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The Ringside Tsunami is a heavy bag that is filled with water. It does not come filled but it is simple enough to do. There are exceptionally mixed reviews about this bag. People are not happy about the fact that this bag is actually a buoy for a boat. When reading through the reviews, however, using it as a punching bag is actually very effective. We don’t see a major problem in finding multiple uses for a product, as long as it performs well. This one does. It is important to note that you do pay a higher price for this heavy water bag from Ringside then you would for the buoy version but it does come with some extras. You will get everything you need to fill and hang it. Using water punching bags decreases your risk for injuries. If you have ever worked a normal heavy bag you may have experienced fractures or breaks due to settling sandbags or lumpy areas. This can take you away from training for an extended period of time. Obviously, people love the fact that this bag is easier on your joints and won’t lead you to physical harm and pain. Regardless of your chosen discipline, this bag can help you perform a variety of strikes more effectively.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Superior Shock Absorbancy
  • Versatile Use
  • Good Indoors or Outdoors
  • Enhances Training 
  • Work 360 Degrees
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • More Realistic Feel
  • Easy To Fill
  • Pricey
  • Difficult To Hang
  • Difficult To Drain


Over the past three decades, Ringside has been providing everything you need to achieve your goals in fighting, coaching, and fitness. From protective boxing gear to clothing they have you covered. Ringside spends a lot of time developing their products and the advanced technology is seen is appreciated by consumers. They try to keep their prices fair and offer a range that fits fairly easily into most budgets. The specialty items from this brand are definitely their gloves and bags. They are exceptional quality and built to last. Customers have made this brand a leader in the industry. This is because of their great customer service and a variety of options. When you buy from Ringside you can rest assured you will be getting quality products from a trusted brand.


This bag will come to you empty. You will save money this way due to cheaper shipping costs. Once you have it, you will simply need to fill it up with water. Water is an amazing filler for a variety of reasons. When you are punching a heavy bag day in and day out it can cause some serious trauma to your body. You will feel it in your hands and wrists the most. It can even lead to boxer’s fractures and possible broken bones. This is because many heavy bags are filled with textiles and sandbags that can settle into awkward positions. Using water reduces your risk of injury. You will feel much less shock. Water does an amazing job at absorbing and dispersing impact. It also feels more realistic and can help a new fighter prepare for what it will feel like with an actual opponent.


The closure of this bag is simple. It comes with a water nozzel so you can fill it and when it is not in place it is sealed shut. You won’t have to worry about zippers or velcro closures when using this bag. This is nice as those types of closing systems can fail over time. The small area used on this bag for filling will not cause you any trouble. It does make it extremely difficult to drain it once you have it full. Customers have noted that using a straw can make this process easier. It is not often that you would need to drain this bag. However, if you find you are moving or want to switch the water out, it is possible. There have not been reports of this bag leaking, which can be a huge problem with some water bags. Typically, when they do leak it is due to the filling system. Ringside has taken this into consideration and it is an annoyance you won’t have to concern yourself with.


This bag comes in a large variety of options, in terms of weight. You can buy this bag in weights of twelve pounds, twenty-eight pounds, sixty-five pounds, one hundred and fifteen pounds, or one hundred and eighty pounds. As you can see, this is going to accommodate a large variety of users. The weight of your heavy bags should be about half of your body weight. This will allow you to hit it at full force without causing yourself injury or have your bag flying into the wall. Many available options only offer two or three weight options which can make it very difficult to get what you need. Such a broad range, as shown here, is advantageous to ensure you are using the correct weight while training. It is convenient and an aspect about this bag that consumers appreciate.


Obviously, depending on which wait you choose the size of this bag will vary. These bags are not as large as your typical heavy bag. This means they will not take up as much room and this is a bonus for those of you that have small home gyms. The 12-pound variety is quite small. It is less than a foot long and just about a foot wide. The heavier options, obviously, are quite a bit bigger. For example, the 180 lb option is almost two-foot-long and gives you 27 inches of width. A smaller bag is not necessarily a bad thing. It can help you improve your accuracy while striking. This goes for all types of striking. You can always adjust the height by adding length to the chain.


This bag is made of exceptionally thick rubber. Rubber is, obviously, very durable. It will withstand the test of time quite gracefully. Rubber is also excellent at helping absorb impact. It feels quite realistic and will help you avoid injury. The other materials you will come in contact with are minimal. It does come with a metal hook and chain so that you can easily hang it up. That’s it. This is a very simple design that works exceptionally well. It offers better durability than many bags and you won’t have to worry about settling sand. You will add water to this bag and we suppose you can consider it one of the materials. Sometimes, simple is the best course of action. We feel that, in this case, it simply works beautifully.


The price of this heavy bag varies a lot depending on which size you order. The largest one is the most expensive and it is going to cost you quite a bit more than other heavy bags. This is a true issue for some consumers, considering they can buy the one labeled as a boat buoy for having the investment. So, in terms of value, there is a great debate. We feel that this product could be sold at a more affordable price, even with the few extras that you get with it. You will be getting a solid heavy bag that will last you for years. It is a good investment and will help you exceed your training goals when used in conjunction with a great fitness routine. You can find a more affordable way of accomplishing a heavy bag like this one. We don’t feel as if it changes the fact that it is a decent value for what you will be getting. The smaller sizes are actually quite affordable but they won’t work for many people.


Using a water-filled punching bag comes with some great advantages. Your body won’t take the impact it would if you were using a standard cloth and sand filled variety. This reduction in shock means you will experience less soreness and a decreased risk of injury. Due to the fact that this bag is made of rubber, you will be able to use it inside or outside. This gives you a change in scenery which can be great to keep you motivated. It is simple to fill. Rubber is also exceptionally durable so you will be able to use this bag for years to come. The smaller striking surface helps improve accuracy and in turn, helps you become a better fighter. You will also be able to train all the way around this bag. This improves footwork and more advanced techniques.


This bag can be a bit difficult to hang once it is filled with water. This is because of the fact that it is malleable and exceptionally heavy, depending on which weight you buy. You also need to make sure you have a safe and structurally sound place to hang it. It is very difficult to empty this bag and many customers feel that is a disadvantage. Not that you will be emptying it often, but if you need to it can be quite a struggle. The largest complaint about this bag is the fact that you can buy a boat buoy, that is exactly the same, for a fraction of the cost. This is a disappointment to many that have trusted Ringside for their equipment needs. While we don’t see a major concern with the double use of this item, we can see why the cost becomes a frustration.


There are a variety of training purposes that can be accomplished with this heavy bag. The lighter options can be used for speed bag type training whereas the heavier options will help with strength training. These speed bags are superior at keeping your muscles and joints feeling great, even when you are at it for hours. Whether you love to box or participate in mixed martial arts practice, this bag will suit you well. It is also stellar for those of you that have fitness routines that include bag work. Many customers have noted that this bag is great for practicing uppercuts and hooks. For those of you that like to put in endurance sessions, you will be able to do so comfortably with this bag. Overall, it fits into just about any impact sports routine with ease and can take the lightest or heaviest blows with ease.


The quality of this product is outstanding. While it is very simple, it works very well. The bladder style bag is easy to fill and there are no complaints of it leaking. For the price you are paying, we would expect nothing less. Ringside is dedicated to quality and it can be seen in this bag. Even the mounting supplies you receive with it are of good quality. They are very durable. When you go with this bag you will be able to train as hard as you want without worry of your bag failing It is quite versatile. Customers are happy with the quality of this option and feel that, even though it is pricey, they received a product that was better than expected. It is important to note that customers have mentioned a strong smell associated with this bag, especially when it is new.


There is almost no care required with this bag. Due to the fact that it is made of rubber, you can wipe it down with a variety of cleaners. This helps keep germs at bay. You can use any antibacterial sprays or cleaners. In fact, you can clean it with simple soap and water if you prefer. There really is no bad way to clean this product. You will want to, on occasion, check out the chain and where it goes through the bag. Making sure this all stays intact is for your safety. If it starts to wear, you could be injured by a falling bag. You will also want to check out the hook on occasion to ensure the same thing. Overall, you will have to put very little time and effort into caring for this item.

Bottom Line

While this is not the cheapest water filled the heavy bag on the market, it is a good one. It offers exceptional durability and a very simplistic style. You will be able to practice boxing or mixed martial arts techniques with ease. The ability to work all the way around this bag is also an awesome aspect and can make training easier than before. Customers are pleased with the way this bag rebounds and the limited impact they experience. It’s easy to fill up but may be a bit difficult to hang. Overall, this is a solid option. It will help you meet your training goals and give you the ability to work out at home whenever you would like. Ringside has given us a ton of great options, this may not be there very best product but it is not the worst available by any stretch of the imagination.