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The Ringside Undefeated boxing boots are built to be worn while training inside the ring. They offer a good deal of ankle support because of their high-top design. Whether you are new to boxing or you have been training for years, you need solid equipment to help you perform at your highest level. The shoes you wear in the ring can make a serious difference in your footwork and form. These ones offer a good amount of grip to ensure your feet don't slide when following through with your punches. This leads to better power and technique. Ringside has taken a variety of issues with boxing boots into consideration when they came up with these ones. You will find them to breathe better than most others and they are really very comfortable. It has been noted by consumers that these are not only great inside the ring but also work well when training with a heavy bag, speed bag, coach, or sparring partner. They are lightweight which helps to reduce leg fatigue when you are dancing around the ring for hours at a time. This option is quite affordable when compared to others in its class. Consumers are pleased, overall, with this boxing shoe and feel as if it is a solid investment.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Very Flexible
  • Breathable Materials
  • Solid Construction
  • Excellent Fit
  • Supportive Design
  • Stylish Look
  • Versatile Use
  • Padded Ankle Collar
  • Sizing Runs Large
  • Difficult On & Off
  • No Arch Support


Ringside is a brand that has been providing beginner to advanced boxers what they need to succeed. When you are out looking for trunks, gloves, punching bags, or even boxing rings, this brand has everything you need. They understand that fighters need high-quality gear at affordable prices. This is exactly what they provide us with. To become the best boxer or fighter you can be you need great equipment and gear to help you along the way. You will have just that when you put your trust into Ringside. There are brands out there that offer options of better durability and quality but the prices are also exponentially higher. You will be getting options here that will last quite some time and use the technologies that will help keep you, your coach, and your sparring partners safe and feeling great. Overall, customers are exceptionally satisfied with this brand and the items they offer.


Many boxing shoes and boots do not really have much in the way of an insole. This one is in that category. It is not uncommon to see this because of what a lack of insole does for the boxer. With minimal material between your feet and the ring, you will have more feeling when you are moving around. It also improves the way you grip with your toes and will allow you to improve your form and technique more easily. This can be a problem if you need something with some arch support. Customers have noted that this product is seriously lacking in this area. There is a relatively easy fix, however. You will be able to put a pair of arch supports or insoles into these boxing boots which can make them more comfortable and supportive. It is important to note that you will likely get the best performance if you avoid doing this but many people opt to do it.


The outsole of this product is great in terms of offering you grip and traction inside of the ring. It is made of rubber. While there are a variety of other materials that brands use as the outsole material for boxing boots, this is the best option. Leather or polyurethane, which are also quite common, can lead to sliding feet and a loss of grip. When this happens you can set yourself up for injury or seriously sloppy form. Wearing a pair of boxing boots with a rubber outsole will make this a worry of the past. You will be able to stick your foot easily and this can also help produce a great amount of power while punching. Overall, this is a solid material for an outsole and the people wearing them are happy that Ringside chose to go with rubber.


For the height of these boots, we were surprised at how lightweight they are. If you choose to try these out you will only be adding about a pound an a half of shoes to your gear. This is exceptionally light. There are options out there that are lighter but they do not come up nearly as high. These low cut options can be great for those that don't need a lot of support and prefer some extra range of motion. Most boxers like to have more support even if it means more weight in their boots. The fact that these are so lightweight is an amazing aspect that boxers looking for support truly love. A lightweight boot is great for keeping leg fatigue at bay and allowing you to train longer and harder than ever.


The material that these boots are made of make it simple to care for them. The upper is made of a mixture of materials. There is a patent synthetic leather portion that offers good durability and an even better look. The synthetic leather is broken up with nylon panels. These mesh panels are great for flexibility, as well as, breathability. They also allow your feet to bend and flex more easily than all leather options. As mentioned before, the outsole of these boots is made of rubber. As you probably know, rubber is also very durable and will allow for great longevity of use. They include a bit of padding at the top of the ankle. This will help fend off irritating blisters and raw areas caused by rubbing. The only other thing included in the materials list is the shoelaces which are made from standard shoelace material. These items are all great quality and offer decent levels of durability.


The fit of this shoe is not true to size. Consumers have noted many times that this shoe needs to be ordered a size down from what you wear. This may be due to the fact that there is no insole, so to speak, in this boxing boot. This makes the fit a bit roomier. Now, once you have the sizing figured out you will have an option that fits wonderfully. Obviously, you will be able to adjust the tightness because these boots lace-up. Customers are very happy with how the top opening fits them. The collar is padded which adds to the level of comfort and the fit. It helps keep the top of this tall boot in place. Overall, the fit is great when you make sure to order the correct size. You will be able to comfortably wear them for long periods of time. If you do need some extra support you can easily slide arch supports or insoles into these boots, as well.


We have not found any complaints about the durability of this option by Ringside. The materials they use to construct this item are all of great quality and this leads to good durability. As noted in the outsole section, the bottom of this boot is made of rubber. Rubber is known for its excellent durability, even with frequent use. The synthetic leather and nylon mesh blend of the upper are double stitched to ensure you don't have seams ripping in the middle of a bout or competition. It is important to note that depending on how often you are using these boots and if you are using them outside of the ring as well as in it you will wear them down more quickly. Overall, they offer good durability and a long term of use.


These boots are very good quality. They are not the very top of the line but they are constructed well and they use the best of the materials in their categories. The synthetic leather, nylon, and rubber that make up the majority of these boots will all last a good long time. They are simple to care for and quite affordable. You will get a good amount of support, especially through the ankle area. The quality of this option can be seen easily in the details. When we say this, we mean, you should take some time and look at the stitching and the padded areas. This boot is well-thought out and you can see it in these aspects. Ringside typically does a great job in terms of quality and these boxing shoes are a clear representation of that.


Customers are very happy with the level of comfort these provide them, even during long wear. Some common problem areas for a boxing boot are at the collar or top closure and in the toe box. The toe box in this boot is wide enough that your toes should not become cramped and uncomfortable. As mentioned before, there is padding at the collar of this boot. You won't have to worry about them rubbing on the back of your leg and that area becoming irritated and possibly broken down. They also breathe fairly well which improves the overall comfort level. There is not much cushioning at the bottom of this shoe and some people prefer to slide an insole into them to improve the feel. This does take up room, of course, which make them fit quite a bit more snugly.


Many boxing shoe options don't offer anything in the way of airflow. This is because of things like solid leather construction. The problem with this is that when your feet are in a hot, dark, sweaty environment for a long period of time it can lead to a variety of issues. This includes things like athlete's foot, ingrown toenails, and possible skin breakdown. You won't have to worry too much about these issues when you wear these boots. They use nylon mesh panels to promote airflow. These mesh panels do a good job at helping keep your feet cool and allowing them to breathe, even during the most intense training sessions. The padded collar does add a bit of heat but all in all these are a very breathable option and better than many others that are available to you.


The level of support varies depending on what portion of these boots are being talked about. In terms of ankle support, they are very good. You can, of course, easily adjust the tightness in this area. The height of these boots also adds to the overall support that you get in the ankle area. Where this product is really lacking in support is in the arch. Due to the fact that it is very little in terms of an insole, you will not have much arch support. For those of you with high-arches, this could be a major problem and leave you with seriously sore feet after training. You can combat this issue by adding a set of arch supports or insoles to your boxing boots. Overall, customers feel these boots are quite supportive and are happy with how they feel.


This option is an excellent value. The price tag they carry is not nearly as high as many others. They are of great quality and will give you a good term of use. There are higher-end options but they also come with a much larger investment. If you are just starting out this is an excellent place to start. They will also work well for intermediate and advanced fighters but if you train seriously you may wear through these more quickly than you would like. Ringside is known for offering stellar yet affordable choices and these are the perfect example of this. The people wearing these boots are thrilled with the cost and the quality they get. We feel that you will be in the same boat if you decide to give them a try.

Bottom Line

Whether you are just starting to collect boxing gear and equipment for a new class or you have been at it for years these are a good choice to keep your feet comfortable and cool. The weight is exceptionally light so you will be able to move around the ring with ease and experience less muscle fatigue. If you are in the ring every day you may not get the durability you are looking for. This option is also quite flexible so it will move with you easily to ensure your feet and ankles continue to feel great. Pretty much anyone will be able to fit these into their budget. You will be able to use them while training on the canvas or working with a bag which is nice since they are a bit difficult to take on and off. Overall, this is a solid option and you should be more than satisfied with the performance they give you.