreciate that they can use whatever insole they prefer to give it a truly customized feel.


This is a decently durable option among boxing shoes. As you can imagine, combat sports are hard on equipment. Your gear needs to be able to stand up to a consistent pounding and this goes not only for your gloves but also your shoes and protective equipment. The materials used to make this option are pretty durable. The rubber outsole provides good wear but because it is thing will break down and eventually cause you to need a new pair. They will last quite some time before this happens. The upper materials are also quite durable and it is likely that the bottoms will wear before the tops do. Putting an insole into this shoe can help lengthen the overall life of them. It gives you more material between the bottom and your foot and reduces the amount of damage the sole takes.


While these are not the highest quality option available to you, they are certainly not the lowest either. They are made of good materials that will give you great longevity of use. They look great and fit even better. You will be able to customize the way they feel and fit so you will be truly happy with them during their entire life of use. Ringside pays attention to the finer details as well. They use double stitching on this shoe where you need it the most. This helps you to avoid tearing the upper sections of your shoe because of places that take a lot of strain and flexion. Overall, these are a good quality boxing boot that will provide you with a ton of different situations you can use them effectively in. This versatility and quality are not always seen together. Customers are very happy with the quality of this product.


These shoes are quite comfortable and can be made even more so with the customization you can do with a pair of insoles. For those of you with wide feet, you may not need anything to find these boxing boots to be truly comfortable. They offer a nice wide fit that won't pinch your toes. As previously mentioned, if you have narrow feet you will likely have to make the investment in insoles. Without them, your feet will move around a lot and this could lead to injuries to your toes or painfully raw areas where your feet are rubbing the material. So, know that if you have wide feet you are likely good and if not you will have to make an extra investment into some killer insoles to ensure great comfort levels. These shoes are quite flexible. Extra flexibility adds to the overall comfort level. When you are working for hours in and out of the ring you need a pair of shoes that are truly comfortable. With just a bit of effort that is exactly what you will have with these.


In terms of breathability, these are better than most other options available to you. This is due to a couple of different features. They offer mesh panels that are placed throughout the upper of the shoe. These improve airflow and help to maintain an appropriate temperature inside your shoes. The low profile also helps to make them not as hot as other boots you may have worn in the past. When your feet are sweaty and wet from working hard in the gym it can lead to a plethora of problems. This includes ailments like ingrown toenails and athlete's foot. The breathability of this shoe allows for good airflow and a cooler environment for your feet. Obviously, this aspect will help not only keep you comfortable but also keep your feet in great condition no matter how often you train.


This option from Ringside does not offer a ton of support. Due to the fact that there is no real insole to it, there isn't much support for the bottom of your feet. They have built the midsole up a bit so you will find some arch support while wearing these flashy boots. The height of this boot is quite short and therefore it only offers a bit of ankle support. The higher your boot comes up the more support you will have. Additionally, many options offer an ankle strap to help support the ankle even more. These features are great if support is what you are looking for but they seriously restrict overall movement. If you don't need something super supportive but are looking for something that gives you a great range of motion this may be the perfect choice for you.


Customers feel as if this pair of boxing shoes are a great value. Their price tag is very reasonable and you will be getting a durable pair of boots that you can customize to fit just the way you want them to. They easily accommodate wider feet. Ringside is known for producing quality products that don't cost a fortune. Due to the fact that you can easily fit them into most budgets, it makes it easy to look past the fact that you will likely need to buy insoles for them to ensure they are truly comfortable during long sessions of wearing them. When you look at all of the aspects of this boxing shoe and then add the price to the mix it is simple to see why people feel as if this product is such a good product.

Bottom Line

Needing to find a pair of boxing shoes that fit well and feel great for quite some time can be a challenge if you don't have a ton of money to invest. This option is a good one to suit a variety of needs including a limited budget. The materials will hold up to long-term use and once you break them in you will have a pair of shoes that will stay comfortable during all of that same use. They look great and can add a bit of flash to your gym gear. You may have to do a bit of tweaking to ensure you get a comfortable fit but this seems to be easy enough to do. Overall, customers are pleased with the look, feel, and versatility of these low-profile boxing shoes. If you decide to give them a try we are certain you won't be disappointed.