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The Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag offers more room than most other options. Its large size makes it great when you are lugging around larger items like shin guards and other pieces of sparring gear. In addition, it has a lot of different pocket options. You will find organizing your items is very easy when using this bag.

When you are carrying a gym bag on a daily basis you want to make sure it is durable. Ringside has done an excellent job of ensuring this. They use heavy duty zippers that you won't have to worry about breaking even when your bag is a bit overly full. In addition, they have reinforced the seams to offer great durability.

This bag is lacking in breathability. This can be a bit of a letdown for some people but as long as you empty your bag between uses it is barely an inconvenience. You may need to invest in a decent deodorizing product to ensure everything stays smelling fresh.

Overall, customers are very happy with their Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag. It provides them with almost all of the features other gym bags are lacking. Ringside has paid attention to the fine details, making this one of the better options in this category. We believe you will be happy with the size, durability, and use you get from it.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Large Size
  • Affordable
  • Many Pocket Options
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Reinforced Stitching
  • Heavy Duty Zippers
  • Shoulder Strap May Detach
  • Not Breathable


Ringside is a brand that has been around for right around 30 years. In that time they have truly built a name for themselves. The gear and equipment they offer tend to be more affordable but still offers decent durability and quality materials.

You will find all of the options you need for training and competition inside the ring or the cage. When you are participating in the world of combat sports it requires many different pieces of gear. Finding them all in one place can be difficult, however, this brand makes it easy. They truly are a one-stop shopping experience.

If you are into hard-hitting sports like boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, or other mixed martial arts they will have everything you need. Whether you are looking for gloves, protective equipment, sparring gear, hand wraps, clothing, and other accessories they have it. Overall, this brand does a good job at having all the options fighters needs at prices that will fit into most budgets.


The Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag, as with many others, is made of nylon. The majority of the material that you'll come into contact with when using this bag is, indeed, nylon. Many brands use this as the outer material due to the fact that it is extremely durable and relatively easy to care for. It is a solid choice for a gym bag to be made of.

Ringside also used heavy-duty zippers for the closures. This can be a common area for problems with many other gym bags. So, the fact that these zippers are going to hold up is an advantage when choosing this option over others.

Some of the pockets are secured with velcro. On occasion, you will want to make sure that your velcro is free of debris. This will ensure that its days secure while you have items in those particular pockets. The Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag has a relatively simple design and you're not going to be coming into contact with a huge variety of different materials.


You are getting more pockets with the Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag than you will with many others. It has a total of seven different compartments to house all of your belongings. Some of them are quite large While others are small to make it easy to find items like your keys, mouthguard case, cell phone, and other smaller pieces that you carry.

The large pocket is bigger than most. It is going to house your sparring gear quite nicely regardless of your stature. Finding a bag that can actually fit your big items like shin guards, headgear, and gloves can be difficult. So, customers truly appreciate the fact that the Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag has such a large compartment available.

Having a variety of pockets works to everyone's advantage. You'll be able to organize your bag very easily. Not only do they give you a good choice and pockets they also have some that are specialized for quick use. This includes pockets like one that is specifically meant for your water bottle.


As noted, the Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag is slightly larger than that of a classic style duffle bag. It is going to give you more room to pack in more gear and equipment. This is going to make heading to your training sessions or competitions easier. In addition, you won't have to worry about carrying multiple bags which is a major convenience.

The length of the Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag is much larger than average. It comes in at a whopping 32 inches. For comparison, a typical duffle style bag has a length of about 24 inches. You will truly have extra room when you decide to go with this item.

The width and height are also a bit larger than average. The width of this item comes in at 13 inches and it has a height of 14 inches. Most bags are a little wider than they are tall, however, people tend to like this structure a bit better. They find that they are able to fit their gear into it in a nicer fashion.


If you are looking for a bag that is truly breathable, the Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag is probably not your best bet. It does not offer any mesh paneling in the design and this seriously reduces air flow. Nylon will let a little bit of air pass through, however, it won't be very much.

There are many options available that offer high levels of breathability. This will allow your equipment to dry out faster. In addition, you won't be dealing with his many foul odors that buildup from sweaty gear being closed in.

The fact that the Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag is not very breathable may be a bit of a downfall, however, there are things you can do to combat the effects of limited breathability. Simply investing in a decent deodorizer can help to keep your gear and your gym bag smelling fresh. In addition, you can empty it out after each use to ensure that items like your gloves dry completely before your next use.


When you decide to go with the Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag, you will be getting a bag that is styled similarly to a classic duffel bag. There are a few things about this bag that are different. For example, it gives you many more pocket options than you would typically find in a standard duffel bag.

Using a duffel bag is advantageous to those of you that have to carry around a lot of gear. When you are lugging clothing, shin guards, headgear, hand wraps, mouth guards, gloves, and other pieces of equipment you need to know that you have space for it. This bag is quite large and it's going to do a great job of providing you with ample space for all of your needs.

It is important to note that if you are someone that likes to walk to the gym, Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag is not going to be as convenient as a backpack style. This is also true for those of you that like to ride your bike to the gym. Looking for a different style that sits better on your body may be advantageous if you like to travel these ways.


Looking at the overall design and construction of this bag we are confident and saying you are going to get a great level of durability. There are not a lot of reviews that are discussing the durability, however, what we have found is that people are truly satisfied with the longevity of use they are getting from this item. All of the materials are high-quality and able to withstand the punishment that comes from daily use and an overstuffed bag.

It is very common for the zippers to be a problem with gym bags. As you pack your bag full they tend to break apart or they stop zipping all together. Ringside has done an excellent job of paying attention to this fine detail. They have chosen to use heavy-duty zippers so that you won't have to worry about them falling apart.

Seam durability can also be a major problem with gym bags. If you pack them too full you may notice that the stitching is falling apart. The Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag has reinforced stitching to ensure that it's not going to burst while carrying around all of your gear.


We believe that one of the biggest advantages for the Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bagas is that it gives you so many different pockets. With a large variety of sizes and shapes, you will be able to fit just about anything into this gear bag. They all have solid closures so you won't have to worry about losing your items during your commute.

People also truly love the fact that the Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag is bigger than most. If you are large in stature trying to find a gym bag to how's your protective equipment is difficult. So, as you can see, the larger size is an advantage to most people. In addition to people that are large in stature, this bag works well for those of you that want to carry around a lot of different things.

Another piece of this bag that's going to work to your advantage is its excellent durability. You'll be able to put this through refuse consistently and it's not going to break down. People are very happy with the longevity of use they are getting from this bag and feel that it is one of the more durable options on the market today.


All products in the market today come with their own specific list of disadvantages. In regards to the Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag, they are truly limited. The reviews surrounding it are more positive than many others. People truly do I think that this is a great option in gym bags.

One facet that is less than stellar is the fact that this item truly lacks and breathability. He will be dealing with a stinky situation if you go too long between caring for this bag in the items in it. You will also find that it takes longer for your equipment to dry if you don't take it out after every training session.

It has been noted by consumers that sometimes the Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag's shoulder strap detaches. The buckles are durable enough and don't break, however, it does slip out of place. This can be a bit annoying while you're carrying your bag if it were to occur. We look at this more as an inconvenience than a true disadvantage but it is definitely something to take under consideration.


Deciding to invest in the Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag is investing in an item that we believe is a great value. It is made from truly high-quality materials that are built to last. There are a few downfalls associated with it, however, they are minimal compared to many others in the same category.

The cost that is associated with this bag is average in the realm of products from this section. You will not be breaking the bank to call it your own. Most people will have no problems at all fitting it into their budget. It is not extremely cheap but that is also due to the fact that it is very good quality.

When you start to review all of the different aspects surrounding the Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag it is easy to see why we feel like it is such a great value. You'll be able to use this bag for years to come and while it does take some maintenance to keep it smelling good it won't take an exceptionally long time. Overall, customers are more than satisfied after purchasing the Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag.

Bottom Line

Trying to find the perfect fit for your training and competition needs can be difficult. There are so many different gym bags available on the market today and they all offer slightly different features. This bag is going to be perfect for those of you that need to carry around a lot of items or have larger gear than others.

With features like heavy-duty zippers and reinforced seems you are going to get better durability from the Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag than you would many others. It is truly built to last. Customers are very happy with the longevity of use they are getting from this option.

This brand has done a nice job and taking additional features into consideration. What specific pockets for items like your water bottle it's very convenient and easy to stay organized. Overall, we are certain that if you decide to invest in the Ringside Pro Logo Gym Bag you are going to be happy with your purchase.