Sanabul Essential MMA Gloves Reviewed

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Sanabul Essential MMA gloves can suit a variety of needs. Excellent for sparring you can use these gloves with basically all mixed martial arts disciplines. Training in regular boxing gloves can make training for grappling exceptionally difficult. The half finger style will keep your knuckles protected but also allow you to practice grappling with ease. These gloves are very durable and will hang with you through the roughest sessions in the gym. The materials are top quality, which is expected from a brand like Sanabul. You won’t have to worry about injuring your hands as they offer excellent protection. This goes for not only you but your sparring partner as well. It is important to note that while these gloves are stellar for sparring and training they are not good for bag work. You will want to use a different pair of gloves for that. If you do use them for bag or mitt work you will need to be careful as to avoid injury to your hands and fingers. Consumers are quite satisfied with this product and are pleased with how easy they are to take on and off. Overall, this is a solid choice for an MMA style glove.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent For Grappling Practice
  • Simple Closure System
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Decent Wrist Support
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Versatile Use
  • Good Impact Absorption
  • Not For Bag Use
  • May Irritate Fingers
  • Sizing Issues


Sanabul’s name is synonymous with combat sports and training. Their gear is some of the best on the market. They spend time and money to do the research needed to ensure you are getting the best options available in apparel, protective equipment, gloves, and a variety of other impact sports related items. When you spend a boatload of time at the gym, you want equipment that you can count on. Their products are built to last and they won’t cost you a fortune. Using their products can help you improve your technique and also help keep you and your sparring partner safe. Whether you are into boxing or mixed martial arts they have what you need to succeed in your local or your home gym. They continue to improve their products which shows their dedication in providing you superior options.


The padding in this glove is good for an MMA style glove. It is important to know that the level of padding is different in this style of a glove as compared to a boxing glove. Boxing gloves have thicker padding and are great for punching bags of all varieties. The padding in these gloves will protect your knuckles and are excellent for light to moderate strikes. In addition, there is padding around the wrist to help give you protection there. Sanabul uses what they call Durasoft Impact Protection Foam as the padding for this glove. It is very soft but offers excellent shock absorption. This means you will feel less impact when striking. Also, you will experience less pain during and after striking exercises. This padding is also very durable. You won’t have to worry about it breaking down quickly.


You won’t have any trouble taking these gloves on and off. They use a hook and loop closure. There is a wide piece of velcro that keeps them secure. In the past, gloves of most Variety is closed with laces and would require assistance when taking them on and off. Nowadays a hook and loop style closure is quite common. It makes it simple for users to wear these gloves at home by themselves or at the gym with others. The velcro that they use is quite secure and it is nice and wide to ensure that it sticks properly. It is true that overtime velcro wears out and that may be what lead you to need a new pair of gloves. Keeping it free of debris will give the Velcro a longer lifespan.


These MMA style gloves offer a moderate amount of protection. They are not going to keep your hands as safe as a boxing glove but they will make grappling possible. Your knuckles will be covered and this offers a decent amount of protection. This is typical of this style of glove. When you leave parts of your hand exposed there is, obviously, great risk of injury. There is also padding over the thumb. Your hands will not be completely enclosed and this is why it is only a moderate amount of protection. The foam used in these is also a bit softer than what you would typically find in a boxing glove. Because it is this way it does not offer the same level of protection. It is important to note that these gloves are also quite light and if you are a heavy hitter they may not offer you enough protection.


For the most part, people are very satisfied with a fit of these gloves. However, there have been a few reports that they fit oddly in the pinky. It is also said that the webbing rubs and may irritate the area between your fingers. What the says to us are that Sanabul needs to do a bit more work on the design of this glove. The placement of padding is comfortable and the feel of them is quite soft. The hook and loop style closure will allow for adjustment in the wrist which also ensures that you will get a proper fit. It is important that these types of gloves fit well. If they don't you may be more susceptible to sustaining injuries.


From looking over customer reviews we would say that the Comfort level of these gloves is average. They are made of soft materials which feel good against the skin. They also strapped comfortably which people really appreciate it. The problem with these gloves comes with the way they hold your fingers in them. This has a tendency to rub and pinch. There have been reports of these gloves causing blisters. Obviously, if your hand sustained raw rubbed areas or blisters you won't be able to participate for a while. This can have a major impact on you're training. Here again, we feel this brand has a bit of work to do to ensure customers are getting the most comfortable product possible.


These gloves are an exceptional value in terms of price. Your bank account will be truly pleased with how much these gloves cost. Basically, any budget will be able to fit them in. Considering some of the other aspects of these gloves we feel that this one is a good value. There are a lot of positive aspects and this is a very trustworthy brand. Unfortunately, there are a few places that can be improved. They really are a good choice for light sparring and grappling work. They are also convenient to use in the local gym or at home. So, because there are some good and bad aspects this is why we feel they are simply a good value.


This glove is comprised of a variety of materials. The outer shell is made of Blended leather. This type of leather is exceptionally durable. You won't have to worry about it cracking and breaking apart. As an added bonus it feels great too. The material that holds your fingers in place is a blend of materials that include elastic. Because of this, some people have problems with it pinching their fingers or rubbing them leaving their skin uncomfortable and irritated. As previously mentioned, there is also a large piece of velcro. It's there to ensure that your glove stays in place while using it. The materials used in this glove are all high-quality which is what we expect from this brand.


Breathability will be no problem when you decide to give these gloves a try. Obviously, a large portion of your hand will remain exposed. This will help keep your hands cool. It will also drastically decreased the amount of moisture sitting on your hands. This is advantageous and keeping your self-healthy and keeping your hands feeling great. When your hands sit in a wet area it can lead to skin breakdown or bacterial growth. The fact that these gloves are very open will allow added airflow and you can avoid these two negative things with ease. Consumers are exceptionally happy with the breathability of these gloves. When you are looking for an option that will truly help keep your hands cool and dry these are a great one.


You'll be getting a fairly versatile glove when you purchased these ones. They're excellent for light to moderate sparring. During fitness classes, they would also be a great addition. When you participate in mixed martial arts it is likely that you will also be training and grappling. This style of glove is perfect for that. Trying to practice grappling moves in boxing gloves is impossible as you don't have real use of your fingers. It is important that you understand these gloves are not meant to be used with punching bags. You may lead yourself to injury if you decide to go around with your heavy bag while wearing these gloves. So, while they are good for many things this is one area you will need a different pair for.


These gloves weigh in at 7 oz. This is exceptionally lightweight. When you look at the level of protection these gloves provide it is understandable that it is only moderate. 7 oz is less than the lightest boxing gloves that are commonly available. You will get good protection for the weight of these gloves. The fact that they are very light means you will not suffer from arm fatigue as quickly. It also means that you will see what your true speed is during all of your training sessions. Overall, customers are very pleased with the fact that these gloves are so lightweight. It also helps in terms of keeping your hands cool and comfortable.


This brand is known for producing high-quality products at affordable prices. While we understand that they do have some work to do to make this item perfect it is still a high-quality product. The materials used to make it are better than many other options you may have tried in the past. They will also stand up to the test of time as they are quite durable. Consumers agree that when you purchase this product you will be getting good quality. The attention to detail is obvious. It is important to note that this brand continues to work and improve on their products. Which means the flaws that this one has will more than likely be taken care of in the future.


Long care routines are something that almost no one has time for nowadays. While we understand the thought of blended leather may make you initially think that these gloves will require a lot of care. That is actually not the case. The blended leather is exceptionally easy to take care of. You will not need any sort of special cleaners or conditioners. Simply wipe them down and let them dry completely between uses. As you can see, this is barely an inconvenience. Customers are pleased that they will not have to spend a plethora of time taking care of their gloves. They can do this simply and easily which is a major advantage compared to others that can require a ton of time and care.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it this is a solid MMA glove for beginner and intermediate users. It will do a great job during light sparring and while participating in grappling exercises. You will absolutely need another pair of gloves when doing any type of bag work. they are quite durable and they are exceptionally affordable. The materials used are top quality. This brand stands behind their products and continues to grow. Consumers have trusted them for a long time and there is a good reason why. They produce solid options for good prices that will last quite some time. There are a few areas that need some work but overall they are a good glove that will help keep you protected while training in your preferred combat sport.