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The Sanabul Foot Grips are a great option for anyone that needs to improve their traction but don’t want to wear shoes that restrict your movement. These truly versatile grips are exceptionally comfortable. Your feet will be protected from a variety of different issues including mat burn and cuts. Whether you are working on a discipline in mixed martial arts, Yoga, wrestling, or even water activities some extra grip can take your game to the next level. When you need to firmly plant your feet and they slip because of a lack of grip it could lead you to injury. This includes things like broken toes and abrasions. Many people combat this with a great pair of wrestling or boxing shoes. The problem with wearing footwear like these is a restriction in movement. When choosing these grips by Sanabul you won’t have to worry about cumbersome shoes that limit the movement in your feet and ankles. This stylish and comfortable design will fit into your routine easily. You will be able to use them around the gym or while working out at home. Whatever activity you find yourself in, if you need some extra grip, this is a fantastic option.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Stay-In-Place Fit
  • Like Wearing Nothing
  • Quite Breathable
  • Versatile Use
  • Very Affordable
  • Extremely Grippy
  • Great Alternative For Yoga Socks
  • Durability Issues With Heavy Use
  • Tight At Ankle
  • Sizing Runs Small


Sanabul provides fighters with everything they need to move along their journey towards becoming their best. Whether you are into wrestling, boxing, self-defense, or fitness you will need great equipment to keep you protected and comfortable during long hours of training. They offer some exceptionally innovative options. When you put in the long hours at the gym it takes to succeed in your chosen activity it is nice to know there is reliable gear to help you along the way. You will have to work hard to develop the skills and techniques needed to out-perform your opponent. Doing this with Sanabul in your corner will help keep you focused and feeling great. People across the globe trust this brand for everything they need in relation to their high impact sports needs.


You won't be dealing with any type of insole when you decide to go with this option from Sanabul. These grips are built into a sock-like material. There is very limited material between your foot and the floor. When you are not using an insole your feet will be able to react more naturally. Your toes will be able to display and grip. You will truly have an experience while wearing these similar to being barefoot. If you have exceptionally high arches you may want to look for a lightweight shoe option that offers a built-up midsole. Otherwise, you may end up with pain throughout your feet and could sustain possible injuries due to a lack of support. Overall, this minimalist option won't offer an insole but that is not surprising due to the fact that it is not an actual shoe.


Considering the word grip is in the name of this product you would expect them to provide you with a great deal of traction while wearing them. They absolutely will. Customers have mentioned over and over again how well this product grips slippery mats. You'll be able to wear them on a variety of different surfaces and still maintain excellent grip and traction while moving around. It is important to note that even once they are a bit sweaty after a long workout you will maintain an excellent grip. The design on the bottom of this item is built to allow you to move in any direction you need to with ease. You won't have to worry about sliding around and this can improve not only your performance but also your win record.


Weight is not going to be a problem when you decide to go with this option. They're made of extremely light material that will not inhibit your movement at all. Even lightweight boxing or wrestling shoes can make your legs fatigue faster than when you are not wearing anything on your feet. Maintaining fast feat can also ensure that you are putting forth your best performance. Quick movement is essential in basically all fight Sports including Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and kung fu. When you are wearing foot coverings that are as lightweight as these it will be as if you are wearing nothing at all. Overall, the weight is not something to concern yourself with if you decide to go with these grips.


One of the nicest things about this option is the simplistic and durable material that they are made of. The majority of these are made from neoprene. Neoprene is exceptionally stretchy and will conform to your feet nicely. It is also fairly durable. This material is also good at making sure that moisture stays away from your feet. With its sweat-wicking nature, you will find that your feet are more comfortable and dryer than with many other options. Another great advantage of this type of material is that you will no longer have to worry about mat burns, cuts, or raw areas on your feet. the rubber-like grip on the bottom is the only other material that you will have in regards to this product. It is durable and patterned in a way that you will get excellent Traction in all directions as you move.


It has been mentioned several times from customers that the sizing of this product runs a bit small. This can lead to a very tight fit. You'll want to be careful when figuring out which size it is that you need to order. Once you find the correct size, however, you will have an excellent fitting pair of foot grips to help you maintain stability through a variety of activities and practices. The fit will not slide around as you move around during training. It is important to note that even when your feet are sweaty or not going to have to worry about these sliding around. Customers have said several times that they are very impressed with the stay-put fit that these offer. One other thing that is important to mention is that many customers find these to be a bit tight around the ankle. This can be a bit uncomfortable but it does help to ensure that you have a secure fit.


One of the areas that this item is truly lacking is in durability. There have been a ton of comments from consumers using this product that says they are not very durable. The exceptionally thin and lightweight material has a tendency of deteriorating if you are wearing the same pair of these grips frequently. The stitching along the bottom starts to fray rather quickly when you are working lateral movements. It is a disappointment to customers that they don't get a great term of use when investing in this product. Many of the other aspects are fantastic this one just happens not to be. So, if you're planning on wearing these frequently you may want to order several pairs to ensure that you get better use out of each one. Overall, this brand has a bit of work to do with
the durability of this product.


Consumers feel as if the quality of this product is above-average. They offer amazing grip and traction while moving around a variety of different matte surfaces. Your feet will not be sliding out from underneath of you which can improve your accuracy and overall performance in your chosen activity. There are some durability issues which we feel decreases the overall quality of this product. Naturally, people don't want to invest in an item that can fall apart. Now, it is important to take into consideration how often you'll be using them because if you do not train every day they will last quite a bit longer. The materials used are all good quality as we would expect from this brand. We agree with consumers that the quality of this product is above-average, however, there are definitely more durable options available to you in today's market.


If your highest comfort level is found when you're wearing no shoes at all you're going to love this product. The lightweight design and flexible fit will keep your feet feeling great. Minimalist Shoes have become more and more popular because of improved performance. While this is not a shoe it is definitely made for the minimalist. The stretchy material will hug your feet. most people do not find them overly tight nor do they find them overly loose. Consumers are pleased with the overall comfort level that they get while wearing these grips, even for extended periods of time. The fact that your feet will be protected from abrasions and burns also leads to better comfort over time. All in all, we are certain you'll be pleased with the level of comfort you have while wearing these during your training sessions.


In terms of breathability, this option is excellent. There are mesh panels made of neoprene built into the sides to improve the breathability level that you get while wearing these. Most consumers find them exceptionally cool and comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. There have been a few mentions from customers that they find them to be quite hot. It is important to know that these people have also mentioned that they have sweaty feet and this is likely the cause of them finding them to be too hot. For the most part, people are really impressed with the breathability and airflow that these grips offer them. The materials used also help keep sweat away from your feet which leads to a better environment. You will want to ensure that your product has time to dry between uses as this will help reduce odor and improve overall foot health.


Due to the fact that this is not an actual shoe, you are not going to be looking at large levels of support. As previously noted there is no type of insole so if you have high arches you are not going to have arch support while wearing these. If this is a problem you may want to invest in some wrestling or boxing shoes to ensure that you have the arch support you need to keep your feet feeling great. The neoprene material does offer some support to the ankle. This is not going to be a high level of support but a very light level. So, those of you that have weak ankles or are prone to ankle injuries may also want to look for a more supportive pair of shoes that will offer great grip. Overall, this is not that I option you will choose if you're looking for something that is truly supportive.


Consumers feel as if this product is a very good value. The price tag that they carry is quite affordable but you do need to take into consideration that you will only be getting one pair for the cost. With the lack of durability, this actually makes them a little bit pricier then what they originally met scene. If you are wanting to wear them every day you will likely want to purchase more than one pair which in turn increases the investment you will need to make. Taking the other aspects of this product into consideration we can see why people feel as if it is a very good value. What you will be gaining in grip, speed, and agility outweighs the durability issues that people are finding with this product. Overall, we feel like it is a good investment and it can help improve your footwork in a variety of fitness-related activities.

Bottom Line

When you prefer to train barefoot but you are looking for a little bit of better traction and grip on a mat this could be the perfect option for you. They don't offer much in the way of support and they are lacking a bit and durability but they can absolutely help enhance your performance. When you need to move quickly these will give you the ability to do that in any direction that you need to go. They offer a comfortable and very breathable fit to help keep your feet at optimal health. Consumers are very pleased with the wide variety of activities they can use these grips for. If you decide to give them a try we believe that you will be quite satisfied with how they look, feel, and perform.