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Sanabul Essential Punching Mits are a must have for trainers. You will find a mitt that fits correctly and is curved for supreme comfort. There is a grip inside so that all hands, big or small, will be able to use these mitts. During grueling training sessions, these mitts will stay in place with ease. As you are taking punches from your partner these gloves will keep you protected. They are excellent at absorbing impact and dispersing it. This mitt is very lightweight and that means you will be able to use them for extended periods of time with less fatigue. When you are someone’s sparring partner, your hands can take some serious abuse from the strikes being delivered. Wearing protective gear is essential in keeping you healthy and injury free. This affordable option by Sanabul will keep you protected. The high-quality material will last an exceptionally long time. Customers are supremely satisfied with this item and feel it is an excellent purchase. Protection is the key to great training and these mitts will help you along the way. Overall, this is an essential piece of equipment and it will make your training easier and less painful than before.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Extremely Light Weight
  • Secure Fit
  • Quite Breathable
  • Solid Construction
  • Nice Color Variety
  • Very Affordable
  • Includes Palm Grip
  • Sizing Is Adjustable
  • Stitching Issues


Sanabul offers a variety of products to help you to success in combat sports, self-defense, and fight training. They know you need high-quality equipment at affordable prices and this is exactly what they offer. When you put in long hours at the gym or at home working your bag you need gear that will stand up to the intense impact you will put into them. As you get stronger and your technique increases you will have equipment that holds strong and true when you go with Sanabul products. They pay excellent attention to the fine details which in turn helps them produce superior products. You can work with their gear and find yourself crushing your goals. With constant innovation, this brand will continue to provide outstanding options for all types of fighters.


These mitts use a type of foam that helps protect you from serious impact. It is very lightweight and offers a high level of protection. This soft foam is great at absorbing hard hits and making them feel exceptionally light. When you are training with a partner, in the gym, for long hours you need a mint with excellent padding to ensure that you stay safe and your hands and wrists are protected. It takes a long time for this phone to break down. This means that you will be able to use this product for an extended period of time without needing to replace them. Customers are satisfied with the padding that this product provides. The padding and cases your entire hand which means any blow you take you will be protected from.


The closure of this item is at the wrist. It is a hook and loop strap which is very easy to take on and off. It is fully adjustable which means you can keep them on your hands easily and comfortably. Sometimes, during intense workouts, your hands can become exceptionally sweaty. With other gloves, this leads to excessive movement and the possibility of them slipping off. This could lead you to some serious injuries. You won't have to worry about that when you go with this option. They stay in place nicely and consumers are very pleased with the closure system. Regardless of who you are training with or how big your hands are these mitts will be suitable for you and keep you well protected while staying in place.


During sparring sessions, your protection is imperative. When you are working with someone and they are continually striking your hands it could lead to a variety of injuries. Wearing these striking mitts will help provide you the protection you need to continue helping others and growing yourself in terms of training. The foam in these meds provides superior protection. They absorb impact and disperse it so you won't feel it in your hands and wrists. Inferior products will leave you feeling sore and possibly injured if you are taking heavy strikes. This product or hang with you no matter who your sparring with. They will keep you feeling great and reduce the chance that you will sustain an injury.


Consumers are raving about the fit of these mitts. They are easily adjustable which means they stay in place nicely and you won't have to worry about them slipping. Those of you that have small hands won't need to worry about the moving around because they include a half ball grip in the palm area of the mitt. This will allow you to keep a good hold on them while taking strikes from a partner. It is also excellent for those of you that have big hands. Basically, anyone will be able to use these mitts for excellent protection during sparring sessions. The hook and loop closure strap is also adjustable. This means that no matter your hand size you'll be able to adjust this item to fit you perfectly. There are no complaints from consumers over how this item fits them. Some have said that their fingers reach to the very end but because of the padding that is included, this is not typically a problem.


Products in this category are known for being uncomfortable because typically they are very bulky. They can also be quite heavy which leads to faster fatigue. The exceptionally lightweight foam in this product makes them very comfortable. The construction is smart and helps to keep hands cool. you can wear these mitts for an extended. Of time without worrying about becoming uncomfortable. They fit well and will not pinch or constrict your hands. Consumers are pleased with how these feel and surprised at how light they actually are. Keeping your hands comfortable is important to ensure that you can continue helping others during fight training. Overall, these are some of the more comfortable sparring mitts available to you on the market today.


When you compare these two other options in the same category it is easy to see that these mitts are quite affordable. Basically, any budget will be able to work them in. Whether you are looking for a great way to train with a friend or you're trying to protect yourself during classes these are a great value. Customers are exceptionally satisfied with the quality and longevity of use. In terms of their price, they are more affordable than others. Your bank account will be able to absorb the cost quite easily which is a relief. You will gain great protection and have the ability to train with others more frequently. Overall we feel is if this product is a great value. Consumers agree and that is why it is rated so well within their reviews.


This option is made from a performance engineer leather. What this means is they are a blend of leathers. They are easier to take care of than genuine leather mitts. this material is very durable and can take Serious abuse. The back of this meant is made of a mesh material which allows them to breathe more easily and keep your hands cool. As previously noted they have an ultra-light foam for protection against devastating blows. The hook and loop strap is secured with velcro. This is fairly standard. The materials used in this product are of the best quality and will last a very long time. Overall, we are impressed with the construction and material choices that have been used in this sparring mitt.


Sanabul has really done a good job at ensuring these mitts breathe well. The back construction of them is made of mesh which does an excellent job at helping to keep airflow going to your hands. If your hands become exceptionally sweaty during exercise and they are enclosed in some sort of glove it can lead to skin breakdown and blisters. Obviously, these are things that you want to avoid to make sure that you were able to continue to participate in your high-impact activity. Consumers are very satisfied with the overall breathability of this mitt. Even during endurance training sessions, you will notice that your hands stay fairly cool and quite dry. This is an important aspect that is very much appreciated by the people using this product.


You can use these mitts for a variety of training activities. While working with boxers, kickboxers, Muay Thai fighters, and other mixed martial arts disciplines these gloves will give you protection from a variety of strikes. You can use them during punching and kicking exercises. They will provide you with the protection you need to endure even the hardest of flows. They work excellent while training in your local gym. If you have a partner at home that you like to spar with they will also do well in your home gym. Anytime you are looking for great protection for your hands while working with a partner this is an excellent option.


As previously mentioned, these are very lightweight. They come in at just about 1 pound. As you can see you are not going to have to worry about them causing arm fatigue because they are very light. Keeping your mitts light will allow you to train with a partner longer than before. These extra training sessions will help your student or partner reach their goals more easily. Due to the fact that they are so lightweight, you will be able to use this day in and day out without experiencing tiredness and fatigue. It is surprising how light these gloves are considering how well they absorb impact. This is a great option for just about anyone to use when looking for a protective mitt that won't weigh them down.


Sanabul Is known for producing high-quality products. These are no exception. When you are looking for an item that can stand up to Serious abuse look towards this one. They will give you superior protection and hold up for a very long time. When you are taking blow after blow you need to know that your hands and wrists are protected with high-quality materials. That is exactly what you will get when you use these sparring mitts. Customers have noted that there are some issues at the seams on occasion. This is not always seen, however, it is something to look out for as if the seam start to split it can reduce the ability of this meant to keep your hands protected. In general, these are superior quality and we do not feel you will be disappointed if you decide to add them to your gear.


Some people are concerned with the care of this product because they are made of a leather blend. With genuine leather, you have to take extra steps in the care of the item to ensure that it doesn't crack and fall apart. That is not the case with these mitts. The leather blend can be cleaned easily with a disinfectant spray or other general cleaners. They wipe down easily. You should allow them to dry in between uses to avoid unwanted odors. They are very breathable so you should not have too much trouble with this. Taking care of these mitts is simple and that is an aspect that customers, obviously, appreciate. With the busy lives, most people lead, spending the time to take care of leather can be too much. The fact that you won't have to worry about that with these is awesome.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a stellar pair of sparring mitts these may be for you. They are quite affordable and will offer you great protection. they are very durable which means you'll be able to use them for an extended period of time. When you pair this with the fact that they are very affordable it is easy to see why people love them so much. They come in a variety of colors and fit any hand-sized comfortably. Sanabul is a reliable brand that has provided a very protective mitt. It is versatile with its use. Overall, we feel that this is an excellent option for protection and sparring use. The materials are of the best quality and the construction is solid. Consumers agree that this is a great option and are exceptionally satisfied with the performance of these mitts.