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The Rival Guerrero boxing shoes are an extremely attractive pair of boots that can help you improve your performance inside the ring. If you are looking for a footwear option that will keep your feet cool and comfortable while perfecting your boxing skills this is a great option. They are a bit more affordable than many others so they will suit a variety of budgets. These boxing boots are also fairly supportive in a couple of different ways. Spending long hours training at home,  in the gym, with your coach, or working the bag means you need the right gear. Wearing the proper footwear can help prepare you for competitions. In addition, boxing is great for those trying to lose weight, build muscle, or are just trying to stay physically fit. When you venture into this combat sport, you will find your footwork plays a major role in your success. The excellent grip and lightweight design of this pair can help you improve. You will notice it in the power of your punches and the accuracy of your strikes. Overall, customers are pleased with this option by Rival which is not surprising as they are known for innovative products that exceed expectations.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exceptionally Stylish
  • Good For Men & Women
  • Stellar Grip
  • Great Ankle Support
  • Fast Break-In Time
  • Excellent Quality
  • Quite Breathable
  • Versatile Use
  • Sizing Runs Small


Rival Boxing came to fruition ten years ago. They provide boxers all of the essentials they need to take their performance inside the ring to the next level. When you are going to train in this hard-hitting sport, you will need a variety of items. This includes things like footwear, trunks, and gloves. When you make a solid investment for gear that is well thought out and driven by current technology, it can obviously have a major impact on your skills. If you are just beginning of your adventure into boxing or if you have been at it for years, rest assured that Rival has great options that will help you along the road to being your best. Overall, this brand has proven themselves time and again with durable, protective, and comfortable gear. Putting your trust in them is advantageous and you will see this easily when you give them a chance with any piece of equipment you are looking for.


A large variety of boxing shoes do not contain any sort of insole. This is due to the fact that the less material that is between your feet and the floor the more improved you may find your footwork because your toes can splay and grip naturally. The problem with this is that without an insole you may not find your feet to be supported enough and the durability of your boxing shoes is lessened. this option does contain an insult. It is quite then but it provides an excellent question and shock absorption. You will also notice that it provides your arch with a good level of support. It is minimal InDesign so you will not have to worry about it adding too much weight. It will slightly reduce the feeling that your feet get with the ring but it is not enough to have a major impact.


The outsole of this boxing boot is made of rubber, which is what you would expect. While not every boxing shoe uses this type of outsole it is the most common and most sensible choice. This one is thin and exceptionally flexible. This does not take away from the durability of the outsole. You will have excellent grip while wearing these. Some customers have noted that inside the ring they may be a bit more slippery than other options they have tried in the past. This is not something we are seeing common Lee mentioned so we do not feel as if it'll be much of a problem. These are best suited for use on a canvas ring or on a gym mat. Overall, customers are satisfied with the flexibility and traction they get while wearing these boots.


If you are looking for a boxing boot that is truly lightweight you cannot go wrong with this one. Keeping your Footwear light will keep you moving around the ring with ease. You will notice a reduction in muscle fatigue if you are currently wearing a fairly heavy pair of boxing boots and switch to a lighter pair. The materials that this product is made to ensure that they are exceptionally lightweight. We are impressed by this, especially considering the fact that this shoe has an insole in it. The people that are currently wearing them were also pleasantly surprised by the lightweight nature of these boots. It is impressive that they are so durable yet maintain such an insignificant weight. With decreased weight you also, typically, have improved flexibility and comfort. That also seems to be the case with these.


The materials used within this design are all excellent quality and quite durable. The insole is built of foam which is why it is so flexible and lightweight. The arch support is also made of built-up foam. As stated, the outside is made of rubber which offers excellent traction and longevity of use. The upper is made of a few different materials. It is a combination of microfiber, synthetic leather, and mash. These materials give this product its unique style that is sure to be talked about around the gym. Naturally, you will have a set of standard shoelaces that come with this product. There is a loop at the back of the boots to help you pull them on and off with ease. Overall, we as well as customers are pleased with the materials chosen for this item.


On the whole, the people wearing these boots are very pleased with the fit. There have been a few notes from consumers that we feel are important to mention. There have been several accounts of people feel as if the toe box is a little too wide. This could lead to extra movement and possible discomfort or slipping while you're wearing them. It is also been said that the built-up arch support makes them a bit narrow through the middle of your foot. This seems to decrease once your boots are fully broken in. there is some adjustability because of the lace-up style closure which can help improve the fit overall. For the most part, consumers are happy with the fit especially after they give them just a short amount of time being used.


This option is quite a bit more durable than many others that we have reviewed in the past. The attention to the small details and sure that you are going to have a long-lasting pair of boxing boots that can stand up to the toughest training sessions. You will see double stitching throughout the upper of the shoes. this ensures that the high-pressure zones of your shoe will stay in great shape. The outsole, WildFin, is also exceptionally durable. It is structured in a way that you should not have to worry about it separating from the upper of your shoe. The loop at the back of the ankle also helps improve the durability because you won't have such a hard time getting your heel in the correct position and you won't break down the back of the shoe from crushing it. Overall, this is a very durable option that you will be able to use longer than most other pairs.


Rival is known for offering boxers high-quality items. These Boots are the perfect example of the exceptional quality of their work. The structure and design of this option are built to last. With small features like the loop at the ankle and the outsole coming up a bit higher on the sides will give you long-lasting use and a great level of comfort. They pay attention to the details the areas that give you exceptional quality. You'll find padding and all of the right places and support where you need it most. We are impressed with this option and the level quality that it carries. Consumers feel the same way. You will be making a sound Investment in one of the best quality options available to you in this price range when you decide to give them a try.


The level of comfort that you get while wearing this boot is exceptional. They breathe quite well and they are very flexible. Flexibility is exceptionally important in your Footwear. Boxing takes a lot of movement and dancing around the ring. If your shoes in Hibbett your movement it will obviously decrease your levels of comfort. This option features an insole which many others don't and it also helps improve the level of comfort you get while wearing them. A padded collar around the ankle and a loop that makes them easy to pull on also play their roles in providing you a comfortable fit and feel. this option also has a sock liner inside of it that helps keep moisture away from your feet. When you combine all of these aspects what you are left with is a truly comfortable pair of boxing shoes.


Boxing boots are not always known for being the most breathable Footwear option. This particular option is average in terms of breathability. It is better than some but it is not as good as others. It does use mesh panels throughout the upper to help improve airflow, however, there are large sections that are covered with synthetic leather and this decreases breathability. They do use a sock liner to help wick sweat away from the feet and it is made of an exceptionally breathable material. This means that you won't have to worry about the sock liner causing a bunch of extra heat inside your shoes. Keeping your feet cool and dry makes training more enjoyable and keeps your feet in optimal condition.


The level of support you will get while wearing these boots is excellent. There are a couple of places that boxing boots really need to focus on support and this one hits both of them. The first area has to do with ankle support. Keeping your ankle support it is imperative when you are moving quickly from side to side and about the ring. The padded collar and five and a half inch height help ensure that your ankles are supported. Naturally, you can tighten them around the ankles to get the level of support that you need. The other area that supports is concerned is in the arch. Commonly, this is non-existent in a boxing shoe and can be a real problem for consumers that have high arches. You will get plenty of arch support while wearing this option as it does include an insole with a built-up area in your midsole.


When you are trying to determine the true value of a product there are many aspects that you need to take into consideration. Price is naturally one of those aspects. These Boots Are a bit more affordable than many others especially when you take into consideration the quality of them. Most budgets will be able to work them in quite easily and if you do need to save it shouldn't take you very long to be able to afford them. Once you work them in you won't be able to wear them for an exceptionally long period of time with great comfort and style. Consumers feel as if these boots are a truly great value. Upon giving them their first workout in or outside of the ring we are certain you will also feel as if they are a great value.

Bottom Line

You really can't go wrong if you decide to take these boots on your boxing Journey with you. They are very comfortable from almost the word go and they will stay that way for a very long period of time. The style will be noticed around the gym and they will keep you moving with ease. The lightweight nature of them will reduce your fatigue and allow you to train longer and harder than ever. With a reasonable price point, most people will be able to buy them with very little time spent saving. Your footwork and technique will certainly improve upon giving these I try. Overall, they are a solid choice that will keep you well supported for quite some time.