Ringside Gel Shock Super Body Review

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The Ringside Gel Shock Super Body protector gives great coverage and protection to your entire torso. When you are training with a fighter into boxing, Judo, Muay Thai, or other high-impact sports you will want protective gear to keep you covered from devastating hits. This item is made of durable padding that will handle the heaviest of hitters. The outside material is solidly constructed and simple to care for. This is, obviously, advantageous for all of those who lead crazy busy lifestyles. Consumers have noted that it does offer great adjustability, however, it can be difficult to adjust. Working on a training session with a young fighter or an advanced expert will be much safer when wearing this item. They will be able to work on all types of striking. It does have a moisture wicking inner lining. This will help you maintain a great level of comfort while wearing this item. Ringside has done a really good job in the construction of this product. It provides great coverage and will allow you to train your fighter for hours without worry of injury. Consumers have trusted this brand and their products for generations. We believe that anyone that decides to invest in this item will be completely satisfied. You will have a reliable piece of protective equipment. Overall, consumers are more than pleased with this item from Ringside.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Won't Inhibit Movement
  • Stiff Durable Padding
  • Simple Care Routine
  • Versatile Use
  • Handles The Heaviest Hitters
  • Contours Nicely
  • Gel Padding = Stellar Impact Absorption
  • Solid Construction
  • Straps Exceptionally Long
  • Straps May Loosen While Using
  • Difficult To Adjust


Ringside is a brand that offers options for fighters, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts alike. Regardless of if you are looking for boxing or MMA gloves, protective equipment, clothing, or gear, they have an option for everyone. This brand strives to keep prices affordable so that any budget will be able to acquire the items they need to participate in their fight sport safely. It is important to note that with these reasonable prices you may notice materials that are not quite as high quality as others and durability that may be slightly lessened. This is not always the case and more often than not consumers are exceptionally satisfied with all of the products that they get from this brand. If you do run into issues you can take solace in the fact that their customer service stands behind their products and will help you get it figured out. So, when you love to fight or help others become better you can get what you need to succeed with this brand and their products.


Ringside has chosen to use materials that are not only durable but exceptionally easy to care for. The front outside shell of this product is made from synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is not only easy to maintain but it can also stand up to the serious abuse that this piece of equipment will take. The back of this piece of protective equipment is lined with moisture wicking material. Obviously, when you're spending long sessions in the gym training you're going to become sweaty. The fact that this product will help move moisture away from your skin will help to keep you more comfortable. The strapping system is made from the same material as a seatbelt, Nylon. This provides insanely good durability and will ensure that you can use this item for years to come. One of the most important pieces is the way that this product keeps you protected. Inside of the shell they use three layers of gel-infused foam padding. This will offer fantastic shock-absorption and keep you truly protected regardless of the strikes you are taking.


You'll be getting a great deal of protection when you invest in this item. It is important to note that when you take a strike you will still feel it but it will not be able to cause damage. This option, by ringside, gives you full coverage. Your chest, abdomen, and sides will all be protected. The bottom piece does come just over the groin, however, it may not be enough to keep this area truly protected. The triple layer padding that they use will stand up to an exceptional beating. It will not lose its protective abilities but over time it will break in to offer a better fit that is less stiff. When you are training with a partner and allowing them to work on kicks as well as punches it is important to their routine that they can practice all of them. With a full body coverage that you get with this piece of protective equipment your partner will be able to practice any and every strike they need to. Overall, customers feel very well protected when wearing this piece of gear.


As noted, the closure system is made from nylon straps. Each strap is thick and durable. To fasten this product onto you you will use two different easy to use class. It was simply slide one end into the other and it will click into place. This makes it extremely easy to take this product on and off quickly. The clips are made of plastic. This could lead to durability issues, however, we have not heard any mention of this being a problem by consumers. When you have a quick and convenient closure system it is obviously appreciated. Working through routines at the gym may require frequent equipment changes and so the fact that you'll be able to do this with ease is advantageous. Overall, customers are very pleased with the way this closure system works. When you want simplicity and functionality this is a good choice to go with.


You'll get a great deal of adjustability when you decide to go with this item. Every strap that it has on it is able to be adjusted. Consumers have noted that this can be a bit difficult and may require some help. It is also been stated that the straps that are being used are insanely long. If you are going to be the only one wearing this piece of equipment, once you find your perfect fit, you may want to cut them so you don't have so much excess. It is important to note that if you do cut them you will not be able to return this item. So, some people choose to rubber band them to keep the extra length at bay. You can adjust the shoulders and where it attaches so that the fit you find throughout the entire piece of equipment becomes perfect. It's nice to find an item that offers so much adjustability. It will allow multiple people to use the same piece of protective gear. Overall, consumers are really happy about the fact that they have such a great level of adjustability when they go with this item.


In the beginning, consumers have mentioned that this product is quite stiff. As it starts to take some hits that will soften up and conform to the wearer's body. The level of comfort definitely improves over time. Due to the fact that this item has such great adjustability you will be able to find a comfortable fit fairly easily. There are also features built into it to help improve your level of comfort. For example, the moisture wicking back liner will not only keep you drier throughout your sweaty sessions but it will also keep you exponentially more comfortable. Obviously, the level of protection that you get from this product will also increase your comfort. You won't have to worry about sustaining injuries while working with a fighter on their striking needs. They have also added padding to the shoulder straps and customers have stated this seriously improves the level of comfort they have while wearing it. It is important to note that while this will keep you protected you will still feel it when a boxer or mixed martial artist lands a heavy blow.


Taking care of this piece of equipment is barely an inconvenience. Unlike products that are made of genuine leather that require special cleaners and conditioners this item is made of synthetic leather and can be cleaned with just about anything. Many people choose to simply wipe it down with a disinfecting spray while others like to go with soap and water. You will be able to, basically, use anything you prefer to keep this item looking and smelling great. It is important to note that with all gym equipment and gear you want to allow it to completely dry before using it again. In today's busy world it's nice to own items that are so easy to care for. You will not need to invest a lot of time to keep this product functioning great and smelling even better. Overall, customers are extremely satisfied with the simplicity of care that this product requires.


One of the biggest advantages in choosing this product above the others is the full coverage that it offers you. You won't have to worry about injury to your chest belly or sides when you are wearing this piece of protective equipment. Not all options offer this type of coverage. Another major advantage to using it is the fact that they use a gel-infused foam for protection. This type of foam offers better shock absorption which means your body is going to take less impact. In the long run, this will keep you feeling better. People are also very impressed with the great level of adjustability that it offers. While the straps are insanely long it will allow users of every size to wear it without issue. Obviously, regardless of how big you are, you need to be protected if you are working with a fighter. This item can also hang in there for the long run. Made with truly durable materials you will get exceptional longevity of youths with this product.


The few disadvantages associated with this product all have to do with a strapping system. First off, customers are not thrilled with how long the straps are. While this does offer great adjustability it can be a bit of an inconvenience if you don't have a way to tie them up. It has also been noted by consumers that adjusting the straps can be a little difficult. Some people have no trouble at all but others will require assistance to find the fit and feel that they are looking for. The only other real complaint that we've seen about this item is the fact that while using it the straps may loosen a bit. This could lead you to take a blow that you don't expect and didn't turn you may sustain an injury. It is important that you take this into consideration when deciding if this is the best product for you or not. Not every customer has these complaints but they have cropped up enough that we felt it important for you to know and take into consideration.


We feel as if this product is a very good value and consumers agree. The price tag that is associated with it is slightly more affordable than others in the same category. It is not exceptionally expensive but it's not exceptionally cheap either. Some budgets may have to do a bit of saving before they can call this item their own. In researching why consumers feel this product is such a good value we have found that it is due to the fact that this product is durable, protective, and reliable. They use good quality materials that are built to last. The fine details in the construction have been paid attention to and it is clear when you look at and where this item for the first time. We believe that if you decide to go with this product by ringside you'll be truly satisfied with it and agree to the fact that it is a great value.

Bottom Line

This option of body protection is a pretty safe bet. They've put the time and Research into developing it to ensure that all of the areas you need to be covered will be. The gel-infused foam that they use provides better protection and shock absorption than other options that are currently available to you. It may take you a bit of time to save up enough money to call it your own but it really is more affordable then quite a few other options that are very similar. Consumers have great things to say about this piece of equipment and feel that it does help them stay truly protected. This brand does a good job at giving fighters, coaches, and sparring partners exactly what they need to perform at their best level during all training situations and competitions. Overall, this is a solid choice in body protection that won't leave you disappointed or susceptible to injury.