Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister Running Socks

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The Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister Running socks are made by runners for runners but these great compression socks work for all sports including any fighting sports when compression socks will be helpful. They are a highly regarded brand in the running community and are well known for making high-quality products. These socks are no exception to that statement, they are made with organic merino wool from Europe, have a lifetime guarantee, are anti-blister, fit tight and snug with arch compression, wick sweat, and are odor resistant. 

They offer a seamless construction for maximum comfort and have ventilated areas for enhanced breathability. The only possible downsides to having a wool sock are issues with shrinking, pilling/wear and them being at a higher price point than non-wool socks. Rockay offers these socks in 6 fun color combinations so you will be sure to find one that matches your wardrobe.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Arch Compression


Wicks Sweat

Odor Resistant

Seamless Construction

Ventilated Areas

Merino Wool


Possible Shrinking


Higher Price Point


ROCKAY ACCELERATE ANTI-BLISTER RUNNING SOCKS at first glance are low cut, sleek and stylish. They come in a wide variety of colors depending on if you want to match your running shoes or have your socks stand out. 6 color combinations in total are what is currently offered in terms of color choices. You have black/lime which is the most neutral color combination they offer so if you are a plain black sock fan this will be the one for you. They also come in black/purple, black/red, bordeaux, navy/blue, and yellow/neon. With so many color combinations to choose from, you are sure to find at least one you like and hopefully even two.

Because they are a lower cut they are tucked nicely right above your running shoe for just a pop of the sock showing. At first glance, they don't even look like they have any compression capabilities at all as most traditional compression garments are usually quite medical looking and not the most stylish.

Even though these socks are made with technical features like the anti-blister prevention, arch compression and temperature regulation they are not just for runners. They are stylish enough to wear for every day if you are wanting more out of your socks than regular cotton ones can provide. If you are prone to sore arches from standing all day at work or on public transit these would also be great as an everyday sock to provide that little bit of arch support for instant relief. If you happen to be breaking in some new shoes these would also be a great choice as they have anti-blister padding so you can have all the love of a new shoe without the pain.


When most people think wool socks they think of a well-insulated sock for the wintertime, it's stuffy and your feet get way too hot. Merino wool is not your typical grandmother sweater wool, it is more durable and has more breathability. Wool is naturally sweat-wicking which helps with keeping your feet dry and odor-free. The merino wool that Rockay uses in these socks is specifically mulesing-free which is a cruel practice some farms will do to merino sheep. You can feel better knowing your purchase was cruelty-free. The extra cush that the wool provides helps protect against unwanted blisters or rubbing.


ROCKAY ACCELERATE ANTI-BLISTER RUNNING SOCKS ensures every design component within this sock was designed to give you the most comfortable experience possible. Because it is a running sock the last thing you want is it being uncomfortable which can ruin your entire running experience. The Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister Running Socks are completely seamless so you will never have to worry about adjusting them as you would with normal socks if the toe seam shifts into an uncomfortable place. This seamless design is also what makes these socks anti-blister, seamed socks have irritation spots that can cause blisters after repeated friction. A seamless design eliminates all of those issues for a truly comfortable experience.

They come equipped with extra light mesh in ventilation areas for increased breathability and have the sweat-wicking bonus of merino wool. The ventilation mesh keeps your foot from overheating and becoming stuffy and uncomfortable. An added bonus is the padding and reinforcement they put into the sock. The forefoot and toes are padded ontop to help distribute pressure and aid in comfort. The heel of the sock is reinforced which helps with the durability of the sock, but not only that, it's also padded as well to help prevent blisters.


While Rockay boasts about the durability and lifetime guarantee on their socks some customers have had concerns. Following proper washing instructions with wool is extremely important. Because it is a natural fiber it will shrink with any exposure to heat. When washing make sure to set the washing machine to cold water as well as no heat drying, it’s recommended to either hang/lay flat to dry or if you really want to put them in the dryer make sure its on an air only and no heat setting. Also with wool expect pilling to occur with repeated wear and washing, this is perfectly normal and should not affect the durability but will just look unsightly. If they really bug you to look at you can gently pluck the pills off with your hands when they get too big.
Another complaint some customers had was premature ripping and wear of the sock in the compression band area on the arch. This area is quite a bit thinner than most of the sock so it can be prone to being less durable than the rest of it. This was only the case with some customers and the majority of them were actually quite pleased with the overall durability of the sock. With proper care, the Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister Running Socks should be long-lasting.


One of the most important things about a runner's rock is that you want them to be breathable. No one wants hot and sweaty feet while they are running. Feet being constantly too damp will cause unwanted blisters and peeling of the skin on the feet. Which is not only gross but uncomfortable.
Because they use merino wool as the main fiber in these socks, it's naturally sweat-wicking. The ventilated mesh also keeps your feet cool while the wool keeps its dry. Which is the exact combination you want when you are running and don't want any interruptions of discomfort. If you do find that these are issues you suffer from with normal cotton socks you should give the Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister Running Socks a try and see if they improve your overall comfort and performance.


Unlike normal everyday socks, the Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister Running Socks come in a wider variety of sizes to make sure they are fitting you perfectly. Most socks are available in a women's size and a men's size and that's it. These come in a total of 5 different sizes ranging from x-small to x-large. This is a range from as small as a woman's size 3 and goes up to a women's 15.5, for men it's from a size 4 all the way to a size 14. Because of the compression aspect, this makes sure they fit you perfectly so the arch compression is able to do its job.
They also included a back tab on the sock. This helps with pulling them on as well as keeping them in place while you are running and preventing slippage. One of the most uncomfortable things is having your sock slip into your shoe and this prevents that from happening. Attached to the back tab is also the tight elastic top of the sock. The reason they engineered it with a snug fit was not only to make sure it had a great fit with no slippage but also so that dirt and debris that you may be kicking around while running doesn't fall into your socks.

Blister Prevention

This sock does exactly what it says it does, it prevents blisters. If you are a runner who is prone to them this is a huge benefit. Even if you are not a runner, some of us have everyday shoes that just rub in weird places or never fully break-in. These socks are perfect for that as well.
How these prevent blisters is a mixture of a bunch of different features within the design of the sock. It prevents moisture blisters by being made with merino wool which is naturally sweat-wicking, as well as having ventilated mesh so your feet don't overheat and over sweat. They are equipped with extra cushion on blister prone areas for even further prevention. This comes in the form of extra padding on the forefoot area and the toes as well as the heels. Last but not least the seamless design is also what aids in it being a truly blister-free sock, with no seams or irritating pressure points for feet.

Odor Control

Some of the best qualities of this sock are also what make it odor-resistant. The merino wool is naturally moisture-wicking which prevents sweat buildup thus preventing bacteria and moisture which are the breeding ground for odor. Along with the natural powers of the wool, they added the ventilation mesh which aids even more in keeping your feet dry and keeping them odor-free. Even though these are quite odor-resistant it's still not recommended to wear them multiple times without washing as that is exactly a perfect breeding ground for odors and bacteria. For best results wash after every wear.


This is not your traditional looking compression garment. When people think of compression wear they think of very medical looking full coverage garments. Most ankle length compression socks have a bad name because a lot of them are not designed properly and are too relaxed. The Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister Running Socks are the exact opposite of that.
These are not compression socks for people who need any sort of compression in the ankles or legs and are not intended to be used as a medical device to treat varicose veins. However, if you have used compression garments in the past and are looking for something with a bit more support in the foot this could be the sock for you.
If you are not using compression socks for medical reasons but are interested in them otherwise they aid in decreasing the amount of lactic acid your muscles are producing which is what builds up while you are exercising and causes sore muscles after an intense workout. The decrease in lactic acid also helps out with foot cramps, if you happen to be prone to those a compression sock is going to help.
The compression on these socks is strongest around the arch of the foot which will give you great arch support if you have flat feet or any other type of foot condition where you need a little more arch support. From there it tapers off gradually throughout the foot giving it a natural feel of tightness that's never uncomfortable.

Bottom Line

If you are a beginner runner or have been running for years, it's never too late to invest in your feet. With the Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister Running Socks, they are the perfect lost cost investment you can make. There is not much more you would want in a sock, its anti-blister, moisture-wicking, snug fit, multiple sizes, soft merino wool, arch compression, additional padding, and lifetime guarantee make this the perfect sock for not only for runners but for other activities or sports where you are active your feet or even just casual city walking.
Go ahead and treat your feet to the best experience possible and they up your performance in return. With a lifetime guarantee, you have nothing to lose.