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Keeping your hands and wrists protected while participating in combat sports like boxing, Taekwondo, Judo, and other mixed martial arts disciplines is imperative to your health and safety. The Sanabul Elastic Professional Wraps come in a great variety of colors to suit your style. They will help to keep your wrists in the proper alignment while you punch. This will help you avoid injury and pain. This exact pair offers a thumb loop to ensure you get a great fit. Consumers have mentioned that the thumb loop does not rub the way others they have tried in the past have. This is, obviously, going to keep you more comfortable. These hand wraps are very affordable. If you participate in high-impact sports you know that it leads to sweaty equipment. These are made of a material that will dry quickly and this helps to keep you comfortable as well. They sport a Velcro closure that will make it easy to take them on and off by yourself. The length of them is perfect for just about everyone. It is important to note that consumers have mentioned that they may shrink if you put them in the dryer. This will mean that you need to take some extra time to lay them out to dry to make sure they maintain their size and shape. Overall, customers are very satisfied with these wraps.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Supportive Fit
  • Secure Thumb Loop
  • Velcro Closure
  • Very Affordable
  • Easy To Secure
  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Awesome Color Choices
  • Maintains Shape
  • Colors May Bleed
  • Higher Maintenance Required
  • Durability Issues


Sanabul Sports is a brand that prides itself on helping fighters achieve their goals. They understand that training hard weather outdoors, in your home gym, or at the local gym takes a lot of dedication. On top of that, it takes the proper clothing, equipment, and gear to keep you comfortable and well-protected. When you are investing into your physical health, obviously, you will need to invest in several items to help you along the way. Whether you are looking for boxing or MMA gloves, clothing, punching bags, wraps, or a huge variety of other fight related items this brand has you covered. They do their best to not only provide you with top-quality options but also with prices you can afford. With continued research and development their products continue to grow. They not only come out with new Stellar options but also improve upon the ones that are trusted by consumers already. Overall this brand has truly made a name for itself in the world of fight gear and that is because they offer high-quality products time and time again.


The majority of these hand wraps are made of polyester. It is not 100% polyester, however. It is a blend of polyester and elastic. This offers superior stretch and an excellent fit. It is important to note that there is a reinforced thumb loop to ensure a great fit. There is a large patch sporting the Brand's logo and name located near one end of this item. The only other real material that you're going to come into contact with are the velcro closures. There is a large piece of velcro and a special area to attach it to. This will again help with the fit. It is important to note that over the course of time you may end up with some buildup in the velcro. This can make the closure unsecured. You will want to make sure to remove any debris from the velcro on a pretty frequent basis to ensure that your wraps stay put.


There is quite a variety in lengths available when looking into hand wraps. These ones are offered at 180 inches. 180 inches is the standard length for most hand wraps. It offers plenty of material to not only fully support and help keep your wrist aligned but also weave through your fingers. When you participate in high-impact sports that require punching it is important that your hands and wrists have the support that you need to reduce the risk of injury. The length of these wraps will do exactly this. If you have a different style of wrapping then what standard fighters use it may be advantageous to look for different lengths. However, this is a standard length that will accommodate most Fighters needs. It is important to note that some consumers have found that this product shrinks if washed and dried at too high of a temperature. This should not happen as they are not made of cotton but it is something we felt you should be aware of.


This product has a very smart design. While many options offer you a thumb Loop for a secure and structured fit, they also have a tendency of rubbing and causing pain. This product does not do that. It offers a comfortable thumb loop that doesn't cause this type of irritation. They're made with a length that will accommodate all sorts of fighters. If you are very tight small gloves you may find these wraps are a bit too bulky to fit comfortably underneath. This may push you towards looking for a shorter or thinner pair. The design allows you to not only wrap between each finger individually but also cover the entire hand. They will also give you some extra support and stability in the wrist. They help to keep everything properly aligned and thus help you to avoid serious injuries that could put you down for the count. Consumers are very happy with how Sanabul has structured and designed these wraps.


Consumers are quite impressed with the breathability that this product offers. When you are training hard in a combat sport like boxing, wrestling, or any mixed martial arts discipline it is going to be a sweaty adventure. How well your wraps and gloves breathe can play a major role in how comfortable your entire routine. These wraps are made of polyester which breaths fairly well. Obviously, the smaller your hands are the more times these will wrap around and the less they will breathe. Overall, these wraps are structured and designed to not only breathe while but to drive very quickly. They will move moisture away from your hands and this will, in turn, keep you more comfortable and cooler throughout all of your gym time. So, if you are looking for a set of raps that breeds a bit better than the rest this may be the perfect option for you.


Some consumers have found that you can wash these on the gentle cycle or in a delicates bag with no problem. Putting them in the dryer may cause them to shrink or may make the material unravel or cause problems with the stitching. So, these hand wraps are going to be a bit more of a burden in terms of care. To get the best longevity of use out of them it is really advantageous to hand wash them and then lay them flat to dry. This will not only increase the durability of the wraps themselves but also the velcro pieces. You will notice that you'll have less buildup in the velcro if you hand wash this item. It doesn't take an excessive amount of time to wash them and lay them out but it may be more than some people want to deal with. If you do choose to throw them in the washer it would still be in your best interest to avoid putting in the dryer. Due to the fact that it will take a bit of time for them to dry completely it may be smart to invest in a second pair so that you always have one to wear. This is especially important if you train on a daily basis.


Customers are more than pleased with the fit of this option. Obviously, there is some stretch to them so you'll be able to adjust the fit to suit your needs. It is important to know that you will want to be careful not to over tighten your wraps as it can cut off circulation and cause a variety of different problems. With the length of these you may find that they are a bit bulky underneath your gloves. This is a feeling that over the course of time you will get used to. If you have exceptionally small hands or if you have a youth fighter you may find that these are too long and you are unable to put your gloves on over them. If this is the case, you'll want to look for a shorter pair of hand wraps. The thumb loop, as previously mentioned, plays a major role in providing you with a great fit. It ensures that your wraps are going to stay in place as you set them in the beginning. They will likely fit better under boxing gloves as compared to mixed martial arts gloves as there tends to be a bit of a roomier fit in this type of glove.


Using a product like this one comes with a variety of advantages. When you spend your days working out at home or in the gym with a heavy bag, speed bags, sparring partner, or your trainer you will likely be doing punching exercises. This means that your joints will be taking a lot of impact. Adding extra support to your wrists will make sure that you are feeling great after every session. It helps to cut down the stress on your bones and joints which in turn helps you avoid injury. These raps also come in a good variety of colors. Well maybe this is not the most important aspect it's nice to know that you'll be able to find a color that matches your gear. One of the biggest advantages of this product is how quickly they remove moisture from your skin and then dry. Your hands will be in a much drier and come more comfortable environment when you are using these wraps underneath your gloves.


There are a couple of downfalls that you should be aware of in concerns to this product. It has been noted from consumers several times that upon washing them for the first time the colors May bleed. This means you'll want to be careful to ensure or you don't get spots on other pieces of clothing. Another problem that consumers have run into is the fact that if you throw this item in the washer and the dryer you could cause detriments to the material. In fact, you could completely ruin them which would require you to buy a new pair. This plays into the next disadvantage which is the higher level of Maintenance that is required of this item. You will likely want to spend the time to hand wash them and lay them out to dry. This is a burden to some people that have exceptionally busy schedules. Overall, most people feel as if these are minor inconveniences rather than major disadvantages. However, we believe that they are things that should be taken into consideration before you decide to go with them.


Consumers feel as if this product is an exceptionally good value. The price tag that it carries is insanely affordable. Any budget will be able to order a pair with ease. In fact, you will probably be able to order several pair so that you have a backup while your others are drying. The cost of this item obviously plays its role in the overall value but it is not the only aspect that we should consider. When thinking about how they fit, feel, and function it is easy to see why everyone feels that they are good value. We would have to agree that the durability and the materials used are a bonus. Keeping your wrists and hands in proper alignment and offering you a bit of extra padding are some of the major advantages to this product. Once you start using them, you are sure to feel the difference. Overall, you really are getting a great value when you decide to invest in this product by Sanabul.

Bottom Line

Investing in a decent set of hand wraps is advantageous to fighters of all varieties. Whether you are into boxing, Judo, kickboxing, or Taekwondo keeping your wrists aligned and adding extra shock absorption will guarantee that you feel better than ever at the end of an arduous routine. The price of this product is insanely affordable and they do offer decent longevity of you so as long as you care for them properly. Obviously, this is an advantage to those of you that are on a pretty strict budget. There are small perks also associated with it like the variety and color and the comfortable thumb Loop. Overall, investing in this product is barely an inconvenience and we are certain that you will be satisfied with your purchase from this brand. They are known for offering great products for affordable prices and this goes to prove that point again.