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If you love to participate in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, or other hard-hitting sports you probably already know how crucial a great set of hand wraps can be. They not only help you take less impact they also help to keep your wrists and hands aligned in the proper punching position. The Sanabul PAW V.2 is a gel wrap that is anything but standard. You won't have to spend a long time putting them on or taking them off as they are structured like a glove. This means you will be able to simply slide them on and off, wrap the extra-long wrist strap around, and then secure the closure. People are very happy at how simple and convenient it is to wear this product. The gel used in them will do a great job of absorbing impact. So, if you are wearing decent gloves along with these, your body is going to take very little shock. This will keep you feeling better and, in turn, will allow you to train longer and harder than ever before. You are sure to notice the difference in your performance as well as in how you feel after a grueling gym session. This option by Sanabul is exceptionally versatile. Not only can you wear them anytime you are wearing your gloves, but you can also use them around the gym for activities like weight lifting.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exceptionally Versatile Use
  • Quite Affordable
  • Good Shock Absorption
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Truly Secure Fit
  • Won't Loosen While Wearing
  • Reputable Brand
  • Durability Issues
  • Problems With Stitching
  • Tight Finger Holes


Fighters have trusted Sanabul for all of their equipment needs for years. The Sanabul sports brand has been working towards being a leader in the high-impact sports field for some time. They are accomplishing this goal. When you need hand wraps, gloves, punching bags, apparel, protective gear, or other fight-related items, they have you covered. With a plethora of options, you will be able to easily find what you need at a price you can afford. They understand that you need top quality items that won't cost an arm and a leg. When your equipment and gear is too expensive it may lead to you not purchasing what you need to avoid injury. the fact that this brand ensures there are options available for all budgets is a major advantage. Placing your trust and safety in the hands of this brand will not be a mistake. Not only do they spend time researching and developing new products but they continue to work on the old favorites to ensure you get the best of the best. Overall, this is an impressive brand that knows what it takes to succeed inside of the ring, cage, or down on the mat.


The outside material of these wraps is made of neoprene. Neoprene is quite durable and offers a comfortable fit. These gloves also contain gel. The gel used in them is superior at absorbing shock. This means that your hands and wrists will take less impact and therefore they will feel better even after a grueling routine with a sparring partner, trainer, heavy bag, or speed bag. In addition, neoprene has excellent at wicking moisture away from your hands. It will also dry very quickly keeping your hands in a comfortable environment. There are mesh panels built into the palm and the back of the hand. This will help promote breathability in coolness while wearing this product. The strapping system is made of elastic. It is exceptionally long so that you will get plenty of stability through the wrist area. The closure is secured with a large piece of Velcro. It has been noted by consumers that the stitching near the velcro is not always the best quality and it has led to some of them needing to replace the closure or restitch Adan.


These gel-infused wraps offer a great amount of Versatility. Obviously, you'll be able to wear them under your boxing gloves or your mixed martial arts gloves. This will provide you with excellent stability and improved shock absorption while working on punch training. In addition, these fingerless glove style wraps are perfect to use during your gym routine. They function exceptionally well as weight lifting gloves. This is due to the fact that there are silicone grips on the palms that will help you keep hold of the bar. These raps will also transition nicely throughout all mixed martial arts disciplines. Whether you are working with a coach, practicing on a bag, working through your gym routine, or just need to improve your grip these will perform very well for you. Overall, customers are impressed with how many uses they have found for these wraps.


This item is not designed like typical hand wraps. You won't have to worry about the length or a thumb Loop that rubs your skin in an irritating way. In addition, these gloves are much easier to take on and off than traditional style hand wraps. Due to the fact that they are structured like a glove, you'll simply need to slide your hands in and then wrap the wrist closure a couple of times. You'll be getting the most protection throughout the knuckle area. These are designed to truly protect you here. They are also made to help support your wrists. With the long elastic strap, you'll be able to wrap it around your wrist a couple of times which will help to keep it in proper alignment. This will help you avoid injuries while you are punching. When you are not solid and technique this can be a major help. Even if you are an experienced fighter who punches correctly these gloves can help reduce the impact that you take and keep you feeling great regardless of how arduous your punch training is.


Sanabul has built features into this item to help with breathability. It is important to note that many consumers do find them to be hot regardless of the fact that they do have mesh panels. This is due to the fact that gel is not very breathable. The neoprene that it is made of on the outer shell does help remove moisture from your hands and offer a cooler and drier environment. Considering the fact that you will likely be wearing these under a pair of gloves it reduces the breathability even more. It is nice that this brand has built some type of extra breathing power into these gloves and if you are not wearing them with your boxing or MMA gloves you won't find them to be quite as hot. Overall, these are not the most breathable option when being worn under another set of gloves. However, by themselves they are decent.


Taking care of this option is not as difficult as others. You won't have to worry about hand washing them. You'll be able to Simply throw them into your washing machine to remove the sweat, odor, and bacteria that builds up in them throughout your sweaty routines. It is important to note that you absolutely do not want to put these into the dryer. It will ruin them. This is because they have gel inside of them. So, after washing you'll simply want to lay them out to dry or hang them. It is important that you allow your wraps to dry completely before using them again where they could lead to skin breakdown or blisters. You may need to buy a second pair to ensure that you always have one at the ready when you're headed to the gym. Consumers have also mentioned that between washing you can use a deodorizing product to help maintain freshness.


The fit of this item is a bit snug. This is to be expected. When you are wearing an item such as this one underneath your gloves you don't want them to be loose and moving around. Plus, if they are too large won't be able to fit them underneath your gloves. It has been noted by consumers frequently that these are tight through the finger openings. In fact, it has been stated that it is downright uncomfortable for some people with larger fingers. Making sure you get the correct fit is not exceptionally difficult. You will want to measure your hand and compare it to the size chart to make sure that you are getting the best fit possible. Consumers are very happy with the fit throughout the hand and wrist area but do feel there needs to be Improvement throughout the fingers. Overall, as long as you're careful while ordering, you should end up with a good fitting pair of wraps for underneath your favorite gloves.


There are a few advantages that come along with this style of hand wraps that you don't get with traditional styling. The fact that they offer gel across the knuckles and back of the hand will give you Superior shock absorption and allow you to feel better even after extremely long training sessions. In addition. The gel holds up quite well so you will be able to use this product for a very long time. In addition, these gloves are very versatile. There are a hand wrap that can be used as a gym glove. They will improve your grip. Another advantage that comes along with this item is the long elastic strap for your wrist. It majorly improves alignment and helps give you the support you need to work through each and every one of your routines. You're boxing, MMA, or other gym related gloves will stay in place nicely with these underneath them. You won't have to worry about them sliding around. They are also exceptionally easy to take on and off and will not take up the amount of time that traditional rap do.


Unfortunately, disadvantages are a part of each and every product we come into contact with today. There are a few things concerning this one that are important to know. One of the major disadvantages is the tightness of the finger openings. This can be very uncomfortable and even cut off your circulation. Another problem with these gloves has to do with durability. This is not only in the glove itself but especially seen in the stitching. Neoprene is Infamous for stitching pulling out of it and it is being seen with this item. It is especially happening after it has been through the washer a few times. You may notice that your seams are unraveling and this can lead you to needing a new pair of gloves rather quickly. Obviously, durability can make or break a product. Many customers are getting years worth of use out of these wraps, however, others are only getting a few uses before the seams are coming undone.


The value of this product has been debated by customers. This is due to the fact that some have had some serious durability issues. Overall, looking at the key aspects we feel as if they are an above-average value. They will provide you with excellent shock absorption which will keep you feeling better. In addition, it will help to keep your wrists aligned which will reduce the risk of injury. When looking at the price tag, these wraps are exceptionally affordable. Any budget will be able to work them in with relative ease. In fact, you can probably buy a couple of pairs to ensure you are not putting too much strain on a single pair. This can seriously improve the overall durability that you get with them. For the most part, customers are very satisfied with their purchase and as long as you pay attention to what size you are ordering you should end up with a fit and feel that you like.

Bottom Line

Hard-hitting sports like boxing, kung fu, and more Thai require quite a bit of protection to ensure that you continue to feel your best and can participate in daily training sessions. Adding a pair of wraps underneath your gloves can greatly improve how you feel after completing a training session where you have worked on punching. As noted, this is due to the fact that they help to improve the amount of shock your body is taking and they encourage the proper alignment of your hands and wrists while striking. These are exceptionally affordable which is nice for those of you that are on a strict budget. You'll get a couple of different color options so you can choose a pair that suit your style. Overall, the reviews are consistently good about this product and how it functions. The versatility that it offers is appreciated and one of the main components of why people like these so very much.