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The Sanabul Core Advanced Series shin guards offer a decent amount of coverage and a very good level of protection. They are simple to put on and take off. This is due to the fact that they use a hook and loop style closure. It is secured with Velcro so, you will need to make sure it is free of debris to ensure it keeps its great sticking potential. Fighters participating in Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and other mixed martial arts will be able to use these shin guards with confidence. They use a single piece of foam padding. In addition, it is built up in the most sensitive areas. Your shins and your feet will feel better than ever, even after long training sessions.

Fighters have mentioned that the fit of these is very secure. There are two straps at the back of the calf, one at the ankle, and one under the foot. The strap around the back of the ankle is fairly thin and it has been noted that this can become uncomfortable. You will find this to be especially true during long and sweaty training sessions. There are several size options available so, everyone from youth fighters and up will be able to wear these. Having a good level of protection during sparring sessions, working with the heavy bag, and training with your coach is critical. These can help keep you protected and working toward becoming the best in your chosen discipline that you can be.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Good Adjustability
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Articulated Instep = Better Fit
  • Stay-Put Fit
  • Affordable
  • Stylish Design
  • Durable Materials
  • Triple Reinforced
  • Sizing Runs Large


Sanabul is a brand that knows what it takes to become your best. Whether you are into fitness, lifting, mixed martial arts, boxing, or other activities it is likely you will need to gather up equipment to keep you safe and comfortable. People across the globe put their trust and hard earned money into this brand because they offer solid options that have been well researched and developed. When you are looking for clothing, protective gear, wraps, kickboxing gloves, bags, and other fitness related items you will find several options in each category with Sanabul. Offering a good variety in each category is a great thing as you will be able to find the things you want as well as the things you need. Not only that, you can find items that will fit into your budget. Overall, this is a brand that has truly earned its reputation. When you put your faith in into the Sanabul brand it is very unlikely that you will be disappointed.


Sanabul always does a good job with material choices. They know that when you participate in the world of combat sports you need gear that will hold up to the tough training involved. They use a single piece of high-density foam to give your shin protection. The foot is also covered with the same type of foam. The outer layer is made of synthetic leather. While synthetic leather is not as durable as genuine leather, they type they use in this option and the Core line is better than most. They also use two long straps on the back of the calf. They are hook and loop style and you will secure them with large pieces of Velcro. The only other materials are two elastic straps. One located at the back of the heel and one that goes under the foot. The one under your foot is nice and wide. It will hold the foot padding very securely. Overall, the materials are all good choices.


The fighters wearing these guards are very pleased with the fit. The straps they use to secure them on the backs of your calves are longer than average. It will provide you with better adjustability. Obviously, this is going to allow you to loosen and tighten them quickly and easily. You will get a secure fit that you won't have to worry about sliding around. This can actually help to improve your performance as you won't be focused on poorly fitting gear that leaves you open to injury. It has been noted by consumers that the sizing runs a little bit big but this is barely an inconvenience. We say this because they do offer a nice level of adjustability so you will be able to cinch them down tight. The foot strapping is also very secure. Your shins and feet will stay covered whether you are working with a trainer, sparring partner, or the heavy bag.


There are two basic styles of shin guards, ones like this that are secured with clips on the back and the other style is a wrap around guard. Wrap around guards are terrible in terms of breathability so, if you are looking for something a bit cooler this option is a good one. Basically, the entire back of your calf will be exposed and this, naturally, will help to keep you cooler. The inner material will also help to keep you cooler. It will help to move moisture away from your skin. When you are dryer you will also be more comfortable. No shin guards breath exceptionally well, however, this option is going to be a bit better. To be totally fair we don't use this type of protection for keeping us cool so the fact that these offer any breathability is a pretty big bonus. Overall, people are pretty happy with the level of breathability that this item offers.


You are going to get a fairly high level of protection when wearing these. The foam padding is structured to give your most vulnerable areas the highest level of protection. You will also have a decent level of coverage but be aware the layer of padding on the outside of your shin is quite thin. You will definitely feel it if you take a strike in this area. In fact, it could leave you open to bruises. The foot and instep protection if very good and will stay secure when you are using these during training. If you are just starting out these are going to give you a great level of protection. They are also going to be excellent with light sparring sessions and heavy bag work. When you are advanced in your discipline or working with high levels of skill and devastating blows you may not find that these offer enough coverage and protection in all areas. You can look towards brands like TITLE Boxing and Hayabusa if you are looking for ultimate protection.


The people wearing these are more than pleased with the level of comfort they are getting from these shin guards. The great level of adjustability has a lot to do with it. You will be able to find a perfectly secure fit without worrying about them sliding around or cutting off your circulation. The only area that people have a few complaints about is the strap at the back of the ankle. It is quite thin so if you find it tight it is more apt to cut into your skin. This is, even more, apparent when you are sweaty as your skins is more susceptible to injury. There are not a ton of complaints about this and overall people are very happy with the fit, feel, and comfort level of this item. Sanabul has done a good job in the research and development of this item. Staying comfortable throughout your entire training session can keep you focused and working hard. Obviously, this will be noticed in your performance.


The exact weight of this pair of guards is not listed, however, the shipping weight comes in at a mere one and a half pounds. This means that the guards themselves weight substantially less. The materials used in this product are designed to be lightweight and quite tough. From the foam to the outer synthetic leather this product is made to not weigh you down. Keeping your gear as light as possible is critical in performing your best. It can help you avoid heightened muscle fatigue and longer recovery times. You will be able to train longer and harder without your speed being inhibited. Overall, this item probably weighs right around a pound which is a bit less than the average weight for this type of item. It's nice to know that you will be getting a good level of protection that won't hinder your performance.


The excellent fit this item has to offer as one of the biggest advantages. They are able to offer such a good fit for a wide variety of people due to the fact that they use the longer strap for the closures. The more just ability you have the easier it is to find a comfortable fit that will stay in place. This item is also built to last. All of the materials used are going to stand up well to the arduous routines of mixed martial arts training. People find this option to be more comfortable, as well. This is because of the anatomically designed shape of this set of guards. Not every shin guard is created equal in terms of comfort and this one stands a bit above the rest. It will also give you a decent level of protection for a large variety of training activities. They will transition well throughout your routine and it's nice to know that you won't have to switch out shin guards based on what type of training you are doing.


There was only one real downfall that we could find in regards to this item. Consumers have mentioned that the sizing runs quite large. This can make it difficult to send them down enough to keep you comfortable and well-protected without your gear sliding around. There have been very few reports of this item moving while in use because it does offer longer straps than others. If you have a youth fighter this can actually be an advantage as they can continue to use them as they grow. Most people do not have a hard time finding the right fit with this product but it could be something that is troublesome for some users. Overall this disadvantage is minimal especially when you start to look at other options that are currently available to you on the market. You will get a good level of protection and a durable product.


We feel as if this product is an exceptional value. The price point that it comes in at is quite affordable. Pretty much every budget will be able to absorb the blow fairly easily. If you are on an exceptionally tight budget you may have to do a tiny bit of saving but it should be barely an inconvenience. Obviously, the cost of an item only plays a small role in the overall value. When you look over the surrounding aspects that this pair of guards has to offer it's simple to see why so many people love them. You will get a decent level of protection and an excellent fit. Even when you're wearing this product for hours you will find that they are comfortable. You won't have to spend an eternity putting them on or trying to peel them off after a sweaty session. Overall, this is a solid choice in protective equipment from a brand that is worth trusting.

Bottom Line

When you are looking for a versatile pair of shin guards that will transition while throughout all of your training sessions this may be the perfect option. You will have protection for not only your shin but also your foot and in step. It will stay securely in place so you won't have to worry about opening yourself up to injury. Making the investment into this product won't be nearly as devastating and other brands options. Your budget should be able to handle the cost quite easily. It is important to note that there are definitely options that give you a higher level of protection than this one does. So, while it's going to work very well for a lot of people some may not find it to work well for them. You may end up feeling quite a few of the strikes that you are taking. Overall, the reviews on this product are exceptionally positive. People are happy with the structure, protection, and design of this product by Sanabul.