Sanabul Essential Professional Headgear Review

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The Sanabul Essential Professional Headgear offers excellent protection without seriously impacting your vision while wearing it. Participating in combat sports like boxing, Judo, Muay Thai, and other disciplines of mixed martial arts requires a plethora of protective gear. The headgear you choose may be one of the most important pieces. Sustaining a head injury may take you away from your chosen fight sport for quite some time. This piece of protective equipment by Sanabul offers great shock absorption. This will help you avoid ailments like headaches and even worse, concussions. You will have good protection all around while wearing this. Many options are seriously lacking in chin protection, however, this item has you covered. Consumers have noted the cheek protection is very thick. It may impact your field of vision slightly. It is not enough to matter in most cases. This item is fairly breathable and Sanabul has built-in features to ensure you maintain a comfortable temperature while wearing it. The materials used are all easy to care for. In addition, they are all very durable. You will get excellent longevity of use out of this piece of equipment. Customers are also happy with the fit and feel of this item. Overall, Sanabul has made a great piece of boxing headgear that will perform better than you would expect it too. Investing in products made by this brand is a smart decision and likely one you will not regret.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Good Chin Protection
  • Dual Closure System
  • Doesn't Detriment Vision
  • Secure Fit
  • Quality Materials
  • Nice Padding
  • Strong Secure Velcro
  • Trusted Brand
  • Excellent Construction & Design
  • Limited Adjustability
  • Bulky Cheek Protection


Sanabul is a brand that consumers are trusting more and more as time goes on. All of the essential pieces of equipment you need to participate in hard-hitting sports like Karate, Boxing, Judo, and all other mixed martial arts disciplines can be found with them. Regardless of if you are looking for headgear, boxing gloves, trunks, or other gear and equipment they will have an affordable option that performs better than you would anticipate. Sanabul understands that you can't become your best if you don't have solid options to choose from. They strive to please their customers wants and needs. So far, they are succeeding. There are rave reviews from customers all over the world in regards to their products. When you are looking for quality, consistency, and affordable prices this company will not let you down. They actually have a good customer service team too. This is an advantage if you do run into any problems as you know they will be there to help you. Overall, this is a solid brand who continuously puts out reliable products that will help you on your venture towards physical fitness and success in all of your activities.


The outer covering of this piece of equipment is made from synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is a fantastic option for a piece of equipment like this. It is not only durable but it is also exceptionally easy to care for. Some people prefer genuine leather but the care routine is much more intense. The inside of this gear is made of fabric. It helps to keep moisture off of your skin and provides a comfortable surface against your head, face, and chin. The protective inside material of this product is made from high-density foam. It will stand up to some serious abuse all while keeping you protected. Dura-shock foam has proven itself time and again to be an excellent choice of protection. The only other material you will come into contact with is the velcro strapping that is used to secure your headgear into place. All of the materials that Sanabul uses in this product are high-quality and built to last. Consumers are impressed by the design and structure that this product offers.


This product gives you more coverage and better protection than many others that are currently available. One of the areas where this type of equipment is typically lacking in protection is that the chin. When you are lacking in chin protection an uppercut could cause some serious damage. This product offers plenty of coverage and shock-absorbing pads at the chin. In addition you will have full face coverage while wearing this piece of equipment. This includes your forehead cheeks and ears. The ears are another typical place where protection is lacking and it could lead to some serious problems. This product has done an excellent job of making sure that the ear is breathable yet protective. It has been noted by consumers that if you take a hard strike you are absolutely going to feel it. This is not a bad thing as it can help you become accustomed to what it will be like during competition. You will be very well protected and avoiding serious injuries even though you will still feel the impact of a brutal blow.


You will be using a simple hook and loop style closure when you go with this item. It is secured by a large piece of velcro that is said to be exceptionally strong. Many options in this category use lacing systems as well as a hook and loop style closure to offer adjustability while wearing it. This item does it a bit different. You will have your choice of a variety of different sizes to ensure you get a great fit. You will want to be careful when choosing your size and make sure that you take an accurate measurement. The closure system does offer a small amount of adjustability but it won't be a whole lot. Obviously, you don't want your headgear to be too big or it'll be sliding around which could lead to unprotected areas. Too small is also a problem as you will find it to be very uncomfortable and could lead to problems with headaches. Overall, customers are happy with a Simplicity of the closure system and find that the fit and feel is fantastic.


As mentioned, you will not get a great level of adjustability when you choose this item. There is a tiny bit of room for adjustment due to the large piece of velcro that is used to secure this item. However, where it really is going to matter is and what size you order. If you order one that is too small it is likely you will not be able to adjust it to a point that it is giving you the type of protection that you require while participating in hardcore training sessions or in competition. On the other side of it, one that is too large can leave you open for injury as it will likely move around too much. Overall, as long as you are careful in the size that you are ordering the lack of adjustability should not be a big deal. There are many other options available to you in the market today that provide great adjustability and a one-size-fits-all style of headgear.


This brand has done a good job at providing some aspects that improve the overall air flow and breathability of this piece of equipment. Wearing headgear can lead to an exceptionally hot and sweaty environment. This can impact your training session in a negative way as you may not be able to focus on the task at hand if you are uncomfortably hot. The ears of this product are structured to give you great protection but also improve the air flow. The crown of your head will be open which will allow heat to escape and plays a major role in keeping you cool. The other aspect that plays its role in this category is the fact that the inner material is made of fabric. It will help remove moisture from your skin and keep you more comfortable. Overall, customers are pleased with the level of breathability that this product has to offer. When you compare it to others in the same category it is definitely better than most.


Let's face it, most of us live a very busy life and spending a lot of time caring for our gear is not something that we want to work into our schedule. When you choose to go with this item you won't have to worry about a long care routine. Due to the fact that it is made of synthetic leather you will be able to clean the outside of this item with just about anything. Whether you prefer to use soap and water or a disinfectant spray the material will handle it fine and you won't have to worry about causing detriment to it. Obviously, the material on the inside that will be touching your skin is not synthetic leather. You'll still be able to clean this material easily. Some people prefer to use a deodorizing spray or powder to help with unpleasant sweat related odors as well as dryness. It is important to know that you want to give your headgear plenty of time to dry between uses. Overall, taking care of this item is barely an inconvenience.


One of the biggest advantages of choosing this particular piece of equipment is the fact that it offers fantastic chin protection. As noted, this is a common area of complaint with many other brands. When you are lacking and chin protection it can lead to serious injury from a devastating blow like an uppercut. The fact that you won't have to worry about that while wearing this is an obvious advantage. Another plus in choosing this piece of equipment is the fact that it is extremely easy to care for. You won't have to buy special cleaners and conditioners to get excellent longevity of use out of this product. Keeping your head while protected while participating in Combat Sports is obvious Italy imperative and your health. Wearing gear like this one will truly help keep you protected and avoiding serious injuries like concussions.


You won't be facing a terrible amount of disadvantages if you choose this product. There are, however, some common complaints that you should likely take into consideration. Consumers have had a few complaints over the level of adjustability that this product provides. As noted in the adjustability paragraph it is seriously lacking. If you are careful with a size that you ordered this should not be a problem. The other aspect that is less than Stellar is the bulky cheek protection. While most customers do not have an issue with their line-of-sight being inhibited it has been noted from a couple of people that it's a problem. This is especially true for those of you that participate in sports like kickboxing. If your peripheral vision is limited at all you may sustain a hard kick that you normally would not. Overall, these are only a problem for some people and most have not made these complaints. We do believe they're things to think about before picking at this is the right option for you.


You really will be getting a great value when you decide to go with this piece of protective equipment. Consumers agree that it is an excellent bang for your buck. The price tag that it carries is consistent across all websites which is not something we always see and can be a major inconvenience to some buyers. In addition, the cost is exceptionally reasonable. You will get excellent longevity of use, as well, as great protection. The fact that this item can fit into just about any budget with these is an amazing aspect that everyone can appreciate. Playing into the idea that this product is a fantastic value, are all of the positive things that consumers have to say and all of the positive aspects that this product can provide. Overall you will be getting a great quality piece of equipment that will not only keep you comfortable but also well-protected throughout all of your hard-hitting sessions.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, this brand is not only trustworthy but so are their products. As with all things that we purchase in today's society, there are a few negative aspects. However, overall this is a solid piece of equipment that protects you in all the right places. Where most options are lacking this one succeeds. Finding fantastic protective gear that won't break the bank can be exceptionally difficult. The fact that this item is so reasonably priced and of such great quality is amazing. There is a reason that people all over the world continue to trust this brand. They know that they will be getting options that perform better than they would expect and always at prices that are more than understandable. If you need to find a piece of headgear that is versatile, comfortable, and built to last you won't be going wrong when you choose this option by Sanabul.