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The Ringside Pro Style Trunks have been getting rave reviews from the people wearing them. It's uncommon to find a product in today's world that isn't being complained about constantly, so the fact that so many good things are being said is a major bonus. These shorts are very durable and will suit not only boxers but also weight lifters, fitness enthusiasts, and more. While they are designed and structured for boxers they are quite versatile. It is important to note that some consumers feel that these shorts do not offer enough stretch. This could make wearing them for practicing your kicks a bit uncomfortable as you may experience restriction in your movements. These shorts are exceptionally comfortable and very stylish. With a variety of different color options, you are sure to find the perfect pair to suit your desire. When you are working hard to become more fit, build muscle, or crush the competition in the ring, you need clothing, gear, and equipment to help you along the way. The trunks you choose to wear in the ring for practice and competition will certainly play their role. This option by Ringside is a bit heavier than some but they offer outstanding durability. The general consensus is that this pair of shorts is well worth the money. So, if you are looking for a pair of trunks for frequent use, betting on this pair is safe.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Well-Rated Among Consumers
  • Quite Stylish
  • Great Stitching
  • Durable Materials & Design
  • Trusted Brand
  • Excellent Color Options
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Exceptionally Soft & Silky
  • Youth & Adult Sizes
  • Not As Stretchy As Others


More than 30 years, Ringside has been providing fighters everything they need to perform their best in and outside of the ring. They offer a plethora of options to ensure that you have exactly what a hard-hitting sport like this one requires. This brand started out with their focus on boxing gloves and they have some of the best options available in this category. As time went on they realized they needed to expand their lines to meet a variety of other needs. Today, this brand offers not only boxing gloves but also Rings, punching bags, protective gear, and apparel. They offer several options in every category so you will be able to find a quality piece of gear or equipment at a price that is manageable for your budget. Overall, consumers have trusted this brand for generations. As they continue to grow the future generations, we are sure, will continue to trust them.


Like many others, this pair of trunks are made from 100% polyester. They use a satin polyester which offers great durability. This type of material also means that these shorts will be a bit heavier than others you may have tried in the past. Consumers are pleased with the material of these shorts as not only does it look good it feels great. It does have a 4in wide piece of elastic at the waist line. This will offer an awesome fit regardless of if you are wearing groin or belly protection. As with most other boxing trunks, this pair also has a hidden drawstring so that you can send the waste to find your perfect fit. All of the material seen in these trunks are exceptionally high-quality. You can see it in the details. From the stitching to the construction of the shorts themselves they are built to last. Overall, while these are common materials they are better quality than many others.


While most people say that this is a fairly loose pitting pair of shorts some have mentioned that they find them to be a bit snug in the thighs. For the most part, the reports from consumer say that these trunks offer roomy fit with plenty of room for protection underneath. They are quite secure but may not be the best suited for grappling practice or ground-and-pound sessions. We say this because there are typically complaints from consumers about the trunks moving around while working in these types of situations. It is important to note that we have not seen any review stating this about the pair of trunks in particular. It has been noted that people are happy with the fit while moving around the ring or throughout their cardio routine. They feel as if it is secure and are happy that their shorts are staying in place.


You'll be getting an average level of breathability when wearing this pair of trunks. The heavier nature of them means that they are not going to breathe as well as some. Add to this the fact that they come down to right around the knee and you decrease the breathability even more. It is important to note that these shorts are loose fitting which can help in terms of breathability. Polyester and itself is a fairly breathable material but when it is in this satin style you will not get the same type of airflow. It has also been mentioned by consumers that these shorts don't stretch as well as others. This can also play its role in the reduction of airflow. Some consumers may find that these shorts are too hot to wear through Long training sessions. If a lightweight pair of shorts is what you are looking for you may want to check out a Muay Thai style of short. They are typically lighter and offer great breathability.


The durability you will get with these trunks is better than average. In fact, it is much better. The heavier weight polyester that is used We'll Wash fantastically and stand up even to your most grueling training sessions. Whether you are working in the ring with a partner, punching the Mets of your trainer, working a heavy bag, or practicing skipping rope these shorts will last through it. Many people wear them for competitions as well as training sessions. It is been said many times by consumers that they were very impressed with the quality of the stitching on these trunks. When you have high-quality stitching you will get a much more durable pair of shorts. Obviously, no one wants to worry about their seams bursting in the middle of a bout. Overall, consumers are exceptionally satisfied with the longevity of use that they are getting out of these shorts.


These trunks are styled very much like a traditional pair of boxing trunks. They come down to just about the knee and offer a fairly roomy fit. Some customers have found them to be a bit tight in the thighs but that does not seem to be a common complaint. In fact, most people feel that the roomy fit is not only good-looking but great feeling as well. You will have the option of a decent variety of colors and slightly different styles between them. They offer some beautiful color combinations like red and black or blue and white. Consumers are very happy with the stylish look that these offer. You are sure to be noticed in the gym. They are shiny and soft. Regardless of what your exact style is it will be simple to find a pair of these trunks that you truly love.


Now, these shorts are versatile in some ways and others they are not. Obviously, they're going to work exceptionally well for all things boxing related. From skipping rope to bag practice and sparring with a partner they will perform beautifully. You can even wear these shorts while lifting in the gym or working on your cardio routine at home. Where they are lacking and versatility is for those of you that are into mixed martial arts disciplines that require kick practices. These shorts May restrict your movement which decreases the level of Versatility that they offer. Part of the reason that this is true is the fact that they do not offer side slits to accommodate the motions involved with non-boxing fight Sports. So, as you can see, they offer some versatility but they will not transition while between disciplines. As previously noted, they're also not going to be the best option for grappling practice as their design may not keep them in place.


One of the biggest advantages that comes along with these shorts has their excellent level of durability. The high-quality satin polyester we seen in the construction of these shorts paired with the Stellar stitching leads to a pair of trunks that you will be able to use for years. Obviously, when you get this type of lungevity of use out of a product it is a major advantage to you and your bank account. These shorts are also exceptionally comfortable and can be used throughout your entire routine as a boxer. Fitting protection underneath them will not reduce the level of comfort that you experience. You will also find that these shorts are pleasing to the eye. They offer a great level of style. When you have a reliable pair of athletic shorts to wear through your daily routines it can help reduce stress and save time. You will know exactly what you want to wear without a second guess.


You will not be facing a plethora of disadvantages when you decide to go with this option by ringside. One factor that has been mentioned several times is the fact that these trunks are not a stretchy as others. You may find that you notice a slight reduction in your range of motion. This will make it so that these shorts are not suitable for those of you that participate in disciplines like Muay Thai or are interested in kickboxing. These trunks may also be a bit hotter than others. The design is solid and the material is not exceptionally breathable. While this is not what we would consider a major disadvantage it is something you should take into consideration. One last thing that we would like to mention, is the aspect of Versatility. This goes hand-in-hand with the fact that these shorts are not exceptionally stretchy and they are rather long. This is not the most versatile option available to you and if you like to participate in a wide variety of activities you may want to look at a different pair.


You will be getting a fantastic value when you decide to go with this pair of gym shorts. The price tag that they carry is quite affordable. It is important to note that depending on where you purchase them you may notice a variety of prices. In addition, there is a price difference between sizes and color options. This can be a bit frustrating for some consumers which is why we feel it is important that you know it. When looking over all of the different aspects surrounding this pair of trunks, it is simple to see why consumers feel that it is a very valuable product. Maintaining a great level of comfort will be achieved when you decide to go with this pair of trunks. Overall, we agree that they are a great value and once you give them a try we bet you will too.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, trusting this brand for your boxing needs, is a safe bet. They have put a plethora of time and energy into developing their products to meet the specific needs of people involved in boxing. The trunks that we are discussing here are a great example of the high-quality items you'll get when you trust this brand. The stitching is impeccable and the materials used are all top quality. You will get fantastic durability and use out of these shorts. They will transition between a boxer's routine aspects nicely even though they may not fit into other routines. The price tag that they carry is not totally outrageous and when you pair that with how long you'll be able to use them it is simple to see why so many are making the investment. You'll easily be able to find the style and colors that you prefer. Overall we feel that this product fits nicely into basically everyone's gym wardrobe. If you decide to give these shorts a try we are certain you will not be disappointed.