Sanabul Battle Forged Thai Pads Review

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The Sanabul Battle Forged Thai Pads are an affordable option that will work well for beginners. They are exceptionally lightweight which is an advantage for the trainer, fighter, or sparring partner that is holding them. You won't have to worry about them slowing you down or causing enhanced muscle fatigue. In addition, you will be able to use them for long training sessions without tiring quickly.

These pads are smaller than other options that are available in this same category. So, when you are working with youth fighters they can seriously help to improve accuracy. Obviously, the more honed in your fighter's strikes are the better their performance is going to be.

Sanabul is known for providing good quality options at affordable prices. This item does have some durability issues, which was surprising to us. However, it has been noted several times by consumers. You will also only have a limited amount of impact protection.

The padding is not exceptionally thick and does not absorb impact as well as other options. This means that this item is not going to be suitable for people advanced in skill. If you are working with beginners in combat sports like Muay Thai or Karate this will be a good match. It does provide a comfortable and secure fit.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Won't Cause Muscle Fatigue
  • Affordable
  • Exceptionally Lightweight
  • Helps Improve Accuracy
  • Great For Beginners
  • Excellent Fit
  • Limited Impact Absorption
  • Durability Issues
  • Loses Padding From Heavy Blows


Sanabul is a brand that is relied heavily upon from today's fighters. They are continuously developing new and better products that will not only fit your needs but also your budget. There are several different options in each one of their categories. When you are in need of clothing, gloves, gear bags, protective equipment, or other fight-related gear and equipment you will be able to find it all with the Sanabul brand.

This brand understands that hard work and dedication is what makes you the best fighter you can be, not the equipment. However, they also know that you need to be supported as you work towards becoming your best. They strive to give you solid options that will be able to stand up to the tough nature of these types of activities.

People are very impressed with the options that are offered and continue to put their trust and money into this company. They also have a solid customer service team to ensure if you run into any problems they will be quickly and easily solved.


Materials used in this product are fairly standard, however, they are not going to hold up quite as well as other options that are out there and available to you. The outer material is made from their special blend of synthetic materials. It is synthetic leather that is extremely easy to take care of. It is important to note that it is not the most durable material available.

The inside padding thing is made from ultra-light foam. It offers a limited amount of impact absorption. It is soft enough that if your fighter is training without shin guards they should not end up with bruises. There are two hook and loop style velcro straps on the back that you will use to secure this item to your arm.

They are nice and wide and customers find them to be very comfortable. There is also a covered hand grip bar. It is riveted onto the pad itself so you won't have to worry about it ripping off during use. Overall, the materials used in this product are decent.


This product is only going to give you a low level of protection. Consumers have mentioned many times that this product is not suitable for advanced fighters. In fact, it may not even offer enough protection for intermediate level fighters. This product is going to be best suited for kids and beginners. The impact absorption is not the best and you are truly going to feel it if you take a heavy blow.

From the standpoint of the fighter, this product is going to keep you decently well protected. It is not exceptionally hard so if you are not wearing shin guards it is unlikely that you will sustain any bruises from it. It is firm but it is not super hard. As you can see, this item is going to work out fairly well for some people while it will not be suitable at all for others.

Obviously, this type of equipment needs to keep you protected so that you can continue through all of your daily training sessions.


We would expect that you will be exceptionally happy with the fit that this item offers. Making sure your protective equipment and training pads are secure is very important. If they are loose or poorly fitting you could leave yourself open to some pretty serious injuries.

This is especially true when you are working with higher leveled Fighters. There are two adjustable straps that will go across your forearm. This is a standard design for this type of product. They use nice wide straps so it should not cut into your skin or me, punk adjustability is excellent which means pretty much anyone will be able to strap this item on and find a great fit.

All of the reviews are consistently good in regards to this area. So, you can rest easy knowing that you can use this product for several training sessions in a row without worrying about them sliding around.


The trainers, fighters, and sparring partners are very happy with the level of comfort they are experiencing while using these pads. There are a variety of reasons that these are more comfortable than others. For one, they are extremely lightweight.

In addition, the straps that go over your arms are nice and wide. It is important to note that they are not padded which some people may find to be less comfortable. However, the reduction in padding also makes these cooler to use.

They have also covered the grip bar with synthetic leather. This gives you an ice surface to hold onto and we'll keep your hand comfortable throughout your entire training session. Another reason these are so comfortable as the great level of adjustability that they offer. Regardless of how big or small your arm is you'll be able to find the secure fit that is required from this type of training equipment.


These pads are a little bit smaller than what is considered a professional sized kick pad. You'll be looking at a length of 15 inches. The width of this item is 7 and 1/2 inches. This is, truly, only slightly smaller than the standard. It is going to provide a decent amount of striking surface.

The smaller size does work to the advantage of those that are trying to improve their accuracy when you are working with a smaller surface you are going to have to hone in your striking skills to make sure you are landing blows in the correct places.

You will notice improved accuracy and all of your sparring sessions and competitions after you've been training with these ads for a while. We like to give the thickness of each set of pads as well. Unfortunately, there is no information available on how thick these pads are.


The weight of this item is not going to have a negative impact on any of your training sessions. In fact, this is one of the lighter options available in the market today. The total weight of these two pads comes in at just three pounds. As many of you know, keeping your gear and equipment light is important to maintaining great levels of energy throughout your training sessions.

If you are working with a multitude of fighters it becomes even more important as you're going to need to hang in there for long days. This item is not going to weigh you down and it is not going to increase the amount of muscle fatigue that you would experience. In addition, your recovery times are going to be better than they would be with heavier equipment. This means you'll be ready to get back to it more quickly than ever.


One of the biggest advantages of using this product over others is the fact that it is much lighter weight. As noted, you'll be able to hang in there through multiple training sessions without noticing extra muscle fatigue. You really will feel better and be able to last longer.

This product is also great when working with beginners. It is going to help improve their accuracy and keep you both fairly well protected. In addition, you are going to find a great fit regardless of the size of your arms. You won't have to worry about this product moving around and making adjustments on the fly is very simple.

This product is also more comfortable to use than many others. A lot of that has to do with the fit. On top of all of this, you will find that this product is going to fit into just about any budget very easily. These are much more affordable than other options out there.


There are a few downfalls to this product that may make it unsuitable for some people. The first thing we need to talk about is the durability issues. If you are using this product with people that have heavy strikes you may notice that the foam padding start stuff come out of this item. Obviously, this is not a good thing. Consumers have also mentioned that they've had issues with strap durability.

They have stated that after frequent use the strap starts to rip off. The other factor that must be taken into consideration is the limited impact absorption that this product offers. It is going to handle low-level strikes just fine, however, heavy hitters are a different story.

If you are using this product with a very skilled athlete you are going to feel it and may leave yourself open to feeling sore and tired the next day. Overall, these are some pretty serious downfalls that need to be thought about before purchasing this product.


The value of this product is a bit difficult to determine. Depending on the skill of your fighter and how often you intend on using these pads could make the value vary dramatically. The cost of that is associated with them is completely reasonable. In fact, this is one of the more affordable options in Kick pads that are available.

You'll be able to work them into your budget fairly easily. If you are working with beginners or youth fighters these may be a great option. They won't be handing out devastating blows so the durability issue shouldn't be that big of a deal. There are a few disadvantages associated with this product and they are true disadvantages.

This could break the deal for many users. Overall, this item is going to fit into summer teens fairly well. However, for those that are serious about combat sports, there are better, more durable options out there that will fit your needs.

Bottom Line

This brand is known for making high-quality items so it was a bit surprising to see that this one had so many major disadvantages. As noted, they are comfortable and they will give you a secure fit that you won't have to worry about moving around. They are also going to fit into most budgets relatively easily.

You will get a decent level of protection if you are working with those that are not advanced in their skills. Most people are fairly happy with the performance they get out of these pads however, there are quite a few less than positive reviews due to the disadvantages listed above. So, if you decide to make this investment you may be truly happy or you may be honestly disappointed with them.