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The Rival RSX One Boxing boots are a high top option that truly is a step above the rest. With a decent price, they offer more features than many others and will fit into your budget a bit more easily. They are made of some of the best materials you can ask for yet they still breathe nicely. The interior of this boxing boot will seriously help to keep your feet cool and comfortable. Where most boxing boots are lacking these ones truly succeed. From support to fit you are certainly getting a stellar boxing shoe. When you are stepping into the ring you need to have the appropriate equipment and gear. This is not only for your comfort and performance but also for your safety. The boots you wear will play a major role in keeping your skin great and enhancing your performance as you work on your skills and techniques. This option is a very good one that promotes good form and gives you the grip you need to land devastating blows. So, whether you are a beginner or an expert fighter these boots are a good option to wear in the ring. Overall, customers are exceptionally satisfied with this choice from Rival and feel they are an excellent investment.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exceptional Materials
  • Very Durable
  • Great Fit
  • High Comfort Level
  • Good Price
  • Nice Ventilation
  • Quality Construction
  • Excellent Style
  • Supportive
  • A Bit Heavy
  • Wide Fit


This brand may not be as well-known as others but Rival is truly making a name for themselves in the world of fight sports. For the last ten years, they have been working to grow their business, lines, and customer base. The items they offer are well thought out and truly innovative. You can get some of the best gloves, clothes, equipment, and footwear available and you can trust it will be long-lasting and provide you the results you are looking for. Consumers are more than satisfied with their purchases from Rival. They have found that trusting in this brand is advantageous to their lives, fitness, and training. If you decide to put your training needs in their hands, whether you are a coach, fighter, or fitness enthusiast you will not be disappointed.


Consumers are in love with the insole that these boots sport. Oftentimes, boxing boots do not offer any type of insole and therefore are not very supportive of your arches or comfortable on your feet. There is something to be said for limited insole padding for a boxing shoe as the less padding the more your feet can feel and the better your technique can be. However, if there is no padding it can lead to a plethora of foot related pain and problems. The insole used in this is durable and comfortable. It offers a good deal of shock absorbing power to keep your feet feeling great. They also offer good arch support which will also aid in keeping your feet in the best condition possible. When you're comfortable it makes spending long hours training a bit easier and the insole of this shoe will help you do just that, stay comfortable.


The outsole of this option is quite thin and very flexible. It is made of rubber. Rubber is great at providing stellar grip and traction on surfaces like a canvas boxing ring. If you choose to wear them for bag training or sparring practice the outsole will do well there too. It is important to note that the outsole is very thin on a boxing shoe which makes it inappropriate to wear them for outside training. If you do you may end up wearing holes in the bottoms of them very quickly or causing damage to the shoe itself. Customers are very happy with the tread pattern of the outsole as well. They have noted that it provides a good pivoting point and helps keep your feet firmly where you plant them. Overall, this is a great outsole in terms of material and traction ability.


We were unable to find the exact weight of this pair of boots. From what we can surmise they are a bit heavier than average due to the materials that they are made up from. Most customers are saying they are lightweight and some have even said it feels like you aren't wearing shoes. On the other hand, some people are saying they are a tad heavy and a bit bulky. So, as you can see there are mixed reviews over the weight of these boxing boots. The average weight for a hi-top pair of boxing boots is around two pounds. The brand's website lists three hundred and nine grams which are less than a pound. We assume that is per boot in which case these are a very lightweight option for a tall shoe. From this, it would make sense that the reviews stating these are quite light are accurate and the couple that say they aren't are probably more of a fluke.


The materials seen in this set of boxing shoes are awesome. The upper is made of genuine cowhide leather and nylon mesh panels. These two materials together lead to a breathable and flexible upper that is also durable and supportive. They don't require much care to maintain their integrity or their great quality look and feel. As noted above, the outsole is made of rubber which is awesome for traction. The insole is made from high-quality foam which is good for both absorbing shock and keeping you comfortable. There are standard shoelaces in them and they are guided through eyelets. There is no information on whether the eyelets are made of plastic or metal but either way they will last through the test of time with ease. Overall, consumers are happy with the quality of materials used in these boots.


How a shoe fits will largely depend on your feet and what you need for a piece of footwear to fit well. Overall, customers are satisfied with the adjustability and the fit that these boots provide. They are a bit roomier than some which are great for those that have slightly wider feet. If you have higher arches this is going to be a nice fit. You will be able to tighten the laces up and have a good arch in the shoe to keep you comfortable. It is important that when you are looking at this model that you look at the size chart for it. Some customers have said they run large while others say they run small, for the most part, people are saying they are fairly true to size. What this means is you will need an accurate measurement of your foot. With this, you can compare it to their sizing chart and ensure you get a pair that fit like a glove.


The materials used throughout this product are all great in terms of durability. The suede cowhide leather is exceptionally durable as is the nylon mesh that is used in the upper. These two types of materials are double stitched to ensure they stay bound together tightly. You will find great durability in the upper of this shoe. The rubber sole is also very durable. It is important to note that if you wear these boots outside of the gym you may wear the soles down a great deal and cause damage to them. This type of wear, obviously, will decrease the durability of these shoes. If you are wearing them inside the ring and during boxing training with your coach or a bag, you will get a good amount of use from them before finding that you need a new pair


Rival has produced a truly great quality boxing boot when they gave us the RSX One. They are made from stellar materials that will last you quite some time, even with consistent use. The technology that is behind pieces like the insoles and the structure of the design of the upper are keys to the true quality of this product. They are made with boxers in mind and it shows. Consumers are exceptionally happy with the look, feel, and performance of this product and when given the chance we believe you will feel the exact same way. There are other features of this that make seeing the quality easy. The way the padding is structured and the tread pattern on the bottom will prove that they have been well thought out and that Ringside is trying to give us a truly high-quality option.


Customers are in love with the comfort level that these boxing boots provide. The materials are quite flexible yet they are also supportive in the areas people need it the most. Many boxing shoe options are uncomfortable due to a lack of an insole. You will have a nice insole with this boot and it really does improve the comfort level drastically. Another common complaint with boxing shoes is that they are way too snug, which leads to pinched toes and unhappy feet. You won't have to worry about this issue when you decide to invest in this option by Rival. They are not reported for being too wide or too narrow. Obviously, if you have exceptionally wide or narrow feet you may not find this to be true for you. However, overall they offer a nice fit and a great level of comfort even when you wear them for long hours at the gym.


Breathability in boxing shoes can be a major issue. This is because many of the high-end options are made of solid leather, which does not breathe well at all. The uppers of this option are made of suede leather and woven nylon panels to help promote airflow. They have designed this boot strategically to ensure you are getting proper airflow throughout the entire boot. This leads to cooler and better feeling feet. Keeping your feet as dry as possible is important to overall foot health. When you spend a long period of time working out and your feet are wet it can lead to a variety of food-related issues. This includes things like fungal growth, blisters, and ingrown toenails. All of these issues can make you step out of the ring and away from training for an extended period of time. Consumers are very pleased with the breathability that this option offers.


Support can often be lacking in this type of footwear, especially where your arches are concerned. To combat this, many customers end up putting inserts into their boxing boots. When you go with these you won't have to spend the extra money to make sure you have the arch support that you need because this product has a nice insole with great arch support. The hi-top style also provides you with a great deal of ankle support. This is great news for those of you that suffer from weak ankles or have sustained ankle injuries in the past. There are options that offer more support in the ankle by placing an extra strap around this area but overall, this is not needed for most people. The people wearing this item are more than satisfied with the level of support that they offer.


You will be getting a great value when you decide to purchase these boxing boots. Their price tag is not astronomical but it may be a bit of an investment for some budgets. For the most part, they should be fairly easy to work in and you won't need to do much saving to make them your own. Once you do you will have a durable and comfortable pair of shoes that will keep you moving around the ring with ease. They can help improve your performance and your power during punches because of the great grip and fit they provide. Looking at all of the aspects that surround this option, including what customers have to say, makes it easy to see that this is a high-quality item that is a better value than many others available to you.

Bottom Line

Rival has made a great looking and feeling boxing shoe. They are pretty light and offer good support in the areas you need it the most. You will get a ton of use out of these and you will be able to wear them during different facets of your boxing training. Even when you wear them for long periods of time your feet will stay comfortable. This brand has invested the time to make sure your feet have what they need to stay healthy and perform well. With better breathability and comfort than most others, it is easy to understand why so many people are buying this product. You will be making a bit of an investment but once you have them broken-in we are certain you will truly happy that you did.