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The Ringside Ring Master boxing boots are a high pair of boots that offer great support. You will not only be getting support but an awesome look and durable style. They are made of great materials that keep them lightweight so you can move around the ring with ease. Whether you are into fitness boxing, boxing for fun, or are training for competition, these boots can be a great addition to your gear. You will also get a good deal of grip when you are wearing these. This is important because the wrong grip could lead to bad technique or even possible injury from slipping. You will be able to plant your feet and pivot with ease. This can help put some real power into your punches. Fighters have been looking to Ringside for some time now because they offer stellar options at affordable prices. They offer good flexibility which plays a key role in overall comfort levels. Spending hours training for boxing or mixed martial arts requires comfortable and reliable equipment. Boxer’s can use this product with confidence. On the whole, customers are quite satisfied with this product and feel that Ringside has done their part to add another great pair of boxing shoes to their line.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Flexible Fit
  • Excellent Extended Wear
  • Great Durability
  • Pretty Affordable
  • Look Great
  • Superior Traction
  • Well-Made
  • Not As Tall As Expected
  • Sizing Runs Large


Ringside is mostly known for their high-quality boxing glove options. However, this brand has plenty of other great options in a variety of areas. When you take fight sports seriously you need excellent gear and equipment to help you along the way. This brand knows that fighters need gear that will last and won’t break the bank. They do their best to provide exactly that. With a heavy focus on technology, they offer some of the most advanced products in the market to help keep you well-protected and moving towards your goals whether related to a combat sport, fitness, or weight loss. Regardless of if you are looking for gloves, bags, trunks, or training equipment, you will be able to find a stellar option from this brand. Customers have trusted Ringside for a long time and it is because they have earned it with providing the items people need at prices they can afford.


As with many other boxing shoes, this one does not have an insult. This is commonly seen in this type of shoe because the less material between your foot in the ground can improve your footwork. It makes the shoe a bit roomier without making them bulky and cumbersome. The problem with a boxing boot that is lacking an insult is that it won't offer any arch support. This aspect may be needed by some people. If that is the case for you, you can purchase arch supports or thin insoles put inside of your boots. So, the lack of an insole is not a bad thing in terms of an item in this category. Your toes will be able to splay and grip which can improve your pivoting and movement around the ring.


Ringside uses rubber for the outsole of this option. This is a very common material to be used as the outsole of a boxing boot or shoe. The reason that rubber is so frequently used is that it offers exceptional grip on canvas surfaces. To improve on that even more, this boot uses a grooved sole. The grooves will allow you to plant your feet and pivot with ease. The rubber is also quite durable. It is important to note that the outsole of a boxing shoe is very thin. What this means is you'll want to be careful what surfaces you are wearing them on to ensure that they don't deteriorate quickly. Overall, this is a good choice and out soul and customers are pleased with the way that it is structured.


Together these boots weigh less than two pounds. Given the fact that they're going to come up to about your mid-calf this is very impressive. When moving around the ring you want to make sure that you are wearing exceptionally light boxing boots. Doing this will help keep leg fatigue at bay. When your legs aren't as tired, you'll be able to continue to move with grace and ease even during the latest rounds. keeping your footwear light improve your technique as you start to get tired. Spending exceptionally long hours in the gym or at home training can seriously suck the energy out of you. So, making sure you can do everything possible to maintain energy levels is important in keeping your shoes like can do this.


You will only be coming into contact with a few materials when you choose these boots. All of the materials used are high-quality and made to last. The upper portion of this option has sections that are made of mesh. the majority of it, however, is made of suede leather. This type of leather is durable, flexible, and comfortable. These boots have standard shoelaces inside of them even though they are exceptionally long it is the material you would expect them to be. There are areas of padding in the tongue of the shoe. Additionally, as mentioned above, the outsole of this product is made of rubber. Overall, the materials used to make this boot are all solid choices.


Consumers are very happy with the overall fit of these boxing boots. It has been noted several times that the sizing does run a bit large so you'll want to check out their size chart before ordering. It has also been said that these boots are not as tall as they appear to be and we'll come about Midway up the calf. There is a good amount of adjustability in the laces so you will be able to get a fairly customized fit. Due to the lack of an insert, some may find these to be a bit wide. If that is the case you can add inserts to them. You will need to spend a bit of time breaking these boots in. They are snugly fitting in the beginning but after break-in, everyone seems to be very pleased with the fit they get from them.


Different parts of this boot offer different levels of durability. The upper is very durable. Due to the fact that it is made of mostly suede leather, you won't have to worry about it falling apart easily. The stitching solid which means you also won't have to worry about busting the seams in the middle of a training session. The bottom of this boot is made of rubber which is in itself a very durable material. However, you have to be careful where you're wearing these shoes. This is because the outsole is very thin. It will give you excellent durability when being used on the canvas boxing ring. If you use them for other types of training you may wear through the tread and even through the actual outsole relatively quickly.


This option from Ringside is excellent quality. You can see it in all of the fine details. The height is nice and there is padding in all the right places. The seams are all double-stitched to increase the durability and longevity of use that you will get from them. Even the rubber used for the outsole is great quality. You would think that all rubbers are the same but let us assure you they are not. The construction is also solid. There is reinforcements at the heel which is not only good for structure and durability but is also a sign of excellent quality customers are impressed with these boots overall. It is not surprising that they are a high-quality item considering who is making them. This brand does strive to produce great products for the people that are going to be using them.


Once you get these boots broken-in and you will be left with an exceptionally comfortable set to wear during all of your boxing training sessions. The lack of an insole makes them easier to break in which leads you to True comfort more quickly. These Boots are also made of materials that are quite flexible and will really move with you. They are structured enough that you won't have to worry about them sliding down or pinching you. The toe box is not overly narrow nor is it overly large which leads to a comfortable fit around your toes. If you have exceptionally wide feet you may find them a bit uncomfortable but we have not found any complaints about this. Overall, the people wearing these boots are more than satisfied with the level of comfort they get during use.


Boxing shoes are not known for being the most breathable Footwear. that is true of this pair too. Due to the fact that the majority of the upper section is made of leather, they're not going to breathe as well as others you may have worn in the past. They do offer better support and at least a decent amount of air flow. There are strategically placed mesh panels to help improve the overall airflow. This helps to keep your feet cool. Keeping your feet dry and cool during long workouts is important in maintaining proper foot house. By keeping your feet dry you will avoid issues like athlete's foot, ingrown toenails, blisters, and raw areas of the skin that can be quite painful. So while these are not the most breathable option they are decent and with a good pair of sweat-wicking socks, you should have nothing to worry about.


The support of a boxing shoe varies depending on which area of it you are talking about this one is quite supportive of your ankles. If you suffer from weak ankles or have experienced injuries to them in the past this is an aspect that will be imperative in your training. The height of this boot plays some major role in the support that it gives your ankles. Now, in terms of arch support, it is severely lacking. This is very typical of boxing boots. When you are lacking an insert typically, you are lacking arch support. If this is a feature you truly need you will have to purchase some and put them into your boots. Overall, customers are happy with the level of support that these boots provide, especially, in terms of ankle support.


Consumers feel as if these boots are a great value. The price tag that they carry is not unreasonable and for most people, it is easily afforded. Some budgets may have to wait a short amount of time to save up enough money to grab these boots by Ringside. It is important to note that depending on what color and size you order the price may vary slightly. There is also a slight variation in price depending on where you purchase them from. Looking at all of the pros and cons associated with these boots paired with the different aspects and to the customer reviews, it is easy to see why so many people feel as if they are a great value. We have to agree that this is a solid option and that it will be money well spent. Your performance and technique will improve and your feet will be able to stay comfortable and healthy throughout a variety of training activities.

Bottom Line

When you need a Quality pair of boxing boots at a price that is not shocking this is a good option. They do have some downfalls like a lack of breathability but overall they are a very good high top boxing boot. Ringside is a trustworthy brand that cares about their customers so, if you have problems they will work with you to sort it out. When you spend hours getting ready for a competition or simply working in a boxing ring a quality pair of boxing shoes can make a world of difference in your performance and your form. This lightweight, flexible option will give you a decent level of support and help you to stay light on your feet no matter how long you're at it.