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The ROAR BJJ Dummy is a bit different than many others. It is going to allow you to do pretty much any combat sports-related training activity that you choose. They have added a strap to the back so that you can hang this dummy and use it like a heavy bag. You will be able to train all the way around it. When you are ready to work on submission moves, grappling techniques, or have a good old ground and pound session, simply take it down and get to work. As you can see you will be able to do more with this option than you would many others. This item can save you time and money due to its extreme versatility.

The material options that are available are both going to withstand the tough nature of sports like wrestling, Muay Thai, and Judo. When you are investing in a piece of equipment that is going to take abuse on a daily basis you need to know it is tough enough to handle it. This item should suit you quite well. The stitching is reinforced and the material is built to last. You can find your perfect weight when using this item as it comes unfilled. Some people see this as a disadvantage, however, many others feel as if it is an advantage. Overall, consumers are pleased with the structure and design of this item from ROAR.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 2 Outer Materials Available
  • Unfilled
  • Nice Color Options
  • Use As Heavy Bag
  • Excellent For Many Training Activities
  • Very Affordable
  • Easy Position Changes
  • Unfilled
  • Limited Customer Reviews
  • Difficult Maintenance


ROAR is a brand that has not been available in the market for very long, however, they are coming up with some stellar options for those of you into fitness, combat sports, and overall better health. They spend a lot of time researching and developing their products to ensure great performance and durability. When you are on the hunt for training equipment, protective gear, clothing, accessories, punching bags, or other fitness related items you will have a ton of options from this brand. Their prices tend to be much more affordable which is great for those of you that are on a strict budget. It is a bit concerning as there are not a ton of reviews on their products and sometimes cheaper prices mean limited durability. We are impressed with the materials and designs of their items and are hopeful that as their following builds we will have more solid information on their goods.


This brand has done a good job in choosing materials that should last you for a very long time even with consistent use. We were a bit surprised to see that there is actually a choice and outer material. One option, which is a bit cheaper than the other, is made from a tear-resistant fabric. The other, which is slightly pricier, appears to be made of synthetic leather. The brand has not stated the exact material but that is exactly what it looks like. Both of these are going to hold up well to the intense nature of fight sports training. There is also a nylon strap on the back of each dummy. This is what is going to give you the ability to hang this item up and use it like a heavy bag. There is also a zipper closure so that you can add filling to it or remove it as needed. There is not a ton of information from consumers about durability, however, the materials they have chosen in the design of this item leads us to believe that you will get good longevity of use out of each one of them.


With the limited information from consumers about this product, it's hard to determine the true quality. Looking at the design of this item and the materials they have chosen to use for it we believe that you'll be getting a high-quality grappling dummy when you decide to go with this one. The fact that they give you options in outer material shows that they pay attention to what consumers want. Synthetic leather is extremely durable and is going to be able to handle the toughest sessions with the most skilled athletes. The seams are reinforced so you should not have to worry about them bursting. There are no reports of this being a problem, however, with heavy use, it could be. Overall, the information we have found is showing that customers are quite happy with the quality of this product. We believe looking at the descriptions of it that it is indeed of good quality.


Fighters are very happy with the size of this option. It is a bit larger than most others. It is 6 foot tall. When fully extended you'll be able to work all the way around it and feel as if you are training against a real opponent. Sure, some of the people you fight against maybe shorter or taller but this is a very good base height. It is also been said that this item is fairly flexible. This means that if you want to position it into a kneeling position you'll be able to do it easily. You'll be able to work with it on its backside, while hanging, or in a variety of other positions. Its size plays a major role in this. You will find that training with this product is more realistic than with many others. Obviously, this is going to give you better performance and overall confidence when you are working with an actual sparring partner or find yourself participating in a competition.


One of the coolest things about this product is the way the weight of it is fully adjustable. As noted, you will get this item unfilled. What this means is that you'll be able to Pocketful of his much material as you please. Its maximum weight when filled to capacity is 121 pounds. This is pretty heavy for a grappling dummy. It can make it a bit hard to work with if you have it come in at this weight. However, some people truly like working with a heavier grappling dummy. In addition, due to the fact that this product can be used as a heavy bag the fact that it can hold higher weights is better. If you don't want it to be this heavy it is very simple to remove material to lighten it up. You really will have a versatile option in terms of weight when you decide to invest in this product. It is an aspect that consumers truly love about it.


Looking at the way this product is structured and designed we believe that it will be quite durable. There have been no reports from consumers about them having durability issues. However, keep in mind that there are not a lot of reviews surrounding this product. The more that come in will help to prove whether or not this product is going to last you quite a while or not. The only real concern we have with it is the strap on the back that is used to hang it like a heavy bag. There may be some durability issues in this area. If it does wear out you will still be able to use this item for a variety of different training activities. However, you may not always be able to use it like a heavy bag. While we can't say for sure every other aspect in regards to this item appear as if they are going to give you excellent durability. We believe that you'll be able to use this item time and again without worry of it falling apart in the middle of a training session.


As previously mentioned, you will get this item unfilled. Many people feel that this is a disadvantage because they won't be able to use it right away. On the other hand, some people find it to be a major advantage. We feel that it is more of an advantage than a disadvantage. It will allow you to find the perfect weight for your preferred training routine. The manufacturers suggest that you use cloth filler. You can simply take old clothes and shred them up and put them in. You can also fill this item with other soft and malleable products like cotton. If you chose to use an item like cotton be aware that it's fluffy and you'll really want to pack it in there if you want to get some true weight. Overall, filling this item is fairly easy. In turn, adjusting the weight of it over the course of time is also quite simple.


There are quite a few advantages associated with this particular product. One of the biggest, in our eyes, is the fact that you can use it for so many different training activities. If you're just starting out in the world of mixed martial arts there are a ton of different pieces of equipment that you'll need to acquire to ensure a well-rounded training routine. Investing in this item is going to check off a lot of the boxes in your needs section. Another advantage of using this product is the fact that it is easy to position. Due to the fact that you'll be the one filling it up you can make sure that the arms and knees will bend as you want them to. The materials used in this product in the fact that they give you an option in outer materials is also an advantage. You should get excellent durability and use from this product. Overall, these are only a couple of advantages but they play a major role and why we feel that this product is such a good buy.


One of the biggest disadvantages associated with this product is the fact that there are very limited customer reviews on it. Not many people have used this product so it's hard to determine some of the aspects. Another problem that we have found is that if you decide to go with the outer material that is made of cloth it can be difficult to maintain. Obviously, you're not going to just be able to throw this grappling dummy in the washer. When your training with it consistently it's going to absorb sweat and odors. This could lead to an unpleasant training situation after you've been using this dummy for quite some time. These are the only true things that we could find our downfalls with this product. As noted, you may find some durability issues with the hanging strap on the back. This is not a downfall that has been proven but we have an inclination that it may be a problem for some.


We feel as if this product is a great value. The price that is associated with it is extremely reasonable. Basically, regardless of how tight your budget is you will be able to afford it. Most people will not have to spend any time saving to call it their own. You won't be able to use this item right away because you will need to fill it. This can be a bit time-consuming, however, most people don't find it to be that big of a deal. When you are trying to invest in products to make you a better fighter it can become very expensive very quickly. This is due to the fact that there are so many different training pieces that you need to gather up. As noted, this product is insanely versatile which can help to save you money and time. When you can use one piece of equipment for a variety of different training activities it is definitely a good thing.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it we understand that there isn't a ton of information about this product, however, everything is pointing to the fact that it is a solid investment. It's going to allow you to find the exact weight that you're looking for. Many users will be able to use it for a plethora of time. Whether you are just starting out as a youth fighter or you've been at it for years it should hold up to the abuse that you're going to put it through. If you are just starting out as a youth fighter this product will be able to grow with you. It is quite tall and weight can be added to it easily. The disadvantages associated with this item don't seem to be major. More things may crop up over the course of time because there is limited review information, however, we are fairly confident that people are going to be more than happy with this item. This brand has done a good job at paying attention to the fine details and it shows in the design and structure of this grappling dummy.