Sanabul Essential Combat Shorts Reviewed

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The Sanabul Essential Combat Shorts are not only great for boxers but also for those of you that are into weight training, running, swimming, or mixed martial arts. Finding a truly versatile yet durable pair of shorts doesn't have to be difficult. With a variety of size and color options, you will be able to find a good fit and a color to suit your style. Consumers have noted that these wash and wear very well. You won't have to worry about them shrinking, even after putting them through the dryer. Customers have made mention that they are not in love with the closure as the Velcro piece is quite large and if not lined up correctly can be uncomfortable during training sessions. Part of the reason that these shorts transition so well between activities is due to the fit that they offer the wearer. They are less bulky than other options you may have tried in the past and this is an aspect that consumers seem to really like. Also adding to the fit, are the slits on the outside lower opening. Not only will the material stretch nicely but these slits will make grappling, deep squats, and stretching more comfortable. You won't have to worry about splitting seams. Overall, the fighters wearing these shorts are pleased with the fit, feel, and design.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exceptionally Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Offer Good Stretch
  • Slim Fit
  • Antimicrobial 
  • Lightweight
  • Quite Breathable
  • Bunching Issues At Closure
  • Sizing Runs Large
  • Customers Dislike Velcro


When you are looking for a brand that will help you acquire all the things to take your fitness game to the next level, you can trust Sanabul. This brand does its best to provide top quality yet affordable solutions for wrestlers, fitness enthusiasts, boxers, and more. Understanding when you are training hard you need gear that will keep you safe, comfortable, cool, and motivated toward attaining your biggest goals. Whether you are looking for gloves, clothing, MMA mitts, or protective gear, this brand has an option that will provide you great durability and style while working hard at the gym. Consumers have been trusting this brand for quite some time and as this brand continues to grow so does their following. You can trust you will be getting great quality, customer service, and craftsmanship when you go with Sanabul for all your gym-related needs.


All of the materials used in these shorts are made to move. The bulk of them is made from 100% polyester. Polyester is exceptionally durable. Not only is it durable it also stretches nicely to accommodate any moves you made find yourself to be performing in the gym. They will easily move in any direction you find yourself to be moving in. This product uses what is referred to as a flatlock stitch. This is a more durable way to close the seam. It will ensure that you get excellent longevity of use without worry of them splitting while you're working. The closure on these shorts is an area that may need to be worked on. They do offer a lace-up style closure that offers good adjustability. Consumers have noted that this can be a bit uncomfortable as it does tend to bunch here. They also have a large piece of velcro over top of the laces. This is to secure the fit. Customers have also stated that this doesn't line up the best and is a bit bulky. Some are very displeased over the piece of velcro that this brand uses.


Overall customers are very satisfied with the fit of these shorts. The length falls just above the knee to give you plenty of coverage but they are not so long as to inhibit your movement. They will work well for men as well as women. They are a slimmer design so they will be a bit more snug through your hips and thighs. Customers are more than satisfied with the slim design of these shorts. Due to the fact that they move easily in every direction, they will fit into basically any activity. While the thigh is more narrow it is not so tight as to be restrictive. Customers have noted that the waistband is not exceptionally structured and over time wears out quickly. This could make your shorts not fit so well, especially, if you wear the same pair frequently. It is important to note that the fit of these shorts is quite adjustable. Between the lace-up style closure and the piece of velcro, your shorts will easily be held in place. You'll be able to find the perfect fit to ensure your shorts are secure.


The bulk of these shorts is made of polyester. Polyester is known for being quite breathable. The way that it stretches and moves with your body will allow ample air flow. On top of this, these shorts are treated with an antimicrobial material. This will keep them fresher than ever. Another great thing about polyester construction is that it will drive very quickly. During your sweatiest gym sessions, these shorts will help to pull moisture away from your body keeping you cool and more comfortable. Whether you are practicing your cardio routine, grappling, or having an intense sparring session you will find increased Comfort while wearing these shorts due to the excellent breathability that they offer. While Some people prefer a looser short to increase airflow, we believe that if you give these ones a try your opinion will be swayed.


Fight sports like boxing need tough gear. These shorts are built to be exceptionally durable, however, there have been a few reports from customers that have had some issues in this category. While most are stating they are getting exceptionally long wear and use out of these shorts there are a few that have been dissatisfied. The stitching style that this product uses has been chosen because of the increased durability you get with it. The problem is the consistency of quality. Some consumers have reported that within the first use of this pair of shorts that the seams have burst open. On a positive note, they have also stated that dealing with customer service was quite easy and they were able to replace their shorts without difficulty. the closure of this product is quite durable and will give you a good and long-lasting fit. As previously noted, consumers have said that the waistband stretches out which can affect the fit and durability. Overall, you should get a great amount of use out of these shorts.


You'll be getting a good-looking and slim fitting pair of athletic shorts when you decide to go with this option from Sanabul. they come just above the knee which makes them completely appropriate for basically every fitness-related activity including sparring, biking, weight lifting, or even surfing if that's what you choose to wear them for. There are 7 different colors to choose from. While they all are black for the majority of their design they do offer a pop of color at the waistband, on the leg where their logo is, and in the split on the outside seam. You can purchase a pair that are completely black or you can choose from purple, brown, green, blue, red, or white. As you can see this is plenty of options to suit each and everyone Style. Many customers opted to go for several colors so that they can switch it up frequently but always have a pair of shorts that they no will provide comfort and durability even during long training sessions.


As previously mentioned, you can basically wear these shorts for anything that you want to wear them for. They're slim design me and you won't have to worry about them getting in your way or impeding your performance. Due to the fact that they will stretch in every and any direction you'll be able to transition them nicely between grappling sessions with a partner too heavy bag work at home. Consumers are pleased with the fact that they can go from strength or cardio training to their chosen mixed martial arts discipline without having to change their clothes. Sanibel has done a great job of paying attention to the fine details of these shorts. It has allowed them to easily be used in every facet of an active lifestyle. From your favorite weekend Sports to your grueling fitness routine choosing these trunks is a solid choice that will help to keep you comfortable and cool.


The size options for this product run in men's sizes, however, many female customers have noted that they love these shorts and the way that they fit. And looking over what consumers had to say in regards to sizing we have found a common complaint. Many people are stating that these shorts run a bit large. They do offer an adjustable lace-up style closure that can help improve the fit if you do find them to be a bit large. The problem with this is that consumers have also noted when you have to cinch them up too much to fit your waist they gather in an uncomfortable way. Overall, customers are pretty pleased with the sizing of this item especially when they headed the warning of the fact that they do run a bit large.


T-shirts come with quite a few different advantages. The main thing that customers are thrilled about is the other versatility that they offer. Weather heading on a weekend excursion or hitting the gym for your normal routine you'll be able to wear these shorts for any and all activities that you participate in. They look good and they feel great. Keeping you cooler than many other options these shorts also feature an antimicrobial aspect. This aspect will help you avoid unwanted gym ailments like jock itch. The fact that they are made of polyester and will move easily in any direction is also a major advantage to your fitness game. You won't have to worry about your shorts restricting your movement when you decide to go with these ones.


There are a few common complaints about this pair of boxing trunks that you want to take into consideration before you decide if they're the ones you should purchase or not. Consumers have frequently stated that they will be dealing with some bunching issues at the closure. Due to the fact that the size of these runs a bit large, you may have to really tighten the laces to ensure a proper fit. When you do this you may end up with excess material at your waist which can lead to some discomfort. As previously mentioned, finding the appropriate size with this product can also be difficult as they do tend to run large. If you end up with shorts that are large, naturally, you will likely end up also facing the bunching issue. One other facet about these shorts that customers are not thrilled with, is the velcro piece of the closure. The piece of velcro that uses very large and quite bulky. If it is not lined up correctly or it shifts while wearing you may be left with small scratches or discomfort during your sessions. As you can see, all of the negatives around this item have to do with the closure and we hope that it's something that Sanabul improves upon in the future.


Consumers feel as if these trunks are an exceptional value. The price tag that they carry is completely reasonable, especially, with the typical longevity of use that consumers are getting out of them. Basically, any budget will be able to work them and with ease. In fact, many consumers choose to buy several pairs at once to ensure that they have their preferred short ready to go each and every day. While the closure system does leave something to be desired, overall, consumers are more than pleased with the fit, feel, and breathability that these shorts offer. The simple fact that you will be able to wear them for any activity is also a major bonus that we feel improves the value.

Bottom Line

This brand has become a powerhouse over the years and for very good reason. They offer a huge variety of clothing, equipment, and gear to help you achieve better health and overall Wellness. These boxing trunks will fit into your active lifestyle every step of the way. Customers are very happy with the color options that are available. They offer some neat aspects like excellent breathability and an antimicrobial treatment to ensure that you will get comfortable wear every time you put them on. The price is completely reasonable. It's nice to know that you can find top quality items at affordable prices. This is something that this brand strives for and has accomplished with this item. Overall, if you decide to make the choice to go with these shorts we do not believe that you will be disappointed.