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The Sanabul Battle Forged Gel ankle wraps offer a bit of compression and support. They are excellent while you are working on kicking drills. When you participate in Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, or other mixed martial arts you will be working on kicks. The bones in the top of your feet are quite susceptible to injury. This product can help to ensure your feet stay in great condition. In addition to helping your feet, they are good for your ankles. Repeated kicking can lead to very sore and weak feeling ankles. Wearing a pair of ankle wraps can help improve how you feel, overall.

Sanabul has done a nice job in the construction and design of this item. They have put features in to help keep you comfortable, as well as, keep you from slipping. Fighters truly love the fact that this pair of wraps offer grip. It is not always seen in this type of item. It is important to note that some people find that the seams of this item are not very durable. Keep in mind they are very affordable so ordering a couple of pair to ensure you have a back up is barely an inconvenience. There are a couple of sizes available, however, not everyone will find the perfect fit they are hoping for. Overall, the fighters wearing these during training are truly impressed with the look, fit, and feel of this item by Sanabul.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Offer Bottom Grip
  • Good Shock Absorption
  • Decent Level Of Compression
  • Exceptionally Comfortable
  • Feels Like Wearing Nothing
  • Affordable Price Per Pair
  • Good For Kicking Drills
  • Stylish Design
  • Seam Durability Issues
  • Sizing Runs Small


Sanabul is a brand that understands that when you take a fight sport seriously it means you are going to invest in the gear and equipment you need to stay well protected and in the fight. This brand is a leader in affordable options that fighters need. Whether you are looking for gloves, hand wraps, punching mitts, clothing, or other fight gear they have it all. They understand that some people are working towards competition settings while others train for fun or fitness. To them, it doesn't matter. They want everyone to have the same high-quality options. People have been putting their trust and money into this brand for quite some time. All over the world people are raving about how much they love the products that are currently offered. They continue to research and develop new products that are full of the latest technologies. We look forward to seeing what they will come up with next. Investing in this brand will not lead to disappointment.


There are two main materials that you will come into contact with when you choose this item. They are made from a combination of neoprene and gel. This leads to a comfortable fit and a good level of compression. One advantage to neoprene is it doesn't an excellent job of moving moisture away from your skin. This can help you avoid painful blisters and abrasions. The gel that they use in this item is excellent at absorbing shock. This means that when you are practicing kicking drills your feet, ankles, and lower shins will be protected. In addition, they are going to feel better than ever because your body will be sustaining less shock. The only other materials used on this product are the vinyl decals that give it its style and the grips used on the bottom. The actual material used for the grip is not specified. Overall, the materials they chose to construct this item were all solid choices that will benefit fighters of every variety.

Protection & Support

The coverage that this item gives offers a good level of protection from issues like mat burn. When you are down on the mat, grappling against someone, burning the tops of your feet can throw you off of your game. In addition, this item will help to protect the fragile bones on the top of your feet. The decent coverage that this item provides also plays a role in the level of protection you receive. When you are just starting out and learning how to kick you may land some awkward blows. The coverage that this provides will keep you from sustaining injuries when this happens. The gel that is used does an excellent job help you avoid these types of injuries. This item will protect the sensitive skin on the top of your feet. They do offer a bit of support to your arches and your ankles. This is due to the fact that they offer decent compression.


Spiders wearing this option are truly impressed with the level of comfort they experience. The materials that are used are quite stretchy and feel nice against the skin. It is also very flexible. Your range of motion will not be inhibited which also improves how comfortable you'll feel while wearing this item. It is been noted frequently by consumers that you will feel as if you aren't wearing anything on your feet. Another factor that plays into the level of comfort this item provides is the fact that it offers grips on the bottom. Your feet will stay securely in place regardless of what surface you are training on. This helps to set your mind at ease and, in turn, make you feel more comfortable during all of your training sessions. Overall, we believe you will be satisfied with the level of comfort that you experience when you go with us option by Sanabul


There are two different size options available when you decide to go with this item. This is more option than many other brands offer in the same category. Oftentimes, we see these as a one-size-fits-all which is, honestly, never the case. You are able to purchase this item in a size small/medium or large/extra large. The brand suggests that anyone that wears a size 9 shoe or less go with the smaller-sized. If you wear a size 9 and 1/2 or larger you will want to go with the larger of the two sizes. It is important to note that there have been several comments from consumers that the large/extra large Run smaller than you would expect. If you're wearing a size 15 or larger or you have exceptionally wide feet you may not be able to find these in a comfortable size. They do run a bit small. Overall, it's nice that there is some size variety but keep in mind that they may not have an option that's going to work for you.


You're actually going to get a very good level of breathability while wearing this item. It is true, that gel and neoprene are not going to breathe as well as other materials that are commonly used in this type of product. However, they are very lightweight in nature and the design is made to help keep your feet cool and comfortable. The heel and the toe are cut out which will play a big role in keeping your feet at a comfortable temperature. As noted, neoprene is great at wicking moisture away from your skin. This will help to keep things cooler and drier. So, while the materials don't breathe the best you should be fairly cool and comfortable while wearing this option. There have not been any complaints by consumers over the level of breathability that this product has.


The way this item is designed there is no adjustability involved. You're going to simply pull it on like a sock and then pull it off. While many ankle wraps and supports have strapping systems to allow a good level of adjustability that is simply not seen here. This is not that style of support. The fact that this item doesn't have any adjustability can be a problem. This is especially true for those of you that deal with swelling in your ankles in your feet. What fits today may be terribly uncomfortable tomorrow. Most people are not unhappy with the fact that this item is not adjustable. As long as your feet are not exceptionally large you should have a nice snug fit without the need of adjusting it. There is a bit of stretch to the material so it will allow for a bit of giving when you need it. Overall, the fact that this item is not adjustable is not surprising due to the nature of the design.


While it may not be a major advantage, this item is very stylish. Oftentimes, this type of product will lose its flare because the vinyl decals fall off. That's not the case with this item. It will handle washing just fine and continue to look great. We would have to say that the biggest advantage of this item is the excellent shock-absorbing ability that it features. As you are working through practicing your kicks your body won't take as much impact. Due to this fact, you are going to be feeling better than you ever have after an arduous training session. It can make it much easier to head to the gym every day for training. In turn, this can seriously improve your performance. This item also gives a bit of compression and support to your arches and your ankles. On top of all of this, it will help to keep your skin protected from abrasions and burns that can occur while you're working down on the mat.


We really couldn't find too many disadvantages associated with this product, however, one of them is pretty severe. There have been multiple comments from consumers that have had issues with the durability of the seams. Within only a few uses some people find that the stitching pops and the seem completely open up. This will, obviously, render this item unusable. Sometimes, things like this are a rare occurrence and don't need to be paid attention to, however, this seems to be cropping up fairly frequently. The other issue that we have found with this item is that the sizing runs small. While they do offer two different size options if your feet are exceptionally large you may not be able to find ones that fit. This could lead to you needing to return them which is very inconvenient. Overall, these are the only disadvantages we found with this item but they should be taken into consideration before calling them your own.


We feel as if this product is a very good value. The fighters and fitness enthusiasts that are using them feel the same way. The cost associated with them is minimal. You will get a pair of wraps rather than just one which is commonly seen in this kind of item. They are so affordable that it is likely you could pick up a couple of pairs if you wanted to. This would help reduce the worry of seams breaking and not having a backup. There are a lot of different aspects of these that make us feel as if they are very good value. One of the features that customers truly love is the fact that they offer grips on the bottom. It often times, we do not see this. Keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor when you need to is advantageous in a variety of ways. Overall, we believe that you'll be happy with your purchase and that you will notice the difference in how your feet and ankles feel when you train with these every time.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a bit of compression and the ability to throw kicks and absorb less shock this item could be your perfect match. They will help to protect your skin as well as your bones. They are very affordable which will keep basically every budget happy. This brand does an excellent job of providing quality products for affordable prices. There are a couple of downfalls that you'll have to consider. The stitching durability is something you'll really want to think on before deciding to call this product your own. With that being said, due to the fact that they are so affordable picking up a couple of pairs is barely an inconvenience. Overall, customers are very satisfied with the way these supports look, feel, and perform.