Ringside Hydroblast Heavy Bag Reviewed

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When you are looking to train with a heavy bag that is a little bit different, the Ringside Hydroblast Heavy Bag may be just for you. When striking this bag you will find that it feels more realistic due to the fact that it is filled with water and the material is rubber. One of the advantages of training with water punching bags is the fact that it reduces shock to your hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. This is due to the superior energy absorbing powers of water. Customers have stated this bag is great for punch training but kick training is very difficult with it because of its size. Setting this bag up is exceptionally simple. It comes unfilled. You will simply need to hang it up, attach the nozzle to your hose, and fill it up. Then it is ready to start taking abuse. It is important to note that this bag does move around quite a bit while training with it. This can be great for improving your reflexes but annoying when trying to practice speedy strikes. Overall, customers feel this is a decent bag and that it is appropriate for some types of training but not all.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Realistic Feel
  • Easy To Fill & Empty
  • Use Indoors & Outdoors
  • Durable Material
  • Superior Impact Absorption
  • Keeps Hands & Wrists Feeling Great
  • Includes Steel Hanging Chain
  • Too Short For Kick Training
  • Pricey
  • Chain May Rust If Outdoors


Ringside has products that can fit into just about everyone’s life. Whether you are serious about boxing, coaching, or fitness they provide products to meet your needs. From clothing to gear to all the equipment needed to set up your home gym they offer options for a variety of budgets and requirements. Ringside focuses on improving their products through technology and so far they keep delivering. They have a great reputation among their customers. Fighters across the globe have put their health and safety in Ringside and so far have not been let down. This brand knows that providing affordable equipment is key. This does lead to the middle of the line products. Their products are durable and well made which shows they do a good job at ensuring they are using quality, yet affordable materials.


As you can probably guess, this bag is going to be filled with water. Typically, when we think of heavy bags we think of shredded material or sand, in terms of filler. There are also many bags that offer foam fillers. These are all great options but they do not give you the same sort of impact absorption that water does. There is really no better substance to take your impact and easily dispersed it than water. What this does is keep your hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders feeling great no matter how hard you're working the bag. Customers have noted that if you do not completely fill the bag that the water moves around a lot. This is a bit noisy and causes it to move in an odd way but they do say you start to get used to it with time.


The closure of this water bag is very simple. There is an area where you can insert the nozzle that comes with it to fill it with water. When the nozzle is not in it it's simply closed up. The nozzle will be attached to a hose at your home and then inserted into the bag to fill it up. You will use the same attachment to remove the water from the bag if you're planning on relocating it. This is an exceptionally simple system that anyone can handle. The nice part about a closure like this is you don't have to worry about a seam tearing out which could, in turn, lead to your bag falling and injuries being sustained. Consumers are pleased with the way you fell and unfilled this bag and feel that the non-leaking enclosure is very simple.


The weight of your heavy bag is pretty important to ensure that its wings correctly and is not so hard that it causes you injury. Typically, you want your heavy bag to be roughly half of your body weight. If it is too much heavier than this you may find it is like punching a brick wall. On the other hand, if it is too light it will swing wildly and can make training very difficult. This bag is available in four different weights. It can be purchased in 24, 48, 86, or 153 lbs. These options should make it pretty easy to find what you need. There are options for people young and old. In addition, the lighter weight bags can be used for speed and accuracy training. Overall, you have quite a few options with these water heavy bags that many other brands do not offer. Consumers are pretty happy with the options available. It is important to note you can decrease the amount of water in each bag to make them lighter and more malleable if you so choose to.


Obviously, depending on which way you order will make the size vary. If you go with the lightest option of 24 lb it will be just over eight and a half inches long and about 19in wide. As you can see, this is not very large. It will not be suitable for kicking practice. The 48lb option is almost a foot long and is 2 feet wide. The 86 pound option is just over a foot tall and almost two and a half feet wide. Lastly, the one hundred and fifty three pound option is 15 and 1/2 in long and 37 in wide. Obviously, the largest one will allow you to practice punches and elbows easily. None of them, however, offer the kind of size you need to work your lower body. This makes this bag more suitable for boxers then it does for mixed martial artists.


This water filled heavy bag is made of rubber. Rubber is exceptionally durable and will gracefully last through the test of time. When you are dealing with a product that is going to get pounded on frequently it needs to be able to stand up to the challenge. Only tough materials can do this. Rubber is a great option not only because it's terrible but also it gives you a more realistic feel. In addition, rubber is great at absorbing impact. So, when you pair this with the water on the inside what you have is a bag that is made to keep you feeling great. The only other materials that you will come into contact with are the metal chain and the water you used to fill the bag. The chain is heavy duty and you should not have to worry about it holding the weight of this bag regardless of which one you order.


No matter which weight option you choose you will be making a bit of an investment when you decide to go with this option from Ringside. Obviously, the latest option is the most affordable. That does not mean that it is the best option to suit your training needs. The heaviest option is actually quite expensive and not every budget will be able to absorb it easily. We need to take all of the aspects into consideration when we are trying to determine the true value of a product. Consumers feel that this is a decent value but are a bit unhappy with the fact that you can buy a boat buoy for half the cost and it is almost exactly the same item. The only difference you'll find in it is the fact that the brand name on it is not for fighting gear. Overall, we agree this bag is a decent value but feel that there are just as many great options available that may end up costing you a bit less.


This bag comes with some unique advantages. Most heavy bags are for indoor use only. That is not the case with this one. You can easily transition your workout to the outdoors which can help keep you motivated when you're tired of being in your home gym. Having the ability to train at home can also lead to improving technique, endurance, and strength. Not only that many customers find that they can seriously improve their accuracy when training at home. This bag is also very easy to fill and empty. What this means is your heavy bag can travel with you no matter where you go. Whether you are trying to lose weight, build strength, improve your speed, or in general just become healthier this punching bag can help you do just that. The durability of this bag is also an advantage. You won't have to worry about it springing leaks or falling apart. What this means is you will get years of use out of this water punching bag.


There are only a couple of things that we can see is disadvantages when it comes to this heavy bag option. The biggest one probably has to do with the limited training you can do with it. While you can absolutely hone your skill with a variety of punches you will not be able to do legwork. For those of you that participate in mixed martial arts, this is a major letdown. Most people like to work their upper and lower body while training with their heavy bag. The only other disadvantaged this product that we can find is the fact that it is quite pricey especially for what you are getting. When you can buy a buoy for a boat that functions just the same but is only half the price that is a pretty big disadvantage. Again, these are really the only two things we can find that is majorly wrong with this product but overall you are getting a solid punching bag from a good brand.


There are quite a few different options that you can use this bag for. As previously noted, it is great for indoor and outdoor strike training. It does swing quite a bit so it, in turn, will also help improve your accuracy as you punch the rebound off the back. This bag is going to work best for boxers. They focus heavily on footwork and punching. you'll be able to easily practice both of those things while using this item. It is important to note that while mixed martial artists will not be able to work on their kicks they can absolutely work on their punches while using this. It is also well suited for exercise routines that involve things like fitness kickboxing. On top of all of these uses, you can also simply spend some time working this bag to take out extra aggression or emotions that you don't know how to deal with. It can be a great tool to be used for stress relief.


The quality of this heavy punching bag is very good. The rubber material is exceptionally durable which means you won't have to worry about it breaking down easily. You will be able to use this bag for years. Filling it is also a cinch. Oftentimes, when you need to fill a heavy bag it can be quite tedious. Especially ones that are free standing and you'd have to try and get sand into a tiny hole. Ringside makes using this bag very easy. It comes with a heavy-duty chain so you won't have to try and figure out how to hang it. When you make an investment like this one you expect that you are going to get something that is great quality. It's nice to know that customers do feel that this is a very good quality punching bag. We feel that you will be pleased with all aspects of this bag if you decide to give it a try.

Bottom Line

This is a solid option for a water-filled heavy bag. It is true that you could buy a boat buoy, fill it with water, and hang it up to be used for the same purpose. This may be a more affordable route, however, it does not come from an actual company that deals with fight sports. You will get a great variety of uses with this bag and it can fit into just about anybody's routine with ease. If you travel a lot taking your heavy bag with you can be impossible. With this one, it is not. You can simply drain it, packet, and fill it back up wherever you are. This will allow your training to continue no matter what is going on in your life. Overall, customers are pleased with their purchase and feel that it has enhanced their technique and health.