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Looking for a Branched Chain Amino Acid booster with a little something extra? RSP Nutrition AminoLean Energy formula will give you the BCAAs your muscles crave to maintain and increase lean muscle mass as well as help you on your way to speedy recovery. In addition, it includes essential Amino Acids and an energy supplement to help you shed pounds and take your fitness and health to levels you never dreamed imaginable. This product carries a variable serving size so you can make adjustments as needed to ensure you are getting the most out of this All-in-One BCAA and energy supplement. Many Branched Chain Amino Acid supplements contain just that the BCAAs, but there are a variety of other essential Amino Acids that can seriously help your muscles to feel and perform their best. This formula carries a great mix that includes all of the BCAAs and many of the essentials we need to heal and increase your muscles. Rather than trying to stack a variety of products together to get all the effects you need to push yourself to the next level, simplify things and give this product a try.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Promotes Fat Burning
  • Helps Weight Loss
  • 5 Grams BCAAs/Serving
  • No Sugar or Calories
  • No Banned Substances or GMOs
  • Very Affordable
  • 125 Milligrams Caffeine/Serving
  • Safe for Daily Use
  • Good Flavor Variety
  • Uses Proprietary Blends
  • May Cause Stomach Upset
  • Difficult Mixing
  • Some Flavors Extremely Sweet


RSP handles itself like a well-oiled sports team. With dedication, commitment, and drive they work together to bring you great products that will support you through all walks of life. Their nutritional supplements will help to make your life more active and in turn aid you in overall health and well-being. They don't want to be the brand you go to on occasion but the one you decide to add into your everyday life. Their exceptionally diverse brand and the team understands everything from the daily grind at the gym to plateauing with weight loss. What does this mean for you? It means that regardless of what you try to accomplish RSP will be right there with a product innovated by someone who actually understands what you are going through. They use the highest quality ingredients and backed sciences to ensure you get what you need to support your every goal and aspiration.


Like any product, the taste of this one has mixed reviews. The majority of reviewers feel as if the taste is better than average. Some flavors are regarded higher than others. It does seem as if the flavoring is not overly strong but some options are overly sweet. Sucralose is used in this product and almost always to blame for over sweetness and a bad aftertaste. We do see reports of both of these things, however, it does not seem to affect every flavor option they offer. There are fewer reports of a terrible aftertaste with this BCAA supplement than we see with others in its class.


Having a decent flavor variety not only keeps your daily supplement drink more interesting but it helps to ensure you will be able to find a flavor you actually enjoy. When choosing RSP AminoLean you will have an option of nine different flavors. You can pick Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Blackberry Pomegranate, Watermelon, Lemon Lime, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Kiwi, Pink Lemonade, or Green Apple. The Blackberry Pomegranate is the front-runner for favorite flavor. There are also very good reviews about the Green Apple and Fruit Punch varieties. Nine options will keep it interesting for quite some time and you will be happy to mix it up on occasion.


While some people say this product mixes up fairly easily, more people are saying that they have trouble getting it to dissolve regardless of stellar blender bottles or not. This means you may end up losing part of your serving as if it does not dissolve completely some will be left stuck to your water bottle. It also means you may end up with a gritty feeling in your mouth. The other thing being said about the consistency of this product is that it is quite chalky. This is common among this type of supplement. For some people, these two things are expected because they are associated with this kind of product but for others, it can be a total deal breaker.


We need to look at the different aspects of this product to deduce its effectiveness. When looking at the BCAA and essential Amino Acid content you will find their blend to be very effective. The ingredients they use here will absolutely help your sore, overworked muscles recover more easily and quickly. It will also allow for faster lean muscle growth and preservation. Then there is the piece they use for energy and fat burning. You aren't going to get a huge boost of energy so, if that is what you are looking for you may think this falls a bit flat. It will help you burn fat and customers agree that while using this product they did notice it helping them shed pounds more quickly than without it.


This product uses three different proprietary blends. One is a blend of Amino Acids which include both Branched Chained and other essential Amino Acids. The next is to help you in managing your weight and the last is a blend to help with focus and energy. Some customers stay away from products with proprietary blends because you can't tell how much of each ingredient you are getting. This product covers you in a couple areas, reducing the need to stack other supplements on top of it and makes using a proprietary blend not as sketchy.

The blend of Amino Acids you will be getting is L-Taurine, Beta Alanine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Glutamine, L-Valine, L-Citrulline, L-Tyrosine, L-Arginine, L-Histidine, L-Lysine HCL, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, and L-methionine. This list has you seriously covered in terms of Amino Acids. Green Coffee Extract, Conjugated Linoleic Acid Powder, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, and Green Tea Extract are the ingredients responsible for helping you manage your weight and they include Caffeine and Theobromine to help increase your energy and focus.


There are a few ingredients that will really help you with your overall performance. This product contains Beta-Alanine which is often used in pre-workout supplements to help increase your blood flow. By doing this you will recover more quickly between sets and your pump while weight lifting will be increased. This product also contains an energy and focus blend that will help you stay on task and maintain the drive to kill every exercise or activity you participate in. We understand that a ton of products claim they will help in these areas but don't, this product contains all of the ingredients that are proven to give you results.


As stated in the previous paragraph, this product contains Beta-Alanine which helps with blood flow. That is not the only ingredient that helps with this. It also contains L-Citrulline. which helps your blood vessels expand. By doing this your muscles will receive more Oxygen, making recovery times faster not just after your workout is complete but also between your sets. It also provides your muscles with extra nutrients. Doing this will allow them to perform better and your muscle growth will accelerate as compared to a supplement without this effect. Increased circulation also means you won't become as winded as easily and you will be able to attack the end of your workout with the same ferocity as the beginning.


Caffeine is commonly used to boost energy levels because this product acts as a pre-workout also, it does contain caffeine. RSP AminoLean Energy Formula uses a proprietary blend for their energy and focus section. It contains Caffeine and Theobromine. These two ingredients together carry 130 milligrams of energy and focus boosting power per serving. The actual caffeine content is one hundred and twenty-five milligrams per serving. This is a very low amount. If you are quite sensitive to products containing caffeine you may want to reduce the initial few servings until you become acclimated to it and you know how it is going to make you feel.


Pre-workout supplements and caffeine pills are commonly associated with a crashing effect. This is when your energy suddenly drains and you feel exceptionally fatigued. Products that hold exceptionally high caffeine contents are typically to blame for this because when the caffeine wears off it wears off in a hurry. This product does not contain a very high caffeine content and there are no reports of it causing this detrimental effect. This is not to say it is impossible for you to experience it while using this product but it is unlikely. The blend they use allows for a slow decline in energy and unless you are extremely sensitive to caffeine you really should not have any problems at all.


The use of proprietary blends makes people raise an eyebrow when thinking about fillers. This is because when you don't know exactly how much of each ingredient is included you don't really know what you are dealing with. RSP uses proprietary blends, yes, but they do not use any of their ingredients as fillers. This is a company with integrity and thousands of people trust them each and every day. The ingredients used are all included for specific purposes. Fillers are used for a variety of ways but all for the same reason. They are used so untrustworthy brands can make money off of their inferior products. When trusting RSP for your supplement needs, you don't have to worry about this.


This product suggested serving size is eight grams or two of their scoops. However, while this is suggested, you are able to take up to three servings safely to ensure you get what you are looking for in terms of performance support and BCAA amounts. There are two options for container size. It can be purchased in a thirty serving or seventy-five serving container. Having some option in this category is nice, especially if you like to buy in bulk to save a bit of money. While trying it you can stick to the smaller container and if using the standard serving size have enough to last a month. If you are used to powerful pre-workout supplements and are trying to replace it with this you may find you are using more than the suggested two scoops and needing to buy the larger container to ensure you don't run out before the month is over.

Side Effects

There are a few reports of this product causing upset stomach, gas, bloating, and nausea. These are all very common side effects of pre-workout supplements. Also, it contains Beta-Alanine which is known for giving you that tingly sensation in your hands, face, chest, arms, legs, and feet shortly after taking your supplement. Additionally, this product contains Branched Chain Amino Acids which come with their own list of adverse side effects. There are no reports of any of these but you should be aware of them none-the-less. They have been known to cause bloating, increase in blood glucose, fatigue, and loss of coordination. It is important to note that pretty much all supplements including Whey Protein powders, Testosterone Boosters, and Diet pills all come with different side effects and they affect each person differently.


This product has you covered in a variety of ways. The advantages of it are vast. You will have a decent flavor and size variety to help keep you interested. While using it your muscles will feel better and continue to grow at an accelerated rate. On top of getting the Branched Chain and essential Amino Acids you need for this you will also get support for energy and weight loss. Combining ingredients that are similar to a pre-workout with your BCAAs can save you time and money in terms of buying multiple supplements. You will gain the drive, focus, stamina, and energy to go the extra mile when taking this BCAA plus energy product. Once you give it a try you will see that it really helps you achieve your fitness and health goals.


The first disadvantage to this product is the fact that it uses proprietary blends that make it difficult to know exactly how much of each ingredient you are getting. This makes it hard to combine this product with any other supplements. It also uses a bad balance of Sucralose leading to some flavors being overly sweet and pretty much all of them leaving a poor aftertaste in your mouth. The consistency is less than desirable but with some hard shaking, you may be able to get it fully mixed. Making it easier to drink. Lastly, this product has a double whammy list of side effects due to the fact it is basically two supplements put together. There are not a vast amount of reports about side effects but that doesn't mean they won't occur for some people.


Looking at the overall value of a product takes consideration of multiple things. First, we look at the cost and honestly, this product is more affordable than many other BCAA supplements. Pretty much anyone will be able to afford it. When you consider the fact that you are getting much more than your basic BCAA powder, it makes the cost even more affordable. Increasing the value, even more, is the fact that this product really will help you along your journey towards a healthy, active lifestyle. Whether looking to lose weight or stay motivated this product can help. There are a few negatives that you may feel decrease the value but overall consumers agree you are getting an exceptional bang for your buck when you go with RSP's AminoLean Energy Formula.

Bottom Line

Having a shelf full of supplements can be intimidating and juggling them all can get confusing. This product is not only a great booster for your Blocked Chain and essential Amino Acids but likely you can replace your pre-workout supplement entirely while using it. This saves you time and money. Your muscles will thank you and so will your gym routine when you are not as sore and killing it at the gym each and every day. The difference in how you feel and how you look will not only be noticeable by you but to others that you are around. While the taste is not the very best on the market most people can handle it and even expect it because as we all know, supplements are not known for their taste.