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The Sanabul Essential Hybrid shin guards are an interesting combination of two different styles. They offer a neoprene sleeve, as well as, straps. This helps you find the perfect fit. Some fighters have noted that the sizing of this item is a bit large. However, most are very impressed with the fit. They should stay in place quite nicely regardless of what type of training you are participating in. This includes sparring sessions, grappling work, and while working with the heavy bag. Making sure your equipment fits well is imperative. Ill-fitting gear can move around a lot and leave you open to sustaining injuries. This option gives good adjustability so you should be able to find the secure fit you need during combat sports training.

Obviously, we wear protective equipment so that we avoid injury and we can continue to train in our chosen discipline. The level of protection that shin guards offer varies dramatically. This set is going to give you a higher level of protection than many others out there. You will be able to use them no matter what skill level you are at. Whether you are just starting a karate class or you have been training in Muay Thai for years, you will be covered while using this option from Sanabul. Overall, the fighters using these are very happy with their performance, protection, and fit that they offer.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Versatile Use
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • Quite Affordable
  • Youth & Adult Options
  • Nice Color Varieties
  • Good Protection Level
  • Secure Fit
  • Some Find Bulky
  • Sizing Runs Large


Sanabul is a brand that understands what it takes to become the best fighter you can be. It takes exceptionally hard work and dedication. They strive to make products that will support you through every one of your ventures. Not only support you but hold up to the hard nature of combat sports training. Their continued research and dedication to the world of boxing, fitness, and mixed martial arts make their products better than many others. This is due to the fact that they pay attention to the fine details. When you need gloves, wraps, protective gear, clothing, bags, and other pieces of equipment you will find good options from Sanabul. This brand has truly made a name for themselves because of great designs and excellent research. Overall, putting your hard earned money, comfort, and protection in products from this brand is a safe bet that will likely leave you more than satisfied.


You'll get a unique combination of materials when you decide to go with a set of shin guards. They are structured and designed like both a wrap-around guard and a strapped guard. You will slide your leg down into a neoprene sleeve. This offers a bit of compression as long as you find a good fit. In addition, it will help to wick moisture away from your skin. There are also two hook and loop style velcro straps. These can be used to help secure this item. They really do help to improve the fit. There is a piece of elastic that will run under your foot to ensure that the foot protection stays in place. They use high-density foam padding which is a very common material in this type of equipment. All of the materials being used in this item are very good quality and should give you excellent longevity of use. This brand does a good job of ensuring their products are built to last through even the toughest training sessions.


Overall, consumers are very pleased with the fit of this item. There have been a couple of comments by the people using them that the sizing runs a bit large. If your protective equipment is a bit large that could lead to it moving too much and leaving you open to injuries. This does not seem to be an exceptionally common complaint about this item, however, it should be taken into consideration. For the most part, people find that putting these on and taking them off is easier than with other wraparound styled guards. The fit is secure and quite snug for most users. You'll be able to use the two adjustable straps to ensure you're finding the perfect fit. It has been said that the bottom strap is short. This can make securing it difficult. Sanabul has done a good job at combining the two different styles to provide a better fit than many others offer.


You'll be getting an excellent level of protection when you go with this product. It gives you a good amount of coverage and the padding is firm and protected. The ability to absorb and disperse impact is what will keep you from getting bruises and feeling terrible at the end of a hard training session. The high-density foam padding that this brand uses is a step above many others. You will barely feel a thing regardless of what activity you are participating in. Fighters of every level will be able to use this product without worrying about sustaining injuries. This does lead to this item being a bit bulky, however, they will break in over the course of time. It's nice to know that if you are just starting out as your skill grows you'll be able to continue to use the same pair of pads. It is also nice for those of you that are exceptionally skilled to not have to worry if you'll find enough protection. Overall, this product is going to give you better protection than many others.


Breathability is not an aspect that this product is going to excel in. Due to the fact that it is styled like a tall sock, the bottom portion of your leg is going to be almost completely covered. They do use neoprene which is excellent at wicking moisture away from your body. This will definitely play a role in keeping you cooler and more comfortable throughout your training sessions. However, in terms of airflow, this product has almost none. It is going to give you a great level of protection but it is not going to help to keep you cool. This is a disadvantage for some fighters, however, we don't typically wear protective gear for the great level of breathability that it offers. Protection is where it's at and this product has it. So, most people can get over the fact that this item does not breathe while because of the fact that it does give such a good level of protection to its users.


For the most part, people are saying that the set of guards is exceptionally comfortable. There have been a couple of notes that it may start to irritate your skin. This becomes especially true when you are wearing them for a long time. The area that customers are having issues is the bottom hook and loop styled strap. It is rather thin and if you tighten it a lot it starts to dig into your skin. One area that people are very happy with in terms of comfort is the strap under the foot. This is a common point of contention in this type of protective gear so it's nice that you won't have to worry about it becoming uncomfortable. As noted, this product is not very breathable at all in this can take away a bit of comfort. The secure fit, however, helps to instill comfort in the user. When you're not worried about your gear sliding around and opening yourself up to devastating injuries you can keep yourself focused and this improves your overall level of comfort during any and all of your training sessions.


The exact weight of this product is not available. Looking over all of the materials used it is likely these are going to be a bit heftier than other options. They offer a great level of protection so this is to be expected. There are a few consumers that have said they find them to be a bit bulky and this also typically means they are a bit heavier. Keeping your protective gear light is something Fighters take seriously. This is due to the fact that heavy gear can not only slow you down but it can make you fatigued more quickly. In addition, you may find that heavy gear leads to longer recovery times. This can truly take away from your training. We wouldn't expect that these are exceptionally heavy but you may notice a difference when comparing them to others you have used in the past. Again, most fighters can get past the fact that these are slightly heavier due to the level of protection that they are providing.


One of the biggest advantages of this product is how truly versatile it is. When you use a traditional pair of guards that simply strapped behind your calf they don't usually transition well to grappling practice. This item will be able to handle stand up work, sparring sessions of every level, grappling practice, and heavy bag work. You will truly be able to use them throughout all aspects of your training. They may be a bit bulky but over the course of time, they will break in and fit exceptionally well. This item is also going to give you a very secure fit as long as you keep in mind that the sizing does run a little large. Another major advantage of using this product is the level of protection that it provides. You won't have to worry about sustaining injuries or losing training time when you're wearing these. People are really happy with the performance they are getting from this product and feel that it is given them advantages in a variety of ways.


There are really only two things being complained about in concerns to this item. The first is that the sizing runs a bit large. This could lead to a not so secure fit and that's a major problem. You absolutely don't want your protective equipment sliding around and leaving you susceptible to blows you wouldn't normally take. Most people will like the fit of this item and not find that it's too big, however, it could be a problem for some of you that have smaller legs. If you do run into this problem reaching out to the company will be easy and they will help you get it solved. The only other issue that we've seen is that some people find these to be bulky. This may slightly inhibit your movement. However, the slight bulk Enos is due to the fact that they offer such a high level of protection. So, we don't really see this is a major disadvantage.


This product is really a great value. The cost that is associated with it is minimal. You will not be paying nearly as much for these as you would other high-quality options. In fact, pretty much any budget should be able to absorb the blow easily. This item is going to keep you well protected and quite comfortable while using them during training. There are, of course, some disadvantages. However, they are quite limited and overall people are very happy with this option from Sanabul. They've done an excellent job at paying attention to the fine details to ensure that you get good coverage and excellent durability. Regardless of the level of fighter, you are these will give you what you need to stay in the game. Becoming your best takes hard work and dedication. It's nice to know there is a brand that offers products that will stick by your side throughout it all.

Bottom Line

Nowadays it can be difficult to put your actual trust into a brand. It can be even harder to put your money into one. This brand is not going to let you down as the others have. Their options are not only, typically, affordable but they are great quality. You'll be able to easily see that when you receive this set of shin guards. They will be able to stand up to the frequent abuse that is related to combat sports training. They will also keep you well protected throughout all of the different activities that you participate in. You won't have to worry about swapping out your shin guards between different training areas because this item is going to transition very nicely. Overall, the reviews surrounding this item are all exceptionally positive except for a very few. We are extremely confident that if you go with us item you'll be happy with the fit, feel, performance, and level of protection that you get while using them.