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Rise Bar is an exceptionally simple protein-boosting bar that will make an excellent snack at any point throughout your day. This bar offers a great amount of whey protein that will enhance a variety of aspects of your muscles. Proteins break down into amino acids which improve recovery times, enhance maintenance, and improve muscle growth. It is easy to digest and free of lactose which makes it a viable option even for those that are intolerant of milk products. Whether you need a boost in energy or you're trying to enhance the speed of your recovery this product will do an excellent job. Some people like to use it as a snack while others use it as a meal replacement bar. It works well either way. In addition, this bar avoids unwanted ingredients such as artificial colors, artificial flavors, and filler ingredients. It is important to note that this far also comes in a vegan-friendly option which contains 100% plant-based ingredients. It is appreciated, by a variety of people, that this type of option is available from this brand. Regardless of your overall health and fitness goals, there is a place for this product in your routine. It may be from a lesser-known brand, however, more and more people are changing to it because of the simple ingredients and health benefits it offers.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Good Flavor Variety
  • Vegan and Non-Vegan Options
  • High Protein Content
  • Simple Ingredient List
  • Convenient On-The-Go
  • Snack or Meal Replacement
  • Very Dry
  • Hard To Chew
  • May Contain Nut Shells


For ten years, Rise has been offering simple products that will help you achieve your goals. Avoiding artificial ingredients, their easy recipes consist, typically, of five or fewer ingredients. When you can read through an ingredient list and understand exactly what you are consuming it is easy to instill confidence in a brand. Add to that, the fact, that their products will make losing weight, speeding recovery times, enhancing muscle growth, and energizing your life easier than ever and it is easy to see why so many people are continuously using their products. This brand continues to develop and grow to produce more and more innovative yet simple products that will help you along your journey towards optimal health and wellness.


For the most part, people really like the taste of this product. This is not to say that everyone will enjoy it. It is made of very few ingredients which means you can pretty well guess what each flavor is going to taste like based off of its individual contents. These bars are not artificial tasting in the least. Obviously, this is due to the fact that they contain limited ingredients and they are whole ingredients. The typical taste of protein bars is not at all what you are going to get when you go with a Rise Bar. These bars are not overly sweet and don't leave the aftertaste in your mouth that you have grown so used to. Overall, these are clean and simple products that you can easily understand why they taste as they do. It is important to note that people do not seem to like the taste of the vegan options as well as the ones that contain Whey protein.


Flavor option is very important to some users. This is for a couple of reasons. Some want to be able to switch their routine up frequently and what they eat gets boring often. This can lead to increased snacking on less healthy options. Choosing the plant-based option will give you three choices in flavor variety. You can purchase it in Chocolatey Coconut, Sunflower Cinnamon, or Lemon Cashew. The Lemon Cashew seems to be the least liked flavor among this group. Going with the bars that are not plant-based will give you five flavor options. They are Snicker Doodle, Mint Chip, Cacao Banana, Almond Honey, and Chocolatey Almond. Among this group, the Almond Honey seems to be the most well-liked but they all get pretty good reviews.


People are quite happy with the texture of this product. They say it is smooth and heavy. It is a bit dense but it is also soft and chewy. There are very few reports stating that consumers felt this product was grainy. In fact, most say the contrary. As this product closes in on its expiration date the consistency definitely changes and not for the better. They become very hard and many people have a hard time biting them. This obviously means you will want to make sure to be eating these bars when they are fresh and stocking up too much may cause a problem. When you are using very simple ingredients you are not using ingredients to preserve the product, hence, why it doesn't age as well as others may.


Whole natural ingredients are some of the most effective ingredients that you can use. Nature knows what it is doing in terms of nutrition. Your body and muscles will reap the benefits of the fuel this product has to provide. In addition, the good boost of protein will allow your muscles to recover more quickly when you are training and sweating hard. With hard work paired with this product, you will also experience enhanced muscle growth and maintenance. The improved maintenance helps your muscles decrease deterioration levels when you find yourself overusing them. If you are trying to lose weight you will have improved success when you add this into your routine. It will help stomp out your appetite and keep you on track with calories and nutrition.


The ingredients are exceptionally basic and vary based off of what flavor variety you choose. They will include anywhere from three to five ingredients. Considering they are so simple we will take a look at a couple different flavors so you can get an idea of what you are in for. The Almond Honey bar contains Honey, Almonds, and Whey Protein Isolate. That simple. The vegan option of Chocolatey Coconut carries a few more ingredients. The five that it uses are Pea Protein Isolate, Organic Cashews, Carob Powder, Organic Coconut Nectar, and Shredded Coconut. As you can see these are all ingredients that are easy to read and understand how and why they are included. It is a nice thing to see a list of words we can actually pronounce.


As you can imagine this products caloric value depends on what flavor variety you go with. They carry between two hundred and sixty and three hundred and ten calories each. This is why this product can constitute a good snack or even replace a meal. Most people like to keep their snacks well under three hundred calories. Most snack sized protein bars keep their calories right around two hundred. If you want to use this product as a meal replacement you will want to go with the Snicker Doodle or Cocoa Banana as they carry the higher caloric values. The calories you get from this product will, obviously, help sustain you between meals and it will stick with you longer than most because of the whole ingredients that it contains.


These protein bars carry higher sugar values than many other options available to you. You will be consuming somewhere between twelve and seventeen grams of sugar per serving. If you are looking for the least amount of sugar you will want to go with Lemon Cashew or Sunflower Cinnamon. They only yield twelve grams each. The higher sugar value, of seventeen grams, goes to the Mint Chip option. It is important to note that these are all natural sugars and not artificial sweeteners. Our bodies will use this sugar as fuel and while some may have a difficult time fitting it into their routine most won't have much issue. They do not contain enough sugar to make you experience a crash but it will help with your energy levels a bit.


The sugar level is only a tiny piece of why this product helps your energy levels increase. We are used to products like caffeine pills, energy drinks, and pre-workouts giving us great amounts of energy because they are chalk full of stimulants. This is exceptionally scary as it may lead you to a crash. There are no stimulants in this product so this is a worry that is not needed here. Our bodies use sustenance for energy, naturally. On top of that, the protein that it contains will help fuel your muscles for long sessions in the gym or simple long days. The energy you get will last you quite some time and allow you to crush any and all activities you decide that you want to be a part of. Overall, consumers are satisfied with this slow-breaking down product as it provides better energy than other bars they have tried in the past.


One bar, or one serving, is equal to sixty grams, regardless of which flavor variety you choose. These are a bit larger than others you may have tried in the past. What this means is that they will fill you up a bit better and should hold you over longer. This will keep you on track with your diet. Each box contains twelve bars. There are no other options available to you which are a bit of a disappointment to some customers. It is important to note that these bars do come in a smaller serving size, in what they call their snack sized bar. It is available in all the same flavors, yet they are only about twenty-five grams each. This is not much but they also yield exceptionally fewer calories.

Side Effects

Side effects are not going to be a major worry when you decide to use these bars as your protein-boosting supplement. The variety that uses Whey proteins does have the potential of causing an upset stomach, increased bowel movement frequency, nausea, or bloating. These are not common among users but it is a possibility. The vegan option may cause an upset stomach, gas, or bloating. These again are pretty uncommon and usually very mild. Obviously, these bars contain tree nuts and if you are allergic you will want to avoid them. This is an exceptionally limited list of side effects when you compare it to others that contain a plethora of artificial ingredients.


There are some very real advantages that come with using this product. You will be getting an excellent and wholesome snack full of great ingredients that your body craves. They will keep you full for quite some time which makes avoiding unhealthy foods easier than before. It will also give you energy that has great longevity and will never lead to a feeling of being completely devoid of energy. As you try to lose weight it offers balanced nutrition that can be used as a snack or meal replacement which should help you along the way to your ideal weight. It contains an awesome amount of protein, which as previously stated, will help your muscles feel less sore, grow more easily, and be better maintained. Overall, when you pair this with a great diet and exercise habit it will help you along the way to any and every goal you set for yourself.


The lack of preservatives in this product does mean that it has a short shelf-life. This can be a real problem as once these bars start to near their expiration date they become very difficult to eat. For some, as this happens they will become unusable. While they use simple ingredients and most people see this as a plus, it does mean they may not taste as good to you as other options that rely on artificial ingredients to improve the taste and texture. We do not see this as an issue as the taste you get with this is exactly what you would expect. The only other thing we can see as a disadvantage is the lack of container size options. Many people like a single bar option or an option that will allow them to stock up and it's a bit of a disappointment that these options are not available.


These bars are a bit more affordable than others you may have purchased in the past. The flavor variety you choose will impact the cost slightly but overall they will fit into most budgets fairly easily. Obviously, if you want to stock up for the month you will have to pay a bit more because they are only in a twelve-count box. If you are already buying protein bars, even this shouldn't make it completely unaffordable. We were a bit surprised at the cost, considering the high-quality whole ingredients this product uses. When you take a look at the other aspects of this item, we feel it is an exceptional value. You will have a truly nutritious product that works and tastes as you would expect it to. The fact that it is also affordable is an excellent aspect that all can appreciate.

Bottom Line

We could all use a little bit of simplicity in our lives. When you give this product a chance that is exactly what you will be getting. Easy ingredients and the great nutrients provided by them can be exactly what you need to get past that weight loss plateau or enhance your overall workout ability. As you continue to use this product you will see that it gives you sustained energy and your muscles will perform better than before. They offer enough flavor variety that you should be able to find a couple that you like. This product is exceptionally convenient, whether you want to use it as a snack or a meal replacement, it has you covered. It is appropriate for just about everyone and there are very few side effects you need to concern yourself with.