Ringside Gel Micro Punch Mitts Review

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The Ringside Gel Micro Punch Mitts have a compact design and can easily go anywhere you decide to train. It is nice to have a versatile option that you can simply throw in your gym bag without them taking up a lot of space. The construction of this item is solid. You will be able to work through a plethora of training sessions without worrying that a seam is going to blow out. It is important to note that there is no wrist strap on this item. This may lead to them come off of your hands. In addition, they may shift around quite a bit. This can be a problem and lead to injury if you are not careful

The materials that Ringside has chosen for this item are stellar. They are going to give you exceptional longevity of use. In addition, they will give you comfortable wear even on your longest days. Obviously, you will be taking blow after blow while using this piece of training equipment. They will handle the shock fairly well, considering, they have a gel layer. Gel is great at absorbing impact. This plays a big role in keeping your hands, fingers, and wrists feeling great. Overall, people are happy with the performance they are getting from this item. The fighters training with them are also happy with the improved performance they are seeing.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Compact Size
  • Durable Materials
  • Thick Gel Layer
  • Easy To Transport
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Decent Shock Absorption
  • Very Light
  • Hard Striking Surface
  • Inner Lining May Stain Hands
  • Long Break-In Period
  • No Wrist Strap


Ringside is one of the more affordable brands in the world of items related to Combat Sports. They offer a variety of options that will help you stay protected and comfortable throughout all of your training excursions. Regardless of if you are into Fitness, Boxing, Taekwondo, or other mixed martial arts, you will need a plethora of different equipment and gear to perform your best. They offer all of the things that you need at reasonable prices. The technologies used within their items are quite impressive. They spend a lot of time in the research and development phase to try and make sure that you get the best items possible. This brand is really focused on keeping things affordable and therefore sometimes the quality of their items is not quite as good as what we would see with a brand like TITLE or Cleto Reyes. With that being said, they do offer some solid options at much more reasonable prices.


The materials chosen for this product are smart & of Fairly good quality. The outer material is made from genuine leather. Keep in mind that genuine leather comes in different qualities and while this one is not the best it is also not the worst. There is a layer of gel that is a quarter of an inch thick. This offers stellar impact absorption. There is also foam behind the gel layer. This proves the shock absorption exponentially. The interior of this item is lined with suede leather. This leaves you with an exceptionally comfortable environment. It is important to know that consumers have mentioned that as your hands sweat the dye May bleed onto them. This can be a bit of an inconvenience and may even stay in your hands. There is a mesh panel located at the back to help improve the level of breathability that this item has. Overall, the materials used are quite durable and will give you great longevity of use.


The fit of this item is decent. Consumers are not thrilled with the fact that there is no strapping system at the back of the wrist. This can lead to an unsecured fit. Because your hand will not be locked in place it will leave you susceptible to this item sliding around or even coming off completely. If this were to happen you could sustain an injury which can take you away from training sessions for quite some time. Obviously, this is a disadvantage that you will want to consider when purchasing this item. The people that are having the most trouble are those with very large or very small hands. The consumers using this item with average sized hands feel that the fit is quite snug and relatively secure. This is an aspect that we feel this brand needs to work on as losing your ass in the middle of a training session is a major problem.


This option offers a decent level of breathability. It is not the best available out there, however, it is also not the worst. They have a large mesh panel built into the back of this Mitch to help promote air flow. The more air that can reach your hands the more comfortable you will be. The use of a suede liner does add a bit of heat. This can lead to a sweaty or environment that can become uncomfortable. Customers are not complaining about this option being exceptionally hot. This leads us to believe that you'll be rather comfortable while wearing them. Obviously, if you are spending a lot of hours wearing them in training fighters the environment that your hands RN will become wet with sweat. The decent level of breathability will help this dry relatively quickly which should lead you to cooler training sessions.


All this product is small in size it does give you a pretty good level of protection. The gel layer offers great impact absorption which in turn offers good protection to not only you but also the fighter. There have been comments from combat sports participants that are working with these that they are quite stiff. This means that when you are striking it you're going to want to make sure to be wearing hand protection so you don't cause damage to the fragile bones in your fingers, hands, and wrists. For the coach or sparring partner that are wearing these mitts, there is no extra padding near the wrist and the small size means you will need to be careful. Taking a misplaced strike to the rest could lead to some serious damage. As long as your fighter is focused and making sure to hit the actual pad you will be just fine.


People are pretty happy with the level of comfort they have when using this product from Ringside. They are very lightweight which means you won't experience as much muscle fatigue. This is advantageous to those of you that are working with fighters all day long. The decent level of breathability also plays a big role in keeping you comfortable. The dryer the environment that your hands are in the more comfortable you will be. In addition, the fact that this item absorbs shock so well will help to keep you comfortable. Your hands, fingers, and wrists will be less sore and you will notice faster recovery. Overall, this brand has done a good job of ensuring a comfortable design. Keep in mind that you won't have a secure fit which can lead to a bit of discomfort, however, there are no complaints in regards to the level of comfort associated with this product.


It was not surprising to us to find out that this product is exceptionally lightweight. The pair of them weighs less than 1 and 1/2 pounds. What this means to the person using them is that you won't have to worry about them wearing you down. It won't be cumbersome moving them through the air as you work with fighters of every skill level. When you are wearing a lot of protective equipment it can really weigh you down. So, it is imperative that as your piecing things together you look for lightweight options. This can help you train for exponentially more time. The materials used in this product could lead to it being heavy, However, the fact that it is quite small ensures that they are not. Overall, customers are very pleased with the lightweight nature of this product and feel that it is barely an inconvenience to wear them frequently.


One of the biggest advantages of using this product is the compact size. Some people complain that they are too small, however, that is how they are built to be. It makes it very easy to take them from your home gym to your local workout area. As a matter of fact, you can take them basically anywhere exceptionally easily. This item is also quite durable. It will stand out to a punch without a problem. It takes quite a while to break them in which means that you will get excellent longevity of use and that is an aspect everyone can appreciate. The small size of this product is also an advantage to your fighter. It can seriously help to improve their accuracy as well as their hand-eye coordination. The solid design of this product will be able to absorb a great deal of impact and it will keep you fairly well protected.


There are a few common complaints about this item that should be taken into consideration. The most important disadvantage that you need to think about is the fact that this item has no wrist strap. It not only lacks adjustability but there is a potential that it is going to fly off of your hand while using it. As noted, this could lead to injuries that should be easily avoided. Another aspect that people are less than thrilled with is that the inner lining may stay in your hands. Over the course of time, this will stop but in the interim, it can be quite frustrating. The next two complaints kind of go hand-in-hand. People have noted that the Striking service is quite hard and that the break-in period is longer than with most other options. A long break in period Is not necessarily a downfall as it shows that this is a very durable item. As for the hard striking surface as long as your fighter is wearing hand protection this should not be a major issue.


We believe that this product is a decent value. The cost associated with it is a bit less than others in the same category. The quality of this item is not quite as good as other options that are currently available to you and that is likely why this product is a bit cheaper. Overall, customers are very happy with the performance they are getting from this product but there are a few downfalls that seriously need to be taken into consideration. Most budgets will be able to easily work this item in and it is likely you won't need to spend any time saving up money. Looking over all of the different aspects we believe that it is simple to see why this is rated as a decent value. There are some major pluses to using these mint but there are some minuses as well. If you decide to make the investment into them you will more than likely be satisfied with your purchase but no there is a chance that this will not be exactly what you've been looking for.

Bottom Line

When you were wanting a pair of focus mitts that travel easily and don't take up a lot of room in your gym bag this may be the perfect option. They do offer a good level of protection and most people will be able to wear them easily. You will want to be careful while using them to make sure they stay securely on your hand so that you don't sustain any injuries. All of the materials used are quite durable and built to last. This is an advantage due to the nature of combat sports training. On the whole, the people using this product are quite happy with it. When working with a fighter they will also find great Improvement in their performance while working with this piece of equipment. This is due to the fact that the target zone is quite small so their accuracy will be improved. Overall this is a decent choice in focus mitts.